Story : Cherry Popped

The first time I ever got fucked was back a few years ago, when I had just turned 25. While I consider myself vers/btm now, then I was barely anything just a newbie as it comes to gay sex, as I had only been with a very few guys. I guess if I had to be labeled I was an oral/top guy.

I was in a new city and a new job. I had just moved from up north to Orlando. While it was 50s when I left home that October, it was a balmy 80 in sunny Florida. And all the good-lookin boyz, absolutely amazing. They were young, tanned, and sculpted – all tryin to get noticed. And trust me, they were. Well since I was new to the scene and I wouldn’t dare enter a gay bar for fear of being outed, I mostly cruised on the net. I found it hard to hook up, probably because I wouldn’t deal with the drama but more likely because I didn’t have a pic. I mean I got my fair share of action, but I always had to be patient. Well, needless to say, it was late October, and I was really horny one Friday after work. I chatted with a young boy, who’s name was Tran, and he was 19yo. He was a full-time college student living in the dorms at UCF. I couldn’t host because I was too paranoid, and he couldn’t host because he had a roommate. Out of desperation, I offered to get a hotel room. He agreed. So we met later that night at a cheap hotel, I forget the name, but was either Econo Lodge, Super 8, Motel 6 or one of the those. The room wasn’t too expensive, but it was in a decent, safe area. I told Tran to wait outside, while I got the room. After checking in, I got Tran and we walked around to the back of the hotel where our room was. It was quiet and no one else was around. We entered the room, and Tran, well, he was quite the tiger – he was ready to go, no pleasantries, not nothing. He was stripped down to his cheetah patterned thong, barely held back his bulge. 

Oh, I forgot to describe Tran, well he was a young looking 19yo, Southeast Asian, maybe 5’9, not an once over 140#; lean, tight smooth muscular body ,short black hair, and did I mention hung? And I mean it. He was probably full 7+ uncut. He was a beautiful specimen, and by the time I stripped down to my black briefs, I was sportin a raging hardon, with a visible wet spot. Tran pulled the beadspread back on one of the beds and jumbed in with a youthful giggle, climbing under the covers, and holding them up for me jump in too. I didn’t hesitate and climbed in, facing him. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me, placing his arm around me and pulling himself close. I immediately felt comfortable with Tran. Absolutely no hesitation. He was friendly and welcoming, and I never looked back.

As he kissed me, our lips parted and our tongues began to wrestle while our hands fumbled and fondled our bodies – I warmly caressed his back, neck, arms and of course his beautiful smooth bubble butt. I squeezed his ass so tight as I pulled him closer into me. Our cocks jammed against each other, grinding each other through the growing wet spot in our briefs. Tran finally moved himself up on top of me, straddling and grinding my cock with his balls. He pulled his lips away from mine, but i continued sucking on his tongue. I released his tongue, and Tran stood up above me, his hard cock popping up through the top of his waistband, and stripped off his cheetah banana hammock. He then knelt down across my chest and placed the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and began sucking down his moist precum moisted head, my tongue rimming the inside of his hood. I could feel Tran shutter as my lips sucked on his sensitive smooth cock head.

As I continued sucking his cock, taking him deeper into my mouth, Tran reached back and began stroking my cock under my underwear. After a few minutes of Tran torturing my cock, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped off. He then pulled my briefs off finally, bent over and began sucking my 7.5cut raging hardon. As he sucked me, I pulled him so that he would lay next to me, so we could suck each other off. He realized I wanted and complied. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him deep, while tuggin on his ball sac. The pre-cum dripped out of him like a leaky faucet, and I drank every drop of that sweet nectar. As we continued to suck each other, Tran wanted more, and he asked me to climb up on top for a little 69 action. I gladly complied, and as I began to suck down on Trans cock, Tran took control of my balls, suckin and tuggin on my ball sac, while his hands plied my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks and probing my crack. His tongue began to travel up my balls, and as he then licked at my perenium, my cock twitched. As he kissed on my love spot, he stroked my cock, which willingly leaked precum all over Trans stomach. His tongue then continued up to my ass, where he licked at my virgin, pink hole. The warm wet pressure of Tran’s tongue and lips were mind blowing. It was the first time I had ever been rimmed. And I remember thinking it was hotter than fuckin. As he probed my ass with his mouth, the intense pleasure was just too much and without a single stroke, my cock erupted, spurting out a ribbon of cum that reached the base of Tran’s cock. And I resisted strokin off; I had never spontaneously cum like that, I wanted to enjoy that pleasure of peaking. And without any further assistance, my load dripped out of my cock and onto Tran. Tran, quite excited by me cumming like that, turned me over, rubbed my cum off his chest and lubed up his cock, and as I laid under him, Tran stood up and jerked himself off as he straddled my body. After a few moments, Tran peaked at orgasm, and his cock exploded ribbons of his white juice all over my chest and face. As the remnants of his load released, I pulled Tran down so that I could savor what I could. I can still remember that unmistakable musty smell of his cum soaked cock. I drank both his and my cum off of his dick, as Tran moaned with pleasure.

After I finished cleaning off his dick, Tran laid down next to me and giggled his cute giggle and kissed me lightly on the cheek. He said that that was hot, and I replied that it was unbelievable. We rested for a few minutes, our hands continuing to playfully caress. He then suggested we take a shower. I agreed. Why not? So he climbed in, and as he did, I stopped to take a piss. When I climbed in, Tran had shampoo in his hair already. I began to lather his hair for him, and I took the liberty of washing his body. As I rinsed him, I felt a warm stream drenching my dick. I looked down to see a golden arch of piss sprayed from Tran’s dick onto mine. He laughed and kissed me and grabbed the soap and began washing me head to toe. He playfully massaged my body, his soapy hands probing my ass crack. He leaned in and began kissing my neck, and hands all over my ass, and he whispered, “I’m gonna make love to you.” I was completely taken aback and yet turned by Tran’s bold attitude, the only word I could muster was “yes.”

After we got out of the shower and dried each other off, Tran dragged me back to the rumpled bed and laid me down, face up. He spread me out and propped my legs back so he could access my virgin hole. As he licked at that tight puckered up sphincter, he began to lube up his cock. He stood up and with lube on his fingers, began to finger my hole. “Damnnnn” I moaned as his fingers pressed in, and I willed my ass to relax. “Oh damn, you’re gonna have to go slow with me, I’ve never been fucked before,” I begged. Tran said, “Yeah, slow.” And ignoring my plea, Tran pressed a second finger into me, as I yelped. “Relax,” he said. I could feel his fingers press against my prostate. My cock instantly rocketed to full attention. “Oh yeah,” I whimpered. Tran continued to finger fuck my ass a few minutes all the while stroking his lubed up cock. He then removed his fingers, pushed my legs back spreading me wider and he squeezed a little more lube directly onto my hole. It was cool to the touch, but felt nice. He then placed his cock head against my ass, and grabbed my thighs as he pressed into me. My ass resisted him, but eventually, unwillingly let his cock force itself in. “Oh my fucking God,” I moaned, and it was truly a mix of pleasure and pain. “Oh damn, it hurts,” I pleaded – and did it ever, I felt like I was being split apart. “Don’t hurt me,” I begged. “Don’t worry, I don’t wanna hurt you. You want me to pull out,” Tran asked. “No, I want you,” I replied. And Tran continued to press his thick dick into me. I felt every vein as his shaft pressed against the rim of my rectum. When he got every bit of his cock into me, with me panting out the sheer exhaustion of pleasure and pain, Tran leaned down and kissed me and he whispered “I told you I want to make love you. I want to feel as though we are one – one pure ecstacy. So I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. What do you want?” “I want more,” I breathed, as I nibbled his ear. “I want to feel your seed inside me. I need you to give me every last drop of you.”

With that, Tran’s lips touched mine again, and we shared a most romantic kiss, and as our tongues licked at each other, Tran to began to make love not only to my ass, but to me. I felt as if were one. As Tran’s cock began to pump in and out of me, I could feel my hips grinding in a rhythm that made the most of our movements. With out lips locked, our arms around each other and his cock buried deep in me, we rode out a scene of ecsatacy unlike I had ever experienced. I don’t know how long Tran made love to me, but I didn’t want it to end. We moaned in tandem, each deriving a joy from the other. And then as I felt Trans breathing peak and his hips quicken, he whispered, “I’m about to cum, are you sure you want me to cum inside you?” “I can trust you,” I said in more of a statement than a question. “Yes, you can.” Tran promised. And with unspoken permission, Tran’s hip struck into me one final push, and I felt his cock pulse inside me, as Tran’s pumping action ceased and became more of a spasm. Inside, I felt his release. From the spasm of his shaft to the added warmth of his juices jetting into me. Tran’s body spasmed and then collapsed into me, as he continued to kiss me. When his cock ceased pulsing inside of me, Tran reached down between us and began to stroke my very hard cock, all the while keeping his lips on mine. I was already close, and didn’t need much more. My body was on overload from the unexpected joy I felt as Tran held me that I came quickly, dropping a milky load onto my stomach. As Tran drained the last remnants of cum from me, I rolled Tran to the side, and his dick finally exited my ass. We laid there for several minutes, resting, semi-sleeping, in each other arms.

After a long while, we got up  and showered again. After which we enjoyed another round of romantic ecstasy, and slept, in the clean bed, through to check out time.

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  1. goldenloverinmym

    very hot story,but wasn’t Asian he was latino and it was at my place.yumm very hot had me hard in a flash lol Dean

  2. Hunter0500

    Glorified, unsafe sex with a random stranger.

    So much for “Health: World Aids Day 2013,” the blog here from a day or so ago.

    (damn that event is so annoying. glad we can get it out of the way here so easily.)

    • blog

      Hunter0500 : you come up with the same speech every time…
      It’s a story from a dude, can he fantasize about bareback since he is not doing it in real life?

  3. Guest

    It’s kind of funny how people (haters) never keep their unpleasant comments to themselves, I don’t think that anybody on a hook up site is looking for grammar lessons or sexual protection advises if that’s what they are looking for they need to know that there are places for that, they are called SCHOOLS and HOSPITALS .. Anyway great story keep it up!!

    • blog

      Guest: thanks very much, I have to agree that I’m a bit tired too!
      And these are the comments I let you guys see, I delete tons of very innapropriate ones as well.
      Some guys seem to be so angry because they constantly write bad comments here. They change their names and think I don’t recognize them…
      I have you IP address by the way:) lol
      Stories that are submitted to A4A, I dont verify them, I just upload them, so yes, there are some mistakes…
      I also do mistakes, I’m french canadian so yes, I do spelling mistakes once in a while even though I try not to.

  4. 3jes4fun

    I’m not here for a grammar lesson or any reality. I enjoy the stories of fantasy and imagination. I too relate tales of my adventures and most times embellish them.
    Hey, you wrote a great tale and it left me excited to take over where Tran left off. Being versatile I don’t understand complete Tops or Bottoms but, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying your experience. Thank You!

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