Stories : Tennis, Tequila and Tans (Final Chapter)

I woke up to a pounding that must have started in my head.  It sounded like a bouncing ball coming from outside the master bedroom I was sharing with Konnichiwa.  Could it be I was just hung over from all the tequila and red wine we consumed the night before?  No, I did not feel pain in my head or nausea on my stomach or a spinning around of this big room.  Without opening my eyes, I reached over to grab hold of the sexiest man on campus who had cuddled with me all night long in his parent’s bed.  He was missing in action.

Oh fuck, I thought, what if he heard me mumbling in my sleep last night as the sexy dream started coming back into focus.  Why would I dream about Konni’s old man?  Yes, I had been fortunate to have dinner with him and his mom and Jimmie when they visited from New York City, last year.  What a handsome couple, Konni’s mom with her exotic Japanese flair.  Her jewels flared almost as much as her own sweet smile.  His dad was a giant of a man.  At least 6’5” and filled out a suit like no other New York City stock broker.  I had a tough time keeping my eyes off him because he looked so vibrant and young.  His youthful smooth skin and bald head made him look more like Jimmie’s older brother than his Dad. 

Remembering that fine dining experience, which had played out in my fantasies many times since, after I stood up and excused myself to go to the restroom and Jimmie’s dad said he needed to go as well.  So, I ushered him to the urinals standing side by side as we both relieved ourselves.  Then to my surprise, he stood back from the urinal with his big dick still swinging low, adjusting himself and making sure his shirt was tucked in just right, never wanting to look sloppily dressed.  Maybe that is why in my dream last night I was going down on Konni’s old man, over and over again, as he just kept cumming multiple times.  It was one of those dreams I could not wake up from no matter how hard I tried.

“Wake up, you red lined blue-eyed sleepy boy and come over here,” demanded Konni.

He was standing naked by a side window that looked onto the tennis/basketball court below.  I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked down on three young guys shooting hoops.  They looked to be our age and only had on basketball shorts, tennis shoes with muscles gleaming in the bright morning sunshine.  Jimmie slapped my bare ass hard and said, “Looks like some college dudes rented the house next door and we may have competition for the court.”

“Well at least they’re pretty to look at,” I blurted out loud moving quickly to the bathroom to empty my bloated bladder.  He grabbed me around the waist and held me tight refusing to let me piss.  We wrestled a bit until I just had to drain the dew off my lily.

“You better let me go before I pee on you and me both!”

“I’m not into golden showers boy.  But meet me in the regular shower and I’ll steam things up for you,” he chuckled, holding his morning woody waving it high for me.

We lingered in the shower long enough for both of us to eat each other’s ass.  He took longer time on mine making sure he licked it into shape, after getting fucked by all my buddies on this spring break trip.  Then we just had fun soaping up each other and jerking off our hard dicks.  It was not like my unending dream, but we had things to do, like play tennis and hit the warm sandy beach front.  I needed to tan my pasty, pale skin a bit, so my bright blue eyes would glow diamond like.  So I drank his morning fresh protein drink down fast and he did the same for me.

After a quick breakfast, we grabbed our tennis gear and headed out to the court.  Glen and Carrot were still sleeping, so we did not bother them, since spring break is just that a break from a class schedule that left us hectic and tired.  The sun was so clear and warm on our shirtless chests.  We both just wore white tennis shorts, socks and shoes without any underwear or a jock strap.  The other guys had left the court where they had been shooting hoops at one end.  We volleyed a bit to warm up and then met at the net.  I pinched Konni’s sweaty nipple and said, “Why don’t we give our young neighbors something really hot to consider?”

“What did you have in mind, New?”

“Let’s not play a regular best of three sets.  What if we just play single games and whoever wins each game gets his dick sucked through these squares in the net?”

Konni countered, “Okay, whoever gets off first wins this B.J. tennis tournament and the loser has to go and meet our neighbors next door.”

“No problem.  They might want my cookies baked up in the hot sun, if I lose,” I hollered back.

The first game started off by Konni smacking a serve to the far right side of the box which I was unable to reach.  He aced me and then took control of the game winning 40-Love.  We walked to the net and Jimmie pulled out his healthy dick sticking it through for me to slobber on for a few minutes.  It reminded me of those glory hole video scenes, except his big racket was pushed through square netting while I was on my knees sucking him off under the bright, ocean sunlight.  My knees burning on top of heated asphalt sweat dripping onto mid-court, leaving a small stream that moved towards my neon yellow tennis balls.  And I felt snooping eyes looking down on us again.

My serve was stronger and more accurate than Jimmies leaving me up by two games.  I realized how much his thick lips felt so gooood sucking on my cock.  Playing just a few more games, had turned Konni angry at me because I was able to move him around the court with passing shots that skidded off the line making his knees hotter than mine while he sucked me deep down his furious throat.  Konni often played with hostility.  But that was always my game plan because it made him unable to hit shots that were hard for me to return.  Plus, he would charge the net and strike the ball hard sending it outside the backcourt line.  There was something so sexy having a frustrated athlete sucking on my dick between games I was winning.  I told him it would not be long before my cumshot might just end our first beachside tourney.

While he was forcefully jerking my dick and sucking its engorged head, I looked up to our so-called gallery.  On our balcony corner, I saw Glen and Carrot watching us while drinking O.J. and on the neighbor’s short-sided balcony there were three guys watching while their hands rubbed their own cocks.  This is all it took for me to shoot my load as I growled, “Game, set and match.”

Konni stood up as the five guys watching started to applaud and hoot and holler.  He looked steamed in the face and leaned into me spitting my jizz back onto my chest.  Then he threw up a ball and hit it into the ocean waves as he strutted off the court pissed like no other time I’ve seen him.  I waved at the new guys and said nice to meet you dudes.

“I could really use your help right now down on the beach.”  They shrugged their shoulders and followed me following an angry Jimmie.  The blonde was already showing a tan line as I looked at his cute ass barely covered by his speedo.  Hendrix, I later nicknamed him after my favorite guitarist ever, was second in line to the beach.  His low fro was wiry in the ocean breeze, but his bright smile made my knees weak.   Looking like he had Native American, Latin and African-American blood streaming through his long, lean body, I just wanted to touch his high cheek bones allowing those long lashes to tickle my hands.  There other college apartment mate was a beefy, muscular, fullback-looking type, with dark skin as smooth and shiny as silk.  His big dick was packed into a red and white speedo that left nothing to the imagination.

We gathered around Konni as he was kicking the water back into the waves breaking on shore.  I grabbed his arm pulling him into me, but he shoved back hard and I found myself stumbling into the long arms of Hendrix.  “This is no way for you to introduce me to our neighbors,” I scolded kicking cold water up onto Jimmies ass and back.  He turned around facing us and began to let his hot tempered, defeated face turn into a smile.  Walking over to the cute blonde guy he stuck out his hand and said I’m Jimmie or Konni or Konnichiwa, whichever you like.  The blonde laughed and said, “I’m Jordan or Jordie and this is Marcus or Marc and last but not least our college football playing buddy, Samuel or Samson.”

“You are such a sore loser spitting my load back at me,” I reminded him.  “I’ve told you time and time again that you are a better tennis player than me, but you let your temper get the best of you.  And now you are going to pay for that meanness, Konni.”

Samson knew just what I was thinking by grabbing Jimmies wrists and holding them behind his back.  I bent down and stripped off Konni’s tennis shorts leaving him naked and tangled up at the ankles.  Jordie let out a big yelp and said, “Damn, look at his huge piece!”

Marc helped me pick up Konni’s legs as Samson started swinging him toward the cold springtime water of the Atlantic Ocean.  Before we could toss his naked ass into the waves, Jordie stopped us and grabbed Konni’s dick waving it around for all to see.  Then his blonde head dived down onto that long, fat dick and started sucking it like a pelican dive bombing for fish.  Finally, I told him to stop so I can make the loser pay and we swung Jimmie out over a wave into the cold, crisp salty water.  Ki plunk, splash!

Later in the afternoon, sitting grouped by what seemed to be commonalities amongst us, I was chatting with Hendrix and sharing a joint with him.  He was from the coastal town of Virginia called Hampton and a bit country like myself.  Konni and Jordie were drunk from too much tequila and green-glassed Rolling Rock ice cold beer.  He had found another native New Yorker in Jordan.  Fangool, Carrot and Samson were having a discussion about the politics of Reaganomics sitting on the sand as if hot cabinet members trying to make their points.  Our fast friends were all college roommates from Howard University enjoying their spring break as well.  I asked Hendrix how a well-known H.B.C.U. allowed a blonde, blue-eyed white guy like Jordie among its rank and file.  He said it’s very easy.  They call it desegregation and according to Jordan he is up for all kinds of scholarship assistance being in the minority.

“Wow, maybe I should consider transferring across town to North Carolina A&T,” I posed.

Marcus handed me the joint and held onto my fingertips saying, “Nope, if you transfer anywhere it better be to Howard, ‘cause we need a great tennis player like you on our team.”

His eyes flashed with the sunlight beaming off the white waters like he was trying to tell me something.  I took the joint and placed the hot end in my mouth moving close to his lips to blow him a shotgun.  Asking Hendrix if he liked D.C., I could not take my eyes off his black lashes that seemed to curl perfectly at the ends.  He tried to hold deep his smoke-filled lungs while mumbling about being more of a small town boy.  The sun was starting to burn my shoulders so I asked him to pass me the tanning lotion.  Without hesitation, he moved behind me and poured lotion on his long slender fingers and cooled off my searing skin by massaging it deep into my shoulders, up the back of my neck and down my spine moving his hands out to cover my whole back.  When he got to the edge of my hips, I thought my skin would scream out in sensual pleasure.  Pouring more lotion on his hands, he slid his middle finger underneath my swim trunks moving it between my cheeks just slowly rubbing that flat spot right at the top of my ass.  I did not move, totally stoned, loving this stranger’s molesting fingers reading my skin like braille.

My mind was playing games with me as I thought about waking up with Konni this morning; the sexiest man on our campus.  Something was tugging at my heart though that confused me like never before.  Hendrix felt so comfortable to me.  Like a favorite pair of tennis shoes that were so easy to wear fitting snug and tightly supportive.  He must have read my mind.  Leaning into my ear, he said lets go for a walk way down there to that fishing pier.  He sort of pushed me to my feet and I walked over to grab two cold beers for our long walk.  Inviting anyone else to walk with us came with a communal wave like goodbye, see you guys later.  I handed Marcus his beer and told him it’s just us.  He winked his approval as Jordie drunkenly hollered, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do hiding behind those sand dunes.”

Our pace was slow and easy allowing the wet sand to soften the rough places on our feet.  I bent over to pick up a large seashell and Hendrix bumped into my ass grabbing my waist with his big hands.  We stood still in this comfortably awkward moment as I placed the shell up to my ear.  He asked me what was heard and I said, “Just a deep voice, an echo that sounded a lot like you suggesting we should find our way back to your beach house.”

We were only about a quarter of a mile from the old wooden fishing pier standing alone on the beach.  Our buddies looked like small statues on the sand from the distance we had strolled as the sunshine blinded us looking backwards at the imprints our feet made on the not yet washed away tracks we left behind.  It was if they had just started to appear suddenly while the older ones were cleared away by the sudsy waves further down the wide-opened beach front.  My favorite thing about beach bumming it was the long walks that lead to nowhere.  One pier looking just the same as the other, unable to count them all, before turning back to find my way to familiar territory where my friends and or family members laughing voices assured me I was not lost.

Hendrix took my hand and steered me off the beach to a wooden-planked walkway between two cottages.  We hit the sandy road heading back to his beach house, I guessed.  The walk seemed faster paced with more urgency.  I just followed looking at his tall, slender legs that grew up like stilts and attached flawlessly to his ass which was not fat like Konni’s but was perfectly rounded with muscles that indented on the sides.  He would turn around and walk backwards letting me see that sexy smile as if taunting me.  Shirtless with only long swim trunks that came down right above his cute kneecaps and not one bit of hair on his chest, only the wispy dark curls trailing from his belly button to the area where his manhood produced a very nice dick print on his wet trunks.  I think he must have been semi-erect ever since he had bumped into my ass on the beach.  Observing the ridge his dickhead made as it hung down the right side of his leg, I was assured he had more than enough meat to please me.

We made it back to their beach house in record time.  He led me to the outdoor shower so we could rinse off all the remnants of the beach before entering a doorway into the first level.  This shower was enclosed and semi-private with a cooling spray that felt so gooood.  Hendrix pushed me under the showerhead and laughed as the cold water seemed to wake me up from this hazy dream I was enjoying.  He leaned in and kissed me deeply.  Our tongues wrapped around each other and I finally felt his long eyelashes brush against my eyebrows.  My legs were shaking a bit with anticipation.  Marcus moved his mouth down my neck finding his way to my erect nipples.  He nibbled and sucked on them while his hands removed my trunks.  I returned the favor as his fine dick released from his swim trunks and bounced against my belly.  This was what hot beach sex was meant to be.  Sudden and full of manly force that just could not wait any longer as we became tangled up together in an outdoor shower stall.

Hendrix pushed me down to my knees and I sucked his cock deep inside my heated, wet throat.  He told me to look up at him while his dick face-fucked me longer.  I don’t think he could tell that my eyes had started to water from his ten inches stretching out my tonsils.  It was just all water spraying, splashing from every area of this confined wooden outdoor shower.  Strength was his surprise to me as he quickly picked me up from my subservient knees and pushed his dick up against my hot hole.  Marcus wrapped my legs around his waist and told me to bite his neck as he pushed his cock hard inside me.  I sat up and then down hard as his dick made its way past my second, more sensitive, opening.

Fucking like this was un-fucking believable.  He wedged me against the shower wall and plowed into me with all his power.  I just held on tight my arms around his neck as my teeth bit his ear lobe and my tongue fucked his ear.  I loved tasting all of this fine man.  It felt like the shower stall was literally rocking from hurricane force winds that had moved in off the coast to help us with our fast and furious sexing.  Hendrix was a strong man but he needed a break from holding us both up.  He left the shower running and pushed open the door to the level where carpeted stairs met us.  Sitting me down on the stair, I rolled my tennis legs back and braced my feet on the handrail.  Towering over me, he popped his dickhead back in my hot hole.  I thought I heard myself squeal.  But, I don’t squeal when getting fucked maybe a loud holler on occasion.

Upstairs I heard that squealing come louder and then I could make out Jordie’s voice grunting, “Fuck me Daddy!  Fuck me with that big dick.”  We both hollered up to a bedroom somewhere on the next level, “Fuck him hard Konni, make that blonde boy squeal again!”

Hendrix drove his dick even deeper inside me since he had open access to my gaping hole.  When I looked up into his sexy eyes a smile crossed his face as he was enjoying this ride on the stairs.  It looked like he was doing angled push-ups on me.  His dick long-stroking me while his arms and legs were doing all the work, I couldn’t get enough of watching him fuck me like no other man has before.  With every deep stroke, I felt his smooth head massage my sensitive spot almost making me cum more than just once.  I started barking out orders as well, “Don’t stop!  Faster, harder, yeah, love you long dicking me.”

This beach house was built on stilted beams like ours next door.  I know I felt it moving, sort of rocking back and forth.  Then I realized we were all in this house making it move like young college boys do.  Looking up at the top of the stairs on the landing, Glen, Carrot and Samson had moved out from their bedroom when they heard us fucking hard.  Fangool was getting his mouth and ass worked over in an amazingly stoned and drunken rage.  All I could see was his head pushed through the wide-slated stair balusters and Samson’s big ass pushing his fat, hard dick deep into Glen’s opened mouth.  Taking a closer look I saw Carrots hands on Glen’s shoulders as he must be fucking him hard with his red-toned ten inches.  High, horny and hard just like the ocean waves crashing down outside, we college dudes were doing what we do best when on spring break – fuck, party, fuck some more, eat and drink, play ball, sunbathe, smoke weed, and fuck all night.

I told Hendrix we needed to move upstairs so we could get a better view of all the fucking going on in this house.  He said, “I knew you were a voyeur just like me, so help me move us on up.”

Bracing myself on the handrails, he pulled out his hard dick and lifted my ass with his hands.  We scooted up the stairs like two horny bullfrogs, my legs in the air balanced on the handrails and my ass in his face as he pushed me up to the landing beside where our friends were heavy into their threesome.  When Carrot saw us make this move, he stopped fucking Glen and burst out into raucous laughter.  Samson pulled his dark, wet dick from Glen’s hungry mouth and made room for us on the landing.  First, before we continued, I had to see what Konni was doing to Jordan.  I looked in the bedroom and Jordie was riding Jimmies dick facing us.  They were both the drunkest by far and it sort of looked like Jordan was just riding Konni’s huge hard-on while he was either passed out or just could not open his eyes.  Hendrix peeked above my head and said, “Jordan’s wide ass will ride your friend until he’s raw and then complain about it tomorrow.”

“I heard you bitch,” Jordie hollered.  “Konni has already made me cum twice and I’m working on a third load.  He said I could ride him as long as I wanted too, so there.”

It turned me on seeing this handsome blonde boy with a great tanned body and real blonde pubic hair bouncing out of control as his hard dick flopped up and down trying to reach its third orgasm.  Konni tried to mumble something to us but all I could see was a smile on his face as he grabbed Jordan’s waist and slammed it hard onto his monster cock.  Jordan squealed loudly again.

When we turned back to the large landing and game room, Samson was pounding his fat dick deep inside Fangool’s ass.  Carrot was feeding Glen his dick now telling him to clean it off, “Lick your asshole slime off my dick, you slut.”

I lay down on some soft pillows that the other guys had moved from the couch and scooted my face underneath Glen’s eight inches hanging down while he was working two big boys, doggie style, Samson up his ass and Carrot down his throat.  Then Hendrix plunged his dick back inside me fucking hard as he watched all the action.  I had to grab hold of the carpet to keep from being pushed away from what my mouth wanted sucking Fangool’s cock while he was working so hard to please the big fellows.  Samson and Carrot grabbed hold of my legs pulling them back further for Marcus to dig me out deep.   We all carried on like this for what seemed an eternity.  The weed must have kept us going longer than usual.  Glen started panting first and I sucked him dry while Samson dumped his load deep inside a flexing hole.  Then Carrot moved around to plant his seed in the cum-filled, hot hole Fangool was offering.

My load was ready to explode all over my chest and I did not even have to touch my dick while Hendrix worked his miracle stick around inside me, breathing louder and louder.  Then he told me to hold on as he grabbed my waist and pounded the hardest I’ve ever had my ass plowed.  His face turned almost red as he shot a huge load deep inside me.  I definitely could feel it streaming out his dick slit and shooting up my gut making it wetter than before.  Marcus was grunting and pumping even more without stopping until he dropped on top of me and said,  “Damn, boo, I came twice back to back like Bam Bam and Bam Bam, some more!”  We all found ourselves in a mess of slick sweaty pillows.   Worn out, for now, from the heat outside and in.  Then as usual Glen spoke up and said, “Damned if were cooking tonight, we all going out to eat at that oyster bar down the street.  I’m hungry as a whore fucked hard and wet and left out to dry!”


David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461


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  1. goldenloverinmym

    very hot story,wish I could find one 10″to ride.sounds like these guys all got 10″.but then again I’ve met guys that said they packin 8″ lol more like 6.5 lol.Dean

  2. David W. Bradburn

    Thanks guys for your kind comments and the many private messages I received on this three part story. If you’d like to read more about these college characters, then leave me comments below this chapter. You know the fellows go to the oyster bar and pig out on oysters on the half-shell and we all know that oysters are a natural aphrodisiac and these young dudes don’t need much to keep them hard and horny. If I get at least 10 more comments wanting more from Tennis, Tequila and Tans, then you will get it “high, horny and hard just like the ocean waves.” David W. Bradburn

  3. Sepiabear

    Just ran across ya stories and really enjoyed ’em. Would like to hear more of the exploits of “Tennis, Tequila, and Tans.”

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