News : Tom Daley Wants To Tell You Something…

Tom Daley wants to tell you something…

We kinda already knew it, but here is the confirmation.

The British Olympic medalist is in our team 🙂



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  1. Victor H

    I’m glad you made this statement yourself because if you would have done it in print they(the media) would have twisted it to thier benefit. Well i think it’s really brave of you to to say what you felt. And sweetie i wish you all the luck in the world with your career and you boyfriend. Much love and respect. *-*

  2. J

    Batting (gorgeous) eye lashes like that…..YES, CONFIRMED!


    Happy Holidays!

    p.s. Pillows w/ British Flag print were a giveaway, too! lol

  3. Lance Lyons

    Bravo for you never be ashamed of who you are I kepted myself in a lie for 34 years it was very hard emotionally to keep my secret I was married to a wonderful woman for years but I was always gay inside now I’m 46 and am married to a wonderful guy good luck in 2016

  4. Janusz Allan Stankowski

    My name is John I am from Central Wisconsin. I have been out for 21 years of my life and single all of it. But I call myself an individual that is more for the people who are trying to come out of the closet and want to talk to someone about making the right choice.
    And we as people and individuals in the world just to need to see one another as a whole and who they are, not what they are. I would love to come out and say “It dose not matter Who we are, What we are, or Where we come from that makes us Who “WE” are. But it is the people in our family and in the world who Support to be Love Ourselves to Be Better People.” And we all need to learn from that and how to be there for others no mater what a loved one has to say.

  5. Junior

    Bravo! We still appreciate his honesty,but he hasn’t been total sincere with us. We still need to know if he is a Bottom,Versatil,or Top.

  6. Kim

    Junior, What difference does it make to you weather he is a Bottom,Versatil,or Top? That is none of our business, it only pertains to him and whomever he is with.
    Main thing is that he took the bull by the horns and came out and thereby put the rumors to rest. Good for him. He is also a great example to all of us, especially those sitting on the fence. We know what needs to be done, now it is up to us to do it.



  8. Tim

    Why the need to make a statement? Do other former Olympians full us in on who they’re dating? Let nature take its course… Date who you want and don’t act as if it needs a big announcement.

  9. Michael John Dennis

    Tom, it was very brave of you to come out – Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us – I’m a 43 years old Irish gay man living in Manchester UK and I went through a very tough time, being bullied and put down by others all my life (and still am in some ways) – I grew up as an only child of very strict Catholic Parents in Rural Ireland – like yourself, my only motivation was to live up to the values with which I was raised and to be honest with those around me, even though it alienated me with my family and my Catholic Faith for many years after I came out, but it was only my Mother’s death in 2009 in Ireland and seeing the huge attendance at her Funeral (even allowing for the fact that Irish funerals tend to be very well attended in any case) that finally reconciled the differences between myself and my family regarding my close gay friendships and my openly gay identity – Much Love & Best Wishes to you and your new partner, Michael xxxxxx

  10. Ondra

    Who gives a shit? The only gays the media embraces are the ones who are attractive. If he was not attractive, this would be no news at all.

  11. Osei

    @Rod (December 2, 2013 at 08:59) – this is not the place for bashing gay men. You should keep your silly homophobic remarks to yourself.

    Tom is a brilliant young man and clearly he knows who he is, even if he only wants to slowly throw the door opens so others can see.

  12. Darcy

    I always find it interesting that gay men and lesbians have to announce their sexuality to the world – we never ask straight people to announce who they are and their sexual preferences

    glad that Tom is happy – isn’t that all that matters in this world?

    another good role model for youth.


  13. Marqueetee

    So far no one is blasting him here for the bi-sexual cop out role as comments are at HRC. I am happy for him and wish him well in his relationships and career, but he seemed very scared and pleading. My “gaydar” alarmed during his olympic trials. I understand for professionals reason one has to remain totally or partially in the closet. This is one step for him. Great job Tom!!!!!!

  14. Ronnie

    good for you Tom and the way you did it instead of making a big fanfare about it and doing a cover story or an exclusive ! ! it tells alot about the kind of person you are….. xoxo

  15. David W Donze

    Tom, you are a courageous soul. It takes much more nerve to be honest about your sexual feeling than it does to suppress and hide them.
    I’m sure you feel as if a weight has been lifted.
    Sexuality is not a choice and we a certainly born with our sexuality.
    For example, how many straight men and women have conciously said “I want to be straight”? Everyone sooner or later realizes their sexual orientation.
    Anyway, I’m proud of you baby! =)

  16. Mr.Mike

    OMG…Thank you….your courage and bravery to make this video is truley amazing. Your statements as well you Rd genuineness of being open and honest will save a person’s life. You really are a special man.

    And way extreme radical cute gorgeous sexy stud!!!!

  17. Mr.Mike

    Thank you again.. amazing the lowlife comments that were made…they must be people who live in a fantasy world on their computers and think of people as if they are objects. Um there hello there is a civil rights battle in the United States…did they miss that..Equality …really comments bout top bttm vers. ..come on..

    Sounds like atlantic city..

  18. Barmac

    So easy for us who live our anonymous lives to make snarky remarks. For most of us, it is difficult as it is to come out,much more those who live in the public’s eye who constantly have innuendo and malicious gossip heaped on their heads everyday. Coming out is still a personal thing. As human beings we are all different and need as long as we need to build the courage, bravery and support to speak our truth. we all need our space to do it when we are ready, it is not a race. So lets just say Bravo to one more of us who feels strong enough today to claim and stand in their truth, to one of us in the public eye who decide to take the risk of losing support, financial gain and opportunities to not lie anymore about who they are.

  19. Hunter0500

    There’s something off about it. A sadness, uneasinesss? It’s like he was being coerced. He does not seem comfortable.

    Have to agree with Tim “Why the need to make the statement?” It was clear the moment he hit the Olympic stage that he was not straight. It didn’t matter then and still does not. If making a public statement makes hiim feel good or special somehow, so be it. He’ll fit in well with the LGBT Community.

  20. rjtopher

    Never in doubt Tom that you would find yourself making your statement. You’re a beautiful man and certainly the source of many a guy look, straight and gay.
    I admire you and wish you the best. Happiness is elusive and so you are correct, when you have found it recognize and go for it. Hold tight and savor it, Tom, you are one lucky man.

  21. Biisibi

    I was looking him up and saw some pictures of him. Very Hot. I got a question though – how much lower can those swim suits go and how the hell do they stay on?

  22. T-blow

    I’ve heard enough heteros claim this “doesn’t need an announcement” but to see it here I think should be addressed.

    The media still like breaking “gay scandals” and he wanted to head off any story by telling his fans himself what, who and how it all happened in a way that hopefully takes any stigma away and clears up some confusion as to how he’s evolved rather than “turned”.

    Considering the hateful responses on Twitter, it’s still important to be truthful for kids who see him as a hero.

  23. vafratboy

    For the “doesn’t need to make an announcement” folks: Heteros announce their sexuality all the time. Until recently simply wearing a wedding band ‘announced’ you as being straight. I’m not big on celebrity gossip, but I think VERY few celebs have the luxury of not having their love lives examined. In the video, Mr. Daley states that one of the things he always gets asked in interviews is if he has a girlfriend.

    So why do gay celebs need to “make an announcement”? Because the fans demand to know and it takes far too much energy to try to conceal something that most (straight) people are relatively open about anyhow.

  24. bootysplitta

    No disrespect but who really gives a shit??? It shouldn’t matter who you fall in love with whether it be male or female as long as you feel that bond or that level of comfort with each other. I’m a 21st Century hippie so I’m a free spirit.

  25. jojhoooo philippines

    hi tom,im frm philippines im one of your million fan here in philippines,im very happy for you i heard a lot f gossip about you,but one thing i say to you follow ur heart no matter what people say about you remember we always here for you,i love you tom,

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