Gay Stuff : Bubble Butt?


How far would you go to get that bubble butt that all the tops want?

3 Options are available for guys who want the look!

1- Get a gym membership : (click on the name of the exercise to see what it is)

The Barbell full squats is definitely the exercise that will help the most. It actually helps the full leg from calves to glutes and hamstrings and even lower back.

Another exercise that I really enjoy doing and that really help to create the “humph” on top of the butt is the one-legged cable kickback. Those are my personal favorite at the gym! And they really work!


2-Option number 2 is the padded underwear:

You hate the gym, you don’t like sports, but still want to have that bubble butt. The padded underwear is the best option for you. It will give you that little bump that will fill your pants nicely. Discrete and very affordable, you can get these here and they are even on sale right now! Not the best option when you meet a guy because at one point you might have to get naked…


3- The last option, surgery:

You have extra money, don’t like gym and don’t want to wear those padded undies? Brazilian butt lift is the option for you (definitely not my choice…but it’s available). Between $6500 and $9000, the procedures guarantees to defy gravity and give you that look that will get your ass get more attention. I watched a video on youtube and I can tell you that I will NEVER get that surgery.

So which one is your favorite option? Do you have a nice bubble butt? If you do, feel free to send your pics, I like to post them on the blog once in a while for other members to see (blog at

Have a wonderful day guys!






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  1. Rocky23

    Love going to gym, I do squates and split squates (one leg on bench stand on other and squate), or hip raises. Hip raises are more glutes isolated.

  2. ronnie

    omg, i had sex with a guy that had the butt implants several years ago… it was a beautiful ass but when i started “feeling” around… it was really weird ! ! ! i can’t imagine how it must been to sit on it… like i said though, it WAS a beautiful ass ! !

  3. marc

    And, Dave, you have a wonderful day! Thanks for your hard work on this site. It is appreciated! Happy holidays, guys, and peace on this Earth of ours.

  4. ddm

    I’ve seen this picture all over the place and I like it a lot. I think a nice ass is a plus, a turn on, and one of the first things that I look for. That being said, I understand that we’re all built differently and people have other appealing assists in lieu of, but nothing totally matches a great ass in my opinion. I was blessed with a wonderful ass. Some things are just genetic. I imagine that some will never have a bubble butt no matter how much they work. I have average calves and that’s just the way it is. But please, whatever you choose, don’t use padded underwear.

  5. MM

    I’m pretty sure you’ll wanna go with Option 1 if you actually wanna get laid. Options 2 and 3 are ok for show, but definitely less than functional….and kinda gross.

  6. Jeff

    Love the sight of a hot well shaped butt in pants, in hot underwear or jock, in my hands, or on top of my face…


    Don’t forget after all of the esthetics – a bad bottom is still just that. The real talent is in the hole. ; )

  7. Hunter0500

    Picture looks a little freakish. More partial to a nice man ass, frankly. Not something that looks like it belongs on a woman. But hey, if it floats your boat, it’s your choice. Enjoy! In general, I can’t see why one attribute would make you want to jump a guy. A guy with a woman butt, in a suit, with a beard, or any one other “hot or not?” could be great, or he could be an ass (pun). Attractions to superficial attributes don’t go far and don’t lend themselves to long term good man to man relationships.

  8. ILoveNormal

    I prefer a muscled butt with a bit of padding (this means the guys eats right). I’m a bottom so it doesn’t totally matter, and “bubble” is more fitting for females. If a muscle but is shaped well and the guy knows how to use it, the butt is bubbly and cut. Of course, I don’t discriminate, every guy is working on making his ass more attractive to others. Some of the best butts are on guys who are VERY thick, but have a lifetime of squats, lunges and glute bridges. If the ass matches the man, that is the sexiest it’ll ever get.

  9. Michael

    That guy’s ass is SO incredibly delicious! I could rim that things for HOURS! lol Thank you for the links to the bodybuilding website. The videos they show are very helpful. 🙂

    Happy holidays!

  10. Lorenzo

    I dated a man with a squeky clean bubble butt ass, when I fucked his tight hole he came in less tgeb 2 minutes, since my cock was hard and throbbing I began eating his squeky clean bubble butt ass, it was fucking amazing.

  11. Brother CA

    Hey! Time and gravity ultimately happens to everyone—even if they’ve had surgery. What has the propensity to mellow, even improve, over time is the man INSIDE his skin.

  12. MIKE T. in Connecticut

    I have notice a lot of Black guys or a guys mixed with those afro genes even a lot of Dominicans and Brazilian that have a nice bubble butt. I find that the bubble butt guy tend to have a tight anus vs pancake butt buds….

  13. darryl

    Love all the responses to this topic. I’am a major fan of Man Ass. A bubblebutt is a beautiful site to see and to play with. The tips like option 1 is really the best way to change the way your ass looks. Just look at men who run, bike, figure skate, gymnasts etc. So cop a squat, or two then see how that booty rises then you’ll get that look from men who are major fans of Man Ass.

  14. Shakerrump

    I’m not even going to lie a guy with a rump floats my boat. I agree the guy above thicker men has the best asses. I love rimming.

  15. vafratboy

    Bubble butts are the best. I wish mine were alot nicer, but then, I’m a top so I guess it’s less of a big deal.

    For all those self-righteous, psuedo-moralists trying to make themselves feel better by talking about prefering the “INSIDE” to the “superficial attributes,” I say this: I can’t see your “great personality” from across the room. Physical attraction isn’t everything, but it is something and it’s almost ALWAYS the starting point.

  16. Ilovebubblebutts

    I have always loved bubble butts on a man, been checking them out ever since I was little. I am a top and I just so happen to have a natural bubble butt but still do squats and leg dvds to keep it up. Nothing hotter than the bubble butt bottom rimming my bubble and loving it. Love smooth bubble butts.

  17. December17th2013@a4a

    Regardless of sexual role, one should always strive to have an exceptional bubble booty.

    I’m thinking of uploading vids outlining how I’ve obtained the magnificent butt (as well other things) that I have since people consistently ask me “What do you do?!”

  18. Fairprince

    Lol my bubble butt gets guys attention I think I need to really show it off properly on a4a I have a but pic on my profile already lol get a kit if messages from that pic , a great deal of step exercises I have mines because if a great deal of walking from a teen it’s a butt that a nice bubble shape not over big but in proportion to my 155 lb body sweetbamc is my profile on a4a you can check it

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