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Hi guys, I hope you are all having an amazing beginning of week!

I’m writting a little post today to ask you for suggestions. Is there any subjects, categories, themes that you would like me to cover in 2014?

In 4 years, I covered a lot, but I’m sure there are things you would like me to blog about or questions you would like to ask to other gay guys.

Whether you are questioning about relationships, gay life, want to read reviews on sex toys available on our store, want to read more erotic stories, want to have others opinion on open relationships, sex life, or even talk about job, family, music, etc etc….

Let me know what you want. If you want to see more photos, videos, let me know what kind. If you want to read stories, let me know what kind. If you want me to interview pornstars, let me know which ones. If you want more celebrity stuff, let me know which ones.

Keep in mind that you can always submit sexy stories at blog at You can also submit any text to go in the “Speak Out” section. This section is for you guys to share something with others. Whether it is about you coming out of the closet to your family, ย your recent HIV diagnosis, questions about your sexuality, want opinions about any subjects etc etc… Just send me your request and I’ll post it here. Other readers always like to share with others. We are humans after all:)



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  1. Alonso

    Hi there Dave!.
    My only comment on this is about music, there a cool music videos out there, I even sent one once to see if you guys could post it here, but the reply was that you guys had to pay money to copy and paste it here… it would be cool to see if this is no longer a condition.

    • blog

      Alonso, no we are open to talk about all kind of music.
      The only thing is that if you want us to advertise your music, yes there are fees.

  2. David

    age difference, my bf and I are 27 yrs apart, we get along great, but I would like to here from others in the same situation as me, our sex life is perfect, who could not ask for a 21 yr old, and he picked me up here on adam, I am just trying to adjust to the age difference.. can you help?

  3. CHRIS

    My holiday wish is another photo shoot of you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love to see your arse sans UW. You can always email me directly! Happy Holidays, Dave!

  4. Sneakerphreak

    Here is a good one… Married (to a woman), children… And coming out after 18years with the same person… That is my story. My life is unfolding now and after the new year is passed, tinme for me to come out to family and friends… I’ve met many men on Adam over the past few years, and my attitute has changed from hot exploration, to dates and fun, to trying to find “the one”… I’m taking applications, guys ๐Ÿ™‚ when I am single, I’d love to share my experience as a story on Adam. I know there are many closeted men going through anxiety, depression, emotional swings, love and heartbreak, just like I am. Happy, safe and healthy New Year, Adams!


  5. Mark B

    Some ideas:

    * Cross- Cultural dating. Black-White, Asian-Black, Deaf-Hearing, anything that involved different culture, languages. Maybe a list of some do’s and don’t’s if we ever come across a cutie from a different cultural/language background.

    * Age difference as David mentioned. What do you do when the youngster wants to go out and party, and you want to stay at home in bed?

    * Maybe have an advice column, like a “Dear Abby” but “Dear Adam” kind of a blog, once a week.

    * Side saddle fucking. I can’t find anything on that and am curious to know more about it. Exploration of sexual positions.

    Happy 2014!

  6. Hunter0500

    It’d be great for the site to move away from the stereotypical gay images and issues that do not reflect the realities of many gay guys in 2014 and are a major turnoff in general for many gays and straights.

    Gays are no longer limited to the urban, smooth, trendy, shaved, service worker, barfly, Cher-loving stereotypes of the 1970s*1990s. They encompass a variety of ages, professions, geographic areas. They chose from a variety of clothing and music styles. Many many of them are totally unconcerned about things such as Lady Gagga or clothing with an expensive label. They chose their men from their professional and social lives based upon character and are seeking relationships of a vairety of kinds. They’ve walked away from “bar pick of the week” based upon a weak attributes of a cute smile, nice clothing, or a bubble butt because those relationships are short and empty.

    Expanded coverage on a variety of topics would be appreciated: music (country, jazz, orchestral, etc. by female AND MALE artists); clothing (skip the trendy labels. yes, even who makes the best work boots and work jeans would be great. how about affordable office atire?); sex/relationships (more on how to meet guys OUTSIDE of the bar or club scene; what to look for in a man besides his bubble butt and the clothes he has on it; stories of “how we met and why we’re together”; what’s it’s like to be a gay guy who has worn a straight guy’s life for years; ect.).

    How about more everyday life topics for everyday guys who just happen to be gay? More about guys who aren’t locked in the femmy persecuted stereotype pushed by the Community? More about guys who do have great relationships, practice safe sex and who people are often surprised to learn are gay (but don’t care) once that’s on the table. Regular guys who have it all; who are accepted for who they are … not “the gay guy” but “the great guy.”

  7. SMH

    Hey dave, i’d like you to comment on unlocking pics, and what you feel is proper pic trading ettiqute. (If you make first contact, you should unlock your pics first right?)

    • blog

      SMH : Im talking about suggestions for the blog only.
      We are working on our main site and 2014 should be a nice year for A4A.
      I cannot talk much about it though ๐Ÿ™‚ but there will be many changes!!

  8. Christopher

    Having a “to be on this site, you must submit a RECENT (RECENT is defined as within 6 months, not 16 YEARS) clear unobstructed FACE PICTURE.

    FACE PICTURE to be on A4A. PERIOD. Easy as that: No face photo, no account.


    If this were a pay site, the “free riders” would have to hop off this train……..

  9. goldenloverinmym

    dave if there r gonna b changes made make it better for computer dummies such as myself.also the music stuff cher n gaga that crap makes me hurl.Dean

  10. Mikey

    Here is are some topics:
    -Talk about how certain cultures treat and react for gay/bi men
    -The phobia of transgender males
    -How people shun others that are a part of the LGBTIQ community mainly the IQ portion and all the other ranges of sexuality that there are.

  11. liento

    I am 76 years young, often mistaken for 50. Why do guys get turned off when they find out how old I am? I am not getting older just getting better! I can outlast most of the young studs! Their loss, I guess, missing out on sensual loving instead of a blow and go.

  12. sjohnson

    1-marriage and gays. if ‘marriage’ is such a ‘must have’ among gays, then why still screw around.
    2-open relationships. if so in ‘love’ with your partner why slut around, whether one or both do it.
    3-why gays lie so much
    4-don’t allow ‘asshole or dick’ only pics….gotta see that face, even if pic is a few months old….cough cough, nothing more frightening than seeing a huge asshole, close up no less!

  13. Kevin L. Spielman

    I was diagnosed with HIV in September,and would like to here more about the progress they’re making on the dreaded disease.I am doing well,undetectable,and on medication{complera}that I take every day.Thank’s,Happy New Year-2014!Kevin{Hagerstown,Md.}

  14. Leo

    We see an awful lot of links to porn on the site. Maybe you could do some porn reviews? Not the stuff that anyone can upload, or some fly-by-night internet based group, but from an actual studio. Porn that we can buy and play on our home devices.

  15. Juan

    Fellow Poz guys who put negative on their status instead of leaving it blank or stating Poz… I believe this Is very common and as a Poz guy I refuse to believe their is a good reason to state your negative and then tell the person you Poz after several messages.

  16. Stewie_Griffon

    Two interesting thoughts…

    1. It would be nice to hear about other guys who are too hideous to date. Some of us never hit the DNA jackpot so unless we win the lottery, we have no chance of ever meeting anyone. It would be nice to hear of other guys who made a commitment to themselves to spend the rest of their lives alone.

    2. If it were possible to flip a switch by swallowing a pill & turn yourself back into a straight man, would you do it? Aside from the debate if homosexuality is an illness that could be ‘cured’, would a person continue their existence as a bi/gay male?

  17. Mike

    1) would be nice to outline some a4a online etiquette.

    2) expose this country to some of the really hot music artist from around the world that haven’t hit here yet.

    3) address what are the best hair removal methods available today. waxing, laser, no-no, the pros and cons of each.

  18. Mannois

    I know you’re asking about blog topics but if there’s a chance that one of the site programmers will read this…

    When I block someone, I don’t want them showing up on my screen at all. I don’t want to see them mixed in with the others, with the “blocked” graphic. I want them GONE. And I also don’t want to appear on THEIR screens either. I want them to totally disappear here, and I want to be invisible to them as well.

    I’d also love to search by role. I’m a top. I’d like to be able to search for bottoms only, if I want. And I’d want the option to include/exclude “vers” from time to time.

    I’d also like to make people with “No Photo” disappear completely too.

    Make it happen please ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Sephiroth

    I’d like to see something on hygiene, I’m new to the lbgt scene and I’m tired if worrying about if I’m clean enough or others that are 100% ignorant to cleanliness. I’d also like to see some changes to A4A like getting rid of the delete trace feature, I feel it creates a stalker complex cause people continue to creep on your page and you’ll never know. I also would like to see something that’ll let you know if someone asks you to unlock your pictures you’d have to open the message in order to see their pics so they know if you’ve looked. It’ll help with those of us trying to stay anonymous. Don’t hate on anonymity guys some if us aren’t sure if we wanna come out or life circumstances prevent us. Why should some of us put possible reputations on the line just so we can cause an unnecessary uproar.

  20. Charlie

    Happy New Year Dave.
    My dumb question is what or where is the “speak out” that you mention? Thanks and plan on seeing your great site for many more years.

  21. sloppytoppy

    Talk about how all the older guys want to be in a relationship, now that their best days are lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg GONE..

  22. Mike

    inform our younger members of gay history. Many younger men have never heard of Stonewall, let along know what it is. Commemorate ground breaking moment in our history, such as the first televised gay male kiss on tv, first gay novel that actually said, a gay novel printed on the cover! educate us all on our history!

  23. sjohnson

    another topic—why fags want to lead double lives….don’t want to be ‘looked at’, don’t be online, ANY online site!!! reputation or NOT you are just a player playing both sides only when it suits you! VERY selfish

  24. David

    I’d like to hear more about different regional and national gay cultures – how is gay culture different in other countries and where they speak different languages? Especially Asia and Africa.

    Interracial and black guys – sex stories, info pieces, etc. I’m white and mostly into masculine black bottoms.

    FTM transsexual info. A friend on mine from high school transitioned and hearing the story and understanding the issues made me feel like a straight guy learning about gay issues. There’s a big opportunity to increase understanding here.

  25. localmetalhead

    I know there was already a blog for this but it is so old nobody probably even sees the comments anymore. A blog about features member would like to see as paid member features. I say this because if I’m going to pay money for an account why should I still be bombarded with the porn ads that I don’t want to see? It forces me to use Adam4Adam in secret which is sad as I’m not even in the closet.This is the only issue keeping me from becoming a paid member. I’ve also heard fellow members complain about the very same issue.


  26. John

    I would like to get others views on guys coming out later in life. I am in my 50s and was married to a woman for 23 years. I have two sons. My coming out has been the best thing for me. In dating; however, I get the feeling that guys think I am just “curious” and therefore don’t trust me or question my intentions.

  27. rahl13

    more photo galleries of men with small to average cocks – not all of us have big dicks or want to see only big dicks. Average size is average for a reason, its what majority has

  28. Anonymous

    How about a discussion about HSV aka herpes. I’m not talking about oral herpes aka a cold sore on your lips, I mean genital herpes aka a sore on your private area. It’s always HIV this and HIV that, butt never anything about HSV which I’m sure many more people have but never talk openly about. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s not even an option to put on your adam4adam profile. Shouldn’t guys know if one is HSV poz or neg just as well, since like HIV it’s not curable?

  29. Tim

    Since A4A clearly makes your money from ads, I think it would be great to see a regular column (or ten) on hot new things on various sponsor sites.

    And to the guy who said he’s “too ugly”… There are endless ways to improve yourself… Dress well, work out, find a sexual niche, etc. I have a “buddy” who is not at all facially attractive, but he works out a lot, and dresses very well… Gets a ton of sex… And has a smaller dick too. Lol.

  30. latinooo

    I would be really cool if on wednesday aka hump day that you recommend a sexual position that youve done or something along those lines

  31. John505

    With the legal use of smoking pot in Colorado, how about a discussion about smoking pot and having sex. I see some profiles say something about 420 friendly. As someone who has never been high and had sex at the same time, I would love to know what others say about it. Maybe it is something I would like to try sometime.

  32. wysiwyg

    How about a real discussion about HIV and how it is almost 99.9% preventable yet there are still young men still becoming infected every day. WTF. In the early days of the disease many gay men fought for and died for the cause. Many guys now see as something that can be treated with medication (like high blood pressure). There is a whole group of other transmitted complications you can get from someone who is considered “undetected” when you have unprotected sex. HIV/AIDS infection rate in our community should be close to zero but it continues to grow.

  33. southernboisb

    I’ld like to know how some of us can meet/find guys. I’m going to be 40 in June & have only had 6 bf’s my entire life (between the years of 1996-1999). I often get lonely & depressed around holidays, my bd, etc. seeing couples out & about but nothing for us single guys.

    It’s also difficult to meet guys on A4A for sex because I’m also not in the requirements they’re looking for (or those that check me out aren’t what I’m looking for).

    So, what does 1 do if they can’t find somebody for a relationship nor even for a quick hookup?

  34. southernboisb

    Not to be controversial, but how about exploring why when you check out the “parties” listed, certain groups are exclusive to only a certain race – while the other posts are open for anybody.

  35. southernboisb

    Probably not your area, but how come some people’s pix, when clicked on, are the same size as the additional photos (about 1″ X 1.5″)?

  36. John

    This is in reference to Tim’s (sneakerphreak) Blog. I am in the same situation as you, only am Deep-Closeted and am not out yet. I am feeling all the emotions you have listed. I hope to someday come out so I can get on with life. A book I read has been very eye-opening for me called “5-Married Men’, good reading !

  37. Chip

    OK – for the site – the choices of “safe only” and “anything goes” are too limited. Granted, it’d be impossible to show all possible variations — but 4 or 5 choices has to be better than just 2!

    I see an “anything goes” profile and often think of dudes who INSIST on BB sex (which I do not do).

    I would think a range like: “Safe Only” “Usually Safe” “Anything Goes” “Usually Bare” & “Bareback Only” would at least give us a broader spectrum to choose from.

    Personally, to be truthful, I’d have to mark myself as “Usually Safe” because I have barebacked recently (with a boyfriend – GASP! – but if I were to change to “Anything Goes” today, that’d totally have a connotation that’s not true.

    Just my thoughts…

  38. John...

    How about another blogger who blogs about gaybro type stuff and you Dave can handle the stereotypical, superficial gay stuff as usual.

  39. Localmetalhead

    Something about experiences with coming out of the closet.

    Ideas for donating member features.

    Gay community profiles for US cities.

  40. Preston Double Stacker

    I would like 2 C the quick search categorized in more detail on this site. Where everybody Looking for just receiving a bj would pop up their profile when U enter that in. Everyone looking to give a bj would pop up together. Everyone looking to cuddle together. Everyone looking for a regular date for tonight. Everyone looking to have a 3 way OR group all pop up together. Everyone looking for sex that is a bottom on 1 search and all tops in a different search. Everyone that likes to kiss on 1 search show up together ! Everyone that can host on 1 search and maybe even list them in order as they are closer to ur location ! Great idea huh ?

  41. Preston Double Stacker

    Everybody that is NOT out yet also should be another category. Everybody that swallows too. Everybody that is to bondage. Great ideas Preston Double Stacker !

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