A4A : Facebook Homophobe?


Our facebook page has been unpublished because some people reported a picture that they thought was too sexy and that was violating facebook policies.

We are waiting for facebook to get back to us, but meanwhile please follow our twitter page here!

Above is the picture they say is too sexy for facebook. Hopefully they made a mistake because I’ve seen wayyyyyyy more sexy on facebook. I’ve seen boobs and pussies and blowjobs or even more hardcore stuff like pussy fisting and throat fucking. Owners of these pages just put tiny stars on the boobs or clits and facebook tolerates it. Very strange!

I think the problem is that facebook is a bit homophobic, they don’t like to see homo content on their site. Our page has be reported dozens of times for nothing and I’ve heard other pages got reported as well. What do you think? Is facebook homophobe? Are users of Facebook homophobes? I was told by FB in the past that all pictures are reviewed by FB before an account is blocked, so at the end, FB decides…

I’ll keep you posted when our facebook page is back up!


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  1. Dale Nimmo

    It’s all secondary hypocrisy

    If the A4A site was about men’s underwear or muscle building no one would think a thing about it

    But let it be for me meeting men and the world stops to let you exit quickly!!!!

    It’s crap, all crap and yes. FB IS homophobic if it is out rightly stated you are a man’s page

  2. Michael

    I can’t fully speak, but I work for tech companies, and the Facebook boy I hooked up with last summer said Facebook was really gay, as in, they had tons of gay software engineers

  3. eddie

    I don’t think homophobia is the issue – just look at all of the Andrew Christian postings and you will know that isn’t the case – they have models who are obviously gay and about to start some actual sex act. I would think it is more because someone complained and they have to act on it. Certainly the model you show is no less undressed than many but I see lots and lots of things on there that are gay oriented so I really doubt that’s the issue.

  4. Leo

    Jesse Jackman is one of many porn actors whose pictures are reported for the slightest things, even something tame as two men kissing. People just like to be busybodies on F*ckbook, and will report anything they don’t agree with because that’s the only joy they will ever have.

  5. Arse

    You’re a sex site whose primary function is to facilitate hookups. I’m sure FB is aware of this and does not want pornographic and other sex/dating sites to open pages on their social network. Why do you need a Facebook page anyway? Given all the explicit pics that are uploaded to most profiles I’m sure FB is hesitant to approve A4A based on that reason alone, not only for the possibility that your site will publish images that will offend other users of FB but also the likely possibility that your posters/users would also have what they deem as inappropriate images as well. I’m all for freedom of speech but I think it’s just best to keep the two things separate. Those who want to use A4A are free to come here. By having an FB page you run the risk of children seeing things that aren’t appropriate, cause you know as well as I do that gay men aren’t the most modest persons in the world.

  6. Jay in Chicago

    It sounds like it’s more some actual Facebook profile owners themselves than it is Facebook the network that’s homophobic from what you said about picks from the A4A page getting continually reported for no good reason.

  7. southernboisb

    I’ve seen body building images of personal pages & company pages that had “selective covering” of towels or other images used as the main pic.

    I’ld love to know FB’s explanation about the pic.

  8. Doug

    Facebook will shut down a page with too many complaints. I am quite sure it isn’t FB, but people with nothing better to do that run other peoples lives and make complaints. Usually after they investigate, it’s cleared up. But it becomes a huge PITA.

  9. Jake

    It sounds to me as if you’re jumping the gun and immediately on the defense. What’s happening is a homophobic viewer is reporting your images to Facebook and because of that your being placed under review There probably isn’t any other reason. Let’s not try to make this something bigger than it is.

  10. John

    This has nothing to do with Facebook being homophobic. They simply have to look into content when enough people flag it as inappropriate. The problem stems from people on Facebook who are homophobic.

  11. Hunter0500

    Facebook can set whatever rules it wants for its sandbox. They’re published and anyone knows what they are going in. Facebook can then apply them according to its own interpretations. In this case, Facebook doesn’t owe A4A a listing and A4A isn’t automatically entitled to one under any existing laws. We’re not talking housing or employment. Facebook is a social website. And the “downtrodden” here is a men’s dating site, another social website. (Really? We’er playing the downtrodden card?)

    Throw the homophoboic and discriminatory flag, but it won’t go far and it will last only as long as the any other drama du jour.

  12. Jake

    Arse, that’s a pretty crappy argument. You’re failing to see the real issue here. It’s not that Facebook hasn’t approved a4a’s Facebook page, it’s that someone is flagging their images as inappropriate. Let’s not take it so far as to color the situation with your own attitudes. This blog should never have even been written. It’s just like when someone decided we should all boycott Smirnoff because the Russian government doesn’t support gay rights. Don’t jump on a bandwagon or start up a cause against something or someone just because of association that cannot be avoided.

  13. Joe

    I am very interested in reading their response. A cancellation of FBI pages by the readers might cause a reaction…as it did for the Boy Scouts. So keep me posted, please.

    As the reader wrote…people still use FB? As for the new generations using technology FB is obsolete.

  14. Hunter0500

    “Wondering what the guys on a4a think of the K MArt men;s boxers ding dong Chrismas commercial…” says Darren.

    Every time I see it, I think so what if we had women similarly dressed, making the same moves, but with their breasts for Kmart? Would that commercial ever have been shown?

  15. December17th2013

    To the user mentioning kids possibly running into inappropriate material:

    #1.) That is no one’s responsibility but the parents. You also seem to believe that real kids are like the Flanders kids from The Simpson’s; no kid is gonna be ruined or tainted by seeing XXX material or stuff of that sort. If they are, again, blame it on bad parenting.

    #2.) The only way you’re gonna find XXX stuff is if you pursue it.

    #3.) FB can’t deny a website the capacity to create a profile; that’s called discrimination and they have no grounds to outright dismiss this site just because hooking up is a primary bullet (for that matter, Facebook is a hookup site amongst young people as well).

    If a kid lacks common sense in the simplest form, they’re probably too young to be on the net to begin with or, hell, going outside for that matter.

    Anyways, on topic, the picture was most likely flagged by a troll. Case & point, a youtube user had a video up interviewing various staff of the Tomb Raider game (which was approved by them before he uploaded) at a convention. Months later, his video was flagged by a copyright claim by “Tomb Raider” (which isn’t the company that produces/publishes the game, that would be Square Enix); it’s just some troll with too much time on their hands.

  16. PinkyLeeMe

    I 100% agree with Arse’s comment… the necessity to keep things separate and not mix two things that should be kept separated. When the lines become blurred so do the end results. Kids use facebook/ Men(or any variation thereof) use A4A, hence my question as well.. why does A4A even need a FB page?

  17. Mike

    It doesnt really matter. Count yourself lucky i have so many people added as friends on there that i never talk to. It is a haven for needy people .

  18. Steve

    I understand that complaints automatically can shut down a page, once a human reviews most of the time it is not against TOS and restored. All it takes is a few nasty people to temporarily shut a webpage on FB, but days to get it back up.

  19. scottny48

    backing up a bit, why would you even choose that pic to represent “sexy”? No one gets that size without some pretty serious supplements, aka steroids, which is not sexy at all. I know a few people from the porn industry who used steroids to get “sexy” and they all suffered depression and low sex drive and decreased testosterone coming off the steroids after their bodies couldn’t handle the supplements anymore – definitely Not Sexy. I don’t know why A4A would even promote this as a way to advertise itself on Facebook in the first place. While yes this is a man to man sex site, it can be promoting all around health as well and not a pumped up supplemented possibly steroid enhanced image as something to aspire to when the consequences of that are so harsh. Maybe, ( and I know this is a stretch ) Facebook is objecting to the image for those reasons and not the reasons you assume, that it is homophobic.

  20. John

    That pic ic too sexy for Facebook?? Really?? I have naked guys jacking off and cum shots on Facebook. Some people must be jealous of his body.

  21. Brad

    All I know is that this guy and half of the others you guys post on here as “hot” are gross looking. Nobod’s body should look like a giant engorged mass of muscle blobs. The FB users probably just thought this pic was gross, which it is, and flagged it to get it off their screens. FB is not homophobic, there are tons of gay groups, pages and advertisements all over Facebook.

    I WOULD however venture to say that A4A is becomming a little homophobic, as more and more of your advertisements and profiles are about bi or “straight” guys on the DL and often are worded in such a way as makes being “Gay” unrespectable or undesireable (your last blog post even bordered this). I think you guys need to re-examine where this site is headed and cater LESS to the homophobes within our own ranks and more to REAL gay guys who are proud of being gay and steer it more towards healthy relationship driven models and not just wonton gratuitous NSA sex.

  22. Tom

    I don’t think FB is homophobed because when I look at a gay bar for instance I get ad’s all the time advertising them on my page. I also get ad’s for Pump underwear all the time that look like gay models advertising them. They are very seductive looking ads.

  23. Willie Charles

    They are not homophobes for doing what they do to most users who post something “offensive” (note the quotation marks). We as a community arent treated equal because we dont want to be equal we want special treatment. Call it homophobia when its actually honophobia and quit being the little gay boys who cried wolf everytime someone does something we dont like. Gay dudes are so dramatic even I cant stand us sometimes and im perfectly ok with being gay.

  24. Jay Esquenazi

    Hey Dave sorry to hear that, its absolutely ridiculous, why can’t ADAM4ADAM come back as a private group page and that way you don’t run into the issue of having followers complaining about the content and in other words you decide who joins it and who doesn’t I’m so sad even though my last comment on your fb page wasn’t precisely friendly your posts are part of my life and your selfies what am I going to do without you :'(:'(:'(:'( and it had to be on the worst time of the year when I get really depressed. Why why ?? :'(:'(:'( I kept thinking this morning I haven’t seen none of your posts and stupid me thinking maybe he’s getting ready for the holidays till righright now I started worrying thinking what if something bad happened to you and I almost started crying. Thank you for being there along this year with your posts and pictures and selfies, feeling miserable tonight :(((

  25. David

    There is a reason why I do not have that facecrap… I never trusted that site anyway. But people are like zombies, million of idiots check their status every 5 minutes… Life is more than just playing with your phone. A4A doesn’t need any page with them, you guys rock, keep up the good job!!

  26. SailorJayJ

    It’s not the publishers or approver the pictures don’t get reviewed. If you get reported the delete the photo anybody can report a phot for any reason it’s all automated and bs. If you ask me because if someone nuttier doesn’t like a photo it gets deleted and everything g gets flagged that’s why private groups work best and even those get filtered

  27. rano branmu

    Discrimation no protecting theirproperty yes! Remember faces a worldwide demand they need to follow international guide line otherwise their web site will be blocked from many country! Recently I travel to asian! Adam4adam is not accessable in many asian country and africa due to nudity! So if facebook doesn’t gollow international guide line! They will be strip from chinan india and many other country in asia! Imagine the magnitude of the lost! Adam4adam wellknow for nudity! So its not homophobic but protecting their turf! They have to make choice just like adam make their choice to be open and sexually explicit! U pick your route and u pay the prize!

  28. Brandon

    The problem is homophobia, but not from Facebook itself. The users of facebook, yes. (‘One Million Moms’ comes to mind…Which is funny, because that group doesn’t even have a million members. And not all of them are moms. Or even women.)

    Like any social media website, all aspects of society are going to be represented in some portion. Unfortunately, we still have to contend with the hateful and ignorant in cyberspace. Even worse, the ability to remain anonymous makes them a bit more brazen in their willful ignorance. (If you think it’s bad on facebook, have you been on Youtube lately? Some of those comments would make a skinhead blush.)

    The best we can do is just wait for moderators to review flagged content and dismiss the complaints after they find absolutely nothing profane.

    As for the whole argument about kids running into ‘inappropriate content.’:

    Maybe if parents did a better job of monitoring their own children, it wouldn’t be an issue? I agree that sometimes content can be mistakenly come across…( for example…not a tour of the president’s house. More like hardcore porn.)…but anyone with a child should be paying attention to their child’s online activity. Even if that just means getting a program like NetNanny, or a wireless router that blocks content by keyword or domain name. Or even only allows access at specific times of day for a pre-determined length of time. Or make sure that the computer being used has a monitor visible to everybody, not privately turned away.

    Just a thought.

    Don’t mind the trolls, they just have nothing better to do but piss in someone else’s cornflakes.

    (Funny coming from me, isn’t it? 😉 )



  30. frank

    facebook is used by far more the twitter,like 62 percent to38,but I see nothing wrong with this picture,looks like my next door neighbor.merry Christmas too all and to all a good night.

  31. jim

    I am being blocked by Facistbook for the second time right bnow because I dared to show a male butt!!!! Can post all the hate and violence you want, even two men being beaten to death but never a male butt. A female butt is permitted.

  32. Gayutboi

    Yes, facebook is homophobic. I have reported numerous times about hate language like “that’s so gay” and “fag”, and facebook has said it doesn’t violate their terms. It continues to allow bigots to perpetuate hate, especially where I live, causing a lot more pain to so many more people than will stand up for themselves.

    … and people wonder why the suicide rates are so high…


    I don’t think Facebook is homophobic i believe someone doesn’t like the pic and the question is what do they do about it
    is like do adam for adam promote racist comment on their website by doing nothing but still let people but comment on their own what do they do nothing so i believe is is wrong for adam to put about Facebook when their website aloud so many thing but is always easy to see what other do than too look for themselves right ?

  34. Shilo

    Facebook is ABSOLUTELY Homophobic. I run a gay nerds page and there are cosplayers who will dress in risque male superhero attire. We are constantly reported on these. But women in risque attire, superhero or other, are never reported. And if they are the Facebook powers that be ignore the reports.

    But if there’s a guy in a speedo all bets are off.

    It’s exceedingly unfair and only goes to show that systematic oppression of LGBT culture and sexuality permeate even the most basic of social media.

  35. mfd

    typical gay reaction: something happens that you don’t agree with, start screaming “homophobic!” quit creating something out of nothing.

  36. John...

    This sounds like just another case of popular semantic rationality for the sake of having something LGBT+ related to bitch about.

    Facebook has plenty of gay groups etc., on the site, with lots of photos more revealing than this. If someone is reporting posts on your Facebook page it’s more than likely some jealous queens with multiple Facebook ID’s doing it.

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