orasm war

Watch This : Orgasm Wars!

orasm war

Japan is getting pretty open minded. They have a TV show that is definitely not suitable for work!

It is called Orgasm Wars. The concept : A gay man has 40 minutes to give a straight porn star a BJ and make him cum!

In this video below Takuya, a gay bar owner, has 40 minutes to make hetero porn star Ryou Sawai cum. Of course the actual BJ scene is covered by conspicuous boxes and curtains, but you see everything else! There are even people watching and even judges….

So forget American Idol, this right there is the future of reality TV! LOL


(see the clip below)

Poko x Tate – Orgasm wars: AV actor Sawai VS… par jimakutv

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  1. biisibi

    I definitely wouldn’t have been able to cum with him. I don’t care about an audience, that would be hot…
    I wouldn’t need the box. Just a better looking dude. Not even so much a matter of weight – he just wasn’t even good looking. lol

  2. rj

    That is the funniest fricken thing. I love it. We should have a streaming option of the same show. I’ve already picked the players…..

  3. Dart an yun!

    It has nothing to do with the look of the guy but everything to do with his mouth and technique! I got sucked by an obese guy years ago in New Mexico that could make me cum in a heartbeat because of his technique!! Gawd, do I miss him in Atlanta!!

  4. Jay-Jay70

    Funny times two!!! It was clear he was going to cum by the statement that this guy was better than some women. So if he can cum with a female with less skills, it’s a given he would cum with this guy. He didn’t believe he would cum based on the guy’s appearence, but in the end, appearence didn’t matter much. The “feeling” superceded all those factors. Very entertaining!!!

  5. Tim

    Is this on every week? Some lesbo too? Hot chick, ugly dude eating her out? Cause gross gay guys isn’t all that interesting more than once

  6. AJ

    It’s a fake video. There’s really no such show in Japan. It’s all from some Japanese comedy show. (Source: my Japanese brother-in-law)

  7. Hunter0500

    “Takuya, a gay bar owner, has 40 minutes to make hetero porn star Ryou Sawai cum.”

    It’s a good bet that the Hetero Police have now revoked Ryou Sawai’s hetero card. He can apply for a Bi Card, of course.

  8. stephen

    looks like a joke, but what a great concept…i’d go on their in a heartbeat. i’ve been trying to find something like this…

  9. voyeur_noire

    I didn’t see the clip (yet) but the concept is disturbing to me and I’m a voyeur! Why gay on Str8? Why not gay on gay or girl on Str8? I’m not even clear as to why is this considered entertainment or a spectator sport. I think this(show) concept has more to do with demonizing gays as perverts or sexual deviants who are lusting after str8 guys than demostrationg how “Open minded” Japan is regarding Homoexuality. We know in reality Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) persons in Japan face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT persons. for eample, Same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are ineligible for the legal protections available to opposite-sex couples. Japanese Civil Code restrict marriage to opposite-sex unions. Same-sex couples are not able to marry, and same-sex couples are not granted rights derived from marriage. Also same-sex marriages performed abroad are not legally recognized in Japan and bi-national same-sex couples cannot obtain a visa for the foreign partner based on their relationship. I know I didn’t need to go there, but instead of making gays a joke, Japan can better spend her time homosocializing her nation and treating all her citizens with more respect & deserved dignity (ok I’m done….& down from the soap box).

  10. nico

    FAKE FAKE FAKE! This is the fakest thing on since the Kardashians or anything on the Disney Channel! The mere idea of such a show would NEVER make it on ANY kind of tv. The way society is these days, NEVER! Plus, it wouldn’t benefit anyone especially if you have women watching which is GROSS! The idea of mainstream folks watching this is revolting. It would be ok it gay men would be the ONLY audience but you can tell its all fake comedy stuff for shits and giggles

  11. Steve

    The first clue this was a comedy sketch — albeit a startlingly risque one — was that the *obese* guy owned a bar named “Cholesterol.”

  12. Jay-Jay70

    A lot of people remarking on the gay guys appearance. I recalled a profile I recently read inwhich the poster stated the following: “Black Tops have the Best dick. White Bottoms have the Best ass, and UGLY dudes have the Best Head”. Thought that was funny, but if true, it may explain why he could make the straight guy cum…LOL…LOL…

  13. cabokid

    Yo voyer noire chill out it was a joke/skit who the fuck cares it was funny and us Americans got it obviously you just need to find a sense of humor the concept was great and the shit was hilarious and it doesn’t demonize gays at all. And further more theres still Manu placed in the states that face legel issues two on that subject so stop being racist against the Japanese

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