Stories : Tennis, Tequila and Tans

We finally got the fearless foursome packed in my, hand-me-down, Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer heading four hours east to Nags Head, N.C.  My tennis partner and German language classmate had decided months earlier that our Spring Break would be an all-male trip to his parents beach house where we could play tennis, get tanked on Quervo tequila shots and lounge around without any rules or regulations.  Jimmy “Konnichiwa” Jones was a native New Yorker who was mixed, African-American and Japanese, a bit spoiled by his father’s wealth as an investment banker, but so handsome that even straight guys could not keep their eyes off him.  We met our freshman year on the tennis courts at U.N.C. – Gay (Greensboro) and became fast friends.  Our tennis skills were equally matched which made for a fierce three setter.  That’s all we had time for since I was the BFA acting major always cast in shows which kept me busy at rehearsals.

Our other buddies on this trip where just as crazy as we were.  Another native New Yorker from Westchester County was a “vafangool” Italian with deep set brown eyes that loved to curse you out in his native tongue.  So, Glen’s favorite phrase became his nickname which meant fuck you (vafangool).  He was the pasta Godfather and kept us fat and happy with his red sauce and homemade Ravi’s.  Finally, the lumbering beast of our group was Carrot.  He was from Cincinnati with bright red hair and Irish green eyes weighing in at 195 pounds, which you could not miss anywhere on campus, since he was 6’7” tall and clumsy no matter how hard he tried to make basketball his saving grace.  My nickname was “New” short for Newman, as in Paul the famous actor.  The only thing I had close to him were these bright blue eyes which sparkled under the stage lights unless they were reddened by the heavy amount of weed we smoked during our college years that spanned from the late seventies to the mid-eighties for some of us who enjoyed partying much  more than we did studying.

The outer banks of North Carolina were not ready for as “outer” as we were going to make them while partying for most of the week.  Our university used to be an all-girls teachers college before it opened the doors to men in the late 60’s.  A liberal arts school with a great theatre department and avant-garde art college where the men, more often than not, loved other men instead of all the soon-to-be school Marms was the best way to describe U.N.C. – Gay (Greensboro).  I was openly out and Konnichiwa was not too far behind me as bisexual.  Truth be known, he liked anyone who would buy him nice things and would have sex with them no matter what their gender.  And he got lots of sex because he was so damn hot.  Those brown Asian eyes and dark black hair with just the right amount of curl on top of a golden brown skin-toned body which highlighted his bright, white smile won him the most handsome on campus award.  He melted many a heart who longed to keep him all to their own, but he was not having that.  His horny cock had dipped into the smorgasbord of guy and gal choices telling me stories of leaving one dorm room and heading cross campus to another punching out a tight asshole after the girl’s pussy had not allowed him to drive it home deep enough like the gay guy’s hole did in Strong Dorm.  A reputation which preceded him as having a gorgeously grand piece of meat swinging between his legs was obvious to me as I had watch it bounce heavily in his tennis shorts many times.

“Wake up, you guys are missing out on Rocky Mountain,” I shouted and bounced in the driver seat to rock my ride.

“Vafangool, you idiot I was having a hot dream.  Look at my shorts tented like it was an early morning hard-on,” Glen hollered from the back seat.

“Is that all you working with,” joked Konni?

To my surprise Carrot reached over and grabbed Glen’s tent pole and said, “It’s skinny, but long enough to plow most holes around this sleepy little redneck town.”

“Who got next? We might near half way there and I figurin’ to take a nap now,” as I gave them my best blend of rural and urban accents.

“I like to drive.  Let’s stop take a piss break and find something to eat,” Carrot commanded.

“I got your tube steak right here all hot of the grill,” Fangool laughed as he pulled down his basketball shorts showing off his spicy sausage.

“Shit that won’t begin to feel me up,” Carrot blasted back.

I swerved into a McDonald’s parking lot just as Konnichiwa pulled up his shorts pant leg and said, “I got your Big Mac, right here, Carrot top. No need to hit the drive-through.”

Damn, that Mac Daddy was fat and long.  Not even fully erect yet.  I started drooling about more than just what Ronald McDonald could offer me.  I think all our dicks were getting aroused as we tried to move from the Explorer to order food from this small town grease pit.  Carrot and Glen went straight to take a piss.  I followed behind Jimmie dreaming about his tennis legs and full ass chasing me around the court naked and free.  Hoped we could all play doubles in at least just our jock straps, since we had taught Glen and Carrot how to handle our hard hitting serves.  Konni had promised me that his folk’s beach house was all that and a bag of chips.  It had a private pool in front of the house that looked onto the sandy beach and one tennis/basketball court on the side between the next big vacation house which both properties shared between them.  He promised that the neighbors who were beside us never played tennis.  So, I was very hopeful we could get as naked as we liked the whole week we were spring breaking it.

We wolfed down some burgers and fries, refilled our drinks, hitting the road again after reshuffling our seating arrangement.  Jimmie and I moved to the back seat while Carrot prepared to take the wheel.  Glen retrieved from deep in his backpack a baggie of nice big, pre-rolled joints and lit one up.  Red was the only nonsmoker in the group so it was a good thing he was driving the last leg of our journey.  Konni took a hit and blew me a shotgun which made my dick jump again being so close to his perfectly shaped lips.  The boys from New York lit up another joint and I started dozing off to sleep listening to them jabber on about what they loved most about the city that never sleeps.  I don’t know how long sleep had taken hold of me, but suddenly I felt an elbow poking me in my ribs as Konnichiwa needed to show me something important.

Rolling my eyes around from the side of the window, I realized we had made it on Hwy 64 quite a ways.  The skinny Pine trees were rising up from the marshy waters as we got closer to our destination.  Konni grabbed me and pointed to the front seat where I heard this wet slobbering sound coming from Carrot’s seat that was in front of me.  Realizing I did not see Glen’s head right off after I cleared the sleep from my eyes, it took leaning between the two front seats to see Fangool’s premature balding head bouncing up and down off of Red’s amazingly long dick.  Our beast of a man had both hands on the wheels trying to keep my Explorer on the narrow road while having his hard cock sucked deep down Glen’s throat.  His red curly pubes were soaked wet and stuck to his thick dick at the base.  I don’t know why I was surprised, but it made obvious sense, that our 6’7” Carrot top would have a good 10 inches to push into a hot hungry big-mouthed New Yorker.  Jimmie and I laughed when our heads bumped both trying to get a better view.

“Glen you are a pig.  Wasn’t that Big Mac enough for you?”

He barely stopped long enough to mumble, “Shut up and Bogart that fat joint beside you, New.”

Konni reached over to the backseat ashtray retrieving the fat end of the second joint they had smoked and lit it.  Taking a deep hit he placed the hot end in his mouth grabbed my head and blew me a shot gun streaming pot smoke that seemed to be endless.  I filled my lungs of steel full and struggled not to cough out the mind relaxing cannabis.  Jimmie never wasted pot so he just ate the small roach and jokingly licked his fingers as if he had just finished off his favorite, spicy chicken wings.  Then to my delight he pushed his long middle finger into my mouth for me to suck.  He had long, fat fingers which mirrored what was hanging between his legs.

Before we got deep into some heavy kissing, slurping, and sucking I asked Carrot if he was okay to drive without plunging us to our death into the piney marshlands on both sides of the road.  He grunted out, “I got this, New, my old girlfriend used to blow me all the time when I drove around Cinci after dark.  Fangool is a great cocksucker and I’m about to feed him every last drop of my jizz!”

Konnichiwa pushed me back into our seat and told me stop worrying like an old mother hen.  He wrestled on top of me sticking his tongue deep into my mouth.  Kissing always got me going, so my hands searched his chest pinching his nipples sharply.  He sucked my lower lip into his mouth making it feel like he could bruise it with his powerful lips.  I guess our tennis court challenges which could get quite brutal had forced us into this tough sexual play.  His hands slid behind my back down to my ass cheeks and he was pulling them apart rough like I was one of his slutty bitches.  Realizing I was in for the ride of my life, no stopping us now, even if the land ended and we just fucked our way out deep into the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s amazing how to grown young men can maneuver there horny bodies in the backseat of a packed to the rims SUV.  Before my reddened blue eyes could see clearly, Konni had my shorts and boxers down at my feet.  He pushed my legs up knees against the back of our seat and was tonguing my asshole like it was his favorite dish.  This sent me into overdrive as I grabbed his curly locks and pushed his head further between my cheeks.  Suddenly, I looked up and saw Carrot watching us in the rearview.  He swerved the Explorer a bit as a joke which caused our bodies to tumble around from Jimmie eating my ass to him forcing his fat dick into my mouth.  I had never sucked as big a cock as this one and Konni knew it.  He was not about the sucking right now, instead he just choked me deep by shoving his long dick down my throat so I would gag and get it slobbery wet.  Lube is what he needed and I gave it to him with my spit dripping off his mammoth piece.

Glen had stopped sucking to watch Konni’s ass between the front seats while he fingered my hole to open me up a bit.  Fangool was so into it that he smacked Jimmies ass loud.

“You better get back to sucking Top off before my fist lands one upside your head.  Nobody beats my ass like a slave, cocksucker!”  Believe it or not those were the only mean words spoken between us the whole rest of our trip.  I guess Konni had to set the record straight before he fucked me royally.  My next move was to have him kiss me deep while I tried to relax my hole.  He winked at me to let me know everything was okay.  Jimmie’s dick was beautiful.  Cut with golden brown color that got darker at the rim where he had been circumcised.  Its head was not as fat as the rest of his 11 inches, so when he forced it into me I didn’t feel as tight as I would, soon enough.  Glen had gone back to sucking Carrot’s dick and all that slurping sound was really turning me on.  Konni took his time working the head of his dick in and out of my hole making it pop.  The sounds of sex in my ride were better than any 80’s song out ride now, even my favorite group, Tears for Fears, smooth renditions.

Konni began pushing in deep spreading me wider as Carrot watched in the rearview about ready to explode.  I moved my ass around like the two black tuxedoed dancers in the “Everybody wants to Rule the World” video.  Jimmie knew how to fuck my hole with long deep strokes then sudden fast head-popping out jabs.  When he slowed down a bit, I reached around his chest and hugged him tight.  He was in no hurry to cum. I was glad of that as my ass began to form fit to his big cock, just as equal as we were on the tennis courts.  I closed my eyes and saw the Tears for Fears video again.  It was me riding the three-wheeler on the sand dunes and with each deep stroke Konni hit my most sensitive inner spot.  I knew he could make me cum without having to jerk my dick.  So, pulling my legs back knees touching the seat, I let him fuck me for as long and hard as he wanted.  Sometimes ruling the world is more about letting someone else rule over you taking all the control from your grasp.  I was relinquishing it all to my tennis partner, friend and now, fuck buddy, just enjoying the ride without worrying about the week ahead.

David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461   (Check back soon to see what the fearless foursome get into during their Spring Break.)

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  1. Jared

    Lots of promise, but I had a hard time following the action. Too many adjectives and crazy-confusing descriptions. Felt like I was trying to interpret some sort of slang language – I tried to stay hard, but the lack of focus was a buzz kill. And did any of them actually cum? But all four of those boys sound hot as hell.

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