Stories : Tennis, Tequila and Tans (Part 2)

Carrot’s foot hit the gas suddenly and his loud moans motivated Konni to fuck me harder smacking his balls against my ass.  We could hear Glen swallowing the tall redhead’s cum almost choking on his huge load.  I looked out the window as the pine trees started falling away and the swamp marsh had turned into the Sound.  We were very close to Nag’s Head on the final long bridge that would put us as far out on the outer banks as we could go.  Jimmie’s long dick firm, thick, and rigid had worked me into one of those orgasms that just dribbled out with each deep stroke.  I found myself hollering with pleasure as Glen was laughing at me shouting to Konni, “Fuck that blue-eyed country boy, good, and let him know whose boss.”

My pleasure went to a deep guttural laugh at what Fangool had just said.  Konni must have liked what that made his dick feel because he stopped stroking just holding onto my ass cheeks close to the base of his cock.   Cum had pooled inside my belly button like those seaside gully’s that could trap jellyfish almost the same consistency.  Jimmie took his fat middle finger and swirled it around in my belly coating it with my jizz.  He forced me to suck it off his finger and I continued to suck like a baby as he started plowing my insides, long-stroking me with all his big ass power. His eyes closed as he grunted with his raspy voice, “Fuck I’m shooting my load deep inside you.  Damn, feels so fucking gooood!”

He collapsed on me for a long minute catching his breath.  Carrot interrupted our post-orgasmic intimacy by slamming on the breaks and shouting we are in Nags Head.  “Do I turn left or right or just drive this old Explorer right into the deep blue sea?”

Konni moved me on my side leaving his softening dick still inside me, so he could see and give directions to the beach house, “Turn left and head towards Kitty Hawk.  It’s in a new development at the northern most section of Nags Head very close to where we are going to hang glide off the huge dunes later this week.”

Beach houses have cute names like “Seagull’s Nest” or “The Blues Fish”, but Konni said his Dad had bought the “Northernmost Nag”.  Glen immediately joked that it’s the perfect place for me to stay.  I just barked back I got your Nag right here grabbing my soft dick.  Konni pushed his semi-soft dick deeper inside me not ready to remove his big bad piece from my hot hole.  I know now why the girls love for him to fuck them because he must be one of those guys who can cum, rest a minute, and start fucking a wet pussy making it cum multiple times, all night long.  But we had just pulled into the driveway and it was time to unload, eat, drink and go skinny dipping in the private pool.  I was ready for some chlorinated water to tighten up my hole like it had never handled his huge dick.

We toured the mammoth three story beach house complete with a game room on the bottom level that had a pool and ping pong table along with a well-stocked bar.  The house was built on huge stilted beams to allow for any hurricane flooding to just wash threw the garage level without causing the house to collapse.  Konni said it was the new construction which eliminated what those low, one-level, cottages often endured during a bad storm- a complete wipeout.  While in the game room we did a shot of tequila like real men with no lime or salt.  Jimmie told Glen and Carrot that there are two bedrooms on the second level each with their own bath.  He grabbed my arm as I was dragging my suitcase up the stairs and said you and I are on the top level.  The third floor had the kitchen and living room with sliding glass doors out to a balcony that overlooked the pool and a gorgeous view of the ocean.  It was sort of split level.  Toward the back of the kitchen was a spiral staircase that led up to a grand master bedroom with a huge bath.  This is where Konnichiwa instructed me to stay with him in his parent’s king-sized bed.  I accepted without any hesitation.

I dropped my bag on the hard wood floor, went to the bathroom to take a leak and grabbed a big fluffy beach towel.  Stripped naked then descended the spiral stairs like the Queen of the manor; I had wrapped the towel around my head and flipped it back like my sister’s did trying to keep their long, wet hair out of the way.  Carrot and Fangool cracked up when they saw me make my entrance into the kitchen, bowing before me saying its Queen Nag’s of Head in all her glory.  I spoke royally and said, “Bring that big bowl of fruit, bag of chips, fetch the tequila bottle from the bar boys and follow me to the pool.”

Somehow, Konni beat us all to the pool by sneaking down the secret back staircase off the master bedroom and had turned on the Jacuzzi to heat it up.  He was naked with just a towel that he had dipped the tip of in the pool water and was hiding out for me.  As soon as my feet hit the pool deck he jumped out and towel popped my bare ass making me scream like a big pansy.  Glen and Carrot advanced and pushed both of us in the pool.  I hollered again because the water had not warmed up yet from the winter cold and was frigid.  Konni kept dunking me in the ice cold water until I reached back and grabbed his dick squeezing it hard.  He demanded that I let go of his cock or be banished to sleeping on the pool table in the game room.  Sliding from his grasp, I pushed myself up out of the cold pool water trying to escape this torture.  My ass was right in his face so he bit the left cheek hard leaving a mark.  I turned around and grabbed his curly hair as he pulled me back in the pool shouting, “You were the one who wanted to skinny dip so have at it!”

Once the Jacuzzi had heated up, the fearless foursome filled it with legs tangled and brushing up against each other teasing us even more.  We smacked down on fruit, a whole bag of Doritos, and did shots of Quervo like Roman soldiers in a bath house.  Glen lit up another joint and passed it around to work out any other stressors.  It dawned on me after watching Konni blow Glen a shotgun, that poor Fangool was the only one of us who had not got to cum.  Carrot was to warm and would move back and forth from the cold pool water to the Jacuzzi showing off his tall physique and red pubic growth around a nice long dick.  Being the instigator and Queen of the house, I slid in between Konni and Glen starting to jerk two dicks at the same time.  Just as youth assured they both got hard immediately.  I told Konni not to be greedy since there was plenty of my muscular, tennis playing, ass to go around.

Carrot got out of the pool and said, “Look swinging between those two beams.  Is that a hammock?”

Konni and Glen both read his mind by looking into those green greedy eyes that were glistening with lust again.  They pulled me out of the Jacuzzi and carried me over to the hammock placing me on my back with my ass hanging over the side.  Carrot went back to the bar and found a sweeter bottle of Amaretto while Glen knelt down and started licking my asshole like a mad man.  Konni took a swig of the sweet almond liqueur and then poured some right on my hole for Glen to lap up.  My head started to float high as a surfboarding, hang glider, jumping the big waves on the beach.  And I was just as willing to allow my buddies to have their way with me like the powerful ocean winds.  Glen rose up, spit on his eight inches, and entered me without any problem.  Carrot and Konni were at my head slapping their hard dicks against my cheeks as if saying, “no rest for the queery.”

I just turned my head from side to side sucking like a newborn baby hungry and feeding off both tits.  One was long skinny and I nursed it deep into my throat while Carrot enjoyed face fucking me hard with his reddish stick.  The other was fat and long, so had to open my mouth wider, letting Konni milk it into my mouth as if he were trying to pump out the clear, sweet pre-cum.  Glen was quite turned on from all the earlier activity so he grabbed the hammock and told the other two to step away.  He remained still and pulled the swinging hammock back and forth on his dick till it was rocking wildly.  Without any warning, he pulled out, jumped up and shot his big load all over my face.  Gathering the creamy jizz with his fingers he let me suckle his seed from the tips of his pot-smoke-stained forefinger and thumb.  What a great combination of flavors.

Now it was Carrot’s turn to work the hammock with my wet ass opening to take his ten inches.  He felt almost as good as Konni had earlier.  His red hair with those magical green eyes kept me hot.  The skin on his chest was smooth and pale white except for just a few wisps of red hair around his hard nipples.  Being so tall, he was able to keep fucking me deep while leaning in and allowing me to suck each sensitive nipple.  You really find out what does it for a man when you’re free to fuck without any inhibitions.  He kept telling me to bite his nipples hard and each time I did he would just growl loudly sticking his dick deeper inside my hot hole.  This Irishman was a wild fuck, which surprised me totally, because he was so clumsy and shy around campus.   Making my head spin, he flipped me over on my stomach, ass high, and was bent at his knees plowing into me with all his 195 pounds.  Konni looked at me as if to say this won’t last long and moved around so he could kiss me deeply.  He knew how much passionate kissing kept me in the groove for whatever was to come.  And boy did Carrot cum.  He pulled out his long dick completely and stroked off a second load all over my asshole.  Once he caught his breath he told Glen to get down here and clean both of us up.  He did that by mixing a swig of Amaretto around in his mouth before licking Carrot’s dick clean and lapping up the cum from my hole.

Glen stood up and said, “Let’s leave these love birds alone.  Carrot we have some pasta and red sauce to cook and I’m sure smells of garlic bread will bring these two whores back inside to eat.”

They turned and went back up the balcony stairs and Carrot hollered down suggesting, “Don’t pound the Queen to hard this time because we have a whole week ahead of us and we don’t want that hole worn out on the first night.”

Konni surprised me with his sensitivity.  He carried me from the hammock back to the Jacuzzi and placed me in front of him, so I could just lean back in his arms and rest.  The jetted hot water soothed us and for the first time I was able to smell the ocean breezes as dusk was beginning to exchange the blazing red sun with a more romantic full moon.  I really felt so lucky, almost as happy as the first time I had beat Jimmie in straight sets.  We started kissing deeply again and both of our dicks rose to meet the occasion.  He began stroking my cock under the water and I just laid my head back on his chest to enjoy his fat fingers massaging me right under the head of my dick.  Jimmie knew where the intense pleasure centers were and he gave me the most fantastic hand job I’ve ever experienced.  Bringing me close, then stopping, tickling my balls a while and then jerking hard with such intensity I thought my skin would slide of my body.

Konni enjoyed this game for what seemed like an eternity.  When he could tell I was so very close to losing my load, he pushed me up out of the warm water and turned me around to face him.  My dick was pointing out and up ready for release.  I guess he wanted a taste.  Wrapping his full lips around my dick head he slowly sucked increasing the pressure until he had me deep inside his throat.  He looked up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and winked his right one.  Then he clamped down sucking me hard till I was moaning again using his strong jaw muscles to milk me dry.  He drank every drop of my load and teased me more by licking my head at its most sensitive post-ejaculation tipping point.

“Damn, Jimmie, that was fucking incredible.  All this water and activity has my stomach growling for some real food.  Do you think Glen has our feast ready yet?”

“I don’t smell garlic vapors sent out and over the balcony door yet, do you?”

Without allowing me to answer that question he asked me something sort of odd, “New, I need you to do something for me.  I am definitely not a bottom boy, but lately, after watching you get your ass eaten out, I need some of that,”  before I could shake my head in agreement he turned around and leaned over the side of the Jacuzzi with his fine ass in my face.  It was one of those primo buttocks that were shaped like an hourglass.  His waist was no more than 32 inches with hips that were indented on both sides that allowed me to grab onto his ass-cheeks spreading them open wide to see his pink tight hole.  I buried my head between his two big mounds and started licking fiercely that puckered, virgin opening.  This was the best tasting appetizer I had ever experienced.

After feasting for a while making his hole very slippery wet, I thought Konni should at least get some finger action.  I sucked on my middle finger and placed my other hand on his lower back massaging it a bit.  Speaking to him in almost a whisper I said, “Relax your ass muscles ‘cause I’m going to finger your tight hole.”

It was nice for him to trust me as he took his hands and pulled his ass cheeks wider for me to get easy access.  I slowly pushed my forefinger in first.  Damn he was tight.  Moving it in and out slowly, he started to enjoy being fucked by my finger.  I leaned over and spit more lube on his crack and then pushed my middle finger inside of him.  He took to this like a soon-to be-bottom boy just afraid to give up the booty.  I gradually went deeper stroking his prostate and he reached around trying to jerk on his big dick.  We stopped for a moment and changed positions.  Konni laid on his back with his gorgeous legs propped on my shoulders.  I kissed on them and started fingering him again with intense pressure.  His fat hand was jerking that huge cock hard and fast.  We kept this up for only about five more minutes when Jimmie started to pant.  It was time for him to release his hot cum into the cool night air.  Keeping the finger pressure on his sensitive spot, I leaned over and took the head of his dick in between my lips sucking hard.  He let out a low growl as he jerked his jizz into my greedy mouth.

Suddenly, I had this eerie feeling that eyes were watching us.  Looking up onto the balcony, I just thought Fangool and Carrot had watched our final act of the evening.  They were nowhere in sight.  Cooking still perhaps or setting the table or opening the wine, I hoped, because my stomach needed some pasta, with red sauce and Italian sausage to fill me up.  Then I wanted all of us to take a long late night walk on the beach before bedtime.  My instincts just felt like somebody or somebodies had been secretly watching the hot finger fucking, ass eating, dick jerking, cum swallowing sex we had just finished.  Maybe Poseidon, God of the Sea, was getting off taking in all of our youthful frolicking.  And He wanted us to join him sooner than later.

End of Part 2


David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461   (Check back next week for the final chapter of Tennis, Tequila and Tans.  Find out who was watching Konni and New.)


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  1. goldenloverinmym

    very hot story,i been 2 the area nags head and stayed in a smaller beach house with a group of str8 friends and we got sum pussy that was long b 4 I started suckin dick would love 2 join these 4 for a week of hot hard man fun….Dean

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