Hugh Jackman shows off huge biceps while out in NYC

Stories : Hugh Jackman Was In Montreal…

Hugh Jackman shows off huge biceps while out in NYC

(Here is a story that my neighbour told me, I don’t know if it’s true or a fantasy in his head…you decide! :))


So, few weeks ago, Hugh Jackman was in Montreal for X-Men…

So I connected on my app as I usually do at night when I’m horny. I got this message from a cute guy visiting Montreal. He was from the U.S.A. So we chat a bit, he asked me questions and I did the same. There was a big connection, we liked each other and after 15 minutes of chat, I decided to get to his hotel in old Montreal.

When I got there, I liked him even more in person. In the elevator he tells me “Dude, I got you here for a client, we won’t have sex together!” 

I’m like “WTF, I don’t fuck with prostitutes or escorts sorry!”

He is like ” Calm down dude, you will love him and we are not paying you”.

I was so fucked up, wondering what was going on and became a bit scared. I was at least happy that I was not in a private house but in a luxury hotel, so if anything would happen, I could scream like a little girl and eventually get help.

So we get to the room and guess who is bare chest wearing his undies, ready to get serviced? Yes, him, Mister Jackman himself!!!!


So the assistant left and my knees were shaking… We talked a bit and then he just asked me if I wanted to suck his dick!

“Of course I will suck your dick” I answered!

So I got on my knees and sucked his nicely sized dick, perfectly trimmed, and ended up swallowing his spunk.

It was pretty intense thinking that I was sucking Hugh, I mean c’mon! lolll It’s crazy right?!



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  1. Matthew

    oh come on you are going to tell me that Hugh Jackman’s personal assistant contacted someone on a hook up site just to get someone to come suck Hugh off??? No way this is real!

  2. Exhibit

    Why do u feel the need to propagate lies?
    Just like the average gay man, u enjoy the thought of every famous man on the planet being gay. SMH!

  3. Nekked

    Shame on whoever let loose the story, true or not. Loose lips sink ships and there are few things worse, in my opinion, than someone that kisses and tells when they should take the experience to their grave.

  4. Xavier

    UM…could be true. I heard a similar story that happened in NYC. I’ve always been curious just how him and The Rock are such close buddies too.

  5. Spencer

    I agree with Nekked, shame on your neighbor and more so even on you for publicizing such things. Obviously some discretion was requested… If you can’t respect that I can’t respect you.

  6. Ty

    Obviously this story is bullshit. But even as a ”fantasy” it’s boring and stupid as fuck.

    And, i hope one day we can get past this married man shit. A lot of gay guys seem to find it ok having sex with a married man whether it’s a guy or girl he’s married too.

    I heard of some nasty fuckers even having sex on their kids beds… and you as gay men who have fought for marriage find this acceptable? smh…

    • blog

      Ty: Just don’t believe it dude…it’s ok.
      And u think that married men are always 100% straight? Wake up! I had sex with married men in the past.

  7. Cravenmoorhead

    I kinda thought this blog was a bit Fucked up the other day when it was posted originally and glad you took it down to repost it and actually saying (Here is a story that my neighbour told me, I don’t know if it’s true or a fantasy in his head…you decide! 🙂 )I’m all for a good Story butt for some reason I believe you. Everybody if you are a Fan of Hugh Jackman WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! it’s called (Movie 43) His Character Has Balls on his Chin and it is just a Crazy Fucked up Great Movie. You will be laughing and grossed out at the same time.

    • blog

      I know James, but the guy didn’t say ” Hey, will you suck the cock of my client he is from Australia and he is Mister Jackman”

  8. Charlie

    We know he likes to get head so he has been a fantasy in my head many times. Good enough for your neighbor Dave, as long as he believes it I am sure he will shoot many a load reliving that night.

  9. randy o

    Tbh that’s not cool I mean what if dude didn’t want people to know that’s why most celebritie. Are fucked up anyways cause of crap like this if its true shame on you for telling everyone if its not than get a new story bro

  10. G90814

    Definitely fantasy, but not so well written. Not really worthy of a blog post, tho I like the pic of Hugh. He’s getting a bit too ripped I’d say.

  11. Ty

    You can’t have all these posts about ”gay marriage” support. Then turn around and make blog posts with fantasies about married men. And now you very excitedly put up this blog with Jackman a married man and think it’s ”oh so hot”

    You can’t stand for one thing… then turn around and do the exact opposite of what you’re standing up for.

    the fact gay men think it’s ”hot” to bed a married man gay or straight is quite disturbing, saddening, and very telling.

    Like Ice Cube said check yo self before you wreck yo self.

  12. jay

    i am going to just stop replying to nonsense on this blog, every time i post something u take it down, i dont believe this is true, but i guess it fulfills a fantasy….someones….

  13. TittiCaCa

    It’s one thing to have an encounter with someone whether it’s true or not. Then to go to a public forum and discuss it is just plain rude. Please be respectful of parties involved and delete this smear campaign. It makes our community look desperate and pathetic for attention. Not the agenda we should aim for.

  14. Enzo

    Not sure why everyone is getting upset about this: Maybe it’s a fun fantasy story and maybe it’s the truth. Every gay hooker here in LA swears Will Smith has sex with men, and why not? It’s a fun read either way.

  15. J

    I’m from NY (attending grad school in Ohio); while in NYC, I had lunch one time at a midtown restaurant on a Labor Day weekend. It was very quiet in Manhattan.

    While having lunch with my friend, I excuse myself to use the men’s room.

    While using the urinal, a hot guy walks in w/ a baseball cap. He stood there a little too long next to me trying to start a stream in the urinal. I looked in the corner of my eye and this guy had the meanest erection I had ever seen (mind you….he smelled of alcohol….probably had too much to drink at the bar). He shakes his cock and cracks a smile at me and turns slightly and draws closer. He’s inviting me to suck his enormous cock. I did. About 10 minutes went by….we were undisturbed.

    While washing our hands (after the deed), I was cleaning my face (yes, he exploded over my eyes, nose and cheek), he happens to drop his wallet.

    I pick it up gathering the few cards that fell out…including his driver’s license (from Tennessee).

    Let’s just put it this way. He’s a very famous and hot musician.

  16. sjohnson

    marriage for gay men!! HA…just as bad as so-called “st8” men being married to woman—all out to get what they can get while CHEATING…hope they all get CAUGHT with a dick in their mouths.

  17. Mark

    I remember a pic I saw online a few years ago. It was Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, and Andy Cohen (from Bravo) all laughs and smiles in the surf in Fire Island. I though it was cool that Hugh and Daniel were such gay friendly straight married guys.

  18. Mitch

    Most likely this was probably Hugh Jackmans doppelgänger. The chance if it actually being him is slim. The guy may have though it was him and the guy may have known he locked like jackman and wanted to propagate a fantasy. I have no doubt that in the heat if the moment and rushing endorphins he may have truly thought it was Huge Jackson but I doubt it was the genuine article.

    I don’t know way as gay men we have to just assume that every actor either sucks dick or takes it up the ass. Yes there have been those that do but not all. I know we fantasize about bedding a hit actor but for most if use that us were that will stay in our dreams.

  19. Derbeste

    Let’s play complete fantasy devil’s advocate and say that every word of this is true…. SO WHAT?? Hugh clearly goes to great lengths to keep his sex life private if that is the case. This is no better than TMZ or any other sleeze flinger who thinks that because someone is in the public eye, they have no right to privacy. This “anonymous” (mmmhmmm) is either a lier or a creep. Next.

  20. ricky

    These blog and stories get so bizarre.. I would rather hear of the blogger ( who else but Dave) tell us HIS stories of all the married men cock he suck every week! LOL Cocksucker!! HOT!

  21. cravenmoorhead

    I’m going to talk some shit. What the Fuck is up with all those Veins in his arms? that is so Gross. What causes that?

  22. Native NYker

    there are no lengths to how far folks will go to make up shit. we would all like to blow Hugh… & quite likely we would all swallow! that’s a given.

    but cut the rest of us fags a damn break with the wishful thinking, projecting day-dreaming, wanna-make-him a friend of Dorothy nonsense!

  23. matt

    Enzo: this is so sad- just like all the lonely insecure guys who hide behind fake profiles. it’s obviously fake. why so many gay men can’t accept their reality is truly sad. it’s why we read about the increasing number of gay kids committing suicide- they can’t accept the reality of who they are. creating fake stories like this just to feel better about themselves only removes someone farther from the truth. accept your reality and live life.

  24. Rick-Chicago

    I can see how this could be true or its like the one guy said that it was someone who looked like him because years ago I encountered a guy at a luxury hotel here in downtown Chicago that looked an awful lot like the director James Cameron, I did suck this guys cock but I don’t know if it really was him or some guy that had the same color hair and generally similar facial features, at any rate it’s a hot fantasy for me.

  25. Huskysucker

    This was NOT a good blog posting…. True or (most likely not) you should have left the name out…. Kind of disappointed in you….

  26. Hunter0500

    Hugh Jockman is a gentleman and a great human being who is understood to be straight. Fantasizing over him is disrespectful. Gays whine and cry that they deserve to be respcted for who they are and then go to great lengths to not respect others’sexuality.

    For fantasy porn to work well, it has to be believable. This fantasy porn fizzled. A star of Jockman’s caliber would never put his public image on the line for blow job from a random guy off a website. Hey, maybe Jockman, like so many supposedly straight guys, is gay. Maybe someday he’ll decide to make that public. Until then, he’s a straight guy and is not jack off material.

  27. Mike

    It’s deplorable to have fellow gay men so eager to fuck with married men. Just because it’s a willing cock, doesn’t mean you should suck it. Stop thinking with your dicks and think with your brains!

    And shame on the married men lying to their spouses, sucking a dick then kissing their wives/husbands three hours later. Sick.

  28. joedragyn

    Two problems with this. One is that Hugh Jackman is not new to the celebrity scene. He’s no idiot and if he was going to hook up with someone, it wouldn’t be with a random guy through an app. If he used apps, you would have heard about such rendezvous long before now.
    The second more alarming problem is that you, as moderator (or owner?) of this site, are advocating kiss and tell. You admit yourself to connecting with married men regularly – after passing on this “juicy gossip”, how would your married men feel about your level of discretion? Many people use your site hoping for discretion – you just showed them that it is not important to the site. I don’t expect to see this post appear; I have disagreed with you before to have my post eliminated so I don’t expect any different this time.

  29. David B.

    Life is but a delusion! I had a thug-less gang bang with rappers Juvenile, Birdman and Little Weezie. While I was sucking Birdman’s and Little Weezie’s dicks at the same time, they were kissing deeply passionate like they do in NOLA. Juvenile could only shout “Back that white flat ass up!” while fucking me. Birdman shot his load first and I thought I would choke on the feathery taste until Little Weezie’s spunk saved me with its fresh Codeine flava that was sysurpy thick. Then I woke up to my feather pillow choking me, but my asshole was a little sore. Go figure.

  30. Ty

    I see Dave won’t come to answer his critics. Which leads me to believe he finds these acts to be alright.

    And the sad thing is Dave you are quite a few decades older than me… and you think thing’s like sleeping with married men is ok. So you’re whole lets support gay marriage shit you have posted it hypocritical as fuck.

    I hope you never get married cause i know you would gladly cheat with a married ”straight” hell you probably have no problem if he has kids who could have their lives torn apart by finding out their dad has been fucking around on them.

    How do you sleep at night?

    • blog

      Ty, I doubt that I’m few decades older than you honey, coz it would mean you are 10 years old.
      FYI i have no plan on getting married because it is not for me.
      Oh also I sleep very well at night thank you 🙂
      Like one of our reader wrote, the married man having sex with another man doesn’t have a gun on his head, they are 100% aware of what they are doing.
      On that note, have a wonderful night

  31. Robert

    I’m a publicist in Los Angeles and let me tell you this… The amount of things that a personal assistant does for their client is obnoxious. It isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds (the situation, not Hugh tho). I won’t say that it’s true but I won’t say it’s not. However, I do agree with the people that have said it should be between the two people… After all, this is how we get crisis in PR. Good luck Mr. Jackman!

  32. John...

    So Dave. Why are you posting as Anonymous? It’s totally obvious that it’s you hiding behind that Anonymous handle for whatever reason.

    No matter; you certainly are going to great lengths to defend something which someone else supposedly told you. Imaginary neighbors sharing imaginary gossip. How NOT original lol!

    • blog

      John, lol It’s not me no, it’s my neighbour who told me that. Once again, I don’t care if you don’t believe it…it’s ok man. I will still sleep tonight.

  33. Mike

    The problem is that you and so many of us scream for marriage and yet there’s a substantial population of gay men who do things like sleep with the married man and completely insult everything we fight for.

    I agree, the married man is also at fault, but you are just as bad for being an enabler. Remember Dave, karma man.

    • blog

      Mike, one of my fuck buddy is married and his partner doesn’t want to know. They have this deal that they can meet other guys on their own. Don’t try to understand what people want to do or try to convince what should be done or not, just accept that people are different than you, because people won’t change.
      I even know some of my straight friends who organize gangbang parties for married wife who lack good sex with husband. They place ads and they get tons of msgs from horny wifes. I mean, that’s their choice man….
      Same for people who practice bdsm, I don,t like it, but I don’t say ” you should not do that, you will hurt yourself and it’s painful” If they want to do it, they will do it no matter what.

  34. jockrightnow

    Sounds like a similar lie someone posted about Shawn Desman visiting the US and flirting with someone’s guy friend and supposedly wanting to have sex with this “guy friend”. This was posted on some blog thread and there have never been any confirmations to even state that any of it was true. Sounds like a complete lie in my opinion.

  35. John...

    @ Mike

    Coming down on someone for having sex with married men is just as pious and judgemental as those straight people who believe that being gay is deplorable.

    As for the marriage topic: I sure wish that some gay people would quit assuming that just because there is a movement for gay marriage that all gay people are or must be interested in it. I myself could care less about getting married. It’s the struggle of those who do, not mine. Just because I happen to be of the same sexual orientation doesn’t mean I am obligated to advocate everything or anything that others of the same sexual orientation do.

    I have nothing against gay people fighting for the right to get married if that’s what they chose to do, but them earning the right to do so is not my battle.

  36. NotCool

    Dave I think the point some people are trying to make is that if this is true it’s not right that you are airing it. He is a public figure and he obviously wanted this to be a private matter or he would have said who it was right away. This blog should be deleted. Why out the man? This is why gay men have a bad reputation….

  37. Zay1278

    I am agree with NotCooll. If you out Hugh Jackman I can’t give him a blowjob. I don’t want to ruin his marriage but I would suck his dick in a heartbeat. And would not tell anyone.

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