Stories : Camping – Part 2

[This is the conclusion of Camping, a hot tryst between Jared and Brant, previously posted.  Please note that while it is taken from real events, the story is a fantasy.  Please be sure to practice safe in your real life.  The names of the characters have been changed to protect their total hotness.]

I had fallen asleep in Brant’s arms, having shared a final kiss before giving out to exhaustion.  Our sweat and cum soaked bodies embracing, with arms and legs and dicks entangled.  When I awoke, it was still dark, I could hear the crickets chirping, and I must have rolled over because Brant was now spooning my backside.  The tent smelled of man sex – an intoxicating aroma of sweat, cum and ass.  I felt the warmth of Brant’s breath on my neck.  His firm cock softly pressing against my asscheeks.  His hand lightly stroking my semi-hard dick.  “Mmmmm,” I said to him, “I’m surprised you’re awake.”  He replied with, “I’m totally wiped out, but my dick doesn’t seem to care.  And apparently, neither does yours.  Besides, I had to sleep in the wet spot.”  “Lucky you,” I laugh back to him, “what time is it, anyway?”  “Like Midnight”  “I thought it was like 3 in the morning,” I chuckle.  He whispered back, “Now just relax because I’m about to make sweet love to you.  You’re not a screamer, are you?”  We both laugh.  He responds with, “in or out?” I turn my head and kiss him, “you can do anything you want.  I’m yours.”

Just then, Brant pulls me closer, his now rock hard cock pressing firmer against my ass reminding me of how big he truly is, his moist lips kissing my ear.  He rolls me over onto my back.  His tongue probes my lips, circling them lightly, his tongue barely penetrating my mouth, teasing my tongue.  As he’s kissing me, he pulls my legs up and back, forcing my hips up and exposing my ass.  Brant’s dripping wet cock grinds softly between my hole and my ball sack, pressing my perineum.  I press back toward his cock to invite him into me, but his slick head only teases my hole, slathering it with his slick precum.  Brant’s hands are holding my arms down; he’s in complete control.  I don’t fight him, letting my body relax in surrender.  He knows I want him.  He kisses me deeper.  His cock now presses on my hole.  His eyes lock onto mine, penetrating.  No more teasing.

I feel the pressure mixed with the pinching of my sphincter muscle being forced open.  I push out, and Brant pushes in.  He’s in complete control.  He’s released my arms, and I fold them around his neck and kiss him deeper and let out an involuntary moan.  I can’t help it.  I can’t remember the last time I such a large dick invaded my ass.  It hurts, but I know I want more.  My hands run down his chest, feeling his strength, his contracted abs, his biceps bulging.  He pushes again and then he’s in me.  But just his mushroom cap and about an inch of his shaft enters me.  My body tenses again.  My cock responds to full attention as Brant’s cock presses my prostate.  Precum is leaking out of me like a faucet, and I feel it pooling in my navel.

Brant could have easily pressed in to the hilt, but he remains in control.  I feel him shudder as he controls his powerful body.  Then with a slow but unstoppable force, Brant grinds his 8 inch monster into me.  I let out a moan, but he shushes me, kissing me again.  I relax again, and his pace quickens.  He’s not pounding me, but once he hilts me, he begins laying long, deep strokes into me.  His lips move from mine.  His face buried into the nape of my neck.  The combination of his warm breath on my neck, his firm embrace and his controlled thrusts in and out of me puts me into state of erotic bliss.  He’s not fucking me.  He is truly making love to me.  He’s not just using my ass to deposit his load.  He is using his whole body to bring us both pleasure, taking his time, letting me feel every inch of him.

I feel like I’m gonna cum.  I dare not touch my cock, as I know it will explode, and I don’t want this end.  I whisper, “Oh my God, I think I’m gonna cum.”  And Brant responds with, “yes, let go, I want to feel your body squeeze out every drop.”  I grip him hard, my arms wrapped around his back, pulling him closer as I try to thrust my cock into his chest.  Brant slows his pumping but leaves his cock buried deep, hilting me, his thighs pressing me, his balls resting against my ass, as he softly grinds me.  My pace quickens as I begin to hump his slickened chest, my pumping causing his cock to press even deeper into me.  I can’t hold on any longer.  My first ribbon, a thick white cord, jumps out, landing on Brant’s sweaty chest, and then another smaller ribbon squirts out and lands on my chin.  My ass contracts around that thick trunk of a dick.  And then he begins to pump me again, and more cum leaks out of me with each thrust, as my cum pools onto my chest.

Brant is now moaning softly in my ear as his pace quickens.  I can tell he is no longer in control.  He is now panting those short breaths indicating his impending release.  My body quivers as it is mauled by his passion.  And just when I think Brant is going to fill me with his love, he pulls out, his cock slick with sex.  He grabs his thick cock and squeezes with a few short pumps.  He arches back and his load explodes out of him.  The first ribbon landing on chest.  But he sees my mouth open, trying to catch whatever remnants he will spare to me.  He climbs up and I clamp my lips around his pulsing cock as he fills my mouth.  I swallow his load without a single gag.  His body shudders as my lips refuse to release him, as I suck every last drop from him.

Finally, after what seems like an etermity and a gallon of his milk, Brant’s cock starts to soften.  I release him, and pulling him down.  He lays on top of me and begins to kiss me again, his tongue probing my mouth for any remants.  Our body’s once again rest in a sticky embrace.  After a few moments, he rolls off and lays next to me.  Brant breaks the silence, “I really need to pee.”  I chuckle, “me too.”  “Let’s rest a few more moments,” he says, “then we’ll head up to the office.  It’s closed and my parents are long in bed.  We can wash your sheets, which I apologize for soaking.”  “Nah, we don’t need to do that.  Maybe tomorrow.  Besides, I like to sleep in the wet spot.”

The end.

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  1. Hunter0500

    The fantasy fizzled the moment unsafe sex appeared. The disclaimer about safe sex at the beginning and the story itself have a major disonnect. The first does not excuse or justify the second. The story promotes unsafe sex between random indiviuals. Even hidden behind a mask of “fantasy”, it’s still promoting risky behavior.

  2. Shylo

    Hunter, There are many books, movies, and stories that are just that “fantasy” I.E. fictional. If in any way, you are that impressionable PLEASE get some help! I like Snakes On A Plane. I would not be going to Australia collecting up a few vipers and flying back to the good ol USA. “just a joke”. Yes, people do have unsafe sex, but in this case it was a fantasy for entertainment and enjoyment. A good fictional book or movie is not a bad thing. If you don’t like the book, don’t read it. If you don’t like the movie don’t watch it. Trust me when I say I understand what you are talking about but this was not posted in a elementary school news paper. People are going to do what they want to do. But lets keep that fantasy and fiction coming.. Think I will play a little World of War Craft and see Thor today, before this work week starts. And I won’t be bringing them in to real life.. I shall be leaving them where they belong in the world of fantasy and at the movie theater.

  3. soulsearch

    cute, nice amateur work, but attention to details like them fucking rear entry, then suddenly they are missionary? jars the story and makes the reader disconnect mentally. your story should flow, like great sex. the anticipation, the buildup, like sweet precum leaking down a throbbing hard shaft, then the main attraction of the story intense as as a shuddering orgasm… until the climax ends, and you gently end the story like two sweaty, entangled bodies, exhausted, yet holding each other tight in promise.

  4. Hunter0500

    Snakes on a Plane, Warcraft and Thor? Really? They are not reality and in no way compare or can be related to unprotected sex.

    Unprotected sex has killed or seriously altered the lives of countless numbers of men and women. Promoting unprotected sex with random unknown partners in porn is senseless. Porn can easily be high qualtiy and fantasy filled without it.

  5. Undecided

    Hunter you’re a buzzkill. I say that strictly because I read these for the story and fact that it’s a work of fiction. In my own private life I have had both protected and unprotected sex. That was my decision along with those people I chose to have sex with. You preaching to me about unprotected sex is ruining what is an enjoyable and passionate story. Key word story. If I write a book where a character commits horrible acts does that mean I expect the readers of my story to be influenced by ever word I wrote and apply those words to their lives. It shouldn’t and on the off chance it does that is not my fault. People are free to make their own decisions and frankly you made the decision to read a story that contained unsafe sex. You could’ve easily stopped reading and clicked through to another story or link. I made a decision to read a FICTIONAL story, happened to enjoy the story and didn’t need the additional commentary. Thank you for killing my boner

  6. Shylo

    Yes, while sex is a reality. Porn and this particular story are fiction. Even if it were a true story the fact of the matter is that it happens just like war. I don’t think that they are promoting killing when they put it on the news for our children to see. This forum is for adults that should be old enough to make their own decisions. I don’t think they are promoting anything just telling a story. I can only speak for myself when I say that ” reading a story is not going to make me jump on the next stranger that I see and have unprotected sex anymore than blowing a building up in NYC because I saw it on TV”. I do understand your point, and if this story were posted on facebook it would be a no go for me. But here, really, this is not eharmony we sort of know what to expect. I mean look at some of the profiles on here. I am just saying that you maybe expecting pretty high standards on a site that I am assuming you are not that new too.. and if you are new look around. BTW they do have sites that only show porn with people using condoms as well as telling stories about safe sex. IN no way am I condoning unprotected sex with a stranger just saying it is a story. Just like tv, don’t like the show change the channel.. Does not mean other people don’t like it. I am not trying to offend you and I share your view. I just think it was a story and not telling one to go out and do it. no more than the news is telling you to go out and do what they report. Just my opinion… Hunter, I do respect your opinion, I may not agree with it. But I do respect it.

  7. Shylo

    I also wanted to add, it is not about comparing Warcraft or a movie to unprotected sex, it is about my choice to watch or read what I please. Especially in a forum that was designed for such. Just like the sections of a video store” old school I know”. Just because you don’t like or agree with the content in the fictional section or fantasy section does not mean other people don’t.. Stay in the section that suites what you like. My posting was more about choice, not rather safe sex was right or wrong. That is purely the individuals choice to make, not mine not yours just the two consenting adults that agree they are going to have some” hopefully good sex”. That is for straight gay or bi people.

  8. soulman329

    Alot of these stories are real even though the writer try to make believe. Two adults making decisions about unsafe sex has played out cause alot of people don’t think about the consequence until after the fact. But unsafe sex, raw sex feels good when you bust a load without condoms.

  9. soulman329

    And on that note i as well don’t condone unprotected sex, but to keep it real, everything that look good or feel good might not be good for you. You have a choice of your own when it comes to unprotected sex.

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