Photography : Rick Day’s 2014 Calendar


Rick Day, one of my favorite photographers, picked a dozen of photos from his best-selling photo book All Players to create his 2014 calendar.

Each month features a hot athletic model in a sexy or nude pose that is definitely not suitable for work.

Check out some of his amazing images after the jump and let me know your thoughts!





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  1. Hillie

    So will call me haters but…. LAME! Another calender redundant of all others, more of the same reinforcment of what i’m supposed to believe beauty is. No men of color….LAME! And yes as a photographer his eye for beauty is valued and he has the rt to make a calender for whom ever he wants…. I’m just choosing to deversify my life and not buy into media cultrue racist antics any longer!

  2. Raymond Ellinger

    Love your photograhy i think it is super. Could i have a.list sent to my email address of all your work or and email where i can find a list of.your hot works?

  3. John...

    Pretty generic stuff, looks no different than any other calendar of this type with the same old tired model poses etc. How about a blog based on something intelligent and of real use to someone once in awhile instead of the same old same old.

  4. traintrax

    Simply Amazing! I can see why he is a favorite of yours. Rick Day magnificently captures the beauty of the male body with perfection. In very good taste I might add.

  5. Hunter0500

    They’re everything a guy could want if he was looking for guy that were primped, preened, plucked, polished, and practically perfect.

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