aguilera say something

Music : Aguilera + A Great Big World Music Video

aguilera say something

Wow! I heard this song for the first time at The Voice last week and was amazed by how touching the lyrics are and how melancholic the music sounds.

Christina Aguilera just released the music video with A Great Big World for the song “Say Something” and It literally brought tears to my eyes. The simplicity of the video combined with the images and the music creates an emotional bomb! Beautiful!

I’m happy that for once, Christina used her soft side without doing the big notes, it’s beautiful how her voice sounds.

Listen to it after the jump and let me know your thoughts!

*Warning, if you are sad or just broke up or just lost someone, it might be hard to watch!



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  1. David W. Bradburn

    Gorgeous song!! I saw them perform it on The Voice. The video with the mini-sets of different types of loss was even better and grabbed my heart. Christina harmonizing was a perfect blend to the piano and the guys falsetto style voice. I grabbed it and posted on my blog site.

  2. Wayne

    Loving Xtina in such a touching song, makes me think of all the lying cheats and fake friends I had to give up on. Best decisions of the year

  3. Sketchy

    This song has been around since 2010. It is sad that its now making it big. Personally, I don’t think Christina brought any value to the song.

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