Fantasy : On Your Knees…Cum Lover!



Last night I met this guy…The dominant kind of guy. We chatted a bit on A4A before I gave him my address. He texted me when he arrived outside at my address:

-Get on your knees, unlock the door!

I was kinda scared, imagine if it’s a crazy dude, or even worst a super ugly guy…

But I was so horny and wanted to suck cocks real bad!

He opened the door I was right there in front of the table on my knees, naked.

He came to me, no words, pull down his pants, he was already hard. His 8.5 cut cock was fully loaded I could tell by how big his balls were. “4 day loads”  he told me.

He took my head and fuck it until he came all over my face and mouth, and he left right after. I didn’t even had time to clean his cock properly and he even had cum on his hands. It was great, but I wish I would have eat all his spunk.

When he left I even lick the floor where the cum had dropped, yummy!

I sent him a email thanking him for using my throat and offered him to come again. He told me he already had left town and that it was his first time getting sucked by a dude, that’s why he left so fast.

Ahhh, I love these scenarios, makes me so horny even to talk about it. Have you ever experienced such a scenario? What do you like about it and why?



(credit : Str8BF)

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  1. Jack Marlon

    First time I sucked cock was hot… been chattin’ with an older guy (he was 35) online… he was tellin’ me about guy sex… I had thought a LOT about it… we decided to meet one lunchtime. We met in warehouse parking lot. Big place with no one around. I got in his truck.. he opened his fly and pulled out his dick… I did the same… He started strokin’ and growing… I did the same… He put his baseball cap backward, then slowly leaned over and went down on me… OH MAN!… Hadn’t ever felt like THAT before!… Nearly nutted right off… He pulled up off my prick, looked me deep in the eyes and said “your turn….” He sat up and pushed down his jeans a little… I leaned over slowly.. I remember the smell of his crotch still… and then the taste of his slightly sweaty dick… He let out a long sigh and put a hand lightly behind my head…. “That’s it… that’s it… … fuuuuuuck…” He guided my head up and down… He wasn’t big, but he was perfect for a first time… He lit a cigarette while I blew him and just guided me up and down slowly… lowered the window and blew the smoke outta the cab while I learned how to give a blowjob… he put out his smoke and asked me where I wanted him to cum… I was delirious from musk and dick and figured I might as well go the whole route… “In my mouth?” I said… He smiled and just sighed as I went back down on him… “Okay buddy… let me guide you through this…” he held the back of my head again and his hand became more insistent… “ugh… Ugh… I’m gunna shoot.” I was gunna do my best to take it all… His hand stopped and he flexed his legs a little, then I felt spunk fill my mouth… trying to swallow it at the same time thinkin’ about the flavor and the warmth…
    He finished off and was panting pretty bad… I guess it was okay for a first time… I sucked it all up and swallowed as I pulled off his quickly shrinking dick..
    “Man… that was hot…”

    We tried to set up another lunchtime, but it never worked out… I met him once more about 3 years later… Same handsome dude with killer ‘stache… same truck… I’d suck him again if I ever found him!

  2. LatinLoad

    I have a boy who is an incredible cocksucker. I met him online a couple of years ago.

    He came in, and dropped. And fed off my cock the whole time. I don’t know what it is, or what he does, but he knows he has one place…on his knees, between my legs.

    After that first time that he showed he was worthy, I invite him over frequently, and I’ve created scenes for him, flogged him, blindfolded him, played with him, and though he likes it all, he always asks for the same thing…

    To get face fucked relentless until he makes me blow and takes my full load down his throat.

    The boy is amazing; I can do whatever I want, and he’ll stay at his job…until his job is done.

    If you find a good cocksucker, treat him well, and he’ll be available to you whenever you feel like kicking back and relaxing to a mind-blowing orgasm.

  3. Mark

    OMG,,, I’ve had this scenerio quite a few times. My friend calls me and says he’s on his way. At that time, I strip naked, put on a blindfold, and use a short piece of rope to tie behind my back. When he walks in, I’m on my knees, not able to see anything. He takes off his clothes and does whatever he desires with me. Some times he’ll bend me over to lick his feet, or he will kick my cock and balls. Soon he’ll grab both hands full of my hair and shove his cock down my throat. While its down my throat, he’ll order me to lick his balls as well. IF he doesnt blow his load down my throat at that time, he’ll take me into the bedroom and bend me over the bed. With just the spit on his cock,,, shoving it deep in my ass and tearing me up to his desire. After filling my ass with his load, he will then pull out of me, put me back on my knees and shove his cock back down my throat for me to lick clean. Once that is done, he will allow me to take the rope off my wrists and take the blindfold off. Some times he will leave before allowing me to do that. OMG,,,What a total turn on to be used like that.

  4. Mitch

    My time was the other way. I was the one getting sucked. We met on this site. (THANK YOU A4A) I went to his apartment and he waited inside with a blind fold on. He sucked me for about 5 min until I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him? He said yes. I guide him to his bed room cause he couldn’t see of course. I pushed him down on his knees and proceeded to put on my Magnum condom and lube up my big thick rock hard 7″ cock. He told me he hadn’t been fucked in awhile and to go slow. I put my tip on his pucker and pushed with gentle force until it relaxed and my cock slipped in. He gasped and said he didn’t know if he could do it. I just told him he was doing a good job and that it would get easier. After a long fuck session (I’m a marathon man) I filled the condom to its max pulled out and got a “thanks man that was awesome” from the guy. I said good-bye and walked out without him ever seeing me. He sent me a message saying he would contact me again next time his wife was out of town. It might have been kinkier if I had known he was married but either way it was hot

  5. Dennis

    When I lived in Chicago I had a fuck buddy for 18 years..we lead separate lives but loved sex together…he had a 10 inch thick cock, big balls, wore a metal cock ring all the time and never wore underwear so his cock wsa always half hard and down his left pant leg…he would contact me when he wanted sex…we would meet at his house or mine or his job…when we met I wsa expected to drop to my knees at once lick his boots and then unbuckle his belt open his fly and pull hs pants down just enough to expose his cock and balls then I licked his balls and sucked his cock…at one point he would zip up and then go into a bedroom where he would strip sit o the bed against the headboard have a glass of whiskey and smoke a cigarette while I sucked his cock…I’d bring him to the point of cumming and then back it several times..then he’d tell me to lube my fuck hole and sit on his cock with my back to him…then he’d shift position never taking his cock out of me until I wsa on my stomach and then fuck me real slow until he came…he’d bellow like a bull when he came…after cumming he would take his cock out me me…I’d suck it clean and then he’d put it back in and let it stay there until he got soft and it slipped out….
    I haven’t seen him for 10 years but since then only one other man has been able to fuck me…my man’s pussy will not open for anyone else…

  6. Ethan

    My first was watching porn with my best friend at 13. We would lock the door and jerk under our boxers. One time I just pulled mine out and another time he did too. Another time we wanted to see what it felt like to get jerked without our own hands so we jerked each other. We used toilet paper for the precum and cum. One time I say him staring at my abs and he asked if I ever wondered what head felt like. I looked down his abs to his dick and said yes. He asked if I wanted to try it with him if we agree to keep silent. We went though the who goes first thing, but I got down inbetween his legs, ran my hands over his abs and pecs, and sucked his head. The precum tasted weird to me. He said he was cumming. I stopped and tried moving but got sprayed on my pecs neck and chin. I wiped it off. He then sat me down and kissed my abs to my dick. His hand was on the bottom and his mouth on my head. I cam so fast and warned him. He took it in his mouth. He then started kissing me after he swallowed. I could taste my cum on him a little. We eventually started screwing over time.

  7. John

    I have a great young dude who feeds me his 9 inch cock. We met ona4a when he comes in he puts me on my knees pulls down his pants and feeds me his lightly sweaty dick til he is rock hard. He then sits on the couch, holds the back of my head and fucks my throat hard while telling me to suck his dick. He slows up and I deep throat his dick til he starts moaning Oh fuck and shoots his hot load down my throat. He is a sexy thug I can’t get enough cum.
    I’m addickted lol

  8. Synn

    “I could tell by how big his balls were.”

    I get that it’s fantasy– but uh, testes size has no correlation (whatsoever) to amount of semen produced. You’d think one or two experiences would teach people that.

  9. Michael Cruz

    I enjoyed reading this cum lover story. It’s a story that I can relate to very well because I’m a cum lover too. I would have done exactly what the guy did in this story. A real cocksucker knows his cock sucking role and embraces it. It’s our purpose and all that matters is that our partner cum’s. One thing I always try to do is make sure I give permission to my partner to shoot his cum in my mouth if he wants to. I once had a regular sex partner who always shot his cum in my mouth, while I was on my knees looking up to him stroking his cock until he explodes. I loved that relationship/friendship and didn’t realize how good I did have it. I may have moved wherever he moved to, so I could be close to him and still swallow his cum regularly.

  10. Langeme

    Wow, i remember my ex. He always like it when i’m suckin is big black cock.
    Anyway i’m single now and need a man here in Ghana

  11. jpinbg

    I am the cock sucker for someone. I am not big on sucking cock but there is something about him that makes me so excited to do it. I am married and what I really want and need is a cock in my ass. But he has never fucked my ass and yet I still want him. He calls me his sissy slut. He messages me on yahoo (jpinbg) and tells me when he will be going by my place. Gives me instructions on what to wear. It can be anything from nude to jock strap to lingerie. Whatever he is in the mood for. He will send me a message when he is 5 minutes away and tells me to take my position on my knees infront of the door. When he walks in it is my job to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. He will say ,”Sissy slut, no hands” or “Sissy slut, lick my balls and stroke me”. Of course I obay him because I am so turned on. When he cums though I cannot use my hands to catch any cum. Everything must be in my mouth and he requires me to swallow. Being his sissy slut I am more then happy to do it. There are other guys that fuck me but I consider myself his. I tell him ever detail of every sexual encounter I have because I am HIS sissy slut.

  12. jockn2cbt

    Cock and cum, baby, that’s where it’s at. Might be some primal urge for testosterone, submission, pleasing the alpha male, who knows. All I know is it’s hot to suck off some cute stud (I have my standards, can’t get into the anonymous gloryhole scene). Hooking up with another true cum lover is total bliss where every drop is jealously coveted. I hate porn where the guy let’s the jizz roll off his tongue or lets it dribble out of his mouth. You wanna be a bad ass cumeater then commit dammit. Love the spunk, savor the tastes, the warmth, the textures. My top bucket list item now is to get a big dick (8.5″ or better) to cum straight down my throat while fully inserted. Been courting a cute young cowboy with a ten who gets off on dominate throat fucking while watching his monster move inside his sucker’s throat. For one reason or another, we’ve been missing on setting a time but I can’t wait.

  13. joel tutt

    I wen.t to blow an 18 year old… Got pants down and he/she had a cock and pussy!!!! I sucked while it fingered the pussy. Blew a load but weird weird!!! Anyone else

  14. Hunter0500

    I’m a cock hound. “Fantasy” had promise, but it fizzled. Inviting a random stranger into your home after only a short period chatting online is extremely dangerous. The first meeting should always be at a neutral public place where you can both can check out if you both are clean, safe, and sane. Giving a stranger entry to your home and access to your possessions could easily get you bond and gagged (not in a good way) and robbed, possibly worse.

  15. llee

    I love sucking cock ever sense i was 14 and swallowed my first load. Im totally attracted to young guys and I hit on all the young guys here. Im pretty sucessful at coaxing the newbies into letten me suck them off..but sometimes i strike out ….recently a pictureless ageless guy hit me up He wanted me to come to his place to suck his cock, I agreed but told him i want him to be naked in complete darkness, when he open the door to pull me in close the door push me to my knees so he did just that,,he slapped my face with hid hard cock , Force fed me , fucked my mouth , him always in controll..His cock was 7 to 8 inch ,he forced it down my throat when i was ready,,pushing my head down hard making me squirm and whimper as i fought to come up enough to take a gulp of air .It was such a hot mouth fucking i took before he started to shake, quiver, moan , groan, fucking pounding my mouth fast ,than BLAM,,a gusher,filled my mouth ,squirted out the corners of my mouth all over my face as i tried to quickly gulp it down ,,i whiped my face ppulled my hoodie over my head and hurried out the door,,,have no idea who i sucked but he was a lucky old guy that night

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