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Hi everyone!

Thanks very much for sending us your pictures for the Halloween Contest. We received some amazing pictures, some scary and some sexy but all of them were nice! It is now time to vote for your favorite costume. Only the “likes” will count, so no need to click on the thumb down. Please select your favorite costumes and make sure you see all the costumes, there are 3 pages of photos….

The winner will get a Supporter Access with tons of benefits for one full year. If you too want to get the Supporter Access, click here!

Ready, set, vote!!!!


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  1. noneya

    None are particularly nice. May just be the photography. but I think the Mickey Mouse one would have been great if the ears were larger (over-sized).

    • blog

      noneya: where is yours? Did you sent us your picture ?
      These guys at least had the courage to send us their picture 🙂
      Next time, think before leaving negative comment like this!
      Thank you

  2. John...

    Not much originality, especially for gay people. I did manage to find one I liked more than all of the others, but it still wasn’t all that special.

  3. BuffEQue

    I haven’t dressed up in years (I guess after a career in theater where I dressed up every night, it got old). There are some really interesting costumes, but I only saw one or two that really sold their costumes in the photograph. But with that said, kudos to everyone who sent in a picture.

  4. Star_Prince

    At least we had the courage to post our pictures! Luckily mine got chosen (SCARECROW). There are some nice ones though 🙂 Tough competition!

  5. namerequired

    yeah, there’s like one or two costumes that seemed like they were worth the persons effort. guys in drag, especially on this site isn’t much of a costume. but nice to see people participated.

  6. ken

    I don’t see why you had to include a dislike option, same shit like with the A4A profiles, I ‘ve always said it’s enough to mention what you like instead of labeling peple like no fats no fems no asians, but anyway your site I guess. Another thing I’ve noticed people here are just voting by the looks as shallow as gays can always be, I see gete not a selection of the best costumes out there, but I can aprecciate the ones who put more of an effort with the make up, thd one with the human body more than 200 hundred votes really mmmm you buy the suit at party city and just put it on, The old cenrcentury guy, no make up at all but very good looking and the farmer looks like he’s going to work on a regular day. There’s people that you can tell put more time into their costumes but as I said above wanna look for the meaning of shallow in the dictionary no need to do so, just spend a few hours with the gays. Hope you had a Happy Halloween Mr. A4A and have a nice weekend.

  7. ken

    My apoligy for all the mistype errors in my comment, I’m on a trip and haven’t got used to my new phone when typing in thank you.

  8. noneya

    I did not consider my comment as negative. I am sorry if yoiu took it as such. My comment focused on the photograph and expressed my opinion. why put a “comment” section in, if we are going to be chastised for commenting.
    Thank you.

    • blog

      noneya: no problem dude… it’s just that I received like 30 comments of guys saying that all the costumes were “terrible” and that these “fags are too queeny” and this and that. I don’t understand our community sometimes. People are being so rude with each other instead of being nice with each other. Of course I cannot publish comments like these, even if it’s a blog. Yes all opinions are welcomed but I cannot tolerate people being rude on our blog. That being said, your comment was not “rude” but a bit negative, considering you did not submit any photo. Imagine how the guys who participate to the contest feels after reading your comment… They probably thought ” wow, next time I won’t participate”.
      That’s my 2 cents for today…

  9. noneya

    I understand and agree. i could have worded it differently. None of the costumes caught my eye. but it was probably the photography. I like photographs that show more than just a picture. I want to photograph to tell me a story, kinda. Maybe I was looking for too much.:)
    I commend those that entered for sharing of themselves.

    • blog

      noneya: It’s ok babe, u seem to be a nice guy…
      sorry sometimes I get mad easily when people say bad things about my people or the blog, maybe it’s just how u worded it, and since there is no “tone” in text, I thought u were attacking the contestants. But it’s ok man! U seem like a gentleman when I read what u write now!
      Have a wonderful evening

  10. Hunter0500

    Is it negativism? Or is it evolution? Using a voting tool which had LIKE or DISLIKE might not have been the best idea, but the results of voting was revealing. Is that perhaps gay men have moved away from the typical models? Many gay guys now seem to not care for typical diva’s. The “community” which pushes for acceptance of all types of gays should embrace this growth and diversity. We may still be in days, however, it is labeled as negativism and hate. (cue Rodney King)

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