Watch This : Making Of “Dieux Du Stade”


Each year, nearly 200,000 copies of the calendar “Les Dieux du Stade” find a buyer. An initiative of the former president of the French Stadium, Max Guazzini, launched in the year 2001. An immediate success and a a classic in some way as the launch of the calender is still highly publicized. This year again, the rugbymen took off their shirts and pants to pose for their traditional calendar. Check out the making of the calender below the jump and try not to drool!



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  1. gs999

    Looks like facial scruff is in, body hair is not… I’d prefer the opposite.

    Not that these guys aren’t sexy, but not really my type(s).

  2. Hunter0500

    Unless the players were gay, or had said they were good with being “looked up” by gay guys, the calendar is a no go. Gay guys oggling/jerking off over/fantasizing in any way over straight guys is as disrepectful to straights as straights considering gays “fags” or “homos” or “fudge pushers”, etc. It’s my guess knowing a number of rugby guys who are straight that they’d be happy beating the snot out of gay guys who were pictorially raping them.

    Respect has to flow both ways, folks, or demanding respect because you’re gay while disrepecting straights is flat out hypocritical.

    • blog

      Hunter0500 : For who do you think they make this calender for dude? They like to play de game too… What are u talking about with “respect” ?

  3. joey

    The male body is to be adorned and respected. The good looking athletic men shown here is what most guys, gay or straight asprire to look like. So what is wrong admiring another mans sexy physic that most athletes put alot of time and sweat into maintaining. Most men wish they had the same drive to have such a beautiful physic!

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