Watch This : Do You Wash Your Ass Like A Man?


The most ridiculous video, but I loved it!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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  1. sjohnson

    you have got to be kidding!! should have something more entertaining and “educational”, such as how to “suck” correctly since allot men are so bad at it…

  2. seth

    Video is funny and like how the song reminds me of enimem and willow smith.. But yes i wash my ass like a man, then i whip my hair back & forth… Lol

  3. Scott

    I do have to admit a few buddys of into a lot of nasty scat play and we have finished we go out back and use the pressure washer on ourselves and our asses

  4. OnlyTellTheTruth

    That was hysterical. Some of you have no sense of humor whatsoever.

    Ironically, some gays don’t know how to wash their ass like man, which is sad.

  5. Lamar

    There’s not much worth commenting on here, really, it wasn’t that funny, either, but more silly. I’d think gay men ‘do’ pay more attention to their bums because: it is ‘one’ of the main areas critical to our sex, isn’t it? Why would this even be a question, duh!

  6. kevin_the_man

    that was funny as shit, no pun intended 😉 get over it people if u cant laugh at yourself then what can you laugh at and if u say me then I got my super soaker armed and ready for ya bend over boiiiiiiieee!

  7. Patt

    Was that a take-off on a real song? I’ve heard one that sounded similar but I only heard it once and was never able to find it again.

  8. Carter

    I don’t know what more upsetting..the five seconds into the song i wasted, the fact that people think this passes as humor or that I am spending another five seconds commenting on this horse shit for comedic entertainment. BYE

  9. Barry Alexander

    Well I can’t speak for anyone other than myself…..I always use wipes after I use t p so my ASS is never dirty or smells…….grow up guys have a little CLASS !!!!!

  10. Charlie

    I could not watch it all but do know that more men should learn how to wash their ass. A quick rinse in the shower is not washing your ass.

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