Photography : Emmet Pugh Photographed By Joseph Lally


Australian model Emmett Pugh is photographed here by Joseph Lally.

Isn’t it the nicest Halloween costume? I mean the picture of Emmett naked (after the jump)

If he rings at my door, I can surely give him few tricks or treats 🙂

Hot right?

Speaking of Halloween, this weekend I will organize a contest for “Best Costume” like every year. Make sure to submit your photo before saturday, midnight : blog at

The winner will get a little gift!


(See more pics after the jump)

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  1. joey

    Yes he is hot and sexy looking, I wonder if his voice matches his hot looks. Nothing kills a hot attraction if the guys voice is fem lol

  2. Edward

    These are horrible. Seriously bad quality. Having a camera does NOT make you a photographer. Also, really? A fucking gun and a bottle of alcohol?

  3. XXX Lover

    120% incredibly sexy. I am not one for the chest hair but that definitely makes him look even more sexy. 2 thumbs up on this man. And Adamapple6 come on who was even looking at the gun and whiskey. We are all looking at him. When I first looked at his pics I didn’t even notice the gun and whiskey until I read you message. He is hot with or without the gun and whiskey.

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