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Mother Monster just released a second song from her upcoming ArtPop album, scheduled to be released November 11th.

This second single called “Do What You Want” is the duet with R&B singer R. Kelly.

The song is great, different from her usual songs, the melody is catchy, it is a nice mid-tempo song… Probably won’t be a huge hit, but very great to hear.

it has a 80’s beat, her vocals are great, I like the falsetto parts and the strong powerful “Do what you want with my boooooooodyyyyyy” !

Let me know your thoughts on the song.


(Listen to it under jump)


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  1. CC

    I love this new song. I think it’s much better than ‘try too hard’ Applause. Kells and Gaga really brought it this time. Good collaboration.

  2. topinneoh

    Applause was bad. This is worse. Art/Pop is shaping up to be a critical and commercial disaster. She is increasingly reliant on nudity to get attention. She has gone from someone who does things that happen to be controversial to someone who desperately does things hoping for controversy and attention. Art/Pop is shaping up to be a critical and commercial disaster.

  3. Tab

    “Applause” is a great song..but for some reason there was some made up the rivalry between it and “Roar” because they were released at the same time? Its a great radio song! I hope people take this song for what it is and just enjoy it! So far im really liking what “Artpop” has to offer!!

  4. AllReadynWet

    Seriously, this sucks. No imagination, only voice growls. Pop music is so headed for an absolutely dismal future. Lady Ca-Ca is terrible…sorry, just my opinion. Who cares about R-whomever?

  5. Hunter0500

    The nominees have been announced for the American Music Awards (show airs November 24th). The slate is full of many long time performers, and several new and promising artists.

    No Lady Gaga.

  6. GagaFan

    I loved it first time hearing it. Applause is a wonderful song – already a top three contender for best dance song. Gaga is fantastic – most everything she touches is gold!

  7. Mike

    Horrible … pathethic ..I love Gaga…but this stinks !!!! Cheap and ugly. She needs to get together with her cousin Madonna and make some classic good dance music…this is GARBAGE and totally unacceptable for her. YUCK !!!!!!

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