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Ben Cohen is a former England rugby  player and activist. He began his professional career with Northampton Saints in 1996; in 2007 he moved to France to represent Brive before returning to England two years later to join Sale Sharks. In May 2011, Cohen retired from professional rugby, and  focuses more on The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation he created to combat homophobia and bullying. According to its website, the foundation is “the world’s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying, and funding those doing real-world work to stop it”.

I think that it is amazing that an heterosexual male is doing such work, don’t you agree? On top of it, he is fabulously gorgeous…which gets even more visibility! Totally my type of man…handsome face, amazing body, trimmed hair…perfection! If I could find a husband like him….

Check out some sexy shots of Ben below and let me know if he deserves to be our Hottie Of The Day?! 🙂



ben2 ben3


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  1. Frank

    He also has an underwear line for men that helps support his foundation….. Blue Buck, which he is not wearing in these photos….lol.

  2. srehturts

    Yes! As hot as they come, but the fact that he is heterosexual makes me feel as if the distinction is a moot point. I don’t spend time drooling over guys that I have little chance of getting with let alone no chance at all.

  3. BlueSteele220

    Actually, William he is married to a woman. He started his Foundation because his father who was tending bar was murdered when he got in the way of some guys attacking a transgendered person. He sells calendars and apparel and the proceeds go to his charity.

  4. TJ

    Really handsome…funny thing is since he’s 35 he would be ignored by half the chicken hawks on this website who don’t want anyone over 30…

  5. Herb

    Any man gay or straight who looks like that and does the work that he does, gets my vote for sure. I could of used his foundation when I was growing up.

  6. muzyqman

    That is one SEXY MAN. I get very bored seeing all the hairless young twinks. I think they look like tall 15-year-olds. But this is a MAN. I’d love to strip him naked and lick him up one side and down the other. It would only take a couple of hours!

  7. AJ

    Cohen was born in Northampton. He was educated at Kingsthorpe Upper School.(Kingsthorpe College as known today) This was not a rugby playing school and at age 12 he first started playing with Northampton Old Scouts RFC

    Regarding his background, Cohen has stated, “My family’s not formally Jewish… but a couple of generations back they were. I think it was my great grandfather that married a non-Jewish girl and he broke with the tradition.”[1]

    In November 2000, Cohen’s father Peter Cohen, brother of English World Cup winning football player George Cohen, was fatally injured while protecting an attack victim[2] at the Eternity nightclub in Northampton which Peter Cohen managed. He died a month later from head injuries sustained in the assault.[3] Three men were found guilty of violent conduct.

    Cohen is married to Abbie Cohen (Blayney), with twin daughters Harriette and Isabelle (born 2008).[4] He is clinically deaf,[5] with about 30 to 33 percent hearing loss in each ear,[6][7] and has been involved in efforts to make rugby more accessible to the hard of hearing, especially young deaf players.[8]

  8. Doug

    While I agree with some that he’s not gay, I try to reserve my fantasies for men who would return the interest… In addition to being ridiculously handsome, he does enough for the LGBT community to be worthy of the honor.

  9. MeridianRubber

    This man is absolutely beautiful, inside and out! His wife is an extremely lucky woman. I would do my first female ever in a menage a trois with them, as long as she knew she was the side dish and he is the main attraction!

  10. Jasper

    Dear Dave, No, I don’t think Ben Cohen deserves to be your Hottie Of The Day. He deserves to be Hottie Of The Decade, at the very least. He’s HOT, he’s Handsome, he’s Charming & Adorable, he’s friendly, he has a Brain and an understanding, compassionate, loving Heart and Soul. If only everyone in the world had such goodness inside, or at least a lot more people, this world would be so much better. That he is such a brawny, masculine, former pro-athlete hetero who puts himself “out there”, reputation and all, to champion for the LGBT community world-wide, and for people being bullied – children, teens and adults – is an amazing life of selflessness and love.

    His actions are actually standing up for all ignored, neglected, misunderstood, avoided persons of any & all situations, who are suppressed, oppressed and persons of discrimination in various aspects of life. Governments, politicians, teachers, parents and all other civic leaders around the globe could learn a great deal from him, and SHOULD, if only they would bother to care & listen. He probably even deserves the Nobel Prize for Humanitarian Efforts.

    Thanks Dave, for putting Ben Cohen and the causes for which he works into your corner of the media. We need to keep the light on these issues and encourage other people to help in carrying this torch.

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