Hot or Not : Freddie Prinze Jr.


Do you remember Freddie Prinze Jr? I surely do!

He was one of my favorite male actor in the 1990s and definitely a hottie.
This season, he will be one of the character in the drama Witches of East End.ย 

Now at 37 years old, the famous actor got more muscle mass and greyer hair….

But the question is: Is Freddie still hot?

I wanna know what you think!

Hot or Not?


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  1. G90814

    If he’d let his body hair grow normally, he’d be much hotter ๐Ÿ™‚

    But yes, he’s HOT, and has been for years.

    Not sure why this is even in question?

  2. joey

    Freddie Prinze is a sexy man, I like his fun personality as well. His dad wasn’t bad looking in his day before passing way as well. I would do either one if I had the chance lol

  3. NewnNY86

    Yes. This man is still hotter than any man I have seen. He could be 80 and as long as he has those beautiful eyes and lips he is good to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cockluver

    Still hot! Hotter when younger, but aren’t we all? He could fuck me all night and I think it would be ultimately a happy ending! LOLz

  5. kirt28202

    He is very hot and probably has nothing to worry about for years to come. Wish we had some men in Charlotte that look like that….wishful thinking.

  6. Blake

    Is this question being asked because he has gotten older? I am just curious and to answer your question he is hotter now than he was in the 90s.

  7. Hunter0500

    According to CNN he has said he’s gay. That being the case, if he wanted to discuss booking some time on the workbench I’d be up for meeting for a beer and discussing it.

  8. Gringo83

    I have always thought he was hot when he was younger. Handsome, funny and just had this sexiness about him. He has aged beautifully with a nice body and still has that cuteness. He can be my daddy any day

  9. Chris

    I would love spending time with him….both in and out of bed. Looking forward to seeing him in his new series! Hope he will show some skin along the way.

  10. Jay


    No one will believe me……it’s cool though…….but I saw him at a coffee shop in SoHo years ago….he was very nice to an elderly woman walking in (she had difficulty walking). He chatted w/ the lady….

    It was the cashier who mentioned that it was him. He is very handsome in person.

  11. Matthew

    I agree with alot of the guys who said he was a definite hottie when he was younger, And Now at 37 he’s just smoking hot! love that he bulked up with some muscle.

  12. djhill06

    Fucking HOTT! I’m age-ist against younger men, so since he is always going to be older than me, and as long as he stays in great shape, like he was back then and how he is in this pic, then I’d make out with him any day! Yummy

  13. Chris

    He’s great looking but said some homophobic things about his gay fans at TRL a million years ago. That is very NOT HOT in my book.

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