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Hi guys I hope you are having an amazing week so far!

I received many emails from some of our Facebook friends after I post the picture of my flat stomach after cutting wheat and gluten off my diet. To my surprise, in less than 10 days, I became less bloated, my stomach became flat and I feel better. Ok I was not an obese person, I was already fit, but my stomach was always a bit bloated and big compared to the rest of my body. No more!

Why? I started a new gym program and a new diet, because I have goals with my body (do more photography/fitness modelling etc…) and I talked about my stomach to my trainer and to some of my friends who don’t eat gluten because they are intolerant. They all suggested that I stop eating gluten and that wheat was bad for me. So I started to read about it and everything I was reading told me disastrous things about how modern/transformed wheat was bad for our body. 

Wheat is not only the world’s most popular grain, but also the deadliest for the human metabolism. Modern wheat isn’t really wheat at all and it is a “perfect, chronic poison” according to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, author and leading expert on wheat. Modern wheat is not wheat at all….Once agribusiness took over to develop a higher-yielding crop, wheat became hybridized to such an extent that it has been completely transformed from it’s prehistorical genetic configuration. The balance and ratio that mother nature created for wheat was also modified and human digestion and physiology could simply could not adapt quick enough to the changes. But agribusiness don’t care about that right, they want to make money!

This modern wheat has many features nobody told us about, such as this new protein gliadin. It’s not gluten. So I’m not saying that wheat is bad only for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, I’m talking about everybody else because everybody else is susceptible to the gliadin protein that is an opiate. This thing binds into the opiate receptors in your brain and in most people stimulates appetite, such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year. People turning away from wheat people turning away from wheat are dropping substancial weight.

Dr. Davis says “If three people lost eight pounds, big deal,but we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of people losing 30, 80, 150 pounds. Diabetics become no longer diabetic; people with arthritis having dramatic relief. People losing leg swelling, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and on and on every day.”

So what I suggest is to eat real food! Fruits and vegetables, olive oil, meat. “The majority of wheat is processed into 60% extraction, bleached white flour. 60% extraction–the standard for most wheat products means that 40% of the original wheat grain is removed. So not only do we have an unhealthier, modified, and hybridized strain of wheat, we also remove and further degrade its nutritional value by processing it. Unfortunately, the 40% that gets removed includes the bran and the germ of the wheat grain–its most nutrient-rich parts. In the process of making 60% extraction flour, over half of the vitamin B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, and fiber are lost. Any processed foods with wheat are akin to poison for the body since they cause more health risks than benefits. The body does not recognize processed wheat as food. Nutrient absorption from processed wheat products is thus consequential with almost no nutritional value” says Davis.

Check out this amazing text here. It will give you tips on what to eat instead of wheat, it will also give you proof that wheat is bad for you and will also tell you what effect it will have on your health.

No more wheat for me….and I’m trying to cut on lactose as well… I read bad things about it. So cheese without lactose, milk without lactose and greek yogurt  (which has very little lactose) is what I use.

I hope it answers your questions and that it helps you with your diet and health!

Oh and if you want to know more, google “wheat poison”, you will find tons and tons and tons of article on the subject:)






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  1. muzyqman

    Hey, Dave – does this mean that a substantial reduction in bread and pasta will also result in weight/fat loss, even if not as much as totally cutting wheat? Or is it necessary to make a total cut in order to see the results?

    • blog

      muzyqman : I adore pastas…I just switched to brown rice pastas. So much more healthy for you and you need to eat less to feel more satisfied. Ask for brown rice pastas at your grocery or specialty food store, they have that for sure. Some are bad, but find a brand that you like. I’m not at home right now but I’ll tell you later the brand I buy, they taste almost like normal pastas. They are not mushy and they taste great.

  2. tim

    Being on social sec. disability a set income makes it very hard to eat right as fresh veg. and fruit cost so much as does gluten free foods.What brand store bread do you guys think is the best bread to use aside from gluten free bread.I have yet to find a gluten free bread that does not taste like saw dust and is so dry it can,t be eaten.Anyone know of a good gluten free bread on the market.Thanks T

    • blog

      tim, I tried many bread so far, and they are quite expensive, 6-7$ each. But you need to eat less, because it is so nutritious
      try the ones that are from a blend of grain, not only 1 grain. the texture is better.
      In Canada we have Maison Canelle ( that creates great products.
      My ex also bought me 2 bread that he likes, I will check the name when I get home and let you know…

  3. Christopher

    Did your doctor do a buccal swab to see if you truly were a celiac patient?

    With all the “fads going around” these days, no one seems to do the research on WHAT gluten is and what it does.

    Not EVERYBODY has celiac disease! Some people are “allergic to wheat PROTEINS” but celiac disease is a totally different thing, as the link above will show.

    As a medical professional, it’s really odd how “things suddenly become poison” just because someone wrote a “book on the subject yet has no medically corroborative background” to substantiate the supposed claims.

    The “newest fad” I’ve seen? The “Paleo Diet”: Go ahead and try and undo what millennia has changed the human digestive system into: And if you see vegetarians on a regular basis in a clinical situ? Over 75% that I see have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or diverticulosis.

    If humans weren’t meant to be “omnivorous” then why were we evolved with the digestive system that we have today?

    Good luck on your “quest for no gluten”, which is a protein by the way…….

    • blog

      Christopher, if you would have read my article, you would know be aware that im not celiac, it’s a choice I made for my health to stop eating Wheat and Gluten.
      Also if you were a doctor I don’t think that your opinion would be so negative. Like if society doesn’t evolve….. Did you know that in the 50s/60s, cigarette companies were advertising cigarette like a way of life that is amazing and good for you? Well I hope you know what doctors say about cigarette in 2013?

      Oh and I don’t need luck for my “quest for no gluten” doctor, in Montreal there are groceries and speciality store with tons of products without gluten. From cookies, to cereals, to granola bars, to sauces and so on. My grocery bill is just a bit higher…

      I’m not trying to convince people, I don’t care if you like to have all sorts of diseases like diabetes, but me, I care. So since i stopped eating that shit, I feel wayyyy better and my stomach loves me because I don’t have that bloated stomach anymore….

      So keep on eating cakes if you wish doctor Christopher, and have a wonderful day!

  4. Egypt. W

    It seems like almost every other day, someone is saying SOMETHING is not good for us… By the end, we won’t be eating any-damn-thing anymore! Smh

  5. Stan

    This is similar to the basis of the Paleo diet, which I just started yesterday. Feeling good so far! First, I quit alcohol ( as I was a party boy in the past ) and now this diet, which I am positive about. Next, nicotine ( electronic cigs, so not as bad right? Haha) Good luck to us!

  6. Tim

    I’m 52 and have always had a flat stomach…. I think it’s because I’ve never been really crazy about carbs, especially bread or pasta. I do find it somewhat humorous that people take nutrition tips from their trainers. Personally, I’ve yet to meet a trainer with any legit background to be passing out large scale diet advice, but maybe yours has some education…

  7. Drake

    The information you collected reads like a bunch of woo (pseudoscience). Gluten intolerance is a thing. However, wheat does not only have gluten, and there are other factors that can create a bloated feeling. The fact that there is a decrease in this feeling after your week+ could be attributed to a variety of factors. It could be that you reduced your caloric intake just enough to lose weight. It could be a placebo effect (expecting to feel better). It could also simply be a random fluctuation in your weight (As often happens).

    If you really want to get more educated on this subject, I highly suggest going for a skeptical viewpoint derived from scientific literature rather than some book someone is selling.

    My advice to anyone who starts talking about how wonderful this all is:

    Google “skeptic gluten intolerance”

  8. Dharma_Punk

    I have eaten grain free for roughly 5 years now, look and feel excellent. Congrats to you for making the change. Once you go grain free and get used to it you will never go back!

  9. Drake

    I suggest looking at skeptic blogs on gluten free diets. There are many things that can cause bloating.

    It’s not hard to lose weight when you decrease your caloric intake guys.

  10. Lee

    All that is actually happening here is people cutting out probably the most prominent ingredient in the western diet, having less to eat as a consequence and thus losing weight. It’s really a more subtle variation on what made the Atkins diet work in real world terms.

    Mix in some agricultural conspiracy (which is really just thinly veiled elitism and angry god complex) plus a guy interested in selling books that just happens to be a MD and voila, another 21st century food fad!

    I just hope they will bring back the lettuce bun burgers while they are at it.

  11. Atlantiann

    Another fad diet stating misleading “facts”. Cutting carbs made you lose your belly? Who would have ever thought to do that? That is AMAZING! Opiate receptors in the brain block pain signal transmission, and have nothing to do with hunger.

  12. Ryan

    Your pictures on facebook look great, Dave!

    I have a pretty balanced diet and eat moderate portions every day. I’ve noticed a lot of comments about how expensive it is to be healthy, which is silly. When money has been really tight, my main diet hasn’t cost more than $10-15 a week. Typically that’s oatmeal in the morning, a baked potato in the afternoon, and a black bean salad with carrots/onions for dinner. There are so many other variations.

    As far as bread, I stopped eating it on a regular basis shortly after I started swimming in high school. I’m 26 now. When you’re that active all the time you definitely notice how certain foods affect your body. I could certainly eat bread more frequently and maintain my body with more exercise, but the uphill battle has never seemed worth it.

  13. Jay

    With the prevalence of conflicting medical reports, it is no wonder I keep my diet strictly to cock: HIGH PROTEIN, DELICIOUS MEAT, good for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even as a healthy snack.

    A cock a day keeps the doc away!

  14. Ed

    I think we need to look at some of the claims made by this doctor as there is no peer reviewed study to back up what he says. Dave, what worked for you is not necessarily good for all. This is not to discount your success in any way. Claiming wheat is a developed poison is just nonsense and gluten free diets are a fad choice for those not allergic to it. The negative claims about it are as valid as those made again high fructose corn syrup, that is, not valid at all. Your opinions are yours Dave, but if you start siting them as facts, please provide the links to the peer reviewed studies, not the title and author of a book. Otherwise, you are doing a diservice to your readers.

  15. gs999

    Welcome to the latest fad. You can find plenty of references to anything ‘evil’ if you want, both pro and con.

    I like how you blow off an actual medical professional rather than consider his advice in favor of another who appears to be more than a bit controversial, on a fringe website.

  16. nicko

    Your spot on, also just keep in mind your body still need some sort of carbohydrates, so cutting them off entirely is a bit extreme. Try low and high days keeps your body and metabolism guessing. Your body will adjust to your eating and activity level.

  17. jace

    tis no that hard to eat healthy boys t hat get flat stick is had manly how much exercise you and you diet that genetics tow play part two very few guys will ever get flat washboard stumic in you one the few put there like my self who is tall and thin, that has swimmer build sadly you going to have work and i work hard to keep it that uness you have guten agley tis really going to kll you to eat it

  18. Cooper

    I tend to put a lot of scrutiny on these types of claims. Many people who claim to be experts will list some statistics in favor of their hypothesis and then claim that they are right. ie People who eat more wheat also tend to be more overweight, so it must be the wheat. There’s also a positive correlation between eating pizza and having cancer, but that’s all it is, a correlation. It’s not a cause-effect study. They just happen to go together.

    My hypothesis is that people who eat less wheat tend to eat less in general, leading to less caloric intake and less body fat. They also may be more likely to watch their weight, exercise, and do things necessary to stay healthy. (If they are bothering to cut wheat out of their diet, then they are being health-conscious, I’d say)

    It also doesn’t help that many of the modern foods we eat have lots of highly-processed wheat and sugars in them, giving them a high glycemic index, which tends to increase weight and could lead to diabetes. But to say that wheat is a poison because of a book, hundreds of people (out of billions in the world), and a few experiments may be misleading.

  19. joey d

    Oh shit, I made my own whole wheat pizza today, damn read this too late..I only eat 2 slices a day otherwise, the Chia-High quality multi grain stuff. Maybe I should cut that out altogether.I have to indulge re: pizza once in a while…good for the soul, spirit and mind.

  20. Toby

    Dave, good to see someone has taken off the blinders and taken the time to do some reading about why the health of Americans is so horrible compared to people living in other countries. Unfortunately, wheat is just the tip of the iceberg. So much of the food in our supermarkets is highly processed and has very little nutrition–just read the labels. A big missing ingredient is enzymes. Anyone eating mostly cooked and processed foods is bound to have health problems, unless they supplement with enzymes that help properly digest food.

    Other issues:
    The U.S. RDA is a big joke. One example is iodine. Most people need between 6 and 50 mg a day for optimal thyroid health. Yet, the RDA is a paltry 150 mcg. Few if any Drs. will tell you that, cuz they make more money on sick people.

    There are all sorts of hazardous ingredients (HFCS, artificial sweetners, etc) added to food that are taking a toll on the health of Americans.

    There were no studies done on GMO foods to prove they are safe. Thanks to Monsanto’s money and mafia tactics, we Americans don’t have a right to know which foods contain GMO ingredients. We just have to eat it, suffer the consequences and keep quiet about it. Ever wonder why many European countries have banned GMO foods and banned the import of GMO seeds. What do the Europeans know that our politicians don’t know (or don’t care to let us know)?

    Ever wonder why after 40 years and billions spent on the war on cancer, we’re no closer to a cure? The medical establishment is making buckets of money on surgery, chemo and radiation, so they have no interest in finding a cure. Well, it turns out, cancer is a vitamin deficiency disease–a vitamin B17 deficiency. Your oncologist will never tell you that, cuz he wants to make thousands of dollars giving you worthless treatments that may marginally prolong your life, but don’t fix what caused your cancer. They don’t give a damn that’s it’s your life on the line. Go to youtube and search on G. Edward Griffin World Without Cancer to find the video with more details.

    Sorry this post is so long, but we’re still on the tip of the iceberg. My goal is to inspire people to take more control over their health destiny. Start questioning the status quo and seek the truth. Thanks to the internet, it’s out there. Or, you can be like Christopher and keep your head buried in the sand and step on all the health landmines that greedy corporations have put in your way.

  21. 1versfucker

    Some sources align our grain growing farming practices (wheat, rye, barley) to the onset of many new diseases in humans. Regardless, modern research shows that gluten is significantly inappropriate for the human body. Gluten comes from the latin word glue; named so for good reason. Some respond quite sensitively to gluten, others less so, but cutting back on consuming gluten will certainly do no harm. Quit it altogether if you like. The more the product contains whole wheat, the more gluten it contains, so white bread products are actually easier to consume, not to mention how disgusting whole wheat tastes. There are plenty of carb choices besides wheat products, and looking for gluten free substitutes is going down the wrong road; just cut back on bread, pasta, baked goods etc. there’s plenty of nutritional food sources in this bountiful part of the world. Fructose and (unfermented) soy products are also on the radar as bad for other reasons. Do your own research. Thank you for choosing such an interesting and provoking topic for a change.

  22. Kim

    I am no expert on the subject, but my personal experience has been since I cut my intake of bread down to almost nothing, I have lost 70 lbs over the last 8 months. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, some meat and milk products. I basically eat what I want whenever I want. I do not starve myself, and if I want for example ice cream I will get a 1/2 gallon and may down it in 1-3 sittings. However that does not happen too often.

  23. Dean Nett

    European wheat (non-GMO) doesn’t seem to be causing the same issues. As far as lactose goes, usually the more aged a cheese is, the lower in lactose. Try goat cheeses. They are delicious and better for you!

  24. J-Men

    I really don’t get this post. I feel Gluten isn’t bad for you at all, because when I eat bread, I really don’t feel bloated at all; and it doesn’t make me sick. Maybe you are just a little bit tolerant of Gluten? I don’t think it’s right for you to say it’s a “poison” when you’re pretty much basing it off your own experience and “research”. Everyone is different, there’s digestion system is different.

  25. HealthyNuts

    ha ha. welcome to the paleo life style dave! honestly, its not that hard to follow. once you pass the initial mental barriers of craving, its all smooth sailing. it gets easier to fight off food urges. i wont lie, i do have the occasional binge of millano cookies with ben’n jerry ice cream but thats life. who doesn’t fall off the wagon? just hop back in when your done!

  26. Axboy83

    Your new flat stomach is due more to your new gym program than you cutting out wheat. If it was just the wheat you would have had to not change gym routines and just cut the wheat and not change other things. And just because one lone guy says wheat is bad doesn’t make him right. Scientific consensus is that wheat is still good for you.

    • blog

      Axboy83: Ive been working out for 15 years and im 31…. I change program every month… It is not at all due to my gym routine…

    • blog

      Tim, yes, but in the last century wheat has been transformed to make bigger crops and faster grow etc….
      therefore the wheat has changed.

  27. Sam

    Gluten/wheat fear is merely the latest fad. I don’t buy it for a second. Stop getting your health information from crackpot web sites. All things in moderation. If you want to lose weight, try cutting down the alcohol consumption. I’m amazed how many of my friends under-eat real food but drink enough calories to keep adding weight.

    • blog

      Sam : i dont need to lose weight honey, did u see my pictures before ? loll
      I’ve always been lean and muscular, because of gym and sports….but always felt bloated stomach…not fat, bloated. U could still see my abs… 😛
      Call it a fad if you want…its ok…
      take care

  28. howard

    Wheat is not a poison, its the fat and the sugar in your diet that makes you gain weight as well as lack of exercise. People have been eating wheat for hundreds of years. This is absurd.

  29. Drew

    Sounds like you’ve been called out for posting a pretty weak, unscientifically-based article. Try using facts next time and not opinions. Gluten-free diets are a fad; the science doesn’t support MANY of us needing this type of diet.

    Disservice to your readers, indeed.

  30. John...

    Yeah Drew. So many people are naive enough to fall for these gimmicks, talking themselves into believing they work, then go around evangelizing them in an attempt to validate themselves, hoping others will be as gullible as they are.

    @ Blog stick to posting pics of dicks and your other superficial nonsense. Your attempt to pretend you know anything else is feeble to say the least.

  31. howard

    yes I read the text, I would have to see some scientific evidence. people have been eating wheat for thousands of years and no one ever got sick from WHEAT POISONING, totally ridiculous

  32. DK

    If people want to believe it’s a fad — let them. It’s their life, not yours or mine Dave. Live and let live.

    I agree with your post. I had found myself increasingly bloated, with my belly rounded despite my low bodyfat. In addition I was having weird bowel symptoms, joint pain, and felt exhausted for no apparent reason. This had been building for years, but finally became intolerable this summer. After many months of trying and testing everything with no relief, my doctor finally suggested I give up wheat/gluten, limit dairy, and generally try to eat more paleo. I was not convinced, but I was desperate so I cleared out my cabinets and fridge of grains, most dairy, and most processed foods.

    First, I was shocked by how much wheat and grain I had been consuming seeing half of my food in a pile on the kitchen floor. Second, within a week my bowel movements were regular, my joint pain went away, I no longer felt the need for long day naps due to constant exhaustion, and lo and behold my bloating was gone and my belly was flat. I was stunned and very happy.

    I’m now careful when grocery shopping and eating out. That said, I’m not a food Nazi and super strict about it — my diet is not “gluten free” in the purest sense. But eating this way works wonders for me. I love not having diarrhea, having energy, and having abs — who cares if some dude thinks it’s superficial or a fad? Not my problem.

    Thanks for the post.

  33. Mike

    Wheat..gluten…whatever. Most processed foods are poison. Be totally informed. Even vegetables have been sprayed, etc. Know what you put in your body…including that of the the sexual variety…as so many of you claim to be clean..but are toxic and poison..and lie about it. Poison..poison everywhere.

  34. Onetwo Buckle

    Cheese doesn’t have lactose! The cheese-making process alters the lactose. Same if you use milk in a recipe that is baked. Get your facts straight before you set out to publish an article like this.

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