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Have you checked your balls recently?

In this video, this rugby team will guide you in what to do and tell you exactly how it has to be done….And yes, you will see all their nut sack in that video!

This video was part of a campaign called “Balls To Cancer“ and was made to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Enjoy the video guys but mainly…check your balls:)


(video after the jump)


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  1. Jay

    OK…..happy to know that A4A cares about men’s health but the woman in RED DRESS RUINED THE MOMENT…WHAT THE F*CK!?

    would women want a gay man present as their checking their breasts?! Uh, no….exactly.

    guynxxxtdoor on a4a

  2. Hunter0500

    Public Service Porn. Who knew? It’d be interesting to know which it motivated more: self-checks or self-servicing? Seems a win-win either way.

  3. blond511

    this is good, we men need to be more up front and out about personal issues like this. In reality I don’t think I have ever known anyone who has had testicular cancer, I wonder how prevalent it is.

  4. trymyghole

    Totally by accident, I discovered a small lump on my testicle and checked with my Dr about it. After being referred to a urologist, I was told I had a testicular tumor that had probably been there for months. It was removed and I am fine (still have both nuts.) But, if I had not found it accidentally, things could have been much worse. My urologist did tell me that men should check themselves monthly. I never had and neither had anyone I asked. Now I advocate it to every guy I know.

  5. cancerfree

    The guys all shaved there dicks for this ,How sweet are they for that !
    and were willing to show some sac . I think its great and if you have to make a joke about it ,because you saw balls ,they you can pass me right by

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