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I was out recently and was sitting next to this couple. One guy kept referring to the other guy as his daddy. In the gay community, a daddy generally means that an older guy is dating a younger boy. Some younger guys might have daddy issues and need the support and security of an older man but for other it is more a question of being attracted to older men.  

I recently started dating a guy much younger than myself who doesn’t have daddy issues. Has never called me daddy and has never referred to me as papi. He told me it’s an attraction thing more than anything else, he has dated guys his own age but prefers guys my age, he is 28 and I am 49. 

Whatever the reason is, people will always make assumptions when two guys of different ages are together. I told the guy I’m dating that people will look at me and say “what is that old man doing with that young boy”, he looked at me and said people would say “why is that guy dating that hooker”.  It’s all how you look at it.

Are you in a daddy/boy relationship?  Do you have daddy issues or do you simply prefer the company of older guys?  Are you an older guy who only dates younger guys?


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  1. Matt

    This is the same taboo as the cougar label (older women with younger men)in a different context. As myself, I enjoy the company of older men. I equally have friends of both my age and twice my age. It has never been an issue with myself or others; we’re all just friends. When it comes to sex, I much prefer the connection with someone my age or older as they too, generally from my experience, know what they want and how to perform. In other words, I like to be with MEN! With younger guys, I often leave unsatisfied and feel as if I wasted my time.

  2. blond511

    I am an older guy(55 now) and I only seem to want to be with men my own age, I feel uncomfortable with younger men; why would someone younger want an old guy > I have always wanted to be with people the same age as I am as I have progressed.

  3. mfd

    my experience: young guys who go looking for a “daddy” have issues. they generally can’t take care of themselves so they need someone to do it for them. and older men who date much younger than themselves generally are insecure about their age.

  4. Chris2363

    I’m getting old (at least in this community) at 50 but I find that I get a lot of younger guys who are interested in me…some as young as 20 (younger than my kids). I am also fascinated by this and ask them why…usually its because they want someone with no drama or with experience. I haven’t had any of them tell me they have “daddy issues” although I don’t mind being called that in bed!

  5. Bob

    I am 58 and recently divorced (from a female). I have been looking for a younger man who is into an older man. Not looking to be a “Daddy” or “Grand daddy” because I already am one. I just enjoy the company of younger men. I just have not clue as to where to look. I am on two different webpages, A4A being one of them.

    Seems like most of the younger guys I encounter, both on and off line, are looking for a sugar daddy.

    Where does a man look for real guys at? Is it just a luck of the draw?

  6. Ennesto

    I’m 48 & have a 21yr. old fwb..I don’t know of any daddy issues..but this kid has mad skills & is more mature than many of my same age friends.

  7. CR_EP

    Currently in a monogamous relationship with a 47 yr old man and I’ll be 27 on Halloween. 20 years difference between us but I’m just attracted to older mature men. I’ve had issues with my father – just wishing we’d get along more and he’d be more of an actual father figure. I don’t however like referring to my boyfriend as my ‘daddy’ or ‘papi’. It makes me cringe and he knows it so he makes jokes about it but neither of us really like it.

    I’ve only dated one guy my age. My current relationship is my 2nd with a male who happens to be older. In all reality I could date both but there must be an intellectual connection established. One could say I’m attracted to maturity.

  8. fergus2012

    I have a child, and don’t care for being called daddy, or papi. I have had dates with younger guys, (I am 50) generally prefer guys closer to my age. Rarely go with a guy in his twenties. There aren’t may cultural references in common.

  9. Jay

    Older guys are just so attractive. I’ve found older men to be way better in bed than guys my age (34). So, it’s not about having daddy issues. Older men are more mature, experienced & just freakin hot!

  10. almann0

    I have an older man that I have been with for 10 yrs now. We get along great. I am 47 and he is 65. He has another buddy that he sees now and that guy think he is not old enough. That man is 55 and he wants a man really 75. Many of the younger guys are reckless and just not much to them. Can’t relate very well or very superficial.
    Good luck to all

  11. Raymond Mendez

    I enjoyed reading your post. However I need to clear up one little detail of that. You had mentioned that your currently dating a younger guy and that he has never called you “papi”. Well I am Puerto Rican and it is culturally acceptable for us to refer to another man as papi because it does not bare the same meaning as the English word “daddy”. I can appreciate your thoughts on the subject matter though. Me personally, I prefer to date someone some what close to my age bracket however it is hard to find that in the life style today because so many are not looking for relationship material. I have attempted to date younger than myself but I have found in most cases the outcome is usually similar in one way or another. But I believe if two people can get together and make it work then more power to the both of them regardless of the age difference. Good luck in your endeavors my friend.
    Respectfully Yours,

  12. Jaime

    I always have felt more attracted to older guys, I don’t have any daddy issues but I have always found older men more attractive, because I see them as MEN, not as boys, although I don’t see myself as a boy either.

    Physically and mentally I will always be attracted to older men, but there will always be assumptions people make about people with an age gap. There’s obviously those who assume the younger guy is after a “daddy” and/or after the guy’s money, also some will also assume that the younger guy is a bottom who wants to be dominated. Luckily I don’t fit any of those profiles, but that doesn’t mean people will stop making assumptions.

  13. DesertDevil

    Skorich!!! You worry about the strangest things. Stop worrying about what other people think and just enjoy your life. Your posts tend to over analyze things. Kinda like the lesbians do.
    Just relax…go with the flow…your life will be so much easier!

  14. Dave

    I typically date older men. In fact all of my partners have been older than me. I just ended a 4 year relationship with someone who was 11 years older. However, age has never been an in issue in my relationships. I wouldn’t mind dating guys my age, but they never express interest, well rarely. I’m always kind of put off if I’m talking to someone in a bar and they say , “I’m old enough to be your dad”. They usually don’t find it so funny anymore when I tell them that my dad was 40 when I was born. What a buzz kill! The last thing I want to think about is my dad when I might be into a guy. The whole daddy thing is a strange phenomenon. I don’t really look at things that way, but I get it. I understand the looks from people or their assumptions about the relationship, but I don’t really care. I had to learn to get over it because I look quite a bit younger than I actually am so it’s not something that I can avoid if I’m out with a guy who is even 5-10 years older than me.

  15. Joe

    Currently in a great relationship with both an older and younger guy. Older guy is 60, I am 42, younger boy is 24. We are all extremely happy. It’s purely an attraction thing with us. ‘Daddy’ loves his younger guys. I love older and younger, but typically not my own age, and my boy loves his daddy and gandddad. We both have very strong relationships with his own fathers, but simply prefer the company of older men. (Older and younger in my case.) Like so many other things in life, relationships are about the maturity level, nothing to do with age.

  16. Jeremy

    I definetly enjoy the company of older men. I am 27 have a great life education home financially stable. But an older man is very attractive, not just physically but also mentally. They have an array of life experiences and usually are more in tune with who they are and what the expect out of life.

  17. alonso

    I am a 26,year old male. I am currently dating a 48 year old handsome man. I find his masculinity, his wisdom so sexy. Young guys are romantic and spontaneous, but older men know what they want. They are secure about who they are and what they want. I never refer to him as my “daddy.”

  18. E

    I have been attracted to older men since I was in my teens, I love they way that they are always in control. I am a sub and like the security of an older man.

  19. John...

    When I was younger I use to only be attracted to older guys. It wasn’t because of daddy issues, just that gay guys my own age were just too flighty and superficial for my taste. These days I’m attracted to guys around my own age or a little bit younger if they are mentally mature.

    I have known some guys who have used the term “daddy” to refer to their older partner and some guys who were the same age as their partner and used it. I think it’s often just a sexual fantasy term of endearment.

  20. Danny

    I’m in a 27 year age difference. I’m 24 and my husband is 51. We have been together for six years and I’ve never called him daddy. I have no father issues. I just love older guys

  21. Logan3

    No daddy issues here my father is my biggest supporter however I do prefer older for mentorship and maturity level. Unfortunately moving to NYC has proved me wrong.

  22. tomg4387

    I am an older guy that likes younger guys. I feel more alive around younger guys. Younger guys can get it up more than once a night. As I am a bottom this is a plus. lol Younger guys are less inhibited and willing to have sex anywhere. lol

  23. Alphonzo H Rivers Jr

    I guess you can call me an older guy now, I’m 53. But I’ve always been attracted to older men. Older men are more down to earth, don’t play the games that younger guys do. They seem to know what they want out of life and out of a one on one relationship. I perfer older guys to younger guys anyday, but there a few (and I do mean a few) younger guys who have their heads on straight,are down to earth and know what they want from life and a one on one relationship. I’ve had the pleasure of being in a one on one relationship with a slightly older guy for over 25 years until this past June. I loved him, enjoyed sharing my life with him and miss him dearly. I wish you all the best, older or younger.

  24. Mitch

    I like younger guys because they have tighter bodies and if they are newbie they tighter holes. Also I just like the look if a younger guy. It nice to be the guy deflowering and teaching them new stuff. Also it’s an ego boost to think this young guy is attracted to me. When they are really young like 18 it is always fun when they say “give it to me daddy” I used to not be into it but as I got older if I want fresh meat I got to accept my role and it us fun. Okay so this is not a relationship but I’m still into hook-ups

  25. Steve

    I am new to guys but typically prefer older men 10 years my senior. I like a more experienced guy (in life) who appreciates me.

  26. Eric

    I never thought about dating younger guys until I moved to a college town..I’m 52 and kept getting hit on by college aged guys..At first I just laughed it off until one kid, just kept at it, so I thought I’d give it a shot…we played and I tried to justify all the reasons to not see him again, but we both enjoy each other in and out of bed….he doesn’t call me daddy or ask me to be “..generous”he’s not attracted to guys his age but only those over about 45..just his thing…we met a couple of years ago when he was 20…still together and I found you can teach an old dog new tricks…

  27. Nothing_clever

    i’m in a relationship 17 years my senior. i’m 28 he’s 45. sometimes we get stares, sometimes guys make comments (which is so rude) but we try not to let it phase us. I do think that part of my attraction to older men is that i’ve always had older father figures. maybe i have daddy issues but any relationship i attempt at with a man my age generally doesn’t end well or it’s purely sexual. My partner has brought stability into my life.

  28. Markus

    I am 57 and have always preferred men younger than me, in their 20’s and 30’s. It simply is a matter of their energy, their sense of adventure, and the fact I seem to get along with them better. I know my way around a racquetball and tennis court and like the level of competition a younger guy provides.

  29. Muziqman

    For me, in my experiences, older men have a confidence that guys my age do not. They seem to know all the right things to say or do to impress. Sexually, they have a dominance that is so reassuring, and you submit yourself to the immense pleasure he’s giving you; all the while, finding pleasure in reciprocating. I’m currently 25; when I see a handsome, attractive 35+ years-of-age man, of course I double-take.

  30. frank

    i am an older guy that is attracted to younger guys…i’m 59 …when i was younger i only had interest in guys my age…hell! i thought 34 was old!! i had no interest in older guys at all….what surprises me is how many younger guys really find us older ones so attractive..luckily i have good genes that with moderate exercise keep me looking healthy and fit…i’m seeing a guy that is the most loving, brilliant, grounded, romantic, and sexually fantastic partner of my life right now…7 months and going strong! and he’s 28

  31. Araz

    I never had a father, so I date older men who will dominate me and love me. It’s also an attraction thing as well as a mental thing for me.

  32. SEKMan4Another

    I prefer men older than myself just because there usually tends to be a greater maturity level than those my age or younger. I look for the guy that I know has a stable job and can provide for himself and won’t be constantly bumming. Just a personal pereference.

  33. gs999

    It’s all roleplay as far as I can see, and has never done anything for me personally.

    It’s ok to do it for fun, but I really don’t see it as being a basis for any kind of relationship, other than sexual roleplay.

  34. Jay

    Ever since I was aware of my attraction to men, I was always interested in men.

    At a very young age, I remember lusting over the “daddy” models featured in weekly newspaper ads for Macy’s or Stern’s.

    Things haven’t changed, throughout my 20s and now into my early 30s….I still crave cock from 40 – 50 yr old men. Men who are in good health and in shape that is.

    I’ve met some 40 and 50 yr old “daddies” who blow any 20 and 30 yr old out of the water w/ their (sexual) stamina and physique.



  35. DaddysB0i

    I’m totally a daddy’s boy ;P I find it so hott, everything about older guys with younger guys! And the weird thing is I don’t even remember when I began to realize it? I’m 21. Sadly it seems there are no legit daddy’s in my area ;(

  36. Chazzy

    I’m an older guy who likes younger men. My thought is get that hot young stud anyway you can! He can call me Daddy, Pops or whatever and the public can think what they may. The fulfillment and pleasure that I get from the encounter/relationship is far greater than my concern about how I am perceived.

  37. vadimrcb

    I am 54 and my bf is 18. He is totally attracted to me, and has been attracted to older men since he was 13 or younger. We have a wonderful relationship. I have aa hard time keeping up with his energy. We love to cuddle, and every kiss is new and exciting. I am very lucky.

  38. Bren

    I’m 23 years old I had the opportunity to date guys of my age, and also guys more older than I, Did you have known how it last a relationship with someone of my age maybe days, I have a boyfriend now he is 38 and I haven’t be happier ever, I did have a weird real father but it does mean I’m looking into replace him with my bf, I think it could be we are attracted to masculine face and mature conversation, keep going no matter what, I know guys of my age are hot and beautiful good looking but sometimes young guys are looking for mature face and deep eye looking and why not dominant men in bed too

    Cheers By

  39. Rob

    As an older man who like the company of younger men, I love it! And those older men who say no they don’t like younger men don’t have any idea what they are missing! Besides that 40 something’s are a drag!

  40. Forrest

    I generally prefer the company of older men. I’m 28. And I really haven’t been with someone my own age. I find most guys my age are not mature or stable enough to handle a purely sexual relationship. And those who are, are trying to get married. I find that older men have a similar view on sex and life that I have. It’s generally easier for me to be with older men.

  41. jheremjames

    Hi there!

    I’m 25 years but since I was younger I always have a thing with older guy or much older guy. I start dating guy with same age of mine when I was 18. It was nice but I don’t see any maturity coming, things are just for fun and sex. Then I told my stop to stop it. By that time I know what I want its dating guys older than me. I was glad to meet a guy who’s 41 while I’m 19. Things became different and that’s what I like. We had conversations about life current events and anything that can help me to be mature and know things that can add to my knowledge. Specially great sex. There’s a norm that “when his older his boring in sex” which no older guys failed me. I even tried to date a 51 year old guy when I was 20 and he fucks he I even remember that we had 6 rounds of sex in a night. Its not all about sex and age. I think its finding the companion and comfortability with each other. For me I just find the happiness and what I really want with older guys. I tried dating some guys my ages but things are not really want to be. I can date guys 10-20yrs older than me. I’m a good bottom so older top guy is perfect for me.I’m asian, but I like foreigners american or european 🙂

  42. Dad

    I enjoy men of all ages, but it seems younger men are attracted to me. In discussions, they, too, have said that they are just drawn to older, more articulate men. My partners have been anywhere from 8 years younger than me to 32 years younger. The chemistry between two adults is often more about outlooks and personalities than it is about age. Enjoy the relationship for all it can be for both of you!

  43. nyc

    Im the older guy . Its hard not think of myself as younger and so therefore 35 seems old enough to me @53 .I dont feel im the older guy but i guess i am I date more guys my age if they were as attractive as i find most aging un remarkable .thanks god for my genes . I’m not turned on with Daddy / Son insect fantasy . papi is a work of passion , used alot in latino cuture .Getting fucked at 19years pld my latino top 24 was calling me papi.
    I say to all the young guys reading this ,Lighten up on the age thing .We are not join at the hip and variety is the spice of life .

  44. Jeff

    I date who i like i do not worry about age. If it a issue then it is with the people around you. The person i am dating knows my age if they do not worry about it then i don’t worry either.

  45. bigblackbear

    I’m a older guy, 67 and always get the response of people I don’t look 67. So almost all the people I date are younger sometimes way younger and yes they will call me daddy or papi. I’m not very comfortable with those terms. I know having a father in my life what that kind of relationship that is and it’s not sexual but one of nurturing and love and if I did have relationship with someone who was looking for a daddy figure I would be there but exclude sex.

  46. AJ

    I like ’em all. I don’t care to go older than 50 which I admit limits the whole “daddy” thing, but I’ve just found that for right now, 50 is a good cap for me. And I’m in my mid-30s and have had 18-22 year olds want me to be a daddy for them. Which was weird initially, but if it gets me fucked or doing some fucking, who cares?

  47. Scarpien

    I’m currently dating a guy who’s 29 years old; I’m 45 years old. I don’t look like I’m in my 40s so I doubt people will stare and/or wonder, and I really don’t care if they do. Life is too short to be concerned about strangers who mean nothing to you, and what they think. As long as the attraction/chemistry is mutual, and you’re both consenting adults, I say go for it.
    If you spend all your time trying to please others the only person who won’t be pleased is you.

  48. geminimage

    This is a very complex issue. Like you said it could be abt daddy issues. I myself prefer older men (I am 31 and my last bf was 55). It all depends upon the people in the relationship. Might also have yo look at how much of age difference there is between the guys

  49. sjohnson

    been on both sides of the ‘daddy’ thing. was fine either way. could not care less what others thought anyway. but with the younger, always wanted to be on the move doing something and i was/am the homebody type. when i dated the older for a few months was good, however, he had 2 kids and i did not want to deal with young kids at the time. looking back on it though, i should have stayed with him.
    so either way—go for it!!

  50. Danny

    I have always been attracted to older men (I’m 26; the oldest I’ve dated was 54). I have a good relationship with my father, & I have always been in the company of older men. I usually prefer to have sex with men who are older than me, & I am comfortable with that. Couldn’t care less if someone assumes that I’m dating an older man because “he has money”, etc. I know what I am & I know what I am not. I’m with that person because I am into them & I love them. That’s all there is to it. 🙂

  51. yountz38

    I’m into younger guys only. I’m 50 and I have a few friends that I get together with ranging from 20-24. Two of the guys have spent a month or more with me and we got along well. I’m not looking for a relationship as I am divorced from my wife and still have a bitter taste from that.

  52. Brian

    I’m currently single right now, but I do not have any “daddy issues”.

    With that having been said, I have had my fair share of dating older guys on more than a few occasions. I find nothing wrong with it at all. It really is an attraction thing. Well, for me it has always been that way. Older guys are more mature in my book (although a lot of them can be extremely impatient at times). Yes, I do date guys of all ages (I have a limit as to how old though). Usually the only thing that I put any emphasis on is being in good shape. I don’t need some muscle bound hero (although I wouldn’t turn that away either) but at least (for me) look like you care about how you look. Because at the end of any day “physical attraction” is one of the top reasons we as human beings get with one another. Some might say personality beats out looks, but can one really say that they can wake up next to somebody for the rest of their life that they are not physically drawn to? I highly doubt that!

    My first older guy was 31 going on 32 and I had just turned 18 (or 19). Although it wasn’t planned on, but he ended up being the first guy I had actual anal sex with (how it happened really wasn’t what I had expected it to be or really wanted – but that’s a sad story, maybe for another day to tell).

    As far as I could remember when I was a tween and even into my teens; I held some attraction to older guys. For me, as I’ve noticed, guys younger than me and even the ones around my age seem to not be interested in me or just managed to only play out mutual flirting with me. Or was all about sex (which in the beginning started out as “lets have fun doing this once in a while” to “let’s have fun but end up being a one-night stand”. Some older guys actually want to get to know you, some give advice (although most of what they would say – I already knew & would tell myself daily) and then there are the ones that act just like the young ones or even worse.

    I think I just lost my train of thought, so I’ll end it right here.

    [I’m currently in my early-early 30’s but I still look like I belong somewhere in an sophomore high school class].


  53. Kyle T.

    I used to always go for older men when I started seeing men at a young age. It was an attraction thing because I always found older men to be super sexy with there manly bodies and sexy charm they have. But now me and my partner of two years are the same age and i am completely satisfied with him. But I do still love to look at older men and complement on how sexy they are!!

  54. Masterblt

    Relationship is a funny thing….when I first came out I was more less into older guys not because of Daddy issue or for money, but because I enjoyed his company and being able to see things thru a diffrent light. Now that I am older myself, I find it hard to date someone who is my jr., not because I have not been asked, but because time has change and so has dating. Some(and I do say some)older guys look for younger men to date and some younger men will only date men who are older….to sum it all up the heart knows what the heart wants…as long as the two have respect for each other who gives a S@&t was someone else thinks…enjoy it while it last.

  55. Bob

    I met an older man…9 years my senior while on vacation at the pool in our hotel. After a week of what seemed like a whirl wind romance we both traveled back to reality and the cities we lived in. Upon arriving home he called me and told me he loved me and I responded I felt the same. Within 3o days I had packed and moved across the country to start our new lives together. Although many times I heard is he your sugar daddy….why are you involved with him….what do you have in common…my only response was…because I love him. We shared the next 25 years together before the good Lord decided he needed him more than I and called him home suddenly from a freak accident. Age is only a number….follow your heart…forget what others say..or think…Be ture to what makes you happiest. For me…for us…it was the magic that made our lives what most only dream of knowing.

  56. J J

    If you are exclusively and specifically only dating 20 + years younger than your own age, you have a complex…… and it is insecurity. Yes that is the daddy complex fa sure, lock stock and barrell and its alive and well.

    She a hooker oh yeah !

  57. randyb1955

    My Guy and I are 27 y o and 57 y o. We have ben together 7 years now. Its a super relationship. Daddy? NA. Money? NA. We work hard to keep it alive and going. So, that being said after I read what you wrote here. I asked him. So whay attracts you to me? y age? My mentoring? My money? His answer was and always has been. “YOU’RE AN AWESOME GUY” We are always there for one and another. Love you baby.

  58. ed

    I came out late in life, sort of, I was 28. Fortunately I looked around 20 but it seemed like everyone in the bars was younger than me, lol. I’ve pretty much always dated younger men for the last several decades and find little attraction to men my own age as many don’t take care of themselves. Overweight men don’t excite me young or old but I just can’t get an oooh factor from a man my age and 40lbs overweight. I’m always called daddy or papi but who cares as long as they fuck me like I’m their boy!

  59. simon

    I’m 31 and my boyfriend is 18 and does not have any daddy issue. He does call me daddy in bed and the reason why he call me daddy is cause I’m a older masc guy who take control in bed. That what I believe.

  60. D

    I am a 51 year old man currently dating a younger man. (20 years my junior) He had always been attracted to older men. We get along so well in and out of the bedroom. I know that l really don’t care what other people have to say about us because we are very happy being with each other and in life that is ultimately what is all about. Doing what makes you happy!

  61. Ilovebubblebutts

    I am 28 and I’ve been with older men and women. I think it is the maturity factor and more experience plus some (but not all) older men are very attractive just like the guy in the above pic who is very hot.

  62. Horney Dad

    In my 60’s here and have a variety of men that call me Daddy. Even men their 40’s sometimes like a hot daddy for play. In some cases guys like to be forced by their dad to do things.

  63. Paul

    I am 58 and have always been attracted to younger men. I’d love to find a boy around 25 or so to have a Grandpa/Grandson relationship with. I’m a bottom, too…so that would really fuck everyone up!

  64. Funinsun20

    I’m 31 and I always date older daddy types, I don’t have any daddy issues at all. It’s just a preference. I love being dominated by Daddy.

  65. Marquis

    I do like the company of an older man. They know what they want aren’t like guys my age. I’m 25 and I like at least a 10-12 year and up distance. The only time I call my man “papi” or “daddy” is when it’s sexual

  66. bigbadboi36

    I am 42, and I have always enjoyed the company of younger guys. And by younger, I mean those younger than me. I tend to have more fun with guys 18-23. I just wish there were more guys that needed and wanted the company of an older, gentleman. I do not know if it is the innocence that these guys have, or what.

  67. newleafonlife28

    I don’t have daddy issues. I love being with an older guy. I been with older guys since I was 18. I am 29 now and prefer older guys. No one over 50 though.

  68. Elias

    I think a daddy and younger relationship can be hot especially if the daddy is a big dick verse masculine muscle jock lol with lots of cash

  69. randyb1955

    My B F is 27 y o , I am 57 y o. Not a daddy son thing at all. We have been together 7 years now. not always been easy, but we work things out when there is a problem. Yeah, people make comments. ehhh, we don’t care. So I asked him after reading this blog. Just what did attract you to me, His answer was “Because you’re an awesome, careing, loving guy. Its not money or anything like that. He pays his own way and we are always there for one and other.

  70. Garret

    I’m younger (34) and attracted to older guys/daddies (but not exclusively) because I find them physically attractive if they’ve taken care of themselves, and are generally more mature and experienced in life, including sexually. I also find the older/younger or daddy/son dynamic erotic. But I don’t have daddy issues. I am also successful and independent in my own right and don’t need financial or emotional support whatsoever. So, any older, masculine, muscular, passionate, intelligent tops out there? Hit me up. My a4a screen name is mellowman5. :o)

  71. boi4dad

    Im 22 ever since I can remember I have been attractes to men more than twice my age. I love the salt n pepper gray hair, the calm demeanor, the kind wisdom they bring into my life. Im currently in a 4 year relationship with a man 24 years my senior, it was hard at first because I was worried about other people’s opinions. But over time I cared less and less. And if you think he has money….I WISH!and I love to call him daddy. I guess you could call it daddy issues, but so what? At least I’m getting off, are you?

  72. Dennis

    I think it is great that there are so many positive replies concerning the age issue. As for the ones who run in fear from older guys wait until they are in our shoes and see how they feel. I guess they cannot fathom that far ahead 🙂

  73. Jordan

    I am 22 and attracted to daddies I don’t know why I just am. I love some of the men’s comments on here so daddies email me so we can chat 😉

  74. Howardangel

    If you’re an older guy that is in relationship with a much younger guy then dont keep asking why he’s with you, it can be a turn off. Of course there are some issues deep down between you guys but why delving into them. Definitely it’s not about the sex no matter how many blue pills you take. To say it will last then probably never but just enjoy the time you’ve been with each other. I’m 40 and getting along better with guys 10 years within my age. I happened to meet but never seeking older guys in the past because in the dating world guys tend to lie about their ages. Older guys are more patient and established in career and also willing to compromise to make both parties happy. Younger guys tend to be more arrogant since youth is invincible or fickle in what they want in life or in relationship although they dont always have the means to support their wants and sex can be off the chart any time of the day.

  75. Täíä

    Well for I don’t think I call many guys “daddy” because for me daddy is the one who can really push me to a climax. But I have done a 40 year old who was really energetic and he deserved the title daddy lol. But I think older guys love younger guys simply because of the youth and the energy of it. It sounds weird I know

  76. Tim

    I’m 51, and a daddy in real life. I’m very comfortable w guys of many ages… If they’re in good shape and low maintenance. Maybe it helps that I’m hung and not looking for a ltr. Right now I have three steady fwbs… One is 23 (has a legit daddy), one 33 (daddy is dead) and one 42! 42 yo is a grandfather and I call him gramps

  77. alex

    I noticed that at no point did anyone say anything about daddies having youth issues. Rather, it seems to be the other way around with all of the comments. I’m a “daddy” and can barely stand to be around men my age, because most of them have become boring. On the other hand, I have dated guys who were generally 20 years or more younger than I am, and I find them equally boring. I’m not drawn to older guys, seem to be generally not drawn to younger guys, and now I am in the quandary of whether I’m into guys who are my age. Maybe I should go back to women!

  78. 69Albert

    I’m going to keep this short and cute:

    Daddy means the guy who is more Dominant.

    In my eyes its because I’ve always been a younger guy that like older dudes but it seems that I over power them in some way that they call me Daddy or its just the way I look and Carrie myself and I don’t mind it at all but its better in the bedroom to be called that when its that sexy hour.

  79. Hunter0500

    Age isn’t a factor for me. My buds come in a variety of ages, some older some younger. In reading the posts here that seems to be the case. Guys, in general, will form relationships with guys they connect with regardless of age.

  80. Dan

    why we (specially gay men) start to pay attention too much about the age different (as long as adult and legally), the look, afraid what people think about us, and more….??? If there is an attachment between both, and if there is a love, then what’s problem????

  81. John...

    @ alex

    There’s an old saying “if you’re bored then you’re boring” Perhaps you need a new outlook and attitude on life, otherwise it won’t get any better no matter who you’re with and as long as you are in the picture.

  82. Pop_rox

    I’m 30 and have always been attracted to men older than myself. I remember dating guys that were in their 30’s when I was 19.

    No daddy issues here. What attracts me to some older gentlemen is their maturity, stability, and over all life experience. Which is a huge turn on for me, especially, smart men with salt and pepper hair; it’s super sexy!

    If you’re an older gent hit me up: pop_rox

  83. That_guy51486

    I love older guys. I’m 27 and i like guys 45+, always have. It might have something to do with my first sexual encounter. I was 14, he was 50. It was not rape or molestation, though it might have been in his mind. He was my next door neighbor and soccer coach. He was married with 3 daughters.
    It all started shortly after i hit puberty. My bedroom window faced his house and i had a clear view into his upstairs bathroom. I was jerking off one night to one of my older brother’s porno mags and i looked out the window in hopes of seeing my bear of a neighbor taking a piss or showering. I saw him, but he wasn’t pissing or showering. He was jerking off while watching me polish my 14 yr old pole. We made eye contact and he signaled me to meet him outside. That night, i sucked my first cock and tasted cum for the first time. As the months and years passed, our relationship flourished. By the time i was 16, we were flip fucking each other in his and his wife’s bed at least 5 times a week. He showed me the sexual wisdom that only older men have.

  84. Sloppytoppy

    I love older men but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want stability from them. I mean why the fuck would I date an old bum?? I love calling my man Daddy, it shows that I respect him and that I am the bitch in the relationship. It turns me on.. Im 23, and my last bf was like 70..that hot as fuck!!

  85. AnonEmouse

    I personally think its about what grinds your gears. I dont have father issues, and am dating a younger guy who is 90% Top, and when he is going to work and I say “Daddy get it!” “Oh daddy its too big” it gets him going, which gets me going. Its not for everyone. Soo hot to me and I’ve never called anyone daddy before.

  86. My answer suffices (my answer means my rules) thx

    Stop looking for affirmation that its ok – people age differently – if everything works then just save the fucking gay world another layer if drama and both agree to lie that you are 1-4 ish years off. Focus on each other. Stop using gay stereotypes to be yourself as a gay guy. If u doth is you add no better than any other ignorant straight fuck. Define you relationship as you See fit. There’s the real advice you deserve… And be good to each other,ok?

  87. MistrFistr

    Seems like a lot of 20-somethings are gravitating to older FF tops for two things…experience and support. Then, there’s the meth addicted btms who’re looking for free T. My current steady is 22 and has fantastic guts, he only calls me “Daddy” during a good session. Fine with me, as long as they’re trustworthy, and that’s a BIG “if.” If they keep hittin’ you up for T, PASS…it’s the same behavior as any addict does to anyone they can rope in, gay OR straight.

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