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Here comes something you always wanted to know, a survey of average penis size during erection from all around the world. Can you guess who has the biggest?

So before you size queens book a trip to Congo, let me know if size maters to you?

For me it does, I mean I don’t enjoy having sex with small ones… I really need to feel it inside.

Remember I have talked to you about my hookup with a huge bodybuilder, he had 5 inches, and this is definitely not enough for me.

I dont need 12 inches to be satisfied, but a 3.7 inches (South Korea) won’t do it for me, that is for sure.

As for the size for USA and Canada I’m kinda surprised…

Well I guess I helped raising the average Canadian size to 5.5 with my 8 but USA….5.1!! ย  ย O_o

You guys need more guys from Congo and Ecuador for sure!

All that is very funny, but some guys also like small dicks. I saw many times on A4A that guys were looking for small ones, for different reasons….

“To each his own” they say!



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  1. Joshua

    i have 7.5 and my bf has 8. we’ve been together for four years now. but though he is a versatile top, he remains a total top for me. see the problem here is that i am too long and too thick for him, he prefers the smaller variety. so we go and find guys who have a smaller penis for him to bottom for while i top them. i, on the other hand, prefer to have something that will hurt later. when i bottom, i don’t wanna be able to walk afterwards.

  2. camphor

    8 is my magic number, but I am happy with a 7. I’m a 7, so its kind of weird when a top is smaller than I am.

    But a guy should also know how to use what he has, if not then its a waste :/

  3. Oreo

    I guess I’ve been pretty lucky, of all the dicks I’ve had— @ the tender age of 26, only 44.. I’ve had maybe… 5 or 6 less than 6 inches. My longest relationship was w a 6 inch guy.. THICK A.F… W the greatest sex I’ve ever had… maybe that’s why I stayed w the asshole so long -_- 5 years.. prefer the stimulation versus penetration

  4. Marco

    LMAO G90814-Come On!!!!
    As far as size goes man I am a top but there is something about having a hung bottom I am about 8.5inches and some bottoms like that and I have had some that don’t have a good time with it. I think that it depends on who we are with and just what there personal preferences are….

  5. Tancredo

    I would like to know the margin of error in that study because it doesn’t look to me reliable. I think in the US the average size of penis got to be between 6.5″ to 7.5″.

  6. Jay

    Let’s face it–a larger dick is better able to fertilize the mancervix while breeding the mangina or manpussy. A small one simply can’t get the job done correctly. That’s what it boils down to.

  7. bootysplitta

    I tend to get the bottom that always complains that they can’t handle my size….I wouldn’t say I have the longest dick…I’m about 8 inches or so but I’m thick. I also like to have a bottom who is hung!!!! But anyway, for all you bottom guys complaining that you want a big dick, just remember, when I step up to pitch….there’s no need to back down. YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!

  8. Jamie

    Yeah I agree…it is pretty shallow…but I gotta admit I would like to be the one doing the research. Was this government funded??

  9. joey

    QUESTION: How many men did they actully measure and size up from each country for this supposedly survey? Honestly, I believe most surveys are a farce, I can just picture some nerd sitting in a quebicule playing with his (ruler) fantasising about cock lol

  10. Goldenloverinmym

    i’m about 7,my best friend has the same but he is uncut n thick and I love ithave had several 8″ and want 2 try a 10+but until that time will b happy with his 7.Dean

  11. Mike

    Personally I am going to say bigger can be better depending on the situation. When it comes to oral my gag reflex is not the greatest but when on the bottom I like to feel something, yet I do have a limit. I have been with little dicked guys before but cute as heck which made up for the short coming. I also realized I enjoyed a larger guy when on the bottom because smaller tends to poke around too much.

  12. Christopher

    I still find it VERY odd that “gay men CANNOT seem to CORRECTLY measure their OWN PENIS. And these are “adult homosexual MEN” and they can’t “get it right” W T F?

    And you guys with the 7 and 8 inch cocks, why are you doing porn and making money that way? I’m just saying……

  13. Jayfay

    Well I never used to be much of a bottom but these days I’m very versatile and I gotta say, nothing gets me on my hands and knees faster than a really hung guy.. Sometimes I’m only up for oral but sometimes I want it all and I want it to hurt.. It should not be easy to get in.. I’ve had small before and while it feels fine and I’ll have a good time, I usually don’t go for anyone less than 7 in and pretty thick.. Or at least very thick

  14. notasizequeen

    A dick is a dick… and from experience, the guys with more average tools usually know how to use it better.

    There’s soooo much more to a guy than his dick. Sure, a big dick is interesting to a point, but I’m much more into the rest of the man.

  15. Erich

    Size is always an issue … some like them small, some large and many in between. I have been with a small guy who definitely knew how to use it and it was great … on the converse, I have been with a large guy who just pounded and it was plain old boring. For me, between 6 and 8 inches is best, but the size means nothing if you are with someone you really care about!!!

  16. Aj

    my bf is 8.5 and so am I but a little thicker then he is we have been together for 9 Yea, you have to be my size or bigger I need to know someone has been there. Lol

  17. liento

    The old saying is ” Its not how big it is, its how you use it!” I am just an average 6″ plus, but I enjoy sex, and more sex. I would like to find a lover again, that once or more times a day really spoiled me.

  18. Ej

    First of all, G90814, go get you some business somewhere. That said, I completely agree with Marco. I’m between 8.5 and 9 depending on the day. Lol. And I know what you mean. I’m a vers top, and I have had bottoms who simply can’t handle me. I imagine it’s the opposite side of the too-small-dick coin. Either way I figure it isn’t fun. I do have to say, I have done my share of bottoming, and the best dick I ever had was about 6…on a good day! But the guy knew what he had and how to work it.

  19. 94501

    omg – cock is cock. There are some slight variations outside of many call “normal”, but there is also a guy attached to that cock and he makes it or fucks it up.

  20. Matt Cartier

    I once screwed around with a guy whose cock was the size of my forearm. When he dropped the towel I screamed, and I’m a total top myself (thank God). And just today I played around with a str8 guy with a 9 incher, while most btms I’ve been with are 7″ or better. I myself am just 7″, but it’s a fat 7 so no one complains. But the number of boys out there today who want bigger than me is amazing. They’ve believed the hype and are just in it for the ride, not the passion.

  21. Hairball

    I’m with G90814. I have never asked the size of a mans dick when trying to hook up. I guess I’m more into the person than the package.

  22. bryan

    im not big, and i dont have any preference in dick size really. it doesnt matter how big the dick is to me, as long as its smooth, some are vascular/hairy/weird im just not into it.. i think the body and face are a bigger turn on to me than the actual dick.

  23. muzyqman

    Maybe if I got it more often, I would want larger because my sphincter would more easily accommodate. As it is, I have found that, the bigger the cock, the less technique its owner has. Maybe they think that if you have inches, you don’t have to have anything else. But I’d rather be with a guy who has 6″ and great technique than with a guy who has 9″ and little or none. If I ever meet a guy who has 9″ AND technique, I’ll have to re-examine the issue.

  24. Ed E Sparks

    I like thick dicks. My longest relationship and better hookups. Have been with guys that r 6 to 8 inches. The really huge ones dont even fit and is more like trying sex then having sex. I traveled the country and men america have big penises. Jeff in omaha and jeff in arkansas so good and way above 5.1.. this “poll” is bullshit

  25. Dave

    I prefer something in the 6″ range. It feels good but doesn’t hurt. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am about a 7.5 to 8, and some guys just loved that. But anything at or over 7 definitely goes very slow. Just my preference. Thanks.

  26. Roadtown

    I think you should try getting stats from the Caribbean. Islands such as Jamaica Dominica and Barbados. …Snakes!!!!! :p

  27. Koola411

    I don’t see South Africa on this list but I’ve seen else where our avg is 6.2inches, I’m 6.5 n used to think i have a small dick! Size matters for a million reasons i say, I’ve had a thick 7.5 n loved it soooo much then suddenly i underdressed my second bf n found a 3″…was like WTF but nonetheless had fun with it so the skill totally outweighs the size anyday but i prefer feeling the brother even a day after the deed n my 3″ bf delivered that well too

  28. Michael

    I like 7″ or more, 8″ being the perfect size. I like to know I’m being and been fucked. When I get to CA, I’m going to try a guy with 9.5″, it is just too beautiful to pass up!

  29. Jacob

    I get really sick of 5 1/2-6″ penises being described as “small” They are, in fact, average. Here are the scientific FACTS (from two comprehensive studies of penis size):
    72% of all men are 6โ€ or under
    77% – 88% of all men are 6.5โ€ or under
    12% of men are above 6.5โ€


    As an AVERAGE guy, I am sick of size queens and porn that shows only XL dicks.
    I can only conclude that either 1)men can’t measure their own cocks right and/or 2)gay/bi men are considerably larger than average.

  30. B-ry

    I second everything Marco said.

    I’m 9″ x 6″ and size is an issue for me. Bigger doesn’t mean better for all. And I like fucking hung bottoms. nothing better than having one riding my cock while a hung bottom’s thick cock bounces up and down and shoots a hot load all over my chest.

  31. DB

    Bottoming or topping, I need something sizable. 6-8 preferably. Something to grab, something to really be able to suck and see bouncing as you top. If I’m bottoming, I wanna feel it as well. A good amount of thickness as well. My own thickness may be a bit much. As far as length, 8 seems good and maybe its right before that danger zone of when ‘a quick douche isn’t enough’

  32. John

    All of this discussion about size, but what about quality of erection? There’s nothing quite like an extremely hard cock that can fuck very hard, and very fast… even if it is just average size.

  33. Tim

    I’m interested in the sample they took of the US… Interesting that so many countries where our forefathers came from are larger. I can validate the Korean stat. I live in a neighborhood w quite a few and see them at the gym. It’s sad.

  34. sjohnson

    i think the ‘survey’ is flawed. no way average is that small…trust me when i say that the south korean size is way off the mark, most are way bigger than that! and why is that SO many men have big dicks! i’ve had hellva lot more “big” ones than i have small ones. look on the bright side, sucking a smaller cock is better than a big one….and i for one don’t want to be split open when i bottom.

  35. jd

    Visually size excites, however when giving oral and taking it up your ass it’s not pleasant. My jaw hurts and the anal is a pain. If you need a huge cock up your ass your loose. And it’s also how good the guy is in bed. Someone can have the goods but at the end of the day it’s how he is in bed, he can be a complete bore, what good is that? So there’s more to it, than a big cock.

  36. Ed

    Having never had a man with a 4″ cock try to fuck me I can’t say as how much I would enjoy it. Because I love to give head and swallow a cock in the 69 position to where my nose is against his balls, 8″ is about the max for me to deep throat if it isn’t beer can thick. As far as anal goes, I think technique is far more important than size. Guys with 8+ inches are often lazy lovers who think their dick is the end all and be all. Then of course there is my friend Ceasar, he is 7.5″ and thick. But it is how he uses his 7.5″ in every position he knows I like that is important. We are going on seven years of playing and still leave each other breathless despite the 20 year difference in our age. For a while I was seeing a f/b with almost a 9″ thick cock. We would just fuck once in a while, no attachment at all. He was only good for 15 minutes of fucking and he pretty much only wanted to do it doggy style while he smoked a joint and huffed poppers. Hey it beat jerking off…..usually,lol! But another ex had only 5.5″ but could fuck like a stallion and leave my ass sore for days or make gentle love all afternoon swapping positions. If I’m in a power bottom scenario though I prefer a larger cock, easier to ride and it doesn’t fall out as often,lol! Cocks bigger than 9″ are dangerous for submissive bottoms, but they do have their novelty and entertainment value. At the end of the day I would rather have great and mutually satisfying sex with a guy sporting 6″ than unexciting or maginally boring sex with a guy with 8″. As far as the guys who bottom with me, size doesn’t matter as long as I can make them happy, then I’m happy! Hugs!!!

  37. Trent

    I am a little over 9. My boyfriend is just under 6. We are both freashman in college. We met in the gym and knew we were both gay when we seen each other in the pride event by the school. We were both each others first gay intercourse. What sucked about being big is not being able to go deep on our first try. A little under 6 hurt me enough…

  38. Nick

    Big is ok but why do they cum in less than a minute. Guys with 6.5 is perfect. Feels great and last for more than 20 minutes. But I am happy with my 7 inches

  39. BooBoo

    There was a poster I use to have the stated “SIZE MATTERS”. Most of the girls I talk to about this say it doesn’t matter. Their full of it. Get em young and hung, and teach them how to use it.

    I remember one hook up…Portegues, 5’10 and claiming a half a dollar girl 8.5. So I said come on over. Man did he prove me wrong and I couldn’t walk right for three days. Eight is normally my limit but I’ve had bigger. If I had to take girth or length I’ll take the girth.

  40. dan

    I just wonder if most guys measure from the top of the penis, not the underside. I’ve seen pictures of men with the ruler “STABBING” them just to get as much as they could.Others let the tape measure role up against their pubes too.So don’t measure from your asshole of your ballsack – top of penis, guys !

  41. dee

    5.5 – 7.5 is the magic number for me. But really its the thick girthy ones that get you. I don’t know how size queens do it.

  42. tantrikatholipig

    Pls what the origin of this table?
    Sorry I really disagree with it..
    by my own experience and observation..there strong wrong there…northamericans and britishs..and anglosaxons in general aren’t at all the ones of smaller…and the men from former BENELUX(Belgio Holland Luxenbourg) seem being all with the same score and high media but the japaneses aren’t indeed!

  43. ajbbincubus

    Definitely not a size queen, but just happy to get some shaft when I’m needing it or my ex wanted to dominate me. Also hope a majority of the men here need to stop lying about their size. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

  44. Burke

    Well im 7 and I’ve had no complaints I believe in that size doesn’t matter it’s how you use it I’m a top but I have bottomed before and bigger isn’t better, bigger hurts in my opinion I mean to small u don’t feel I’ll admit that but between 6-7 I’m good over that hurts

  45. Tyler

    My mnimum to suck is 7. I deepthroat well, and won’t suck unless I can deepthroat. Its not fun with a small cock.

    And I only bottom for 7.5+ I have a jumbo bubblebutt and it’s knocks a few inches off of a cock so I need enough to hit my prostate. Smalls docks fall out constantly and rarely can pound fast without falling out.

  46. Cyn

    When they did this survey they must not have excluded all the immigrants and foreigners in the US. I’m pretty sure there is another survey that’s been around for years that says the average size dick is 6-7 inches for US. Ive never seen one 5 inches or smaller, other then on someone not American. Just sayin.

  47. max

    I’ve got a bud with 9 thick inches and he’s awesome in the sack but my fav is about 7 by 6. We can go for hours. Perfect top hits all the right spots. I prefer girth over length anytime!!! That full feeling a thick cock gives me gets me off huge.

  48. Steven

    I’m not a size queen, i just like big cocks! All joking aside though… the best lover i ever had had a 5.5 inch cock. the worst lover i ever had was sporting 10 thick throbbing inches. someone i’m seeing on a semi regular basis has 7.5 inches and can make me cum without even touching my cock. it isn’t what you have but how you use it!

  49. Alphurleigh

    Where does Jamaica or other West Indian islands fit into all of that measuring?
    I’m sure if you came here you’d be pleasantly surprised.

  50. Ray thomas

    IM an oral top and have 7.5 . Ive tried to get topped by a muscle top, but for comfort sake I don’t mind the length as long as it is not too thick. I rarely get fucked so it is TIGHT. Same thing goes for giving head, although I get head more.

  51. Krenim

    I am a a size queen and love big cocks, I need to feel something big in me. U may call it superficial, but it’s the same as someone liking bigger/smaller guys or tall/short.

  52. Danny

    Am only 6″ myself and i love the smaller ones. You can do and have so much more fun and not worry about being hurt by a donkey. Their are very few people that can swallow a big dick and those that say the can are full of shit as I am in the medical field so tell that story to someone else. I have seen more that my share of cocks and find very few that add up to what people say they have.

  53. Cano

    I am from the US and I have a 6.5, it’s been called pretty thick and I guess I’m pretty skilled with what I have because as a bi top…I have yet to have a complaint from guys or girls. The funny thing is some guys take offense to this blog because the number from the US is so small by comparison, but America has a large mixed population including many from the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Indian regions so that should let you know that the size wouod definitely go down a bit. I mean really…how many South Korean-Congo natives have you met? Haha

  54. Dylan

    I tend to like them large. There is something about 9+ shoved down your throat that is just pure magic but thats not to say the guys I’ve been with who are 5″ or so don’t know how to use it. Just prefer them big.

    I have several friends who are blessed with cocks, they can self suck. It’s hot like you can’t believe when you are fucking a guy on his back and he can open his mouth and take his own cock (not to mention clean up is a lot quicker). But If you ask these gargantuans if they are happy they will tell you no. My friend is searching for the guy who can deep throat him (he is 11+ and thick) (its like getting slapped in the face with a baseball bat) he also try’s to fuck guys and before even taking it out of his underwear ppl tell him “No”. I feel sorry for him. He calls it his curse. It’s def fun to play with ESP after a few shots. But to work that for him on a regular basis, it would become tiresome.

    Joshua – how bad do you want to limp? Awesome post!

  55. Hunter0500

    If length was the determining factor of whether a guy was a “it” for another guy, no gay guys would be single. It’s not. It’s but one of many factors such as width, curvature, cut/uncut, and oh yeh the character of the man attached to the penis in question.

  56. Dave

    Too many guys measure along the bottom, pushing in, to make their ‘average’ penis come out to 8″ or more.

    Unless I’m missing something and gay guys get to measure differently?

  57. Michael

    This doesn’t even merit a comment really. What about knowing how to ENJOY your company and if you need to teach him. Heck…so many PENIS WORSHIPPERS…forgetting all about the human element of pleasure. I say get a life…and quit giving merit to narcissistic and pathetic porn addicted people. Is being gay about SEX and THE PENIS…REALLY…get real and grow up. Gay men of which I am as well seem to really like to live up to the stereotyped labels. Each individual needs to contribute in a healthier and more positive way. This superficial crap is ruining us !

  58. HiHoneyItsMe

    G90814: I agree with you.
    Our society, and especially the gay community, is obsessed with dick size. Bigger is better, that’s what we are bombarded with pretty much everywhere. Kinda like saying white is more beautiful than black. Or that heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality isn’t. Or that a man is better than a woman. Smaller dicks are almost always objects of mockery and ridicule and this has a very negative emotional impact on the men that have them.

  59. CrypticByte

    I’m only 4.75 maybe 5 on those extreme situations where I’m extra aroused. I’m of course naturally a bottom but have topped a few times when the other person specifically requested it. Size and all that I never paid much attention. I personally don’t want a HUGE penis inside me cause well it hurts more after longer periods of time. I much prefer someone =4 I find from my personal experience that anything within those ranges offers me the satisfaction I need, along with the ability to have sex for hours without horrible pain. But in reality penis size isn’t the biggest factor that I use to judge a man, for me I can honestly say its the very LAST thing I look at to judge someone. I rather have a sweet, nice looking guy, that enjoys being with me and loves me even if he has a 2 inch dick over one with 10 inches but only thinks of himself and is an utter asshole.

  60. ricky

    What a fraud of a survey and statistics… makes no sense whatsoever…Did I see Jamaica ? huge monstrous cock on average… Germans and Dutch dudes are packing no hell… LOL.. then again, I am not surprised this research was commissioned by Dave… you are such a fuckable size queen, only from Quebec! Aaahhhh…. THE BEST!!

  61. marc

    I was in Nashville recently and got fucked by a black 11 incher . I am still walking funny two weeks later. Love, LOve, LOVe those huge cocks .

  62. jami_4_fun

    I’m usually pretty happen with a nice, solid 7″ or so – not too much but takes enough effort to feel good when it’s there.

    But honestly – and not trying to sound hokey here – think it really depends on the chemistry. I’ve taken cocks that intimidated me a bit because of their size – but there have been some 5″ cocks that have made me cum harder than those monsters.

    Guess I’m just trying to say while size IS nice, it’s not the end all and be all of sex ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Richard

    Well im USA and im almost 11″ and versatile but don’t get to bottom much because im stereotyped as a top-i love all sizes except my size and bigger and I’ve been topped very satisfying from small cocks-i like the 1st few inches of stimulation vs deep

  64. Israel

    That’s kind of sad the even in this hetero-normative world gay men get a lot of shit felt to them. And now I come across this blog that stereotypes men’s nationalities by their penis to further bring discrimination to our own community. Seriously, there’s enough people have to feel ashamed from just for being gay, and this just throws salt on the wound. I am a gay man, I find beauty In the male for and know how to be a good lover despite a length/girth of a penis. I am sure there are more guys out there. And those are the one’s that I feel are being genuine and having humility.

  65. allenbrians

    I thought I was average but now see that I’m slightly above average. (7×5.5) I’m a total top and I enjoy topping guys with large cocks. I have found that many times they enjoy bottoming but once a guy sees what they have he just wants to get fucked. Guys seem to really enjoy how thick I am.

  66. ray

    I’m shocked with the american sizes. How Japan beat us is actually more shocking. Not that it was by much but still. Maybe they should survey more people. But I mean I guess size doesn’t really matter if you know what your doing with it. As for me I guess I’m glad I’m over the american average? Lol.

  67. Keefe

    The person that said size didn’t matter probably had a small dick. I can the largest I have had was a 10″ dick. The shortest was probably a 4″dick and I didn’t feel anything…my exact words after 2mins “Is it in yet?” I have an complex with trying to determine a man’s member by protrusions like their nose, finger and cuticle diameter… (Archeology of the sexual variety I call it.)

    I would say the best dick is the dick that is so erect it’s free standing…this included the lengths of 6″+

  68. Leo

    Wow i have never felt more proud to be from Ecuador! In regards to size its about how u move it in bed not so much the size that matters!….yet i wont be getting with any Koreans anytime soon…to small!

  69. Sexdad

    I think if this survey where taken in the gay community the sizes would be larger. I have rarely met an guys smaller than 6in

  70. VaEfron12

    US average is 5.1″? At 6″ I was starting to get an inferiority complex. Every guy I see on here and I have met seems to be 7″ and more.

  71. Will

    I’d like to know have you 1. actually measured with a tape or ruler and 2. from where did you start the measurement? Don’t get me wrong…a true 7/7.5/8″ cock is a really beautiful thing to behold…and much larger than you would realize as many mean assume they are “about 7” and I can only imagine that this comes from comparisons of “theirs” versus “other guys” who says that their cock is such-and-such length. But if you actually take a few seconds next time you’re jackin’ off, you may be surprised (hopefully pleasantly) to find out that you’re concept of size is a bit off. I’ve met up with guys before who have claimed 8″ online, and they are smaller than me and wowed by my size (and I’m a true 7″…I have a picture on my profile next to a ruler). Not saying you guys aren’t endowed, but that what you think it measures and and the reality probably don’t quite line up. As for what feels better, I definitely love a nice big dick…anything above a true 6/6.5″ up to probably I would say an 8.5″ feels good…above 8/8.5″ idk…I feel like I’m being impaled lol

  72. rapebttm

    One of the best experiences was with 5″ uncut guy who knew how to work it. He had awesome moves, huge loads, and could repeat a few times a night. Biggest was 12 skinny dick with thick hair up his shaft. What a feeling

  73. natureboy

    guys with big one look really hot. but in reality, after i having ridden a number of guys with 9 inches or more, i now tend to stay to the smaller sizes. don’t get me wrong, i get a really full feeling with a 9 incher inside of me, but afterwards, i couldn’t sit straight for the rest of the day. in all, my feeling is not size but performance. i’ve had some really hot times with guys no bigger than 6 inches.

  74. no so true

    Where is mexico? The biggest dick I had was in Guadalagara mex. How about cubans? Mmm Puerto Ricans? That chart is not really accurate

  75. BUBBA

    The chart is great ,so much fun but Masters and Johnson (no pun intended) its not . Yes Black cock can be like MONSTER DICKS ,but so can others .so if your gifted to self suck than can i get an AMEN . Im a face guy so ,If you look like a “Paul Newman ” I’ get off on who im with ,not just the pipe .

  76. really?

    6″ at least, sorry, but anything less then that…go fuck a girl…more then 8…nobody needs the excess..its just visual stimulation.
    I was with a guy once, had a real elephant dong…I couldn’t suck it, the whole was bigger then my nostril! GROSS!!
    I certainly couldn’t ride it….
    Guy was frustrated..said all he could ever do is jerk off or be jerked off, must have been some kind of genetic mishap…

  77. Pop_rox

    Im super surprised by these stats and do not think they’re accurate at all. I don’t consider myself a size queen at all. I’d say I’m a vers bottom since I bottom more than I top. I’m about 8 in and always tell my friends I prefer no one bigger than me. Sometimes their is such a thing as too much cock. I’m happy with 6.5 in cock ESP if they know how to use it and can give a good pounding. I’m pretty tight and just need enough cock to feel that something’s in there.

    Vers tops hit me up!

  78. Happihour

    I’m 7.5″ vers bottom. For me it’s all about the girth when I bottom! Thick will do the trick no matter the length! When I top a well hung man, it’s visually stimulating for me! It’s a win win!

  79. Chip

    Sure I like a good-sized cock. But I’m fast approaching 50 and I’ve seen my share of hard dick in my life… and the one thing I can categorically say about dick-size is that it is ABSOLUTELY NOT an indicator of quality of sex!

    In fact, I’d go so far as to report that for me, once you hit about 8, the bigger the cock, the more likely that the owner tends to rely on the size alone to please his partner — which has led to some pretty lousy sex from my big-dicked bretheren.

    Probably the BEST sex I’ve ever had came from an asian dude who was near my height (over 6′), and had decent length (about 6 or 7), but the thinnest cock I’ve ever had… but let me tell you, he gave me TOE-CURLING orgasms! (I still love you, Aubrey!!)
    And possibly the WORST sex I’ve EVER had came from a white guy with over 10″ – I remember more about his having only 1 leg than I do about his cock or the sex we had. I do remember he was self-obsessed with his member, and that he was a total DUD sexually! (Still NOT missing you, Tom!)

    I still prefer length over girth, but I shop for the whole package (even if only the sex-package), not just for the size of the piece. If all I really cared about was the size, I’d use a dildo and have the perfect size every time!

    Gimme a HOT guy with a small cock over the COLD dude with the club-dick any time!

  80. Greg897

    So how was the data collected? Survey questions, someone used this as a pickup line “I’m doing a survey on hard dicks…” No information about the sample size. Lol.

  81. joshexxxboy

    Being well endowed rocks….. suprised the us avg was small.. I have known men both straight and gay been obsessesed by a big thick hard dick for awhile and when i realized i was in the Hung category found some my power.. and then realizing how good a thick long shaft felt in me… well Now hmu if your real and looking for hot nastyy sexual fun

  82. lynnx

    I never bottom before but I really want too,I tried with 2 guys who both were like 7 inches and none of then could get in my tight ass,So I guess I have to go to India or south Korea,But honestly its really frustrating I just know iam missing out,my gay friend told me I should just stick to being a top…….Any advice????

  83. Lamar

    Wow, what a topic! Well, here goes: I’m generously indowed at 8 1/2-9 as a colored man (lol) that means black, of course.

    My ex-lover a (very muscular-red-headed -leo)had like a 4 inch, it seem to really give him this since of inadequacy, I never cared really.

    As a result, he had a strange personality, really, but I loved him, he just didn’t really love himself. I only know that as long as they are ‘cut’ and about 6 to 7 is good for me, as I’m very oral; not so much about the anal, myself.

  84. TJ

    I’m just under 8 and kinda thick. I’m also totally versatile, though I find myself on top more often than not. (not complaining-lol) Even in situations when I’ve decided to btm, I’ve had guys see my dick & want me to top them instead. I’m sure some of that is the ol’ “yeah I’m vers but actually a btm switcheroo”, but I think it also shows that size does matter a lot to some people. One of the best and one of my favorite experiences as a btm was with a guy I played with who was abt 6″. This guy was so good & had such great technique, he could’ve & should’ve taught a “how-to” class. So ultimately for me its about interest, technique and paying attention to who you’re with and what you’re doing than the size of your dick. Bottom line:

  85. Jeff

    Men and dick size surveys always amuse me.

    The simple truth is that men will always lie about their size. Take a look at the profiles here and what you actually got when you met. It seems there are real inches and internet inches.

    Maybe there is some truth that gay men are larger than straight men but I have to wonder how reliable any size survey is unless an impartial surveyor took their own measures. This chart said men with no indication of their sexuality.

    Any decent believeable survey that I ever saw always said that the average size is 5 to 6 inches. Sure there are bigger ones out there, but in the cross section of the entire population there are alot of smaller ones out there to bring the average down.

    My ex always lied about his size and would never allow me to measure him. Most guys won’t let you measure them or if you ask they say they don’t know what size they are, unless of course they have a huge one. Oh come on, who really hasn’t put a ruler to it at some point?

    My ex would admit though that his thighs were a little more slender than most and that added to the overall look of a large cock. So are we talking what it looks or feels like or what the simple truth is?

    So the guy won’t let you measure him. Well, you could use your hands while playing to figure out how many of your finger widths he’s worth without him ever catching on.

    Yeah, I’ve seen and had big ones. But I’ve come across alot more of the average 5 to 6 inchers. I’m inclined to believe this survey. And if the man has the right moves, he’s a king in my book.

  86. SHALLOWpeople

    Who’s mangina will not quiver to a juicy 9″ fat tube steak? EVERYONE. And that is the key word to my story.
    In my early 20’s I dated 2 guys. One “Barbie” beauty with a nice 9″ cock, the other… an average guy with a 6″ cock.
    Everyone wanted a taste of that 9ner and he was happy to give it away.
    Here we are 15 years later, with my husband, 2 children, family. Yes ladies, I went with 6″, Stupid me, right? WRONG –
    9″ still going to the bars every weekend, giving it away, while at the end of the night 6″ is mine. Watching my husband coaching my children’s soccer teams, reading night stories, family travels, dedicated to me and my children.

  87. derek

    so i have a 4 inch cock. do I wish it was bigger? OF COURSE. but i am not a top so i don’t see it as a huge deal. However, i don’t think I have ever seen an 8 inch cock so that is strange. Remember it is average too

  88. FLSam

    I love a large cock in length and girth to play with and see how much I can swallow, while stroking the rest. As for smaller ones, they are the only ones I can handle and enjoy really well. Myself USA 6.5 and works well :-O

  89. Tyson

    Meh, these surveys are usually iffy at best.

    What matters is are you pleasing your partner? is he getting off? homie to me that is ALL that matters.

    Fuck if a guy is bigger than me! i have never had anyone complain about my cock. I am a Hapa and of course people like to pull out clever lines like ”hurr dur you gotta a pretty big penis for a half Asian guy”

    But, point is i am not HUGE like 9 inches. But i am a good size and all my lovers have loved my dick and i have loved their body. And if the people you’re with are getting off on you’re dick it doesn’t matter if someone is bigger right?

    Also, these things keep changing lol. First 5 was the average size then they were trying to say it was 6 not to long ago? and a lot of times despite it being said MANY times… guys lie about their size a lot.

    In LA it seems every other guy is 8 inches or above… right.

  90. Mark

    I don’t believe anyone when they talk about their dick size. “Well I’m glad my 7.5, 8, etc. brings the average up.” LOL. There are definitely some hung guys I’ve been with, but I’ve found that guys do not know how to measure or simply just lie on here. There are 3 guys I know for a fact added at least 2″ to theirs.

  91. Cowboycody

    YEP! Size matters. My husband has a measly 10.5 inches and very fat, so I have the pleasures of penetration and stimulation. he is so gentle and loving every inch is wonderful. My seven looks like a tiny toy, thank goodness he is a total top. By the way, he is African.

  92. dakotaDan

    This makes very much sense to me. The African tribes teach their young boys to stretch their cocks throughout the younger growth years. Some ancient tribes, have ritual in which penis size is of great importance and the mothers of young boys begin pulling and massaging the penis well before puberty. It is thought that this is the reason that African men, in general are larger…National Geographic Magazine did an article on these tribes about a year ago, look if up if you are interested

  93. AJ2

    DakotaDan, you are so full of shit, I’m surprised it’s not coming out of your ears. There is no truth to that idiotic “theory” that NatGeo wrote about. You do no favors to anyone by furthering that LIE.

    I’m a size queen. I have no shame in admitting it. Those guys with monster cocks — length, thickness, whatever? — bring them on. The first guy I was ever with was 11″ and it only made me want more. I’ve been fucked by cocks that my faghag (a size queen herself) couldn’t even take. And haters….my hole is still as tight as a virgin pussy. (Kegel exercises are your friend.)

    Actually, “size queen” doesn’t work for me. “Size Empress” does!

  94. NateOceanside

    Alvaro Ruiz wrote…
    Where are the Mexicans?
    Mexicans are there in the original data at 5.75″


  95. dick measurer

    Who the hell did this study? Were they measuring cocks at rest. While I don’t go around with a rule, my experience and yes I have seen and had many cocks there are lots of cocks 7-8 inches long. I agree with Alphurliegh After living in Jamaica and the Virgin Islands (total 6 years) and visiting Peurto Rico during that time years, I didn’t see many 6 inch dicks, they were larger by far. I will say most of the cocks I have had have been men of color with Black and Latino guys having cocks more often then not bigger then 6.

    This study was flawed and I would be happy to do a repeat study.

  96. trvlntop4now

    GENTS –

    The study was flawed in the U.S. – it seems that 90% of the respondents were republicans- their dicks were worn down to almost nothing from fucking the country.

  97. tony

    i never played with any that was bigger than 7.5, 6 inches was my best as far as not gaging, also i stll won’t mind trying a huge long cock 10 inches or more, just to say i’ve had it, but the ball sack i would prefer to be meduim size, i had couple that had huge balls, wasn’t satififying to me, but im more of a cock man myself, love to be able to suck nuts to, and both if its right size

  98. InBmore

    I’m not really particular! The big ones are nice to look at and play with, but if I had my choice, I’d stick to 7 in. or less (I don’t want to need depends when I’m 80).

  99. Plugmyholz

    To Dylan, if your mate with the 11in cock ever finds himself in Australia, I’d be happy to try and deepthroat it but would love it pounding my ass (or arse as we call it here) ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t care that people might think I’m a sizequeen, I just love big cocks, I don’t knock back smaller cocks but really love the big thick ones that fill my mouth and ass.
    I live in Canberra so if anyone wants to check me out, their welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Virt

    If you scroll the Hard Facts chart up and down on your monitor screen it creates an optical illusion that the dicks are rotating around the center. It is an interesting show on the screen.

  101. sweet_lolo

    I’m from Guyana and I’m a size 8 and I’m verse. I can’t stand a small dick. I like my dick between 7.5 to 8 inches. But I must say that guys from south america have very big dick.

  102. tigga

    I’m Irish and Norwegian and I’m a 7-7.5 uncut, thick, and have a prince albert too. The more a guy gets me excited and rides me to my balls, the thicker it gets. I’ve had a bttm guy literally slide off me slow as hell when we were done because I stretched that ass out. I love my size, my big balls, and being pierced. To me I’m more on hitting that g spot on a guy because when I hit it and he thrusts down an moans I shoot like a fountain. Sex is only good when you can hit that bttm guys spot to where he makes the top shake spasm and blow his load too.

  103. andybear32

    I would imagine the more anal sex you receive, the looser you get and eventually to feel anything, you need a fire hydrant sized dick in your ass.

  104. okzebra

    I loved this discussion. Sometimes, I focus on the emotion behind the emotion (technique) and other times I just love the commotion (size) regardless of emotion. I bottom so I like the top to be larger but no so large he can’t get it all the way in and do me good or so small I can’t feel it.

  105. Onetwo Buckle

    the chart might be useful if it were proportional Congo as 7.1 shows as at least 5X(500%) longer than US 5.1. 500%? nah, more like 40% longer. All the West Africans I’ve seen naked have had average or smaller than average peckers….

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