TopToBottomDMH (12)

Fantasy : Ever Fucked A Top?

TopToBottomDMH (12)

Yesterday I was browsing on A4A when suddenly I see this amazing photo of a hot top. I clicked on his profile and then I read what it said:

“Hot top looking to fuck other tops, NO bottoms, NO versatiles, ONLY TOPS”

I was like WTF?! I want this top in my ass NOW… but he doesn’t want a bottom, that is weirddddd!I didn’t get it?!

Are you a top who likes to fuck other tops? What’s the reason? You want to be his first top? You find tops more “manly”?

I want to know why a top would want to fuck a 100% top! It’s already hard for me to find a hot top in my city, don’t steal my tops loll!

If you like that “top-only” fantasy, there is this new website called Top to Bottom. It features well known top-only performers getting fucked for the first time… and they offered members of A4A a 1$ trial, because I told them I was posting about that subject on our blog!

Check out below the jump, I’m showing you the trailer of a scene where Tony Paradise, this hot “straight” hairy muscle top, is getting fucked by Colby Jensen another hot top!

So let me know if you are into fucking a 100% top and why?!




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  1. NOtReaLLyNuSe

    I personally thing those profiles are just butch hypermasculine bottoms. In their minds bottoms carries a connation of being less than a man and top more of a man. So they claim to be tops….looking for TRUE tops. I guarantee you if you change your profile to top and set something up he will lie on his stomach before you get the chance

  2. Tzznu2

    Yea I have noticed that too . I’ve ran across a few but once they seen this ass they changed their mind lol. I’ve FUCKD a top before I have to say its different

  3. Pierce

    My main fuck buddy is a top with a huge, thick cock. I can’t get enough of it! I think I’ve fucked him more than he’s fucked me.

  4. Winbeartx

    I like fucking other tops. I’ll usually only bottom if I’ve gotten to fuck the guy. It started out in a weird string of events where 4 different tops said they wanted to fuck me (over a period of a few weeks) but in person, they never even tried. I was hard and took the initiative. Tops are often tighter and more sensitive about being penetrated, so it’s more about taking your time and making it memorable for both of you. Some want the rough slam, but usually have to work up to that.
    It’s also a good learning experience for both of you and can make you both better tops.

  5. Wreckedmetal

    I remember my first guy was an older man with a huge dick. Basically he just liked lying there and letting me do all the work. So finally I said “You have to let me fuck you.” I figured if I’m gonna be doing all the work I wanna know how it feels to switch roles. He tried to focus the attention away from his ass but I wouldn’t relent. Finally I charmed my way in and basically he also laid there again. Except this time he kept making all these pained noises, like a little bitch. I had taken his 8.5″ cock (my first cock ever too!) and he couldn’t handle my 6.5″. It was pathetic. That’s when I figured I like vers guys. I never saw him again after I fucked him. He was probably pissed haha. Oh well…

  6. Hillie

    Total alpha domination. It’s almost like a sport and the winner takes and defeats his oppnent by taking what know one gets to get… His cherry!

  7. Steve

    I agree with NOtReaLLYNuse. I was the hypermasculine bottom who had to prove I was “still a man” or less gay by topping. I didn’t take long or much effort before bottoms were flipping me. I imagine its the same with other guys like this.

  8. Cooper

    I think it might be a fantasy analogous to wanting to fuck a straight guy. If you fuck a top, then he’s not strictly a top. If you fuck a straight guy, then he’s not strictly a straight guy. (I’m not going into sexuality labels here)

    It’s wanting the unattainable. Technically, you shouldn’t be able to get a top to bend over for you, but there’s a desire to have what no one can. Also, if he’s bending over for you, just like if a straight guy is agreeing to have sex with you, then you MUST be super hot and a stud among men. Or so the thinking goes.

  9. Tim

    I’m a top and have several buddies who has been fucked on occasion… Always by a very dominate hot guy who really got me very hot and went for it. I wouldn’t even respond to a random guy that wants to just fuck me, and I’m clearly not 100%. I have a buddy who’s 100% and he doesn’t even like his ass licked…

  10. Ed

    I’ve fucked tops before, no big deal unless it is their 1st time, then they are kind of a pain, ya know, don’t do this, don’t do that, etc. I like to bottom because I can enjoy it for a long fucking time without cumming whereas when I fuck I tend to cum in less than 30 minutes. I never bought into the top = masculine & bottom = feminine. I fucked a tough guy ganger with dreads a couple of weeks back and he was no sissy,lol! His 1st time and man he was tight. I was ready for a nap by the time I got inside him,lol. I do have a preference for versatile tops as I love to flip fuck but I deal with being just a top, or just a bottom, either way sex beats no sex!!!

  11. Dylan


    I love to fuck “tops”. It’s one of my favorites. Just today I was with a guy who had a screen name “totaltop_____” . He belongs on the cover of a men’s health mag or modeling for 2(X)ist. He has a SMOKIN hot body, he is blond/blue, 12 years younger then me, and an inch and a half bigger then me. I was thinking that he was drunk or stoned when he had me meet him. We got in to the oral (as its a huge favorite of mine) and my cock just happen to be in the right place at the right time, he pushed back on it a lil and I pushed in a lil, next thing I knew he was versatile. It was amazing! But I have noticed “total tops” aren’t so “total” and a lot want to bottom. I don’t know if they are just keeping options open or sometimes they are in a mood for it. I asked him if he was going to change his profile name to “totalvers____”. He didn’t think it was funny. He said,”you had me in a position I’ve had other guys in and wanted to feel what it felt like, so I bent my rules.” I asked if he loved it like I did and he said,”ill def do it again!” I look at it like a marathon runner crossing a finish line when I have fucked a top.

  12. hoarsehung

    lately I’ve had several top’s asking, or wanting, too bttm replying how they liked, or wanted my cock, I have alway’s said no thank you reason being that I have had several bttm’s claiming too be exspert, but couldn’t give my cock the attention, or they would cumm, way before I was ready too, and that ended with me leaving without cumming, so I only except exsp bttm’s only, lol

  13. Jeffrey87108

    I consider myself 98.9 % top. I love to pound a hole or holes. Fucking another top is hot as hell as well as taking a cock once in awhile.

  14. AJ

    I once fucked a top. It was his first. At first, it was painful for him since I am thick. Once he got used to it, he absolutely loved it.

  15. Mitch

    Not sure you can call then a top once you fuck them. I have topped guys that said it was their first time to bttm and probably half were telling truth or were tight enough to pull the wool over my eyes. When I was in college I was helping a guy through a class mostly doing all the work for him. He was a cute jock that was on a track scholarship and hand to maintain a 3.5 to keep it. I don’t remember how we got to it but ended up trading sex for tutoring and essays. Anyone one day he had pissed me off and I threatened to stop helping. He was begging me not to and that’s when I said I wanted to fuck him. The look of fear in his eyes was priceless. Anyway after about an hour of him asking for something else he agreed. Got some lube pushed finger in and gritted his teeth. I have small fingers it a thick dick. I got he head of my dick passed his ass ring and you could see the pain in his face. I started to put more in and said no more so I just thruster the head in ass but when I came with out thinking I planted my self deep in and he yelled out loud enough that guy in next dorm room asked what was going on. He spent rest of semester fucking me rough and hard I can only imagine he was try to cause me the same pain I cause him but all it did was turn him it a better top I love being jack-hammered. That was the first guy I new for a fact was a top and never wanted to bttm. It was a turn on to new I had the power to make him do it.

  16. Uncut9.5

    When I first started out, I was only interested in tops so that I could convince them to let me top. It usually started off with some jerking off and persuasion. Tops are more masculine and that’s what turns me on in guys. Fucking a top gave me an ultra masculine high and the sense of achievement stroked my dick ego. It was a major turn on to see a top return for more of my dick. This made me feel like the intimate top….till I met a model Top who I wanted to fuck more than anything. He agreed and the trade off was my virgin ass for his. Since then I have been verse lol

  17. Uncut9.5

    When I first started out, I was only interested in tops so that I could convince them to let me top. It usually started off with some jerking off and persuasion. Tops are more masculine and that’s what turns me on in guys. Fucking a top gave me an ultra masculine high and the sense of achievement stroked my dick ego. It was a major turn on to see a top return for more of my dick. This made me feel like the ultimate top….till I met a model Top who I wanted to fuck more than anything. He agreed and the trade off was my virgin ass for his. Since then I have been verse lol

  18. Lorenzo

    I fucked a top with a squeky clean bubble butt ass, I would fuck him for 2 minutes and he would cu, since I was hard and throbbing all I could do was eat his squeky clean bubble butt ass it was amazing

  19. bigblackbear

    If you get fucked you are not a top, let me repeat again if you take dick in the ass you are not a top. Tops are dudes who only fuck other dudes, period, exclamation point. Versatile are people who like to fuck and get fuck, hope you are following me on this. And bottoms are dudes who like to take dick in the ass. Now remember tops like too give dick not take it.

  20. Hunter0500

    “Mansex is like an Asian buffet,” a good bud has said. Men, ok women too, are a blend of characteristics that morph some day by day as experiences (of all kinds) are added. The restrictive, compartmentalizig labeling is where the small minded hang out. Only a few at the far ends of whatever spectrum is being discussed are rigid. Those toward the middle (the majority), are more fluid.

  21. DocRadio

    I’ve fucked a “top” before as well. He said he was a top, but after bout 20mins of my rimming skills – suddenly he was all about getting fucked. He took it like a champ – I’m thinkin he was more likely vers.

  22. srehturts

    I dated a total top for 6 months and at some point I was playing with his ass, rimming and fingering. He seemed to really be enjoying it so I asked if he wanted me to fuck him. I a total bottom and he a total top. He said yes and I did! Our sexual relationship changed for the better! I’ve never had better sex in my life! I would still rather be on the bottom bunk, but for some reason with him the sex went from great to amazing!It only ended when I found out he had a girlfriend…. such a shame!

  23. muzyqman

    I think the guy figured that another top would have the tightest asshole around because he never (or almost never) bottomed.

  24. Brian

    Yes, I have topped a top before. It’s kind of weird yet at the same time highly exciting. I’ve gotten tops to bottom and bottoms to top. It’s not something that a rocket scientist only knows. It’s fun. Yes there are some tops that do all that “macho this” and “macho that” but I believe that a bunch of them are just like that because they haven’t found somebody good enough to shut them up.

    Also tops (I think) need a crash course in what a bottom goes through when getting pounded. Even if you have yourself a piggy or powerbottom at some point while getting it… it does start to sting a bit. Whether its at the beginning, middle or end.. that HOLE does get super tender to the point where you can take it anymore. … Uhm where was I? lol. They always tell whoever they’re giving it to “take it like a man”, yet the minute they are on the other end they’re whining and moaning louder than an Asian girl getting multi-plunged by a group of horse-hung thuggish black dudes.

    I’ve been with tops that ranted and raved that they never would take a cock up their hole, yet time after time again there they were bent over, or laying on their stomach or riding it into the next morning, yet still claiming and clinging onto that “I’m a top and I don’t bottom” motto. pffft!

    Also you ever notice that tops that bottom make just about as much or more noise than a bottom getting topped?

    [p.s. I’m am versatile, so I’m well versed on both sides of the field although tops usually have to work much harder in the bed than bottoms. *just my opinion, from certain occasions of mine I’ve experienced before* hehe]


  25. Jon

    I have fucked alot of guys that say they are only a top!!! They claim that they are only a top & will not bottom. But once I get them in bed & we are playing around, they are asking me to fuck them in the ass!!!! So I do & they love it!!! I ask them, I thought you were only a top & they all tell me, that they love my cock & want it in their ass!!! Seriously I think all of us want to get fucked in the ass, it’s just the moment & whats happening at the time as to when it happens!

  26. John...

    I prefer other tops myself since we most often have many other things in common besides sex. Bottoms tend to be way too wrapped up in their being gay and live such limited and boring, clone-like lifestyles, so yes tops are more manly, more worldly and most often are more intelligent as well.

  27. jayed

    O M G!! i know. i am a bottom, love the position and pretty good at it. I have never said that i was versitale or anything. I got a guy thats says hes a top but by the time he gets his pants down he is on his back with both legs in the air. If someone wants fucked just ask to get fucked i do understand that there is more fruit on the bottom.


    No im masculine but id like to be fucked. Never have before. Thhe two experiences i had the dudes just loved to rim me like crazy which i love that to..

  29. #AllN2U

    Well, we call it “Flipping” and it is an ArtForm not so much as a Movement.
    There’s a Welcoming Packet even…..

  30. Nick

    If guys your looking for is truly 100% top they don’t want to get Fuked so what are you really looking for a BJ or a HJ. Just like guys who are Str8…if they are truly Str8 they won’t be fucking a guy!!!

  31. randyb1955

    no, its a good way to wreck a good top. Chances are if a good top bottoms one time and likes it, he will no longer want to top again. loard knows there are not enough good tops to go around.

  32. johnthedoc52

    I Get It………I’m a top and attracted to other tops………Dont know why but we have peculiarities. Will Bottom for the right guy far and few between !!!

  33. HW

    A lot of nonsense posts so far….so lets just keep it real. Why would anyone want to fuck a top? I mean really…if he doesnt bottom doesnt it seem like the sex would be horrible? On the flip side why would anyone let a bottom fuck them? It seems like a weird post. Oh and sorry when I hear there are no tops or bottoms in a particular city I am always inclined to think maybe they just arent interested in that person lodging the complaint. Sorry.

  34. IFukSt8Men

    For me fucking Tops has multiple reasons, his masculinity, his deep rooted and hidden desire to be the bitch, his discretion, his lack of experience, the thrill of the chase and his loyalty.
    If a true top get fucked, its by someone he really trusts and that person will likely be the only one fucking him.

    A true bottom can never be satisfied and is driven by, dick size, typically a bottom is thinking of the next dick when he is in the process of getting fucked.
    Finally Tops make the best bottoms because they fuck, they know how they want to be fuck.

    I prefer to fuck tops and leap at the chance to introduce them to anal pleasure, the 2nd & 3rd holes and climaxing with a big dick deep in his guts.

    Finally, 98% of tops will get fucked at some point out of natural curiosity.

    There is nothing new about tops on the bottom or the men who love them.

  35. Justin navysoccerboi7

    Um, nobody ever fucked a top! Some guys might SAY they are a top, but are really in fact versatile and/or bottom! Just b/c they say “top” doesn’t mean they are. If someone claims to be “top” and get fucked, they’re at least versatile!!! smh

  36. Mr_Real

    Yes, I have fucked a top; I’ve done a couple. One was a virgin who had only ever been a top and he was very open and wanted to know what it felt like.
    If they’re open minded and looking for a different feeling, they’ll know that being a bottom from time to time is really great.

  37. Hunter0500

    Isn’t there a major disconnect by gays howling to be accepted for who they are but then they turn around and judge/label/package themselves into restrictive niches: top, bottom, tweek, twink, dom, sub, bear, otter, etc.?

  38. Topstudmpls

    I LOVE fucking tops. I am a top and love the idea that he has found me attractive enough to let me in where few have gone before. (not to mention the tightness is amazing) Not to mention that most bottoms in my town are usually heavyset hairy guys so those choices are limited lol

  39. warmsensualguy

    I am 68. about 3 yes ago met 2 guys one married one single not 43. the never been with a guy. I sucked them and had them fuck me. then the started to suck me too. I met them individually. after 6 months of mutual sex. the each wanted to her fucked both never were fucked. I top them. they enjoyed it. I never pressured either one to get topped. soil guess you can tot a top.

  40. danal

    given your statement, “i want this top in my ass now….” it seems reasonable to just ask that particular Top to fuck you and and ask why he has this preference. Thats if you want a real answer to his interest. An accumulation of replies from other tops or bottoms on their preference to fuck a Top is not the real answer to the dynamic of why this top wants to fuck a top. It just explains individual preference and feeds the corrupt notion that there is overwhelming psycho similarity among tops.

  41. Rich

    Look i am on adam4adam 247 i am a sweet and sexy white bottom baby soft smooth skin i om on looking 247 for a single gay tall big strong dominate black man that is very hung i been looki.g for over 20 years my question is are there any real men that want a sweet little sexy white queen like. Me out there? ???

  42. athleticdad

    I’ve done it a fair amount and find it great. It’s like watching them discover themselves. For some reason, they don’t see me as threatening their masculinity if they bottom. It’s really hot enabling a man finally to give in to his fantasies: it takes vulnerability, which is a big turn on in a man for me.

  43. nonames

    I agree that fucking a top is different than fucking a true bottom. I find that when I turn a top, the sex is more intense, more aggressive, more animal like. There is no cuddling or tender moments just highly charged and sweaty sex, but that is just my opinion. I call myself a versatile top, but you will have to be bigger than me for me to turn over.

  44. coolegate

    I fucked men who claimed to be tops. I like to suck and I am versatile. They want to fuck my nice ass, but when they see my big dick they start playing with my dick and ass. Then a few times although it took a couple of times I fucked them good. I love a nice fat ass that is tight.

  45. polarbear

    Probably half the guys I top are top or top versatile.

    For most of them am the type they can’t resist. I think many guys have a type that melts the resistance.

    I like the dominance of topping and topping tops, married or single guys who fuck women and hung guys brings out the alpha aggressor in me.

    Tried bottom and flip fuck. Best topping a top followed by topping a power bottom

  46. Ptouch

    Gawd I hate these stupid asinine labels and the culture that thrives on them. Sexuality is very complex but everyone wants to put everyone in a well defined category that somehow encompasses all that they are. Everyone has a dick and an ass. If you decide to do something new with one of them all the sudden you’re something other than what you were prior? Idiotic. Seems like a culture of insecurity and lack of sense of self.

  47. bkdude1077

    i think its all just BS we as me tend to like many different things and instead of opening our mouths to say what we really want cause it feels good we play this BS game

  48. bkdude1077

    i think its all just BS we as men tend to like many different things sexually and instead of opening our mouths to say what we really want cause it feels good – we play this BS game

  49. Bi-Is-I

    I’m a top and I fucked another bi “top” twice and been fucked (twice). A good friend of mine, we were out one night at a strip club in atlantic city and met these two chicks. Got them back to our room hotel room for some fun. They asked if we played together and we said we did. So, first fuckin was all concentrated on them. As we’re starting into our second fuck session of the night, the got us to play some. One thing lead to another, my buddy and I are trying out each other’s asses. Few weeks later, he and I are out, having a good time, drinking… a little wacky tobacy, we both became highly suggestible. One thing lead to another, things got physical (in a fun way) next thing you know, we’re fuckin each other again. Those were the only two times he says he got fucked and I know I’ve been fucked. I did fuck a younger, skater dude once, said I was his first. I kinda thing so too cause he didn’t take it real well.

  50. unclestuds

    Man are some of you guys way off base! seen some who said a top only fucks on top! Dumb ! I’ve been fucking guys for over Forty five years. I have found guys who have nice big dick almost always you guys are trying to sit on it! and ignoring he has itches too! Easier to git that big dick if you make play for the other side! Always have said If weren’t for top guys and guys with big dicks I wouldn’t have fucked half the guys I have! And if he’s all top never got fucked how does he know what or how to make other guy feel good?? Top is what you do more often than not! and used to be we didn’t worry about it so much ! Just went home and played and you fuck him and he fuck you in morning? what felt right! Straight guys ?? now that is a Laugh if he likes to suck dick get fucked or play with guys -top or bottom- he”s not straight!Uncle 65yrs. here still looking for fun

  51. The_Godfather

    As a guy who prefers straight/bi guys, or whatever they call themselves, a good alternative is fucking other tops. I am all top, very much an alpha, and can honestly say that guys who are willing to do for me what they won’t do for others, for whatever reason(s), is a major turn-on. It’s not that I’m drop dead gorgeous, because I’m not, pretty much average except for my presence in person, and ability to map the psyche…but then, that’s why I’m The_Godfather. 😉

  52. Matt

    I find there are two types of bottoms. Either have the “chick with a dick” bottom or you have butch man under you. When I have gay sex (I’m bi) I want NOTHING femmy about it. I want a man X10. My brother and his partner are both tops who do each other as well as teaming up on a bottom du jour. I did my brother’s partner a few times (BEFORE they were partners, dating, or having sex) and yes I took it from him as well. The sheer power in the room was like a BDSM sensation. Loved it.

  53. hardrock34

    Being a top myself we often fantasize about getting fucked. When a top gives up his ass to another top it’s the ultimate surrender and it’s hot as hell .

  54. jrny127

    This is silly. If a “true top” gets fucked, he’s no longer a “true top”, now he’s “Vers”! Now, I guess the question is “did he like it?”if so, he’s now a vers top. I personally don’t thing anyone is either this or that! It’s just what they prefer!

  55. quilloenUSA

    Total tops Do NOT KNOw how to fuck a guy’s hole and they’re usually these married guys who think they will usually lose their masculinity if they give up the ass, meanwhile secretly wanting to do so. My main recommendation; It takes a guy who has bottomed to know what type of pleasure a bottom experiences. If a guy who claims to be 100% top wants to fuck me, I just run the other way like hell!

  56. Latinlust69

    My first long term bf was a total anal top! He’d plow my ass +3x per day and it was great! But when I’d get mad at him I’d fuck him deep and hard! He wouldn’t last long tho. He’d pop his load all over as I fucked him!
    My last almost 3way turned out to be one on one with the top. After eating his ass as he sucked me I fucked his hole with just spit! He came twice as I fucked but stayed hard enough to slam my hole with his +9″ and thick cock!

  57. marc

    Why Don’t we have a convention or conference entitled “Tops Who Want to get Fucked “? Any city, any date, any time — I’m there!

  58. Steve

    I like 1st post by Dave,what city r u in hummmm.
    I am curious to try dom top and 1 thing that I want to try is to fuck a top as he fucks a bttm (skinny n yng )and live on cam too and film it also.

  59. RockAFella

    My rule is unless I get away with ‘breaking and entering’ you don’t get away with ‘breaking and entering’ either. Maybe I’m a bit of a jerk when it comes to that but I get to go first because I’m an honest guy and willing to give it up once you’ve let me have my way with you. There’s a lot to be said for popping a top, wincing, whining, biting the pillow or banging his fist on the pool table,….I also love to wrestle for top position and win about 60% of the time. I can be very convincing you know…..

  60. jayed

    I am a bottom love it yes, and i am from ohio. Tops are so hard to come by, hell i think everyone in the state of ohio are bottoms or secretly bottoms including the married closet cases i ran into. So if you find a top here i don’t wish to turn him into a bottom.— that spot is already covered— by everybody!!! lol

  61. Forrest

    I’ve fucked a top. It was awesome. His tight ass around my hard cock, and him whimpering that he never bottoms at the same time is extremely hot to me.

  62. Sam

    Yeah, I love to flip a top. The combination of domination and conquest is very sexy. Also, they tend to have nice tight asses 🙂

    Of course, I also like to flip bottoms. A big-dicked bottom is a tragedy. And I figure I’m doing both of them a favor. Flipping sometimes makes you better and your preferred role. Vers guys rule 🙂

  63. 1countryboy1

    A few years ago I fucked a top an he loved it! He couldn’t get enough of my 9inch cock up his ass. The longest I’ve ever fucked someone was with him for a hour an a half an he loved it every min. After we where done fucking he told me how good it feels when I fuck him an that I’ve turned him into a bottom

  64. litlebear4

    I consider myself 99.9% top. the difference between a top and a bottom is tops love ass and thats what they look for and prefer as I do. however every once in a blue moon some crafty bottom who rims like a pro and hits the right button gets me to the point where he thinks he’s a top and i let him have it. I also play well with other “total tops” and have been surprised by them letting go of thier topism.( I do rim like a pro btw) and its always a good scene. the funny thing is tops usually cum quick when they get fucked.

  65. Dennis

    What a great subject…fucking a top….I had a very interesting experience while living in the Village in the 1960’s…so that makes me an older man….but those were the great times….one could have sex every hour on the hour in the Village….I lived on Greenwich Ave and frequented the movie theatre that was across from St Vincent’s Hospital and there I met a man who had an 11 inch cock and he was a confirmed top….he fucked me for several months on Saturday afternoons while my lover was at work…my lover at that time had a big cock too….I moved but about tne years later I rented a house on Fire Island in the Pines and met that man with the 11 inch cock again but this time he was lying on his stomach in the pines getting fucked by any and all guys who wanted too…so I did…and then after I came I sucked his cock until it wsa hard and he fucked me…not once but twice….

  66. Matador

    I’m a little annoyed at all the broad judgements here, especially from people who say you’re not a top if you’ve ever bottomed. A jazz singer who gets up at karaoke and sings a rock song doesn’t suddenly stop being a jazz singer. People always self-identify regardless of things they might also like and try. I like regular ol’ coffee but sometimes someone will slip me a (blech) hazelnut latte or something and I can enjoy it, but not prefer it. Get the difference?

    Also, total tops are not always butch. Most drag queens I know are actually “total tops” and some if the most enthusiastic bottoms I’ve ever had have had muscles. For that matter, some of the mos enthusiastic tops I’ve known have been skinny guys with big dicks. When you act out on stereotypes, that’s all you’re doing… acting. And most likely, no Oscar statue for your performance.

  67. SuckItDown

    I fucked this hypermasculine ‘top’ guy once. He talked me into it, saying he and his girlfriend had been fantasizing about him taking a black cock. Once I ignored the ‘black’ thing, I fucked him, he was SO hot, and I was so turned on.. BUT, when I was inside of him he cried like a baby…. tears and all. So, not only did he turn me off, he kinda scared me too. I did however, enjoy watching him parade around my house naked afterwards though. He had a NICE ass… and a cock that seemed to BEG for my throat.

  68. captainhooklives "BRIAN"

    Well..there was a time I was a total top until I met my was a really tough guy.. well..ahem..still am..and this dude came up to me bluntly and said he really wanted to fuck me!! I says. .”it aint happening..I DO THE FUCKING”!! We stood there face to face sizing each other up and finally he says..”you wrestle”? I said..” of course..but you’ll lose”!! He said..”WINNER TAKES THAT ASS” ass was ruined!! It was my 1st time getting fucked..the most rewarding loss I’ve ever experienced..

  69. I did it

    I met a guy that was straight never being with another guy and a top. We fucked several times in one week and with him having the body of Adonis I could not get enough of this 6’4 caramel complexion male. One day as we were passionately having sex he decided to jack off my dick while he fucked me on my back. He focused on my eyes and my facial expressions the whole time and I noticed. I put on a show that day moaning and squirming and twisting and turning. It was nothing new as his dick was huge and thick. I went home feeling like I think he really liked to make me happy in bed. I could tell by how hard his dick got that he enjoyed it and even after we fucked we jacked each other off for the first time… he could not keep his hands off my dick. Being versatile the next time we had sex I started off sucking his dick and laid him back in the bed in a position that my dick was in his face. At first he jacked it so I started to moan in pleasure as I humped toward his face. Finally I felt a warm sensation as if my dick was inside of a hot pocket. I could not believe he was actually sucking my dick. After a while of the 69 position he flipped me around and fucked me silly but in the process of him fucking me doggy style I pushed my dick back so that it constantly rubbed his balls. Being versatile I just knew in my heart what was next because as he felt my dick on his balls he made sounds of pleasure. Normally we would fuck for 45 minutes but this time it lasted like 20 minutes. He was really into it. The next time we had sex was the ultimate best. We met like usual but this time I told him I was not in the mood to fuck I just wanted to jack off… at first he was like knawl I want some ass and I was like I do too. He paused and was like look I dont get fucked. I said I know but like you telling me what you want I am telling you what I want. He was like man that shit hurt I know. I said how do you know if you never tried it? He was like man I just know it hurt when I shit a big turd I was like thats different… I know what I am doing. I grabbed his face and started passionately kissing him and as we pulled our clothes off he tried to turn me around. I said I dont feel like getting fucked lets just jack. He said I want to be with you. I said if you want to be with me its time you be with me and try something new… He said man that aint me. I started back kissing his face while grabbing his tight bubble butt. I popped the top off the lube and wet my fingers all while French kissing him and slowly kissing down his neck to his nipples. BINGO. His 10 inch dick was rock hard so I started to rub his ass hole slowly with the lube but only the outside of it to build the pleasure and loosen the tension as he squeezed his ass checks together. He said look man I dont get down like that but I could see in his eye he kinda wanted me to take control so I did. I laid him on the bed ass up as he started pushing me back off him. Man what you doing. I said look man relax. I pulled his dick from the back and started sucking it while adding more lube to my hands stroking his dick and rubbing more and more into his hole but very slow to not cause any pain or suspension to what i had on mind to do. Before I knew it he was twisting and moaning and I had 2 fingers in that tight bubble butt. I knew it was time so I strapped up and slowly kissed from his dick to his ass checks and from the nap of his back to his neck. As I put my 9 inch dick on his hole he said man I dont get down like this. I said man I promise I wont hurt you dont you feel good, Have I hurt you yet? He said knawl man but… as he said but I pushed in just a lil and he made a big moan sound. Not one of pain but one of pleasure. I kissed his ear and whispered I got you as I slowly pushed deep inside of him. It was so warm… so wet… so hot that I knew it would not be long before I was shooting my load. I stroked him for about 15 minutes slow and deep before he started shaking… yes he did cum and was not touching his dick at all which made me immediately cum. It was the best ass EVER. After we cleaned up he was like man you better not tell nobody about this. I playfully pushed him and said why would I, did you tell somebody about us? He said knawl I’m just saying. I said and I’m just saying man what we do is between you and me. We have been fucking for the past 9 years. No relationship as he is now married but once a month I take his ass from him… every time it has been like the first time and I loved it.

  70. spaarkynd

    I post on craigslist as a bottom looking for top, majority of tops out the are vers. at best, their afraid of loosing masculinity by taking cock up the ass. Truth be known if you wanna be the best at anything you need to know the other side also and generally they are more masculine and have better body’s…when your fucking a true bottom between over exaggerated moaning their screaming at their Italian miniature greyhound that won’t shut the fuck up either…just my observations.

  71. Mark B

    Funny….I meet one guy at the bathhouse and he said that he was a top.

    Next thing I know, we are in my room and he wasn’t aggressive enough for my taste. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and topped him. All 13.5″ of my dick went into his ass.

    He was screaming, yelling, while I was working him over.

    After wards, he said that he didn’t want me to top him and wanted me to ride him.


    Sorry buddy–I’m deaf, I can’t hear a thing you said, especially in the dark, since you turned off the lights!

    That was my experience fucking a top. I really don’t see any difference.

    Fucking a hole, is fucking a hole.

  72. TopFucker

    there are a few reasons i like fucking other tops.
    their asses are tighter cause they are not constantly getting railed. I hate when i connect with a bottom and my cock followed by my leg fall into his loose gross ass.
    They are more masculine , atleast the ones I have encountered.
    they enjoy it intensely.
    its more of a challenge to convince them to give it up which bones me up .
    its also a challenge to get into the ass .
    their deep butch voices commanding me to pound that ass are a huge turn on too.
    its a very hot experience.

  73. Jim DIxon

    I have converted 11 tops into versatiles. I explain to them it will make them a better top. It’s the same transition I made myself some 8 months ago. I admit, it’s exciting being their first! I’ve only got 6.5″, but most bottoms tell me it fucks like it’s 8″ or 9″ because it’s rock hard and I know what to do with it. So, if you are a top wanting to explore your bottoms side (don’t we all?) Hit me up!

  74. Terry

    I am a 100% Top Only Guy. I can tell you that I don’t like to be penetrated at all. There is no good feeling associated with penetration. In my early days, I tried to develop myself into a Vers/top. I never succeeded! I believe that bottoms are different than tops and have additional interior nodes that support anal orgasm. I saw a video once on these nodes. So if you are a Vers/Top you probably have the nodes, however if you are a TOP only, I believe there is nothing nice about any man or dildo penetrating my hole.

  75. gearjammer

    Gay men are idiots….just like married guys who fuck guys n think they re still str…..tops who get fucked AREN T tlt tops…

  76. John...

    Not all tops claim to be “total” tops. Hell even I fuck a woman friend now and then, but it doesn’t make me not homosexual because of it.

    There is no Gay Bible or Gay Hand Book to follow. No “gay” contract signing or pledge of “Gay” allegiance. Gay is not a club one joins promising to follow “gay” rules and guidelines. Gay is not a group-think cult nor is it a religion. If one prefers to be a clone that’s their own business, but don’t think you are entitled to evangelize what you choose to be because you are not. If you believe you are then you are no different than any other kind of bigot.

    Gay men and women can be and are as diverse as any other kind of people. If you expect to be accepted for what you are then you need to be able to accept others for what they they are, even if they share the same sexual orientation as you.

  77. Latin4LatinOrBlk

    Imma TOP n I too like to fuck men whom claim to TOPs, my thin is, if u get fucked, den ur not a TOP, well not strictly. U TOPs whom get fucked, need to change ya profiles to eitha, Versatile or a versatile top.

  78. hardtopftl

    I have had the good fortune of being the top’s top for some of the city’s porn tops and butch “I can’t believe he’s a bottom” bottoms. And I used to be 100% versatile, but circumstances in life pushed me to be 99% top. I didn’t even know these guys were in the business… Go figure?

  79. Twizzy

    @gearjammer, I’m not that kind of gay, that believe in Top versus Top, ending the both being Top, the guy who was fucked know is versatile, tHE End. I’m don’t get it, the masculinity that the gay top claims to have, I know bottoms very masculine and top femme, 4 me that all masculine that top claims to have, don’t exist, is just a mask.

  80. jeff

    I have seen those ads before and I think its a load. If they are looking for masculine men just say that. But a top is a top. If they want to bottom then they are versatile, no longer a top.

  81. brandonman39

    yes an older man i had occasional relations with when i was about 21 he liked a young man topping him.of course i got topped by him more.

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