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I went camping this past weekend with some old college friends.  A group of 10, including 2 straight couples.  Just a weekend for catching up over a lot of beers.  No sexual tension in the group.  I went alone, as I am currently single.  35, white, 5’11”, 180#, fit enough for 35 🙂 and hung – every bit of 7 inches, cut.  Versatile, but this weekend, I was a horny top.

The weather was nice and cool and dry.  When I checked in to the campground, the young man who checked me in, seemed to be checking me out.  He was 25, black, cropped short hair, 6’1″ and built like a linebacker, stocky and muscular.  This kid was a real looker, but it was his eyes that drew me in.  Behind his trendy eyeglass frames were piercing deep hazel eyes.  Oh, and that smile.  Maybe it was me that checked him out first and not the other way around 🙂  I digress.

Turns out it was his parent’s campground, and he was the manager.  I knew he was interested when he pulled out the map to show me my site – I reserved the spot that would be in the middle of all my friends, as I would usually host at my campfire.  He told me that was not a good spot because it was next to a trail and offered little privacy.  He switched me to a site still next to my friends but, in his words, “quieter.”  Who was I to agrue?  He said his name was Brant and that he’d probably see me around.  I introduced myself as Jared, we exchanged a firm hand shake, but his grip lingered.  I left the office to meet up with the group.

I got to my site and set up, and after a few beers and distracted conversation, I had forgotten all about Brant….that is until I left to take a pee break.  Walking up the trail to the bathroom, I saw Brant approaching, smiling.  “Hi Jared,” he said, “how do you like the site?”  I told him I liked it, but that the site’s water spigot seemed to have low pressure.  He said he would need to go get a tool and be back in a while.  I told him thank you, that there was no rush.  Much later, about 9pm, the group broke up as it had been a long day and it was getting cold.  I headed up the trail with my toothbrush to get ready to turn in, and again, I saw Brant.

I asked him if he was able to fix the spigot.  He laughed and said, “yeah, that’s a tricky one.  When you finish up here, I’ll show you how to fix it if it happens again.”  Now my pulse was quickening.  I was horny and I was definitely getting an unmistakable vibe.  You know that feeling when you know you’ve just made a connection that transcends words.

I brushed my teeth, had a quick pee and walked with Brant down to my site.  At this point, he got bold and simply asked me cut or un?  I looked at him and said “7 cut, you?”  He replied with a smile, “does it matter?”  I laughed, figuring that meant he liked to bottom, but he said “8 cut.”  “Nice.  Can’t wait to have it my hands.  Your place or mine?” I asked.  “Mom and dad have friends over.  You got room in your tent?”  “I’ve got a 4 man tent, but my best friend and his wife are in the next site.  I don’t usually have sex within earshot of my friends.  You’re not a screamer are you?”  Brant laughed.  “Come on in.  Let’s do this quietly as possible.”

No one was around when we ducked into the tent.  We were hunched over and kissing, his tongue instantly probing my lips and searching for mine.  He was lustful.  I feel it in his touch.  And could hear it in the panting of his breath.  I unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his bare smooth chest, his nipples rock hard.  He shivered because it was cold, but he worked fast as he pulled off my sweatshirt and worked off my belt and jeans, as I kicked off my sneakers.  When every last stitch of clothing was off, I leaned in and whispered for him to get my bed.  (I didn’t use a sleeping bag.  I had a queen size blow up mattress, sheets and blankets.)  He climbed in and I followed.  We hugged and stroked each other, as a our bodies entwined for warmth.  His hot hard cock grinding, his precum coating my leg.  My hot cock grinding against his stomach.  Our kissing was deep and Brant began to moan.  I whispered to be quiet and he apologized.  I laid him down and straddled him, kissing his mouth and then his neck and then his ears.  His cock pulsed into my crotch.  I moved lower, licking and nibbling his nipples, and then his navel – which was surrounded by a ripped six pack.  I reached the tip of his cock – which was standing at attention and oozing. As I worked his cock, he pulled me around so that we were 69 and he began licking my ball sack, his fingers running up and down my crack.  I spread my legs and felt his tongue run from my balls to my smooth hole.  He drove his tongue in deep followed by a rhythmic licking and sucking of my sack, my perenium and my hole….driving me crazy.  But I needed to have his ass, so I rolled him over, with him straddling my chest, his ass ready.  He was clean, but not just out of the shower.  Not funky but definitely the smell of a working man.  I buried  my face into his ass and spread his cheeks wide.  He fell forward and pushed back inviting me to violate his beautiful hold.  And beautiful it was.  Shaved down.  Tight.  So tight I doubted my 7 would penetrate him.

As my tongue licked and probed, Brant began to pump my chest with his cock.  I then worked a finger into the waiting tight hole, just to the first knuckle and worked his hole.  He shuddered and then relaxed.  I licked the edge of my finger as it worked and stretched him.  And then I worked a second in.  As a worked my finger tips in, I could feel his hole pulse.  I pulled the fingers out, and whisper that I wanted to hold on, not to cum yet.  And he responded with a soft, “now…please….i need you inside me….please.”

I rolled him off me.  I turned him away from me and spooned him, my hot dripping cock resting in his ass, my arm around him as he grinded his ass back inviting my cock in.  I placed the moist tip of my head onto his hole and let his grinding motion lube him.  He pressed back again and I pressed in.  I heard him give a soft grunt then a squeal and then felt that soft pop and I knew I had entered him.  Brant softly exclaimed “ooohhhh, ahhhhh.”  He stopped grinding and I knew he was just trying to get used to my girth.  Instead of pressing in, I pulled out just a bit and pushed back, just the tip of my dick gliding back and forth.  And Brant whispered “more” and pushed back.  Slowly I penetrated him with a rhythmic back of forth as I began to truly make love to this beautiful man.  I felt him relax further, as I pressed in eventually reaching the hilt.  My balls resting on his soggy, sweaty ass.  His beautiful ass grinding softly against my stomach.  I kiss his neck and nibble his ear.  Brant moaned “don’t stop….more.”  I felt his hole quivering as my shaft spread his lips, and I reached around and found Brant’s pulsing cock as it rests in a puddle of wetness.  I asked him, “have you cum already?”  “No, but damn, I’m close.” And then I begin to grind him softly, as we are now in unison making love to each other.  My breath on his neck, my cock slipping in and out of his moist hole, my hand jerking his throbbing cock.  All this is going on in a quiet passion.  I feel Brant reaching the edge, a soft whimper escapes him despite his face buried into my pillow.

And with an almost silent request, I ask him, “in or out.”  He responds at first with “inside me but not yet” and then with “more, more.”  I kiss his neck as I continue to grind him, now with longer strokes.  I whisper “I’m close”.  And then just three pumps later, Brant goes rigid, his hole contracts on my pulsing cock as three ribbons of Brant’s hot creamy juice jumps from between my wet fingers and all over him and the bed.  He begins to relax with a satisfied “ooooohhhhh” and I begin to pump him harder as I have reached the point of no return.  My hard cock pounding in and out of this sweet young man’s body.  Brant spreads his legs wider and rolls over so that I can pound him even deeper.  My balls slap noisily against Brant’s willing ass, my hands grasp his hips as I thrust in on final time, deeper than Brant was expecting.  He blurts out a sharp “ah!ahhhhh,” as I spew my load deep inside.  My cock resting in Brant’s creamy hole, my sweaty chest against his sweaty back.  We rest there, panting.  He turns his head and I kiss him.  His tongue wrestles for mine.  I slip out of his ass, resting my semi-hard dick in the crack of his ass.  He’s still grinding softly.  I roll off of him so that we are now face to face.  He embraces me and kisses me  Our eyes meet and kiss and he then feeds me a drop of the cum dripping from his chest.  I suck his finger off and we kiss again, one last time, as we give way to our exhaustion and fall into a well-deserved sleep.

And when I awake…..[more to come?]


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  1. Dylan

    Wow!!! That was SMOKIN’ HOT!! I’m sitting here at work in suit pants and I can feel my cock slipping over the top band of my underwear and a Hefty bulge poking through. I have a meeting in 5 min. How am I going to get rid of this?

    Don’t leave us hanging!!

  2. Dean

    my lover at the time a very hot uncut latino and I went 2 a (clothing optional) all sexes camp ground south of Leavenworth Kansas but we picked up the 1st day a versa guy avg cock but very hot we went back 2 our camper the air was nice n cool we a a cpl of drinks and we were all getting hot needless 2 say we fucked n sucked but he was kind of rushed cuz he had 2 go 2 work he told us he was a local police lover freaked out as that was his fantasy 2 b cuffed n stuffed I just bought a set of cuffs when I get the next chance gonna do just that.Dean

  3. Brant

    The only thing truthful about this story is the 7 inch he’s claiming is hung. This is Brant, and this disgusting fool is living in a fantasy. There is a reason he showed up on the trip alone, and trust me, on my drunkest day, it wasn’t happening. I am 9 inches, and there is no black person who would let anyone on their back who has a smaller than them. Especially not a tiny 7 inches. We pack real dick, not little cocks.

  4. Jared

    Hey, “Brant”, don’t know why you’re hating. I wrote the story. While the setting is a fantasy, it is a complilation of some very real experiences I’ve had with very real, very hot, very hung Black men. You might need to get out more. Or maybe write your own story. As for all the positive and encouraging comment, my sincere thanks. I’ll write again soon.

  5. Jared

    I don’t know why, “Brant”, but you really got under my skin doubting the possibility of me climbing up on and fucking a hung black man. Here are some hot black studs I’ve fucked:

    35yo Army officer, 6 foot, 9 cut – former regular fuckbud
    40yo cop, 6 foot, 8 uncut – former regular fuckbud
    20yo student, 5’10”, 8 cut – one night stand.
    24yo nurse, 6’2″, 9 uncut – regular fuckbud
    42yo mechanic, 6 foot, 8 cut – one night stand.
    22yo student, 6’4″, 8 uncut – one night stand
    27yo student, 5″8″, 8 cut – former regular fuckbud
    20yo student, 5’9″, 7 uncut – one night stand.
    19yo student, 6 foot, 8 cut – one night stand.

    And I’ve been laid into by several hot black studs, too:

    40yo bodybuilder, 6’1″, 8 cut – twice (by the way. it was this stud’s body that was my inspiration for my Brant’s build)
    That same 35 yo Army officer, above – former regular fuckbud
    24yo bar tender, 6 foot, 9.5 cut – former regular fuckbud
    45yo truck driver, 6 foot, 10 uncut – one night stand.
    45yo med tech, 6 foot, 9 cut – one night stand.

    And now that you gave a reason to remember all these hotties, I am formulating the story of what happened when I woke up after making love to Brant.

  6. Jared

    Hunter. I completely understand that concern and even considered modifying it when writing. But again, it is fiction – presuming a perfect world…just like a perfect bed partner 🙂 I put on a condom in the real world, but I never fantasize with one.

  7. Scott

    Good story. Don’t let a hater get under your skin. It’s clear he has issues that go far beyond your story. I liked it and have had similar experiences with well endowed black men, and very nice ones at that. Back channel if to want to chat.

  8. Latin4LatinOrBlk

    I hear ya Jared, I too have topped several, as most wud say, hung black men. I may only have a 8 n a halfer, but it’s thick n dey liked it. But at da same time, perhaps u shoulda let Brant kno u wer puttn up a fictional story dat was centered or at da very least had his name n it. Maybe den he wuddint have been mad n maybe add his (fictional) side to da story. Just sayn. N Brant, take it as a compliment dat he fantasizes bout u enough to write a story.

  9. Vaughn

    Brant, I’m a black male packing a nice 7.5 not to thick cut piece of meat and I love to both give and receive so please try not to speak for the whole African American race when you post. Like they said in previous comments, take it as a compliment that this man fantasized about you in such an erotic way and gave you a rocking body and decent sized piece. And Jared honey, I loved this story and half way through I was ready to blow Lol, I knew it was fiction right off the bat but that made me enjoy it all the more. I can’t wait for the next installment of your novella!

  10. Jared

    Thanks Vaughn for the compliments. Camping 2 is done and submitted. Just awaiting the blog gods to post it.

    While some might be bummed that this story is fiction, just realize that, at least in my fantasy stories, the sexual parts are for the most part true, with some license given to the details. Being versatile gives me the unique perspective to give a legitimate view from both sides of the sexual encounter, and I try to give those emotions a picture for you to enjoy (or perhaps remember from your own experiences). When I’m getting fucked, I’m rock hard enjoying the act of being at someone’s mercy but while knowing I’m giving him pleasure. And when I’m topping, I get more pleasure knowing my bottom is in sync with and enjoying it with me. What top enjoys fucking a limp, lifeless bottom? Not me, I want my man squirming and squirting.

    Thanks again for all the encouraging posts. Can’t wait for you to read Camping 2 and hear your thoughts.

  11. Tom

    what an awesome fuckin story Jared….so hot that i got hard almost instantly n wanted to join in
    was so horny n hard n wanted to jac my cock n cum but wanted to read the story so i just read the story, not touching my hard cock and when the guys shot their loads so did i without touching my own cock
    it was awesome
    n im 67 years old
    would luv to suck ur cock n fuck you sometime
    thanks for the story
    cant wait to read the next one

  12. Tony

    First off, this story was another Great Job of writing, and I loved reading every word. It Reminded me of many camping trips I have been on with friends and by myself.
    Now to this so called critic, BRANT, you’re an ASSHOLE and a true BIGOT, Through and through, keep your fucking Negative comments to yourself or tell it to your MOMMY and maybe she’ll slap the living shit out of you for being so FUCKING RUDE.
    Now Back to the GREAT STORY and who cares if it fiction or not, it got most every one hard and got many of them to shoot a huge load too. I can’t wait to read the next one, and hopefully BRANT will not Read it. He can go Suck his MOMMIES Titties.

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