Stories : Stormy Weather

We cuddled together spooning on Friday night in Atlanta, after a long week of exhausting flash floods that turned our normally, hot and humid, city into an urban tropical rain forest; it was our hope to take a sweet restful catnap.  I have lived in HotLanta for sixteen years and have never experienced such a cool and wet summer season.  For days on end it has been overcast with rain pelting down hard creating intermittent street flooding.  I thought Mother Nature’s winds had picked our condo up whirling us around hurling all we had from the Southern heated skies to the foggy West Coast city of Seattle.  Tonight’s storm was filled with lots of natural fireworks as lightning flashed brightly illuminating us under the pale blue sheet and the thunder blasted, so shockingly loud, that we grown-assed men jumped, rocking our king-sized bed in unison with the vibrating rumbles outside. 

I am so glad that my man was behind me with his naked body and semi-erect, big dick pushing up against my ass with every crashing thunderous jolt.  We had finished off a bottle of smooth, dry, red Zinfandel in hopes of a short disco nap before we hit the club.  But when the storm clouds began to dump on us outside we decided that turning cool, wet weather into hot, sweaty summer sex inside was our way of flipping off Mother Nature.  The spooning started beating out a humid bayou tune like the true southerners we have always been.  Monte is from New Orleans with a sexy jazz laden voice and a golden brown body which has me devouring him like a sticky, sweet praline.  His ripped muscular arms pulled me over to meet his chest and I knew he wanted some nipple action.  I obliged as he moaned almost louder than the thunder.  His dark flat nipples are pierced so after a five minute suckling on both of them he needed a break from the intense sensations.

Pushing me further southward, I tickled his navel with my tongue as he rolled me on my side to force his ample fat head between my lips.  He knows how I like to be submissive choking on his dick while he face fucks me with the mighty force of his perfectly shaped African-American ass behind each deep-throat stretching thrust.  This dance under the sheet heats up our bedroom like the summer sun we’ve been missing.  My gagging and slobbering on his long fat man meat causes him to begin oozing pre-cum.  He has lots of that clear salty fluid so I grab his ass cheeks and pull him from deep down my throat.  My tongue goes to work on the crown of his head slurping up every last drop.  One of his love-hate torturous techniques I use on him is running the tip of my tongue from under his glans to the wide-gaped slit where I am able to lightly dip inside his dick head causing him to shudder in pre-orgasmic pleasure.  I do this as many times as he can stand it before he pushes me off him taking back the control.

Now it’s my turn to get some much needed tongue action.  Monte has a taste for ass and feet, he loves my size 11 foot which when barefooted the light blue veins on my white skin turn him on, motivating him to kiss each foot with precise tonguing action.  He loves to lick the arch of both feet spitting on them and then he brings them together making a perfect spot to push his dick through.  It really feels great for me as well.  Like getting a foot massage with a meaty 10 incher that sends chills up the base of my spine and is hot to watch, too.  Time for the toes that get suckled like he was giving head, since I am very flexible he can move my two big toes placing them bottom to bottom giving him a much larger sucking diameter.  He works up a sweat from fucking my arches to sucking my big toes until he’s ready to eat some ass.

I’m extremely fortunate to have found a man who loves being in control between the sheets.  However, he does like a fight and my stubborn Taurus ways with the bullheaded horns I bear turns him into a sexy bullfighter.  We wrestle around on the bed until he finally wins and flips me ass up.  His big hands start smacking my ass hard stinging them red as the hot summer sun.  He forces his right middle finger in my mouth to suck but I bite it at the knuckle which makes him go harder on my ass.  My cheeks are beginning to burn like nude sunbathing with cocoa butter sizzling sweat.  Once the bedroom is really heated up he flips me on my back and rolls my legs up grabbing me around the waist to munch on my asshole.  Sometimes I just cannot believe how good this feels.  His long tongue runs from underneath my balls down my crack till he starts nibbling on my asshole lightly.  Burying his head in my ass makes him hotter, hungry for tonguing me deep inside.  Hearing is spit and slobber while watching him eat ass is a view that makes my dick leak pre-cum.  When our eyes meet, I swab off the clear fluid from my slit with my middle finger and suck on it deep.  I repeat this salty taste treat as my ass starts opening up to him wider.  Then with our passions heated to a maximum frenzy, he suddenly stabs the bull with a fleshy sword.  His fat dickhead inside me, we both forget about the thunder outside and make our own raucous noise which sounds like a dissonant jazz hook wailing deep from the past to our present moment, reminding us of a liquored up juke joint jam.

We never rush our fucking like a short summer storm.  I open up to Monte as he pushes his dick deep inside me.  He loves my inner ass muscular play so I used them to start milking his dick which gives me so much pleasure allowing me to move his fat head up against my male g-spot or p-spot, the sensitive prostate.  M leans heavy on my chest our tongues meet to deep kiss mixing together the flavors of his dick, my feet, ass and both our salty pre-cum.  All our senses completely heightened, he rolls me over on top of him like the rolling thunder.  My back arches as I bounce up and down on his 10 inches.  The fattest part of his dick is the soft, smooth head that pops in and out of my hole.  He lifts my hips up and pulls out all the way then punches his head in making my ass pop.  This stabbing is made easier for me as he grabs my ass cheeks and pulls them open wider.  The sound of popping and the feel of my man’s hands spreading me wide have always teased me, bringing me ever closer to just let it go and shoot a big load over his smooth chest.  But Monte won’t let that happen yet, pinching my nipples hard to take my mind off cumming too soon as we do this for quite some time until his dick needs more lubricating slobber.  So I continue the ride on his big dick until he pulls out and pushes my head down to suck on and slobber up his sweaty man meat.

M has always maintained great stamina loving to fuck me for hours on end with up to three loads of cum dumping.  When we first started dating I had to get use to his longevity.  I remember back to our first long night of fucking and how the next day my asshole was so sore that he ran a hot steamy bath and we soaked in the bubbles as he ran around naked in the condo to feed me breakfast in the soothing jetted tub.  He knows how to take care of me and I have learned that with the help of my favorite lube called Eros Bodyglide, I can take it as long as he wants to give it.

After the Eros glides on, he places me on my stomach with a pillow under me and begins to stroke inside my ass deep.  I still love to be bullheaded so I run from him at times making our fucking an adventure that moves from the bed to the floor all the while keeping us hot as we slap each other’s chests and booties leaving me redder than his gorgeous golden brown body.  It’s time for our first explosions of milky, sweet semen.  With Monte pounding my ass I jerk off all over my chest and he pulls out to lick up and leave me clean until he shoots his huge load on my face and in my eager mouth.  He loves for me to suck on his fingers that have swabbed up his cum from my forehead and cheeks.  We rest a moment to check the stormy weather outside and it is quiet for now.  We discuss going out to our favorite club, but decide to fuck some more and sleep in late until we are hungry for brunch at Bab’s.


David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461




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  1. Dave

    Cut back on the adjectives next time and use verbs instead. Strong, vivid, verbs create action and emotion, thus SHOWING instead of TELLING.

  2. dave

    David. You have some great images but your overuse of run on sentences and comma splices left me limp. Please check out the owl purdue website. It will change the way you write.

  3. David W. Bradburn

    Dave I prefer storytelling fiction over showing folks what they can envision with just the right amount of descriptives. Nobody needs to be lead around when it comes to sex. Especially gay men.

  4. John...

    Has potential and enough content to be edited and made into a good story, but as it is right now; it reads like a Home Shopping Network host, over selling a product.

  5. Honeybearbiker19

    Let’s not forget about winter storms – especially for us northerners. A good snowstorm makes me fucking horny – nothing like being snowed in for a couple of days and hot sex to keep warm.

  6. Mark

    For those that are criticizing the author’s written English grammar, have you ever thought that maybe English isn’t his first language?

  7. John...

    “For those that are criticizing the author’s written English grammar, have you ever thought that maybe English isn’t his first language?”

    The honest criticism is for the sake of helping the author to get better at writing. Lying and saying something is good when it is not would be patronizing and an insult to the writer’s intelligence.

    I know we live in a world where so many feel entitled to everything as long as they can come up with some lame excuse, but still not everyone subscribes to that dysfunctional behavior yet.

  8. goldenloverinmym

    tim I agree,and honeybearbiker I agree with u too,the sno is gonna b piling up here soon enuff and cant wait 2 heat up my place with sum hot man action of my own.Dean

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