Stories : My First Time At A Bathhouse

It was a late September evening; I was majorly horny for some male attention. I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a guy to take me to a local bathhouse a couple towns away from where I live. I was lucky to have a guy respond to my post. After an hour or so of chatting and trading pics we decided to meet and make a trip there to have some fun.

My “date” picked me up from where I was living and while we were on our way to the bathhouse we chatted and got to know each other a little more while I was giving him road head to show my appreciation. About a half hour later we made it to the parking lot of the bathhouse, it resembled something like a boarding house with lots of windows (though they were dark as to keep what was going on in there secret, lol). We entered the front lobby and rented two lockers and were given towels (like I was gonna wear it at all ^_^) and we proceeded down to the lower level. I remember that it was real sleazy, dimly lit, and the energy in the air was filled with seduction and promiscuity (I loved it).

After getting naked and leaving our belongings in the lockers we took some time and explored the area. We ventured into two theaters where men were entwined into each other. Some were 69ing, full on pounding, and some just jerked and watched. I could feel the juices in my cock growing inside, and I started feeling a rush in my entire body. We continued onward and made our way to the “wet” area where a shower was the first placed we began to freshen up while being dirty at the same time. The fun continued on to the whirlpool, sitting in the steamy tub was exhilarating, I turned on the bubbles while my date sat back and began to bask in the jets; I can only imagine the pleasure he was feeling and wondering “what could I do to make it even better”? So without haste I began to suck his cock while I was submerged in the tub, I could tell he was enjoying himself by the way his thighs spread wider. After a while of sucking him we made our way to the steam room where we made out, frotted and entangled ourselves in absolute ecstasy. Fearful that my date would blow I playfully pushed him away while swaying my finger hinting “not yet”.

After spending that time in the steam room, it was time for us to get a breath of fresh air. Luckily for us there was a patio that was just for that exact purpose. The both of us sat under the warm, night sky and chatted more, just making idle talk. I was so enthralled by everything I was bold and began to rim my date while he sat in a patio chair. I was so hard by this, but I carefully jerked my cock because I didn’t want the fun to end too soon.

Taking a break from having fun we made our way back into the bathhouse and proceeded to the theater where we had some more fun. At that point my date was so enthralled by the amount of pleasure he was experiencing he had no choice but to explode all his seed but to my surprise he was still horny! I wanted to go back to the whirlpool and suck his sensitive cock under the warm water some more so we went back there but on our way we came across a super-hot Latino. At first it was just an innocent pass by, but in the corner of my eye I noticed him glance at me in a “damn, your fine” manner. So after me and my date settled in the whirlpool I told him that I was gonna bring that guy in for an even hotter session. I ventured off alone back to the theater and sure enough I saw the Latino guy sitting on a bench watching porn in his towel. Without so much as a though I sat next to him, exposed myself, and began to play with my cock. Knowing I was interested he began to stroke my cock for me. I asked “would you like to play with us”, “Sure”, he replied with a sensual smile. At this time it was me giving head and rimming my date and the Latino guy in the whirlpool at the same time. We all went back into the theater to finish off, my date was burned out from cumming earlier but I hadn’t blown my load yet so he just watched me as I fucked the other stud. It was so hot being watched while I fucked another guy while my date stroked his cock. The immense sensuality was enough to send me over the edge and a powerful force of pleasure left my body and at the same time drained me of all my sweet nectar the condom had so much cum in it. We laid there basking in each other’s enjoyment, a few minute passed and it was time for me and my date to leave, but before getting dressed I had to suck the Latino studs cock one last time since I didn’t know when I would have another chance again. My date and I left and dropped me off at home after exchanging goodbyes. I hope to do this all again someday! I know my cock and ass wants it!


USERNAME: Tiggar_Springs

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  1. John...

    Glad to hear you had a goo time.

    On my first time at one of those places I went with some friends and there was nothing there but a bunch of catty, nelly queens following each other around and calling each other gurl etc. It was a total turn off to say the least, but my friends and I did have fun sitting up half of the night watching and laughing at the freak show.

  2. DP

    Welp, this story pretty much sums up why I don’t go to bathhouses…. I wish real bathhouses existed, where you could just go, work out, swim in the pool, hit the sauna, all while naked, without a bunch of people fucking all over the place and leering at you.

  3. Dan_the_man

    For all you guys who want to glamorize the bathhouse seen, please don’t. These places are nothing more than breeding houses of disease. I’m a divorced male who is new to the gay scene. I drove by a bath house in Philadelphia for years and after my divorce, I finally had the courage to just do it. Big mistake! My first time was my last time. I’m modest, but I guess a lot of people find me attractive. I was pursued from the time I went in until the time I left. I got blown and rimmed by over 10 guys and the last guy ate my cum. The last guy who sucked me we did 69 and I sucked his cock for maybe 10 seconds as I was cumming in his mouth. Within a week, it burned when I pissed and my throat was sore. I was fortunate in that I ONLY contracted gonorrhea and chlamydia. I was stupid enough to go back to speak to the owner because I don’t know who it was that gave me the chlaymdia, so I could have possibly passed that on to someone there, although the guy who gave me the oral gonorrhea had to be the last guy, since he’s the only one I sucked. The manager was appreciative and I could tell he was nervous and didn’t know what to say. He told me that so many men there have sex while infected with anything and everything. The most disturbing was when they would test people at the bathhouse who would test positive for HIV, only to see them in the bathhouse having sex. Yes, there are safer sex practices and, yes, we all take risks. But why increase your risks in places that are just breeding grounds for unhealthy, risky sex with guys who would like to you in a heartbeat about their health or hiv status. Guys, please, as hot as the thought of anonymous sex is, it’s not worth your health. Have some self-love already!

  4. Mark

    I remember the first time I went to the bath house. Dimly light, I walked around in my towel, soaking the energy in when I walked around a corner and came across a guy that I thought was HOT!

    I said, “hello” and he did too! I smiled and he smiled. Everything was a mimic of what I was doing and I was enjoying it.

    Then a guy came up from the side and asked, “why are you talking to yourself in the mirror?”

  5. Tiggar_Springs

    Well to each his own. It was a time I enjoyed very much and a large percentage of men would have as well. So thank you for your insightful input.

  6. Moribito

    I was in my men’s group the other day and I overheard some of the guys talking about going to a bathhouse. They stated that they had seen signs warning about STD’s being spread throughout the bathhouse like it was an epidemic. Why didn’t they just put a quarantined sign outside the bathhouse front door?! The owners of these bathhouses know what is going on and what are they doing about? They are probably sex addicts themselves or in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies. FWI, Syphilis is once again the most commonly contracted STD among gay men and guess where they are getting it? That’s right, the bathhouses. Google syphilis for more infos. Be safe!

  7. feelmetho

    My first experience at the bath house was a gay pride weekend in Atlanta and i was nervous as he11. You had groups of queens then you had just men walking around with nothing on at all. It kind of shocked me then again it didnt, i ask my friends that i were with, what is the towel for, and they told me just to clean yourself up after whatever you do. So i mention that the towels were just a waist and they said pretty much. But all the workers were doing their thing with other guys, guys were in groupies, i mean everybody was having sex with anyone. It look like a wet trap (lol). The only thing i really enjoyed was sitting in the steam room to relax my body. But to each its own, we as gay men need to rap it up, use a condom, cause you never know who got what.

  8. todd

    You publish stories from members…and some have better quality then others…as you say…but the quality of this particular story was so poor that you should have passed on it. Most junior high schoolers should be able to compose a better story then that piece of junk. Awful. So bad, it was almost funny.

  9. Oliver Gardiner

    First of all, I don’t believe the lead essay on this topic is real. It reads like overwrought bad amateur porn fantasy. So the bathhouse was “sleazy and dimly lit” with air “filled with sex and promiscuity”? I doubt it. The bathhouses I’ve been in are scrupulously clean – even the shabby ones. The air smells of nothing because the bathhouse is also a no-smoking zone. Something’s off kilter. The essay’s author is on A4A (cruise to his heart’s (or other parts) content; yet he’s also on craigslist trolling where there is even less quality control in terms of the men to choose from.

    What this article omits is these days the “bathhouse” is a state of mind. Most horny men do not have to leave their houses for gay bars or for any gay establishment where offers of sex might be made.

    The other comments about having seen “those places” underscores the hypocrisy that still rules many gay men’s lives. Sex in a bathhouse is no different than spending hours on A4A or Craigslist; the end result is the same — sex with strange men.

    As for Dan_the_Man and his declaring he contracted an STD from his bathhouse escapades, I don’t pity him. A bathhouse is a building. What you do inside this building is still entirely up to you. Nowhere in any of these “hot” stories did I hear of anyone using a condom or being selective in their choices of hookup partners. A BATHHOUSE IS THE ONE PLACE TO HAVE PROTECTED SEX, NO EXCEPTION. So if Dan got gonorrhea it’s his own fault.

  10. John...

    Too bad for those who only have their hand to work with, but I don’t believe this story was meant to be jack-off material, just someone sharing what their first experience at a bathhouse was like is all.

  11. BearOKC69

    “Oliver”: some are and some aren’t…perfect example are the 2 baths down in Dallas…Midtown is what this writer described..The Club is what you described. Each attract a different clientele and since I didn’t fit into the young, hwp, hung crowd of the Club (where few would even admit I existed), I had much more fun at the other place that had young/old/fat/skinny and everything else in between…even if it was sleazy & filled with sex and promiscuity…that IS what I was there for after all

  12. ronmcadams1

    Im 48 year old bi surfer in hawaii and i love the bath houses. I lived in san diego and i used to get gang fucked at 19 years old. Now im 48 and i get fisted and gang fucked on the beaches of hawaii. Im looking always for hung men. Ron

  13. deeboii

    I really want to go to a bathhouse to explore everything that I have read and herd about them I consider myself active I really tove pounding n getting pound but im so nervous to go and be rejected I im a little chunky not that much I think thats what stops me from going ughhh what should I do

  14. Seaguy

    Hey all you uptight bitches who think bathhouses are nothing but disease filled houses of sin. That’s your opinion, but some of us don’t give a care what you think. This is a free country don’t like the baths then don’t go. Also I would suggest don’t read stories that are about them if you’re just going to post all your negative and often false claims about them.

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