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My favorite singer finally released her first english single in 5 years! The french Canadian Queen is back!!!

In July I had the chance to hear the song in Quebec city where she surprised thousands of fans with her new title, let me tell you that everyone was happy!

Loved Me Back To Life was written by Sia and produced by Sham & Motesart and it is definitely a new sound for Celine. Very fresh and modern compared to her usual power ballads. Her album is coming out November 5th and it’ll feature collaborations with Babyface, Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder.

Can’t wait!

Let me know what you think of the song after the jump and buy it on iTunes here!



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  1. muzyqman

    Interesting review, Dave. If this is not one of her “usual power ballads,” does that mean she’s finally learned to sing at less than top volume?

    • blog

      muzyqman : No but I know her stylist and she told me that Celine’s management wanted something more “up to date” like Adele meets Rihanna, younger, but cool… not always power ballads.

  2. alex

    as a 22 year old, i actually like this song. and i would’ve never listened to it if it wasn’t up to date. every sound has its time. you can’t play disco/70’s power ballads for the next 40 years and expect it to stay fresh. sorry. y’all are some old mofos.

  3. alex

    It’s actually not very fresh though. I mean it’s fresh for Celine but it could’ve been released 5 years ago and sounded fresh then too.

  4. Robert

    It may not be something she’s always done, but her voice is still as strong as ever and her range is still exquisite. I didn’t hear any “rasp” in her voice. It’s nice to hear new things from artists no matter who they are. I, personally, like hearing music that has more to say than just a ballad.

  5. aries_358

    It’s really a new vibe from Celine. Her voice is just extraordinary. But my favorite songs from her is her pop ballads – water from the moon. I wish she could record more songs like that.

  6. al

    I looooooove it. I’ve been a Celine fan for years. But it’s not her first single in 5 years, her last francophone release, Sans attendre, was an enormous success. Long live the queen.

  7. Brandon

    I am in love with this song. Celine is always talented! And this was so refreshing to see her break out of her traditional mold and do something modern! This is on major repeat!!!

  8. Daniel Affen

    She sounds pretty damn good. Always been a fan of her music. This song will have to grow on me, though…not used to her singing this type of music. Are they trying to reach out to a younger group of music listeners (This song sounds like a song Rihanna would sing or some other vocally challenged “singer”)?? Even when she was doing up tempo music, she still had her style of singing. This song sounds like she wants to tear it up, but…she sounds so restricted.

  9. aries_358

    Yes I do love that song too… But I’m hoping that she release a studio version of The Show must go on which she sang in her Taking Chances concert tour.

  10. Hunter0500

    Celine, a wonderful woman, a great human being. But just another “icon” in music for “true gays”.

    Gay guys are varied and come with a broad range of musical tastes, for many far far from the “icons” promoted as the music “we” should and must appreciate. There are artists such as:
    Luke Brian
    Darius Rucker
    Kenny Loggins with the Blue Sky Riders
    Vintage Trouble
    Chris Mann

    …to name just a few of the hundreds of artists gay guys listen to. Not all gay guys will like them all or even any of them. They do represent, however, the variety of artists that match the variety that gays guys come in.

  11. serenjesta

    As one of her oldest and biggest fans, my expectations were high. Her last French album was great in places but I missed the energy and power of albums like Falling Into You. I am elated to say that this song is all I wanted. Vocally outstanding and well-written. The rest of the album may have its misses, but this is worth buying the album alone. Welcome back girl!!!

  12. tibor33

    Can we please have a moratorium on auto tune. It’s bad enough when talentless hacks use it to be able to get something recorded in tune, but when truly gifted singers who can carry a tune use it for effect it’s depressing. Why not just have Siri sing everything.

  13. John...

    I agree with Hunter0500 to a certain extent.

    I don’t know her nor do I care for her product, but I suspect that Celine is a fine human being. She is obviously very good at what she does, but it’s just not my kind of entertainment.

    The “true gays” part is what I disagree with. Who is to dictate what a “true gay” is?

    I have never cared for any music by any diva that is considered important to certain people in the gay community. I’m a gay man and I find it more attractive, enjoyable and satisfying to listen to male singers, because I am also male and can relate more to a male’s feelingsemotions etc., than a women’s.

    I have many gay friends who feel the same exact way, so does that make us less than “true gay”? I think not since being gay is about one’s sexual orientation, not what they find interesting or entertaining. If I’m wrong then they had better come and revoke my gay card lol!

    My music is pretty diversified. I’m lucky that I have never become stuck on one genre only. I like rock, punk, jazz, blues, country, folk, electronica, industrial, Techno, HI-NRG dance and classical to name some. While Hip-Hop, Rap, and most top 40 pop these days is way too cookie cutter and fatiguing for my taste.

    Still the majority of my favorite music is by men. Having a woman sing a love song to me is meaningless, I would much rather have a guy do it since if I am going to fall in love it would be with a man, not a woman.

  14. JJ

    I am one of the world’s biggest Celine fans, and I think highly of this song. It’s fresh, but it still has the same elements that Celine is known for. It’s extremely catchy, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

    BTW…it’s her first English album in 6 years, not 5. “Taking Chances” was released in 2007.

  15. Skyfallguy

    This is exactly what I figured they would do to her voice given the mention of Ne-yo, Babyface, and Sia. The formula reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield actually cause this song could have been released with Pocket Full Of Sunshine in 2008. I’m aware that her fan base is pretty loyal, but looking at other artists trying to claw their way back to relevance (Ciara, Ashanti, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne) I just don’t see it happening on the level they want. She should have got with StarGate, or someone unexpected like Kaskade or Edward Maya to produce really smooth, low key, electro beats. Sia and Babyface could help with melodies and lyrics. All of that could be remixed and repackaged to sell to the younger EDM infused music today. Like what they did for Lana Del Rey and Gotye.
    I always have more to say than I think.

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