Hot Or Not : Sweaty Guys


I’m just back from the gym and I’m horny…..


Because there were tons of hot muscle guys that were covered in sweat at the gym and it makes me horny…that’s all 🙂

I think it’s HOT to see a hot guy all sweaty, do you?

Sweaty guys, Hot or Not?


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  1. Hot&Steamy...

    One of my favorite memories of having sex was with a hairy guy named, Gary, in Chicago. My apartment at the time was nice..but no AC and during the hottest part of the summer we went back and banged each other and sweat literally was dripping from his face down onto mine and I could taste that salty liquid as it found its way against my taste buds. Clearly, the BEST SEX I have ever had. No lube required…just one sweaty mass of manmeat on top of the other. When I recall this encounter…I find myself on top looking down into his eyes…and other times, I am the one underneath getting showered by the sweat dripping off his face…while he was taking his turn pumping his hot cock up my ass!

  2. Mark

    I totally love a hot, sweaty man. If he’s in the gym working out or out in the hot sun,,, Just makes me want to lick every drop of sweat off his HOT body,,, no matter where it is.

  3. BBFunBoi

    It looks hot but in some cases (depending on the amount of perspiration involved), it’s ok to shower first, right? Before the hot sweaty guy sticks his raw cock in you lol

  4. seth

    I love it how some of you guys say “depends on the guy”. Theres no middle answer to it. Its yes or no.. Me personally, HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLL NO.. SWEATY MEN DISGUST ME. NOW GETTING SWEATY WITH A GUY, THATS A WHOLE OTHER STORY…

  5. muzyqman

    Depends on whether it’s a manly smell or he smells rank. I like a man whose skin is glistening with sweat, but I prefer to make him sweaty myself.

  6. DJ

    Nothing sexier then a hot sweaty dude just off the basketball court. Whole body dripping with sweat till even his waist band from his underwear is soaked in sweat, coming over & letting me clean him wit my tongue!!!

  7. Rexxarino

    to look at: it can be fine, depending on who it is

    to taste: not something i need to do, and am extremely not likely to voluntarily try

    to smell: 9.1 out of 10 times — fuck no

    anyway, the same [æsthetic] effect can be achieved with water.
    actual, (relatively) clean, water.

    for those of you who, not only aren’t involuntarily-repulsed, but actually crave that sort of thing.. up with another person into it, and go hogge wilde

  8. Leo

    YES! One of my earliest sexual experiences with a man happened during a sweltering summer. We had AC and it was fine, but we were so hot for each other and so active in bed that he sweated all over me. It was nasty and erotic at the same time. Now I enjoy getting hot with a man (or two, tee hee).

    A more recent experience occurred at the gym for me too. We have this attractive beast – Nick, I think – and he probably knows I am into him. And one day this past spring, he walked by me and smelled like he hadn’t bathed in a day or two. Mixed with his sweat, that musky smell gave me an instant boner and made my Spidey sense tingle. Being around Nick is totally intoxicating, and after a minute of talking to him, I had to step away lest I take him down and screw him right there. The natural scent of a man turns me on like you wouldn’t believe!

  9. Mykel

    It all depends on the guy and how he got wet. I mean guy who work out and get sweaty at the gym or a home work out yes, but if it’s a dirty sweat like digging holes or building where he’s not only sweaty but covered in dirty, saw dust and such then no. You can’t lick a hot dirty but like you can lick a work out bod.

  10. Cooper

    It depends on how recently he got all sweaty. Just recently, while the sweat is still fresh? Hot! But a sweaty shirt that’s been sticking to him for a while and has begun to smell? Not my thing.

  11. rocmaniac69

    I like a man to smell and taste like a man! Nothing worse than the taste of soap cologne or deoderant. Some men smell better than others and I get really turned on by a guy that smells great to me! One of the best experiences is stepping into the back room of a leather bar and soaking up the smell of leather and hot sweaty men!

  12. BEEF

    Sweaty guys are definitely HOT, just not too sweaty. You know…dripping and leaving the entire bed we use to re energize to fuck some more wet? I like the humid, sticky sweat on guys. In fact, that kind of sweat is a lot stronger than dripping sweat.

  13. Darryl McCants

    The memory of a sweaty man either at the gym, playing sports, working outdoors, or having sex is very hot. I’d tell you more, but i just can’t.

  14. Aaron

    One of the hottest, literally, times of my life was with a college buddy of mine (I was 50 at the time) and we were interrupted by the apartment repairman. So we got dressed and went to the laundry room on a 100 degree day…dryers running…no air-conditioning sweat was pouring off us both when we finished and it was difficult to get our clothes back on over the sweat. It is still a great memory.

  15. Hillie

    The idea is hot. Sometimes when at the gym and I have a lite sweat sheen coating my so called muscles I get a frisky. However my experience is the opposite. I hooked up w/ a beautiful Dominican guy when things got to the bedrm he started sweating and it was awful… He keep aploijizing and that only made it worse. I never returned his calls and I was really attracted to him but the sandy storm dwn pour was more than I could handle.

  16. Jockstrap

    Met a guy in the park on 95 degree day, we went into the bushes and start blowing each other, his crotch was sweaty and ripe with man musk and made my cock swell up to maximum levels. When I stood up he had sweat running down his face from his temple to his chin. While I jerked him off I liked the sweat off his face starting at his chin all the way up to his temple , he let out an “oh fuck!” and he was squirting a massive load while a few guys watched. Love sweaty guys!

  17. David

    sometimes it’s hot yes, if it is an over weight/heavy guy no but if the dude is fit and toned than yes. it’s also a turn off if it is a black guy

  18. Matt

    In my opinion, yes, it can be hot! I remember when I still worked in grocery and guys would come into the store with sweat spots in the usual places on their shirts after a hour at the gym, that was a major turn on! Especially if it was a tight shirt, and could see their hot chiseled body underneath. And the ones in gym shorts who sported a nice bulge was always an added bonus!! MMMM!!!!!

  19. vick

    To be honest and perfectly honest a gymrat isn’t hot or sexy to me it’s all in the personality . The gay community spends too much time on vanity. I like a sweaty man period!!!!

  20. Brian

    There’s something about a sweaty man that just DOES it for me. The smell the dripping body! I don’t know or care, but I think its damned hot!

  21. Kenny

    one time i walked under the sun with a guy and when we got back to the hotel he took my shirt off. licked my back and ate my ass. that was hot. i’m not into sweaty guy but like having guys that like me dirty/sweaty lol

  22. muskman

    Yes, man smell rocks. On the right man. It all started for me with a black guy in the gym when got the smell of him every time we passed each other. He knew it and followed me into the changing room where he wiped under his arms with his towel and threw it onto my bag before walking out. Next time I did the same to him and that was the time I blew him out back. Man, the smell of his balls and eating his pits got into my beard for a couple of days. It was very, very hot. It was like our secret.

  23. Kawanis

    Such a turn on, but he has to but very attractive.i also hope he is musty too. Sounds terrible but i love to smell the natural scent of a man. My uncle use to cut my grandmas yard and he would Smell like a musty onion and man. Made my spiderman undies wet.

  24. Kayne

    FUCK YES Love manscent@ Love Man SWEAT! don’t get me wrong. cologne and soap are fine got polite society, but i prefer not to wear it. ever. no shower just raw pheromones i wanna smell him FUCK gimme those pits

  25. Charlie

    Oh yea. I love a man that has worked hard all day and come home all sweaty and wet. He can strip down and let me lick, suck, nibble him all over. Something hot about a working man’s smell and taste that really turns me on.

  26. Mike

    I love sweaty sneakers socks and feet. Love to worship a young guy like myself. Love servicing guys all sweaty with sneakers on passed out and the challenge of taking them off while they are sleeping or passed out drunk. Hit me up guys. TandH8 on Adam. Especially would like to get a message from you if you or someone you know would be interested in this.

  27. David

    Hell yes – nothing like the smell and taste of ripe pits and crotch, manscent – yummyyyyyyy. I never wear deodorant or cologne – let the sissies wear it.

  28. Lamar

    You know, it’s funny, I use to live in NYC, doing light interior construction and at the end of one summer day, my under arms smelled onion soup. I told my supervisor, I can’t go out smellin’ like this, she said “just leave it and you’ll be surprised” and you know what, she was right!

    I like a ‘scent’ but not down-right funk. I like a scent from head to toe on a man, especially if we’re in a relationship, it’s very arousing; all those pheromones!

  29. Oliver G

    “…nothing like the smell and taste of ripe pits and crotch, manscent – yummyyyyyyy. I never wear deodorant or cologne – let the sissies wear it”

    Then I’m glad to be a sissy — or in English it’s called HYGIENIC. A funky man is just that, filthy dirty and keep away from me because funk transfers

  30. Localmetalhead

    The only way sweat is “hot” is if it proceeds some hot mansex. Even then a shower is a must asap. I like the smell of clean laundry, body wash, lotion, cologne, etc much better.

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