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Sometimes when I sleep at night, I’m reliving a past,

But when I awake, those visions never seem to last.

So I try really hard, to fall asleep again,

Or try to write it all down with the closest pen.

Every dream is a thought that helps guide us through,

To another place, or something better in view.

There are times when life is much better, when we are asleep,

Holding on to moments, we wish we could always keep.

Dreams are things at times we don’t even realize,

Some things that are hidden deep down inside.

Bringing us back to a forgotten place,

Or to feel that special someone’s embrace.

I lay down every night and close my eyes,

Looking for someone’s face that I recognize.

Sometimes  I see it and other times I won’t,

Sometime I just lay there all alone.

At times, dreams hit us when we’re awake,

Those are times we cannot mistake.

For a daydream is just as real, as a dream at night,

Sometimes when we dream with our eyes open, we can see the light.

We often see the light of time gone by,

Hoping somehow to change it, if we try.

Other times we hope for things that can be changed,

If only some how that can be arranged.

So tonight, when you close your eyes and start to dream,

Think about everything that you may have seen.

What would you change and what would you let be,

Or is there something else you’re wishing to see. – FH




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  1. danny

    this was written so nice i have met a terrific guy on adam and have had several dreams about him and every night when i lay down to sleep i always hope to have another dream about him . thank you for posting this and your right dreams can take you places that you wish you were …. baby boy i love you kisses cant wait to dream of you again your my world

  2. Cravenmoorhead

    OMG I Had the Weirdest Dream Today and now you are Bloging about Dreams. Let me tell you This Blog is like my Horoscope for you are always Dead on with What is Going on in the World. Great Job on all your Work that you put into this Blog. May all your Dreams Cum True.

  3. jerry

    It is a beautiful poem, what a coincidence l always make stories before l’m going to fall sleep, some times are erotic, some other times are just bucolic, or try to visualize me as a savior of people that need to be save. l write poems and l have one about dreams. l would like to share with you. Happy to read your poem. JP

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