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“Same Love”  (by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert)

I totally adore this song and it’s the first time I see the video….

I have to tell you that the video made me cry… I also come from a religious family and the video gave all the sense to the amazing lyrics and I couldn’t hold the tears from falling!

Listen to the song below the jump and get it on iTunes here if you love it!

Let me know your thoughts on the song…I have to go get a kleenex to wipe my tears ….


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  1. I'mme

    I cry every time I hear the song!…. Sad, real, true,… problems we gays deal with.. being in love w someone in the closet..etc.. I cry

  2. joey

    What a great video, I am not much for rap music, but the message was clear and positive. I occured to me the phrase no matter what your religion we all believe in the same god, it gives me thought, I believe our churches create difference and even hate if you don’t belong to there own particular church instead of sending a message that no matter what your faith, we are all god’s children. That is one of my major reasons for not believing in organised religion. Again, what a great video.

  3. John...

    Makes no sense. A woman singing about here lover, another woman keeping her warm and the video shows nothing but gay guys.

  4. eyesofblue1972

    @ Ugh… What’s wrong with guys being emotional? We have them why don’t we show them? My emotions run deep but I rarely share them with others, only those that are very close to me. When I do share them our bond becomes stronger. It’s ok for guys to cry and express their feelings I don’t know what happened in this country that made it unacceptable for men to display their emotions. It doesn’t make us weak, it shows others that we are human just like them.

  5. Stfu

    What’s so wrong with being emotional? Last I checked we’re human beings, are we not? I think emotions are a part of the package… I like emotional guys… Just saying…

  6. Jeff

    So much truth in this song/video and so much to be learned from it. It touches the pain we all have had and the hope that we have for the future.

    oh and nothing wrong with a good cry.

    Toledo, Ohio

  7. Tre

    I always love to see gay love on mainstream video/music. I heard a radio station that tried to criticize this song and say because the rapper is considered hip hop that this type of song is too soft or slow for him. To me, the rapper catapulted his fan base to a massive level with this song, it was a smart and brave move on his part and I commend him.

  8. Shane

    I agree wth Dave on this one. The part that hit me the most was when the one guy gets on bended knee and proposes. I have always dreamed of doing that to my man eventually. I can’t wait till that time comes. Overall, I LOVE this song & the message it delivers. There is a LOT of truth to what they say in the words of this song. Even my Christian mother agrees with some of the things.

  9. BryBry

    Quite a difference from “Thrift Shop”. The mark of a true artist. I’ve known about this song for a while and it is still very effective. Thanks for the post, and the emotions!

  10. Ray

    I am not an emotional person by nature but i finally came out to my parents officially that I want to marry my bf of 9 years. My father was like I support and love you but I dont agree but my mother is having a rough time which is weird because she I are so close. I have heard this song alot but the video has brought a flood of emotions home as I may get married without my families’ support which is so devastating to me especially my mom. Just seeing that families support for the couple made me loose it. I love Mackelemore and thank him for his activism and his song. Same Love will forever be in my heart.

  11. Greg Wilkinson

    This film should be REQUIRED viewing for all sixth graders in school. Beautiful. My thanks for the posting. Now to go dry my eyes…

  12. headsupguy

    Before I clicked on the “Play” button, I told myself that I would remain dry-eyed all the way through. I failed.

  13. David

    You know what’s missing from this video? The guy singing it!!! So he’s brave enough to do the song but not attach his face to it? It’s typical. Say, aren’t we due for another big serious gay hollywood movie where one of the two dies in the end? Think about it, people!

  14. Jimy

    Wonderful video, I hope that I can fine someone to luv that was protrayed in the video, from a small town that most guys are in the closet, attend church regular and have study to be a pastor but because the church dosen’t believe in homosexual have I have a rough road to travel and may never beable to preach on my town,but I keep om living hoping the world will change.

  15. John...


    Lol! like that’s ever gonna happen. Most gay guys are too prissy, emotional and lazy to do anything for themselves. They expect someone else to do it for them or for the government pass some law in an attempt to force others to (falsely) like them.

    The term “gay men” is such a huge oxymoron 🙂

  16. Hunter0500

    The video is “nice”. It’s “clean”. But it stereotypically presents gay men as having to hide who they are in highschool, and then as young, urban, and well dressed. And then somehow unfairly treated on a day to day basis.

    Talk to highschool students and you’ll find an unprecidented acceptance for gays. Not 100% acceptance, of course, but more acceptance than in any other decade. The same level if acceptance has happened in society as a whole. That acceptance is inversely related, however, to the level of militancy and entitlement that gays present themselves with.

    The video depicts gays in an outdated manner. Those pushing for acceptance need to move forward. They need to acknowledge that countless gays today do function in society with the same level of equality as everyone else, no more equal, no less equal. Upon finding out that someone is gay, many people now say “so what?” or “good, but get over it because you’re really no more special than anyone else.” Gays that insist on holding onto a militant view that gays are oppressed, entitled, and owed equality hold the concepts of acceptance and equality to that of a bygone time. They need to move on.

  17. John...

    No amount of music videos is going to change the minds of anyone who doesn’t like you for any reason. The only people who will notice, or even bother to watch this video are other gay people and that’s just singing to the choir.

    Macklemore like Lady Ga Ga, Katy Perry, Madonna etc., are only paying lip service to the gay community for recording sales money and their fame. They know full well that gays are suckers for anything that has the word GAY stamped on it.

  18. John

    What a Great Song & Video. We have all come a long way to get to where are today. In the end all that matters is we all want someone to Love & be Loved. To:UGH- If you don’t have any emotions, does that mean you are uncapable of Loving Someone ?

  19. SEASeahawks

    @ John and all other jaded, suspicious and bitter gays out there, before you started calling Macklemore out, please do some research first. I believe he has 2 gay uncles who are in a long term relationships that inspired him to write and produce this song a couple years ago and it was being used extensively in the campaign legalizing gay marriage in WA 2012. When people support your cause and do things for you, appreciate them instead of throwing crap at them. What have YOU guys done in the fight of equal right that’s been heard on the radio all over the world and watched by millions on Youtube?

  20. John...

    @ SEASeahawks

    I have never needed the LGBT community to do anything for me and owe then nothing. Any battles I have had to fight because I am gay I fought myself. I don’t need a bunch of self appointed LGBT representatives nor the U. S. government to fight my battles for me. Just because you and others have been sissy’s all of your lives, depending on others to do the dirty work of defending you doesn’t mean that everyone else who is gay has done that.

    Just because my sexual orientation is homosexual doesn’t mean I owe any other homosexual anything. No go back to your group-think world where you belong Missy.

  21. Primitivo Godina Comparan

    Omg I’m in love with the music video the good thing is that he supports gay marriage I wish more rapers where open minde. U can find in UN: bigasspg 🙂

  22. Consanataravian

    Awesome video, gotta love it.

    To John, 2 post up; Did you born yourself into this world? make your own clothes, grow your own food, built your own car? Do you have any friends? ( the one in your head or those hot fakes online profiles don’t count!) Your delusions of grandeur is showing. I bet you kiss the mirror a lot and take 100’s of selfies everyday, LOL

  23. John...

    To Consanataravian,

    Oh no! a nelly queen speaks and has nothing to say but over repeated crap she copied from others, who more than likely said it to her a few times.

    If you’re going to fight a battle of wits miss priss; you might want to think about bringing some ammunition with you instead of a picnic basket and a parasol.

    Now back to your napkin folding duties with you 🙂

  24. Bill

    I’m with Shane, when he got down on one knee, I lost it too. Great song and video.

    I agree with showing this to every 6th grade class.

  25. Darryl

    I liked the song when i heard it on the radio, but now that i’ve seen the video i really love the song and everything it stands for. we all have had those feelings of trying to fit into what society dictates. Then we gather the courage to be truthful with ourselves and start to live the life we choose. You only have one life, that i know of so why be who someone else tells you to be. Live your life, love who you love.

  26. okzebra

    Long live the Enlightenment! Living proof it is not the genre (musical form like rap) but the genius (message). This is rap even a philosopher-historian can dance 2.

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