Music : Which Video Is Your Fave?


Gaga and Cher both just released their first single’s video this weekend…

Which one do you prefer?

I was not crazy about Gaga’s song but since I saw the video, I like it a bit more.

Same for Cher’s video. Her video is very simple and she is wearing the weirdest wigs you can imagine, but she looks fabulous for 67….

Kudos to these 2 gay icons! I Like!

So let me know which one you like best?


(watch below)


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  1. John...

    Neither are icons to this gay person. Quit making blanket statements about what all gays like. We’re not all clones like you.

  2. John...

    Quit stereotyping gays Dave. You don’t like it when someone does it to you, so don’t be a hypocrite and delude yourself into thinking it’s okay for you to do it.

  3. InOverMyHead

    Just my opinion, have no interest in either of them. Not attracted to stereotypes, tend to prefer a non-trendy direction. I could have skipped the post – but you asked.

  4. A Different John

    No argument that Cher is anyway icon, with Streisand, Turner, Madonna, Garland… And no doubt Gaga has that something it takes to become a gay icon. But can we at least wait a decade or so before the ordination? Icon does imply a little more longevity they she and Queen B and a few others have so far. Both songs are good, Chers a little better as more club ready, Gagas less so because dammed if she doesn’t still sound like another gay icon… :-D. Just once I would like to hear a Gaga song and not envision Robin Williams in the wings vogueing as he mouths… “Madonna… Madonna…”

  5. Purebalance

    Cher in the picture is showing some of her age under all of that plastic surgery yet in the video you can tell they touched her the hell up for it. Also Cher’s song is just a repackage of her old songs or songs from her golden years. It makes the newspaper clippings ironic because she basically clipped old songs to make it.

    Also it looks like LG had her nose job undone? If so that’s my kudos to her she actually looks like she did when he was on Boiling Points(she didn’t win the money because she flipped out)

  6. Hunter0500

    Gay icons? They’re revered by many in both the straight and gay communities. There’s nothing other than “we’re more deserving, more equal, than you” that allows the gay community to claim them as a gay (brand) icon.

    At some point, “we” will come to grips that maybe “we’re equal” and are not anymore special than anyone else. Until then, it’s more gas and logs for their “we’re so not accepted (and never want to be)” fire.

  7. Dave

    I am a big fan of both. Gaga has let me down on this song. It’s going to take a lot of listening to get into this song. The video does make it some better. Hands down, Cher is MUCH better!

  8. goldenloverinmym

    didn’t like either vid that kind of tecno music don’t do nothing 4 me.2 close 2 disco and we all know how bad that crap is

  9. james

    Both songs are garbage. If this is really what grown gay men like, then we’re all in trouble and stuck as prepubescent teenage girls for life…

  10. Robert

    Loved both of them for different reasons. Cher is artist/icon/singer and looks and sounds great and the song was perfect. It was wonderful to see all shapes and sizes of women in her video as well. Lady Gaga is a performance artist/singer and will become an icon. I like the fact she pushes boundaries to make you think and expresses her thoughts through performing in her videos with make up and costume. Kudos to both women! They should do a duo.

  11. MasontheMan

    Whether you wanna call her a gay icon or not, Cher IS an icon. We can revisit Gaga’s icon status when shes had half Cher’s longevity. Now not a huge fan of either video, but have to give this one to Gaga.

  12. Frost

    John- go away. It is so lame of you to try to start an argument over absolutely nothing. Dave (in the blog) said that they were gay icons, he did not say that they were gay icons that all gay people liked. Just as a person can simply be am icon, but that’s not saying that everyone likes them. He could have said that Michael Jordan was a sports icon, but he did not say that everyone who watches sports like Michael Jackson. Context, dude.

    I swear, some of you anti-anything-gay gay guys whine like girls.

  13. Geno

    I like em both…. not “crazy” about either one, but If these are the first singles out of the gate, I’m sure it only gets better. To all the contrarians. It doesn’t make you more attractive to be so different than everyone else. It only makes you a contrarian.

  14. mike

    cher is an music icon diva…up there with celine dion,barbra streisand,madonna,tina turner,aretha franklin..she rocks for 67..of the two chers vid was simple not too dramatic..loved the wigs..gagas was more intense,more livelier..but thats gagas style.

  15. John...

    @ Frost

    “I swear, some of you anti-anything-gay gay guys whine like girls.”

    Gay is a sexual orientation, it has nothing to do with being a Stepford nelly twit like you and yours. Not wanting to be a Stepford nelly twit like you and yours is not anti gay.

  16. jerry alexander

    I feel sorry for these ladies, I mean, they might have money and fame, fortune all that, but they look like freaks and I guess that is ok , they sold their soul for what? but cher I can sort of take because she has been a steady entertainer since the early 60’s , I just don’t like the way she drops her voice at the end of every phrase of a song. I guess that is her signature style. I wonder how much more plastic work she can handle as she ages, it is just sad to me.

  17. BreakMyKnees

    Why is it that gay men never seem to click with male pop icons? Many of them seem to be programmed to solely worship women. Some of the most homophobic people I’ve met in my life have been women.

    Anyways, I enjoy Gaga as a form of art and while I’m not huge on her recent music, I thoroughly enjoyed the video for “Applause”; in it, she truly looks happy.

  18. Purebalance

    I’m sorry, but honestly Frost you’re so deluded if you have to attack him. While his comment was a bit uninspired, the people who make these blogs on a4a are worse than the “ant-anything-gay gay guys” as you so put it. They sit and act like they’re some big activist and want to touch on everything that they’re “supposed to” as a gay man yet they’re the same people who would ridicule a gay man at the club rather than following their own “stop bullying” campaigns they claim to support in their blogs.

    Being a stereotype brings the gay populace down enough to counteract whatever snarky posts these people want to make about what’s going on in Russia.

  19. hotwheelz52

    I like the Gaga song better… but I love the Cher video… and Dave, that ain’t no “weird wig” on Cher.. that is CLASSIC!

  20. Nick

    Seriously you guys are arguing about Gay Stereotyping…your Reading a gay blog that’s Connected to a GAY HOOKUP site…how stereotypical are you…and btw I love both although gaga’s head on a swan body lil freaky…love the way Cher featured real women in her vid (Ie. not perfect, Bigger, Down Syndrom, gap teeth, ect…ect)

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