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Our favorite singer’s tracks always leak before they come out, same for Gaga’s song “Applause” who was schedule to come out August 19th.

I love Gaga but I have to say that I’m not crazy about this song…very 80’s…. which is totally not my cup of tea! I miss the “Bad Romance” / “Poker Face” Gaga. These songs were so fresh and new!

Let’s hope her upcoming album will be better than the previous!

Listen to the song after the jump and rate it! I give it 6/10


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  1. TAB

    Its a good PoP song..Why does everyone want/need to make it out to be more than that? It is fun to listen to, isn’t that what music is supposed to be? Better than Katy Perry’s new song out today that is identical to another song already on the radio (“Brave”). At least GaGa’s song sounds original!

  2. rob

    I actually like it, but then again, I love Lady Gaga. And I was growing up during the 80’s era as Dave put it lol. I GIVE 10/10

  3. David

    i dont like it, at most 5/10 no hook at all, she better come up with some good music or she will become a distant memory, people are getting tired of the freakiness, enough already… by yourself and let your fans get to know you!

  4. John

    I love the Dancing Eras of the 70s to Now. So Long Live Dance Music. Now the Con of this song…the Chorus Lyrics are Long and Hard to hear what she is saying… Anyway.. I smell a Good Car Song and Lounge Song in Manhattan. I’m Happy with the song but not Overjoyed…as I hope. I was Overjoyed with Jlo song Live it up but was Shocked it did not hit Top 20 on the Hot 100. But mariah Beautiful did Smmmmh. Annoyed.

  5. bryan

    i think this song is fuckin awesome and a ready to dance song. i like the retro vibe with the electronics.. its right up my alley. i prefer it to BTW. But her fame monster album is pretty much perfect.

  6. John...

    Although it’s said that she is an accomplished musician herself; All of Gaga’s earlier music and style was stolen from ABBA, Ace of Base, Madonna etc. Anyone who genuinely knows 80’s music really well can sing along the lyrics of the original songs to Gaga’s earlier tunes.

    This new Gaga “Applause” song is more 1990’s generic Techno than anything from the 1980s.

    I am no fan of diva music, so I will refrain from rating it.

    • blog

      John, I’m a 90’s kid and this doesnt sound like my music in the 90’s sorry! Sounds very David Bowie/Annie Lennox-ish with synthetizer and the beat….

  7. Bruce

    Sorry Dave, I usually enjoy your postings. I can’t stand this bitch. What a freak. But, I respect the fact you like her. Makes us all what we are. Keep up the good postings.

  8. jayed

    its lady gaga alright. I like it but i also like the 80’s. its sounds a little bit like a grace jones number. but love here too.!!

  9. alex

    I think it sucks. I’m sick of hearing about how famous she is. The lyrics don’t really relate to anyone at all. The synths are really basic and kind of last season. The beat is absolutely terrible, unoriginal, and overly simplistic. The whole thing comes off as a remake of an 80’s song with today’s technology. It’s not even very catchy. But at least she doesn’t say her own name 10 thousand times.

    With the cool new images she released, I was hoping for something fresh and interesting but all I got was the same 80’s garbage from the last album.

  10. BostonB

    Ummm, it’s boring. I give it a 4.5

    I like some of the sounds..reminds me of an 80s song that I cant pinpoint…I like the much better leaked version of “Burqa.”

  11. Cravenmoorhead

    In GaGa LaLa Land I Bet Rainbow Bright is a Chick with a Dick and Looks Like She Shot a Big Colorful Load all over her GaGa Face. Just saying she litterally looks like Someone threw a Birthday Cake in her face.

  12. dude who likes discussion

    dude really? i like it, the 80’s vibe is awesome, she is discussing pretty much everything about the entertainment industry lol i find it awesome

  13. Robert

    As a performance artist/singer I think she will always push boundaries and since that is her style, she will. She is 27 and I’m sure will get better like fine wine. I think the song is about a 7/10 but in my opinion is a parody of what she thinks people think of her. I, personally, can’t wait to hear all the new songs she’s written. She is smart, versatile, ambitious and pretty talented. I would love to see her in person but I’m sure I couldn’t afford her tickets!

  14. jay

    be great at a club and see some drag divias work-it-Girl!! and a couple of drinks….vodka/cranberry or Mudslides and walla the best song since____________ (fill in the blank). thanks David….you ROCK!

  15. jimmy

    I love it. Not sure what the problem is with her music. Its fun, energetic, entertaining…isnt that what we all want. Being so critical of others peoples work isn’t healthy. Share the love ppl.

  16. Chris spiker

    What is she doing!! I used to love gaga but I fear she is yesterday’s news. Seriously fame monster was on repeat for 2 yrs straight, i forced myself to like born this way, bc she us gaga, but dont think she will get my support this next time!! Someone please write her a decent song to preform box she is everywhere!

  17. jimmy

    This new song is perfectly fine. Its fun, energetic, and entertaining. Lady Gaga like other artists, including those not in the music world, deserve less negativity. Come on people, where’s the love?

  18. A.O. Scott

    It is a terrible singer and a disgusting person. The worst singing and music since Alvin & The Chipmunks. And she is setting gay rights back by a decade, I don’t want that piece of tripe representing gays, maybe she should just represent trannys. Sigh….

  19. John...

    My bad, duh! @ me.

    I had listened to a Techno sounding remix of it on Youtube a few days ago that wasn’t labeled as being a remix. Now I can’t tell which version is worse, but both should be marked with a generic, free government cheese label.

  20. wtfff

    After about 5 listens, I learned to like it. Nothing revolutionary about it at all. I think that if she wouldn’t hype it up, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I think the whole paint my face movement is stupid tho. It’s what’s on the inside that makes someone pretty, not a bunch of paint on their face.

  21. Brad

    She got fatter than hell! I totally clicked this link just to say that. And again: what a fat ass nasty skank! It’s funny to watch (and read) the typical femme boy vigor which reminds me of excited servant girls.

  22. John...

    Too Funny! Someone actually had to teach themselves to like this. As I have said before “all one needs to do is stamp the word “gay” on something…” and look they will even force themselves to like it lol!

    Also; WTG! Brad 🙂 “femme boy vigor”, good one. I usually just call it homo-babble. And they so often blame people for stereotyping them when it’s they who stereotype themselves.

  23. Willy

    I am no a GaGa fan at all, but I have to say I sort of like this song. Am I the only one that hears Madonna’s Give Me All Your Luvin’ in parts of it though?

  24. Jkenjah

    Ga Ga’s Applause a cheap rip off of Madonna’s ‘Girls gone wild’???? That beat was just all too familiar. Thaz when I recalled the fact that Madonna already did it. Even elements of the video’s weirdness was reminscent of Madonna’s video. Hmmmm… Ga Ga the rip off anyone?!

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