Music : Is Ricky Martin Back?


I was browsing online when I found this track from Ricky Martin “Come With Me Tonight”, his latest single.

The gorgeous latin singer who turned 41 in December didn’t lose anything of the sex appeal he had in “Livin’ La Vida Loca” ‘s era!

The song also exists in “spanglish” for all my people in Latin America! I actually prefer that version, you can hear his sexy accent and the rrrrrrrolling R’s. Hmmm!

Ricky performed the song at The Voice Australia’s Finale and it became a big hit over there….

Watch the video after the jump and let me know if you like the song!

I <3 Ricky!


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  1. dan

    His voice is ok, he looks great and he has a few good songs. I would never buy his albums or go to his concerts unless they were free though. Anyone that didn’t know he was gay when he was in the closet needs to get a clue. LOL. Overall I can do without him on the radio, internet or television.

  2. jerry alexander

    i will never forget that night at the grammys when ricky martin performed for the first time. wonderful face and voice. this new song is not that great to me, but then again he didn’t ask me for my opinion, lol.

  3. BryBry

    His songs just don’t do it for me, this one is no different, BUT he is still incredibly handsome, good looking, etc. The song is pretty ordinary to me, so I would not buy it. He has plenty of fans, and does not need me. I will look at him instead… 😉

  4. Play back

    He can’t sing . 85% Most songs in his concerts is played back . Britney , jenifer Lopez ,,, include . I will not paid for that kind of concert

  5. Hunter0500

    Shortly after coming out about his sexuality, Ricky Martin seemingly disappeared. He hasn’t flaunted it. He hasn’t done any thing for the “PRIDE!” movement. He’s just being who he is. He’s the poster child for gays who just want to live their lives being who they are, no more special, no more equal, and no more entitled than anyone else.

    While personally, I don’t own any of his music and don’t plan to, his talent has always been solid. Much like how he lives his life.

    Militant gays bent on cramming gay equality down the throats of the rest of society would make greater strides toward equality by taking note of him and modelling after him.

  6. Coco Drilo

    Ricky Martin, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Mark Anthony should go back to make the kind of music they originally started doing. All of the stuff they have come up since they started singing in English has been commercial and their music has lost the appeal, quality and powerful meaning it had when they were in their Spanish pop/ballad and salsa (Mark) beginnings. What a disappointment!

  7. Dave

    You can’t be back if you’ve never really left. Ricky just hasn’t had any recent hits. This probably won’t help. A generic dance track.

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