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Few hours after posting a long love message to her fans on her website, Christina released “Let There Be Love”, her latest music video.

At the beginning of the video the blonde singer who shows a new skinny body added few words to thank her fans :

“Hey everybody. Christina here. Just thanking you guys so much for filling my life and my heart with so much love…I appreciate all your support. This one’s just for you.”

The simple video shows messages like “Equality,” “Don’t Judge,” “Racism Sucks,” “Respect,” and “No Hate,” while her friends and family hold up their fingers in an “L” shape or form hearts with their hands to symbolize LOVE.

Great video Xtina!

Check out the video after the jump!


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  1. Ryan

    I really enjoyed the video. Aguilera has been so over the top the past few years that it is quite refreshing to see a far more relaxed and comfortable side. Hopefully her next album showcases more of her voice and ditches the overproduction that Bionic and Lotus suffered from.

    I’m assuming Puftwhatever is trolling…or hasn’t been on youtube where billions of music video views have been recorded.

  2. cravenmoorhead

    Puftwhatever is just a Horndog Like Me I understand his point butt Dave you Have a Way of Giving us All this Great Information and Entertainment I Personally Love Seeing and hearing all what you have to say for you really are a true Gay. LOL I Love you and your Music Video Posts. Butt you really Should throw in a Free XXX Video just for Shit and Giggles and for FFun.

  3. Myron

    I too enjoyed the video and song I usually don’t care for those techno beat heavy songs, but that was very nice. Go Christina Aguilera !!!!!

  4. randy

    Does anyone really give a fried chicken about these washed up has been bimbos anymore? Why must you guys post info on fag hags that live to make cheap music that only desperate gay guys will buy? It’s tired to see the music industry produce nonsense junk by cheap acts like Rhianna,Beyonce,Britney,Xtina, Madonna and whatever flavor of the month looks good on a cd cover. Where did all the REAL artists go? What has happened to music in the last 20 years is NOTHING short of a travesty! Music today is DEAD and sales reflect that.

  5. Hunter0500

    You’re just not a “true gay” if you don’t “luuuuuuv” female music artists and can get all jazzed up about their music videos.

  6. David

    I understand Randy, I truly do. But I loved this video, simple, safe, and well intented. But I do miss music lin the 90’s when only talented people got the record deal for real. Ace of base, in their first 2 albums, Garbage, 2.0, M people, Cascada, Savage Garden, Soulasylum, Joan Osborne, Radiohead, Anouk, even commercial people like Aqua and Vengaboys sounded 1000 x better than these crap reagetton and plastic voices of today… And who forgot the Spice girls, yes, I know, weird, too confected, but at least Mel C and Mel B had real voices… The live shows were real and Pg-13 friendly back there…
    I get you Randy…

  7. rich

    I like this, don’t label christina as washed up because she has an incredible voice, if you listen to lotus, there are really good songs on that album like blank page,sing for me etc

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