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Our favorite Prison Break actor came out of the closet yesterday (I knew it!!! Now I’m gonna try to do everything in my power to meet this guy loll!)

So Miller declined and invitation to St. Petersburg International Film Festival, as a “guest of honour” because of his sexuality. With the new anti-gay law in Russia, Miller didn’t feel that it was appropriate for him to participate in such a celebration. Below is a copy of the letter he wrote:


So now that we know that he is “on our side”, let me ask: Do you find him Hot or Not?

I think he is very sexy! Love his face and eyes the most! What about you?


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  1. vafratboy

    I really thought he had come out awhile back.

    Anyways, I think he’s reasonably hot. Far from the sexiest man alive but above average to be sure.

  2. Eddie

    What a silly question, hot or not… He was hot before he came out. (By the way, he has beautiful hands.) Most half-black, swirly boys are hot, but he’s next level.

  3. Osei

    I thought he came out to the public three years ago with his partner Luke McFarlane.

    I remember his work in The Human Stain as Coleman Silk (the young one) – depicting what is considered a “throw-back” gene. Oh he was gorgeous then, handsome in the Prison Break and still gorgeous and elegant. I would never consider him hot, and definitely not smoking hot. He has the look of a quiet gentleman, who you would find riding horse along the picket fence of an English farm before going out to sip tea or play crochet. Very pretty boy, just not hot. He needs to get him some round ass like the other dudes in Prison Break.

  4. BklynHotBoy

    Definitely HOTTTTT ! The article above says he came out the closet yesterday..he’s actually been out for a while… I’ve always admired him, especially since he grew up here in Brooklyn my hometown …one thing a lot of people don’t now about him is that he is biracial and part black…his father his half Jamaican (and in past interviews he is proud of the black in him).

  5. Pete ruff-N-ready

    I think he is very hot, I watched Prison Break every time I had a chance, I would so love to be his prison bitch…..I couldn’t resist those eyes and that sexy intense look on his face

  6. Cameron

    I think he is a truly and splendidly exquisite example of the male species. He has an allure and an aide about him that is so inviting, and so pleasant, but yet it leads you to feel that there’sso much brewing under the surface. I can say, I’d be honored and overjoyed for the chance to meet him.

  7. Scarpien

    Whether or not he was/is “on our side” should have no bearing on whether he’s hot or not. If that were the case no gay man would ever lust after a straight man.

    Having said that. I’ve always found Wentworth HOT HOT HOT!! even prior to this latest development. He’s hotter than goat pepper! Congrats to him for standing up to–or should I say, turning down–mother Russia! LOL

  8. mr. moody

    He is not just hot… he is damn fine!!!!! I watched evey episode of prison brake and always had a thing for him… my day has been made to find out that he is gay and standing up for gay rights!! O if only I could meet him in person… hehe

  9. Ray

    Wentworth Miller is SO FUCKING HOT especially in Prison Break when he had his whole body tattooed. I would LOVE to be Hi Very, Very, Very, Private Chamber Man.

  10. Mr.Cummy

    Fuck yeah he’s fucking hot!!! Even before all this, I used to always think he was hot! Out or not out doesn’t really metter to me, he’s just so fucking hot!

  11. BreakMyKnees

    Sure, he’s wickedly handsome. I applaud his courage. People like him are showing the world that gay men still = men and that homosexuality shouldn’t incessantly be associated with everything conventionally female (which is part of the stigma and why some men don’t come out).

    It takes a serious set to unveil what you are to the very prying masses. What’s best is that absolutely no on expected this. Brava, Wentworth.

  12. Jonny

    I loved him from prison break to resident evil afterlife, even that small part he did on Buffy. He has such a piercing gaze…very hot in my book and very graciously bowed out from the event too. Class act

  13. Parker

    I love his pride! He is very sexy!!! But to make a stand as he has against the latest Russian regulations against the Gay Communities in such a large country, I ADMIRE! him even more. Best to all!!! And thanks for all of my friends in Russia!!!!!!

  14. Jordan

    Hot of course! More than his physical attractiveness, nothing is hotter than a man who stands up for what he believe in, does it diplomatically– and is willing to take what ever consequences follow whether they be negative or positive! HOT HOT HOT!!!

  15. kriss


    So happy to see another Black guy come out! I know he’s part black part white, with the 1 drop rule, guess you can say he’s afro-caucasian, which i am myself, and so is our President, but it’s cool to see someone like me come out.

    Great that he a stand for gay rights, guy’s like him are what we need to end the bigotry towards gay’s.

    Way to go Wentworth!

  16. hunter0500

    He’s a guy. If you passed him in the hardware store would you howl “OMG YOU’RE HOT!” for all to hear? No.

    He’s a guy who has reached a time where he could declare who he really was instead of bowing to the pressure he’d felt to do otherwise.

    BUT …

    why should any guy have to “decide”?
    why should any guy have to declare?

    Yes, he has been on a TV show. But those who say they “LOVE! him!” only know his character, not him.

    His decision should be allowed to happen on its own, without those who “LOVE! him! He’s hot!” riding on this event, cheering at the fact that they’re part of what he has done.

    Let the man have his life. Let the statement he made to the Russian government … and its people … reverberate with its own power and resonance … without any distracting noise.

  17. rulonely2night

    I love everything about him. His age (41! Can you believe it? Wow!) his physique, hie eyes, his deep voice, his intellect, even his unique first name! The camera loves him and now he can feel free to be himself. Bravo, Wentworth. Thanks for standing up for our brothers across the globe.

  18. Thom

    I’d need to see other pictures of him. He has potential, certainly. I’m glad he has the chuztpa to stand up, and out, like that for his principles and morals.

  19. Matt

    Unfortunately, what we have here is an actor well past his prime and out of shape who is DESPERATELY trying to get his name in the lights.

  20. Dan

    I’ve always thought he was a sexy, good looking man. That letter shows he’s also got a brain and ethics. So, he’s even hotter than ever.

  21. Ed

    Miller is uber hot no question about it. I admire his courage and principled position towards Russia as its drift into totalitarianism picks up speed. Perhaps they should consult China about its success with their “Cultural Revolution” . It is interesting how little protest there is from the rest of the Hollywood Glitteratti!! He’s a very talented man and uses his “hotness” well to fill out his roles as an actor.

  22. mikhail

    this man is so utterly gorgeous. though not the stereotypically reinforced image of what we gays put out there,,,,he is classically a beautiful man, whether gay or straight!

  23. Rubie

    Yeah i do fin the guy sexy, haven’t watch the show which i need to fix lol but surprised me was that he is 41 which for some reason makes him even hotter.

  24. guy who likes discussion

    def a hottie, and i like how he shows off how classy he is. Protesting but not disrespectful, shows us that this is simply how it must be done.

  25. Chazzy

    Definitely Hot! This very handsome, multi-racial and talented actor has a conscience and the letter that you published here proves that. I say Bravo and hope there are more individuals like him in the entertainment gay community who will speak up for our civil rights !

  26. Darryl

    I knew it, i just had a feeling about him when i watched Prison Break. Now we just have to figure out how to make the most impact out of the backlash on how the Russian Government is treating it’s GLBT citizens. The world isn’t amused.

  27. Robert

    Yes, he is hot and handsome. More importantly, I am so glad he not only came out but declined going to Russia. Does Putin think this will cure the gays? Idiot.

  28. Starbearer666

    He is Def a beautiful man, im very proud of him for doing what he did in public. Kudos to Mr Miller for advancing our cause (equality) that much more.

  29. Scarpien

    Matt: please explain to me how Wentworth’s declining an invitation a desperate act to get his name in the lights? How would you have handled the situation?

  30. Rudee

    have so many nudes of him til its not funny…he is one hot cock…his bf pretty good looking too…when i heard he was gay after much discussion whether he was or wasnt, which i knew he was, all i could think … damn, i wanna sleep with him…!

  31. roybadboy

    Oh my the hot n sexy wentworth miller is gay I always had a crus h on him since he was shirtless in prison break it made me wish I was his cell mate. Wentworth im proud of u for standing up n telling the world u r a gay man

  32. Steve

    Attractive, but buzzcut does nothing for me.

    Most all the pics we’ve been seeing of him are fairly out of date; he hasn’t worked much since ‘Prison Break’ and has put on some weight (and I don’t mean muscle … married life will do that to you!).

    Still, think he’s to be admired for publicly taking a stand.

  33. Ed

    Wentworth has been my Favorite dude for years and I always had the feeling he was on our team. I could just see it in those awesome eyes of his. Proud of him for his position on this issue as well. I have every single episode of Prison Break and have watched the entire thing like three times. Thanks Wentworth you are the man I always knew you were.

  34. Creamy Remy

    I always thought he was attractive. Now he is even moreso because is also intelligent and attainable. Does anyone know if he is into dark meat?

  35. Javier

    He’s a sweet gorgeous looking man…but I wonder what role does he plays bottom or top? I myself like him as TOP lol. Very brave man btw, I just don’t stop admiring him.

  36. Sloppytoppy

    I was so shocked when I saw his age.. I thouht he was like 21-29.I find because he looks half black n his eyes..but I usually like bigger guys

  37. AJ

    Matt: You are a moron — this has nothing to do with him wanting to get his name in lights. He declined an invitation to a country waging a war on LGBT folk and gave the reason for it. And this is what you call “getting his name in lights”?

    Get out of your parents’ basement sometime. You might actually find the fresh air helpful for your addled brain.

  38. John...

    Too mongoloid looking. His friends and parents must have been really stupid if they didn’t already know he was gay. It’s been so obvious that he didn’t even need to come out.

  39. Mike

    Yes he is hot. Hotter now than before because he has a brain and used his capacity to speak out in a concise and polite way regarding issues in Russia.

    Thank you Mr. Wentworth

  40. Scarpien

    John: how do you know his family and close friends didn’t already know long before he penned this letter?

    “It’s been so obvious that he didn’t even need to come out.”

    It was obvious to you however, there are many who had no idea, myself included. I guess my “gaydar” isn’t as finely tuned as yours. I should send it to be repaired.

  41. John...

    @ AJ

    Maybe when you, Scarpien and some of these other stereotypical nellybell queens move out from under your bridge.

    “Assclown” lol! How clever, did you come up with that yourself or did you have your mommy help you with it? Of course not, you’re just aping every other gay idiot who uses that generic comeback.

  42. Scarpien

    “Maybe when you, Scarpien and some of these other stereotypical nellybell queens move out from under your bridge”

    You’ve got it backward my friend. I’ve found that the “stereotypical nellybell” queens’ gaydar tends to be the sharpest, like yours. So I’ll stay under my bridge, thank you. Because unlike you, being gay is not a professional career objective of mine.

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