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A recent post about underwear gave me the idea of asking you what do you think about socks?

Some guys are crazy about them, some find them disgusting, what about you?

I personally think a guy wearing socks is sexy…once again, I’m not talking about designer socks with colourful paisley, don’t like these, but sport socks or even white socks are sexy for me.

I was also wondering if guys who like socks also like feet? Does it always come together?

I’m not a huge fan of feet, I don’t hate them if they are freshly showered, but I would not suck a big toe let’s say! (lol)

Let us know your thoughts on socks, why you like them, how you like them etc…


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  1. Danny Maldonado

    I have a huge sock fetish!! Black ankle socks are my fav !! But love all socks… And sneakers too… Nothing hotter than a man in nothing but a pair of socks or a pair of sneakers …. Wheeeew love it!!!!

  2. detmi72

    Thanks for posting this query. I have had a fetish for guys wearing dark-colored dress socks “forever.” My father used to wear such socks all the time, and I somehow sexualized that (likely from being told to take the shoes from near his still-socked feet after he’d come home from work, replacing those shoes with his bedroom slippers). Athletic socks and bare feet do nothing for me, though I’m not grossed out by clean, well-kept bare feet. The socks alone, by the way, won’t do it; they have to be on a guy I’d otherwise find attractive to at least some extent. The socks can add to that attraction, though.

  3. Osei

    My partner thinks I am absolutely crazy when it comes to socks. I have them in just about every color that you can imagine, three drawers full. I absolutely love those thick soccer socks. I guess it is one of the few ways I can be colorful in my clothing, since I am a white/blue polo shirt and khaki or linen kind of guy. Sock makes a loud statement without screaming “look at me” like a bright color shirt would.

  4. ctpicman

    I’ve photographed nude men in their white socks and then had them take the socks off. Photographically, no socks results in a much hotter photo.

  5. Mitch

    Not really my thing I am more of a butt man. I did hook up with a guy the like those really short sock with no ankle band. Go was grade A Latino beefcake I actually bought a pair because that got me into bed with him. So I don’t care for socks but some guys are.

  6. joey

    well I believe we’ve hit on just about every part of the body this week, fetish wise, let not leave out the hot sexy ass man ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ian

    recent studies showed the fact that people who wear socks for sex have more, better and longer lasting orgasms… recently read this… it makes sense to me… I do not like cold feet rubbing against any part of me… and I always wear socks for sex…period.

  8. Tom

    For me, both socks and underwear have always been optional clothing items. I only wear them when I feel the need. On others, it’s up to them. I don’t think twice.

  9. Darryl

    I’am on the fence about whether i like socks or not. I suppose it depends on the socks, and the man. A guy wearing white socks with great legs is always hot. Who doesn’t like looking at a pair of hairy legs with contrasting white socks. Wearing socks in winter is very toasty, in my opinion. Feeling a cold foot on any part of my body would send me flying off the bed lol. I remember once i thought a buddy who just put on one sock was very hot. It’s almost like watching a guy put on briefs, socks can be a turn on. It all depends on if you have a dirty mind or not. Mine is filthy ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Cravenmoorhead

    That Guy is Hot Butt he really Should pull up his sock on his Right leg to Hide that Big Tumor Bump thing on his Leg.

  11. Jock Sock Fever

    Huge fetish for athletic socks. The look, feel, and smell can be hot buttons. The scent a guy leaves in his ball cap, t-shirt, jock strap, briefs, socks, sneaks, or boots can be a big sexual attractant and stimulant. Also into bare feet. Taking off a jock’s sweaty socks is like unwrapping a present. Into massaging feet, socked and bare. How feet function in sports is amazing. I’m a tennis nut and taking good care of your feet –two pairs of Thor-los, and a top brand of sneaks — is crucial in tennis, especially if you want to keep playing the game when older. Good topic. Got sox appeal?

  12. Michael St.Sin

    YES, SOCKS. I think guys wearing socks is a must. To me it reminds me of a regular guy…a str8 guy. It just looks better when your wearing socks, cause lets face it some guys neglect their feet so best keep them coverd

  13. J

    I think black dress socks are SO HOT! i love seeing a guy wear them, and i love having some fun in bed with a guy who wears them. They totally turn me on.

    I also like white ankle/below the ankle socks. Just as hot as dress socks.

  14. BearOKC69

    White sweat socks YES (especially if the well worn stinky kind…hey I’m a PIG, what can I say). Black or dress socks? No. Don’t know why but they just doesn’t do it for me (even if smelly). The kind that are in the pic, nope, those just look weird. Again, don’t know if it is the color or the length (if unrolled, looks like they would go all the way up to his crotch).

  15. phil

    just love a guy that wears balck dress socks or even black sport socks makes me very horney even better when they wear sneakers with them, i have had this feetish for many years and dont know why but just love them lol

  16. Jayed

    Socks can be sexy, like the shorts ankle ones. And this guy in the picture is hot as hell, but those socks need to go. Now if he had on a pair of those ankle ones then he could be more adorable. The way he should be adored.

  17. Ron

    Personally I don’t like guys wearing socks or trainers during a hot horny session. I just think they look riddiculous and it’s a turn off for me. There’s nothing wrong with barefeet provided u go to the trouble of getting a first class foot pedicure and make sure u look after them.

  18. N.J.

    Sexy clean mens feet are a turn on for me. Especially a guy wearing levis frayed on the bottom and his sexy bare feet exposed. Socks & sneakers, not so much

  19. DK

    Huge fetish for soccer or baseball socks with stripes. Hot hot hot, put a guy in those, a jock, and a baseball cap and I’ll do anything he wants.

    But, no I don’t fetishize feet. If they’re clean I’ll lick em (I’ll lick every part of a guy’s body) but no particular fetish for it, so a sock fetish does not necessarily correlate with a Rex Ryan fetish.

  20. InOverMyHead

    I don’t understand why so many pictures of guys that show them naked but still wearing shoes and/or socks. If you are going to display your assets, why not strip completely?

  21. Michael

    Socks are hot, I always wear them to bed with a man. Feet are great when they are well maintained, but some of us (me) have pretty banged up feet from our youth. But they have to be white and very, very clean.

  22. Adam

    I have an EXTREME sock fetish…not ao much the feet…but am obsessed with socks!! I love ankle and sports socks (mostly soccer)… i love em worn and fresh..i JO with them and everything you can possibly imagine! Skater socks are hott too ๐Ÿ™‚ i need more sock friends that i can enjoy with! xD

  23. peter

    I think socks are overrated I got a huge foot fetish so yes sock are useless I like whats in the socks and I would suck toes love them

  24. Hunter0500

    It’s always enjoyable to undress (unwrap) a guy. That’s part of the fun. But if he leaves his socks on, it’s a red flag, a distraction. What’s hiding? Athlete’s foot? Warts? Jungle rot? Nasty long nails. Overall, a bad start for what should otherwise be a good man-to-man session.

  25. Lee

    I don’t like socks as such, as a fetish but I am a HUGE lover of feet for sure! I love a guys toes and bare feet. I must say though I do prefer trainer socks to longer socks.
    As much as I love giving action to feet I’m not one for wanting it back… strange! Anyone else the same?

  26. Mst4k

    I love how guys look in socks, especially tall black or white socks. Cholo socks give me an instant boner. I also like the shorter ankle socks and bro socks.

  27. charlieAngel

    I like wearing socks in general,is it hot?it depends,when I am in bed with someone I love being completely naked.although I have one regular hook- up (lol) who loves to suck toes and put my foot inside his mouth,to a point that I can feel his molars and kinda turns me off,so when everrrrrrrr he shows up I always have my socks on.other than socks rocks.

  28. JASON

    While socks are not a turn on, a huge turn off are men who wear socks with sandals and men who do not properly take care of their feet.

  29. GKG4761

    I love sox and feet in general. Socked feet, rubbing onto various body parts is an almost guarantee of a happy ending for the guy.

  30. Glaspark

    I find socks and feet a real turn-off. I have no reasons for my feelings, they just exist. In the same way way that a half naked guy is far more attractive than fully naked.

  31. G90814

    Once again… it’s the guy, not the socks.

    Personally, I think the guy in the pic looks kinda ridiculous in those yellow socks… but he’s hot in any case (or anything).

  32. frencher

    I have had an intense foot fetish since I was a kid. I think socks are wonderful on a guy. They are sort of a tease. I am more attracted to athletic socks, especially when an attractive dude is also wearing sliders and basketball shorts. Socks have to worn to conjure any sort of magic. White, dusty-soled socks are my faves. I want to scrunch them under my nose and inhale their sweet funkiness like poppers. Lately, I have been checking out guys who wear knee-length socks. I suspect this style has migrated from the soccer and rugby field to the street, which is fine by me.

  33. Locksley

    Whoa, the question itself just gave me a woody, lol. I love sweatsox, gold-toe dress socks, gray hunting socks on a handsome guy with big wide soft clean warm moist-hot sweaty feet, the wider the better. I don’t like acrid smells though, but smooth soft clean well exfoliated, trimmed-toenails. Yeah, serious foot-fetisher here, love men from their feet to their ear-lobes, their/our bodies are absolute banguets, sexual wonderlands. I love tryin’ to fit a massive meaty hot-sweaty barefoot in my mouth, smoothered under ’em with first; the socks on, squashed under his weight on my stomach, footjobs (rugged/ruff forms of foreplay). Yeah, I’m very physical, kinky, rauchy, passionate as all hell. This is why I love jock-types of men (not meek, totally vanilla or girly)but rugged types, sexually they tend to relate well to all of these things; mentally/physically for what I love; have the mind/bodies to carry it out. And they love the attention, sometimes they’re reciprocal, then, we get to the dick-suckin’ and other things, hehe, men are sexaully wonderful!

  34. Todd

    To me seeing a dude in his socks is like seeing a dude in his underwear, Damn Sexy and you get to just enough to make you want to see more. Pulling is dude’s socks off is like yanking off his underwear, it’s the big Unveailing of the good stuff

  35. Adam

    I am obsessed with socks! Im not so much into feet. I love any ankle and sports socks!! They are hott to see on a guys feet and love to lick, smell, “eat”, and JO with. Ill do anything with them! Im looking for more sock friends if you want/know any. xD

  36. kent


  37. WIll

    I’ve always had a thing for guys wearing light weight dress socks and remember as a kid, my dad sitting in the living room after being out drinking – falling asleep & me touching his feet & trying to take off those socks without waking him, I was successful on more than one occasion and then I would take them into the bathroom and j/off wearing one like a condom. Nice dress socks still turn me on today.

  38. A.P.C

    Looks like there are responses from a few who’ve represented both sides of this question. Unfortunately, it kinda shows lack of willingness to accept differences in tastes, appearances and yes, fetishes! Just because the body part is not included as one of the gay mainstream list of clone-able and certified/glorified/accepted, it doesn’t make it not hot, undesirable, non drool worthy, or orgasm causing. Let us embrace our differences, guys! Just because your feet are ugly, and your toes deformed, and your toenails are yellowed and have dirt stuck underneath the corners, do not mean they don’t deserve to be lusted upon. Rather than shun the attention, hurry and get a pedicure and let the spotlight shine on those hooves of yours!

  39. Alex

    oh please. You cannot tell me that if that guy was standing in front of you, you would be interested in his fucking socks. Socks are a dead turn-off in bed. after all, how am I supposed to suck his toes with fabric in the way? that’s like licking a chest while the guy is still wearing his shirt.

  40. JC

    I couldn’t care less about socks. I’m more of a foot guy myself…I love to see a man’s bare feet. I could suck some toes or rub his feet. I’ve tried it a few times and the guys mostly enjoy it. It’s very good foreplay!

  41. feesor

    I love both. For me the excitement starts with the sox then the feets. (I do not like when guys wear shoes without socks. Big turn off and gross. Anyway its very hot to strip off the socks,especially when they aren’t expecting it or don’t want them off.(kinda like a power thing) I’m very oral with nice feet. Love to see a guy moan wirh pleasure.Just because I like them dosent mean I like everyone’s. Its just like men and cocks or gays not liking every single man just because he’s gay
    I have been known to be in a relationship and never touch the guys feet. Hopefully never again tho. The next one has to endure. Anyway I like both. But not smelly

  42. Gary

    I love a guy in sox, whatever color. I like the way they accentuate the curve of the heel, an all in all nice look. Dress sock, white, long or short, soccer length, any kind, really.

  43. john

    I am very turned on by guys in white or black ankle socks or calf-high nike socks. Just a thing I guess. I don’t like anything more about them other than looking at a hot sexy guys in just socks.

  44. Rod

    Luv seeing dudes in ankle and athletic socks…was never much of a foot person, although I admire well kept feet…but being in bed with a guy with socks on, for a btm like myself, is a turn-on…i’m also a leg and calf person, so seing white or black ankle and athletic socks on toned legs is hot…also love seeing guys in their underwear with ankle socks on…

  45. Rick

    Now to have someone wash your feet is very relaxing after a tough day and can make you forget anything was wrong. But having matching socks well someone has to love you to figure where all the miss matched socks go.Cause some how socks just dispersal.

  46. ajbbincubus

    I personally believe NOT!!! I love it when a guy plays or cuddles with no socks. When I see a guy with naked with sucks definitely a boner killer for me. I love… I mean I love playing footsies. I won’t lick or smell feet, think that’s nasty, but when I rub my feet against another man’s feet I get hard so fast!! Love playing footsies with twinks too, their feet are so smooth and warm. Just my opinion.

  47. Locksley

    That got me a woody just reading that question. Sure, I like different kinds of socks too, they’re great for foreplay, but I digress, I do have a healthy foot fetish anyway. They should have left my initial read on here.

  48. Chris

    I’ve had a huge thing for socks from a young age, and always will. I’m definitely not into feet, but I have always just loved the look of a naked man in socks. It started out with plain white socks first, but now I love the look of black ankle socks, dress socks, athletic socks, even sneakers now. Just a super hot look. If I was ever watching porn and suddenly one or both dudes is shown wearing socks, it would make me cum almost instantly.

  49. Ron

    Ive long had a white socks fetish.I like the look of white socks on a man.As I get older I also dig bare feet and other types of colored socks.In the end white socks does it for me.

  50. Robo

    Really? Socks as a fetish? I think gay guys are way too caught up in these superficial things that can mask a really shitty personality. Or people who have a killer personality with a big dick and hot ass, but don’t have on the right socks could easily be overlooked. Yes I have fetishes but here is one fact … socks have to come off at some point and people will have to face reality.

  51. Mike

    I absolutely love a man in socks. Dress socks, sweat sock, whatever. I have had a foot fetish for a long time. Love big feet, like size 12 or more. I don’t think if you like socks you also have a foot fetish, but I do.

  52. Jakadrien

    I love dark socks, dress socks, and socked feet on men. I especially love when a man has his socked feet exposed in public, up on a table, or dangling at a coffee shop. I love big wide bare feet too. I immediately get hard when I see a nice pair of socked feet, almost like I have to cum on them or something, it is weird i know. White socks are ok but black and ribbed dress socks really turn me on. On a sexy man, socks are the icing on the cake!

  53. sockman

    luv sox and sex! all kinds of socks: athletic, dress, hiking, work, etc. enjoy taking cock with my socks in the air and luv another man in his socks!

  54. slimbutnottrim

    I love white ankle and crew socks and black dress socks. Feet too. On second thought, I love fresh CLEAN socks and clean well pedicured feet. Let’s tell it like it is, most men do not maintain the appearance of their socks and their feet. Most do not even know how to properly put on or wear their socks. So, sadly, neither is hot

  55. White Athletic Crew Socks

    Socks fans are the best.
    Nothing like having another sock-lover’s moist socked feet in my face and mine in his.
    White athletic crew socks, preferably warm and moist right out of sneakers or boots, hit the target for me.
    Porn with guys in white crew socks (Other Side of Aspen IV?) is the hottest for me.
    Have always had a fantasy of getting into a relationship with another socks dude.
    It’s cool that some socks guys left contact info in their comment.
    Always like hearing from other guys into socks/feet.

  56. What?

    “Unfortunately, it kinda shows lack of willingness to accept differences in tastes, appearances and yes, fetishes! Just because the body part is not included as one of the gay mainstream list of clone-able and certified/glorified/accepted, it doesnโ€™t make it not hot, undesirable, non drool worthy, or orgasm causing. Let us embrace our differences, guys!”

    There is a big difference between being gay and being a pervert. Just goes to show that there are gay perverts too and just because they are also gay does not mean that the rest of the gay community needs to embrace perversion any more than we need to embrace gay child molesters.

  57. Antonio

    socks, inside would be okay, flip flops or slippers outside or shin guards. I like the electricity of touching a doornob and sliding on polished floors

  58. GbmDancr30

    I’m Very much a foot guy here. Not so much of what i would do with them. But merely of a sexual stimulation. If a guy has a nice look to him and has nice looking feet it’s game on for me.

  59. Manny

    Socks in bed are just ridiculous ..completely naked come on people ..a guys feet can be cute and some take good care of them. I was with a guy who took his shoes and socks off wherever he went and he ha beautiful feet it was so hot to me

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