Hot or Not : Men Wearing Kilt


For me, a man must wear either pants, shorts, swimsuit, but definitely something that has two holes, one for each legs…

I’m not sure about skirts or kilts…It is not doing it for me! Big turn-off!

I understand that the access to the goods is easier, but a skirt for me is a symbol of woman.

What about you? Do you like men wearing a kilt? Do you find it Hot or Not?


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  1. Flbiguy4play

    Well seeing as how a kilt is not a skirt, I can’t really see how it’s all that fem. I can assure you that highlanders are some of the most masculine men on the planet, myself included.

  2. Rano

    Any male wear female garment or aCcessory totally a turn off! It just remind you about womenn! If I want a person that wear female garmen I just grab a women not a man! But people has taste!

  3. Commguy7

    As they remind me of the Highland games, I find them incredibly hot, but the hotness would be mitigated if worn by one who looked like Lord Dingwall from Brave. If you showed me a pair of boots and well-shaped and haired shins topped off by a tartan kilt, I’d be on that like white on rice.

  4. Ton2Fly

    Some men are so attractive that they can wear anything and I’ll be turned on. But that being said most are not hot enough to pull it off. So I’m on the edge about this one

  5. Chuck

    Kilts are a great clothing idea. However, I like to see a man in a proper kilt over these utility kilts that you see. Nothing better then a hairy sexy man in a wool kilt with his sporran

  6. Joey

    I am with you Dave, unfortunatly todays fashions are making young mens clothing transgendar looking, the young twink boyz wear pants that reminds me of womens pants, which totally does nothing for there sexy boy bods. Eventually there won’t be much of a difference in clothing or attitudes but maybe the plumbing on the persons body to distinguish which gendar a person really is. Kind of sad I believe that gay lifesyle feels the need to blur gendar looks and attitude.

  7. evedge

    A Kilt and A skirt are 2 totally different things. Look it up if you do not understand the difference . Oh and never travel to Scotland where most of the men wear them. As for me they are totally hot. but them again it depends on whose in it and what they wear it with. The guy in the photo you put on here is hot but the way he is wearing the kilt is not. post some picks of real men in Kilts 🙂

  8. egar

    If the guy is hot with a nice set of legs I think kilts are very sexy. Most guys will not wear anything under them or a jock which is even hotter 🙂 .

  9. Punkinevil

    Wow! Just wow! This has got to be one of the most culturally offensive things I have seen on this site, if not the SINGLE most offensive. I am not sure how to address calling a kilt a skirt and “feminine.” You may not find them aethestically pleasing or “hot” but you have essentially sunk to the level of an 8 year old pointing and saying, “sissy” at something you don’t comprehend or saying “gay” as an insult. Let us not forget that those enormous pecs that so many are fond of look a hell of a lot like boobs, which I am pretty sure are a girl thing.

  10. showitoff4me

    I have had sex with a man in a kilt. Kilts are nothing that isnt emasculated. Some of the most fit and equipped men Wears them. Do be so Nay about it. Don’t knock it til u try it!

  11. Punkinevil

    I think my original attempt at thoughtful response to this was roboedited:
    Wow! Just wow! This has got to be one of the most culturally offensive things I have seen on this site, if not the SINGLE most offensive. I am not sure how to address calling a kilt a skirt and “feminine.” You may not find them aethestically pleasing or “hot” but you have essentially sunk to the level of an 8 year old pointing and saying, “si**y” at something you don’t comprehend or saying “gay” as an insult. Let us not forget that those enormous pecs that so many are fond of look a hell of a lot like boobs, which I am pretty sure are a girl thing.

  12. TIM

    …as a gay someone of Scottish descent (remember us, the original people who had kilts) of course I like to see kilts on men! But not just any men! They look best on us hairy Scots, Irish and Welsh guys and ESPECIALLY when they have the traditional Family tartan coloring!

    I was at a leather bar in California recently and I happened to see a tanned, hairless, skinny white man in a generic kilt who was chatting with a black guy in a generic kilt…I hate to break it to both of them, but it just WASN’T WORKING! I wasn’t turned on in the slightest.

  13. justme26

    Yeah personally myself would say it depends on the guy! I myself couldn’t pull it off. But the guy in the pic pulls it off very well. Some guys make it look sexy and others ya wish ya hadn’t seen that lol!

  14. BenLiteral

    It’s not a skirt. It’s a kilt. They’re really quite masculine in their native countries. Of course, our culture is different, so we Americans tend to view them as “like skirts”. That being said, I wouldn’t be attracted to the look for everyday wear, but sporadic instances are a turn-on.

  15. TiltedThose Kilts

    Oh, damn yes! Kilts are sexy hot.
    In fact, they are not feminine at all, but uber-masculine. Few guys can pull it off well, but the ones that do, are very definitely hot.

  16. Mark

    Oh hell yes!

    One time, I decided to go cruising at the nude beach. I came across a guy in a black kilt, gorgeous to boot!

    One thing lead to another and we started to fool around, not only it was easy to access the goods but when the two of you are standing, and he is fucking you, it looks H O T to be bending over and seeing a big fat dick in a kilt screwing ya!

    I been back, hoping to see him again but nothing…. 🙁

  17. ronap47

    A kilt is not a skirt. Men wearing them tend to be quite masculine. I wear a kilt sometimes for square dancing, and also wore one most of the time while on vacation in Scotland. It’s not hard to find a Scot in a kilt, but not often two, so my friend and I were often stopped for pictures, particularly by Chinese tourists.

  18. JiffyJizm

    The skirt or kilt doesn’t bother me a bit…I like the easy access especially if they happen to NOT be wearing any undies! That guy you have pictured is hot as hell and I’d love to be under his kilt checking out the goods!!!!!!!!

  19. Pierce.mn1

    I own a kilt, authentic Blackwatch plaid, which I got in Edinburgh, with all of the accessories! I wear it to gay pride and on other occasions when it’s required. It’s comfortable and masculine! They are definitely hot! One guy reached under and started sucking my cock at Pride when he asked what I had on underneath! Kilts? Yes!!

  20. Brad

    A dude in a skirt is definitely NOT attractive. No disrespect intended toward transgenders, that’s an entirely different thing. But tryin to be a masc looking dude, in a skirt, is just plain fru-fru no matter what country in which you live. I have spoken.

  21. Marinedick9

    Since my background comes from Scotland, the Kilt is fine, its has nothing to do with a women, and they you wear the sporn in the front of it, over your cock area, or if its big like me, it moves to the side of my hanging cock. I wear nothing under it like most do, but it manly with leather as I have used many times before. As one chic said to me while out at the bars. “what do you wear under it?” I said ” put your hand under and see”

  22. keebler

    I am of Scottish desent as well (lamont clan) I assure you scots men wear NOTHING under a Kilt–cocks a flopping.

  23. Kevin

    A movie quote I will never forget. I believe it was with Sean Connery. Question: What do you wear under your kilt? Answer: Your wife’s lipstick.
    Don’t really weigh in one way or the other on the kilt thing. I think it ultimately comes down to the man (one in pic is HOT) and the reason. Do you own the heritage? Are you hung, and, can I get underneath it?


    Hot or not totally depends on the guy who is wearing the kilt…. Some like the one in the photo look hot and others not so hot… and the mystery of wither he is wearing the kilt the way real kilt wearers are suppose to wear them adds to the excitement. Nothing is more sexy to me

  25. Ed

    Well, since kilts have been around for hundreds of years- it’s not like we have a passing fad here. As someone else here said, some of the most manly men wear kilts- including me…If you’re masculine, and or beefy/hairy too… Hell yes!
    And as the saying goes- you have to “freeball it”. because if you wear underwear- it’s just a skirt…

  26. Gargoyle

    Kilts are Hot on a pair of strong legs.
    Whatever is worn should be worn with Presence, Never let your outfit wear you !!

  27. Benji

    Hell yea there HOT, HOT, Hot!!… on any man…and they are not meant to be a sexual garment to begin with. Also, throughout history men wore kilt like garments, loin cloths, toga, etc. long before they wore two legged pants…..Just go to any Highland game and you will see how hot a guy could be in a kilt, and you will never call them a fem, sissy, etc…I have a kilt in our family tartan and wear it quit often and have never received negative comments.

  28. Rod

    The fact that you even compare a kilt to a skirt means you honestly did not do your homework before you posted this. Kilts on men are hot!! They are not skirts, they are not feminine. Before you decide to go on a rant, do your research.

  29. HulkLincoln

    Sorry but this dude is wearing a pleated skirt…. He’s trying too hard to show his round hard bubblebutt which makes it look more like a skirt than a kilt…..

    a regular bloke (not a prissy tatted poser like we see here) will look good in one because he will wear it properly. this is a drag queen HARD BODY getting ready to take the stage and do a drag number…… some one hand him some earrings and a microphone and he’ll (i mean she’ll) be ready to go get those dollar tips…….I will PASS !!

  30. Rey

    If you think about it, it makes sense for men to be the ones that wear kilts/skirts since we have junk down there and for women to wear pants since there is nothing.

    At some point it was decided that lady’s hoohah’s should be able to be free and men’s packages should be constrained.


  31. DAVE


  32. Newday43

    Hot, hot, HOT!!!! I love kilts. When worn properly and with the correct accessories, it will enhance one’s masculinity.

  33. ajbbincubus

    Well.. I don’t really look at a kilt as a sexy clothes. I see it as more as traditional clothing for the Scottish. However, if a man wore a kilt to look sexy I don’t believe it is sexy, no matter how cute or masculine he is. I believe men look sexy in men clothes, but as for traditional purposes I believe its acceptable. Just my opinion though.

  34. Darryl

    It all depends on the guy. I’ve seen a few who could carry it off pretty well, then others look like they are wearing a dress. I’ve also seen some guys in women’s clothes who look kinda sexy, which concerns me for some reason lol. Now the guy in the picture could wear a paper bag, and he’d look good. Plus there is an attitude some Men have who has the balls to wear a kilt, and even bigger ones if they go full monty. Now who wants to have a little peek?

  35. Nobody Important

    Obv this blogger knows nothing about Scottish culture, or the fact that kilts are probably the MOST masculine garment of all time. Look it up.

  36. Kayne

    Kilts are hot. There are no two ways about it. But that does depend on just who’s wearing them. Not everyone can pull the look off. I don’t particularity believe that my statement falls along racial lines as I am black but have a lot of Scott-Irish blood in me – buut I know I am not the kind of man that can pull it off. Its my opinion that a kilt also needs a sword or battle Ace. Also, certain styles of Kilt are just not attractive.

    yeah and kilts are not skirts.

  37. Michael

    HOT – When man wear kilts ,its hot ,Dont know if its the garment or the balls it takes to wear a skirt BUT ,IT’S A SKIRT FOR A MAN ,

  38. roygbpguy

    first of all it isn’t a skirt “we done kilt everyone who’s called it a skirt”. also they are very manly, try to thing of any other group of men who take a caber(telephone pole) and toss it end over end for fun. but for me it has to be a proper highland kilt(or at least the equivalent modern version like the utilikilt) to the knees in length, and no seam at the top of the pleats. otherwise it is a cheap knock off made as a tourist trap and has the right to be called a skirt. i proudly own 2 kilts; a utilikilt, and a traditional highland kilt made from my clans tartan.

  39. Zane

    I feel like if it was more kilt looking it would be hot. For some reason that looks more like a school-girls skirt…though the guy is def smokin!

  40. Kirt28202

    I think a man with a towel wrapped around his waist is hot, but a Kilt is not sexy at all. I think it mostly to do with the design on the material and the way it is made….looks like an all girl school uniform. No man should wear such.

  41. Steve

    If the Kilt fits wear it.
    I do not like it on the guy in the picture.
    I also think it is a regional clothing option.
    Yes men in Scotland and other European countries can pull it off and look good. Men I see in Saint Patty day parades look pretty good also.
    However, it is the man, the kilt color and style that make it work or not.

  42. ScottnChicago

    I am not a fan at all of men in skirts, ummm, kilts – they are not attractive, in fact I think they look silly…

  43. outdoorman

    Don’t care much for kilts myself, but the guy in the above picture could wear a garbage bag and he’d still be hot to me ! I’d get him out of the kilt, so the kilt would not be a problem. And I have seen some hot ass guys in them, so they don’t bother me. Now guys in women’s panties and hosery, hell no to that !!!

  44. F15

    Very hot. Especially a beefy, furry guy does it. I stumbled on a web page a few years ago dedicated to men who wear kilts. Many pictures were of them out in public, on lawns at concerts sitting with their junk showing not a care in the world. It was fucken hot!

  45. irmoguy

    Kilts are not feminine in the least. I think they look great, especially traditional kilts. I own one (German National tartan) and you would be surprised how comfortable they are. They are cool when it’s hot, and warm when it is cold, even though it is a wool blend. I also own a black utility kilt, and it isn’t nearly the same….the fit is different and so is the comfort level. Now granted, those little shorty kilts that were popular at clubs back in the 90’s are whole different matter….those WERE a little femme and didn’t look good on anyone.
    Anyone who considers a kilt and skirt to be the same thing hasn’t got a clue.

  46. Fattybumbalatty

    First of all, a kilt is not a skirt. It is an ancient form of tribal wear worn by northern European and Celtic tribal families for thousands of years. Wearing a kilt has been honorable due to meaning behind it, which has to do with the family or clan to which one belongs. Nowadays wearing them has to do with pride in one’s clan or heritage. Wearing a kilt is not the same as wearing a skirt. Kilts are very masculine.

    Skirts are NOT masculine. Skirts were created THOUSANDS of years after kilts, specifically to sex up women and make them more modern. It has been in the last 20-30 years that designers have created skirts for men, and usually due to wanting to make some kind of statement about equality or the definition of femininity or masculinity.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  47. Saveme89

    The way I see it, any guy that has the balls to go out in public in one DEFINATELY gets hot points in my books. Lets face it. We live in a society where men are expected to look a certain way, but for the Scotsman, that IS there way. Plus its hot!!! Lol XD

  48. InOverMyHead

    I doubt I would good in a kilt now, but 40 years ago I was a skinny runt. Had a favorite pair of cutoffs that were so short that the only inseam was the fringe. Didn’t completely contain me, and eventually wore holes thru them.

  49. BryBry

    I think a guy can look good in a kilt, but not sexy, but then I don’t like guys in button down shirts either. Just not a sexy look for me. A polo is nice, a T-Shrit, a nice pair of slacks, a pair of knee pants, but not a kilt. But I do appreciate their beauty, I just don’t think they are sexy.

  50. sfinx2u

    Actually more American’s wear kills than Scots. That being said the guy in the pic has a hot body but is wearing a school girl ‘s plaid skirt. A pepper kilt is base totally different.
    When asked what’s written under my kilt I answer nothing is written all parts work like new.

  51. Tai

    There is a huge difference between a kilt and a skirt… and the man in the photo here is wearing a pleated skirt. That said… I think kilts are VERY attractive. Skirts not so much. Or at all. Just sayin’.

  52. Hunter0500

    An article of clothing (be it a suit, kilt or whatever), tatoos, or piercings don’t make a man anything, hot or not hot. What’s underneath the window dressing doesn’t change.

  53. tillmanism

    Kilts are definitely the hottest thing. But for me, it has to be worn by sturdy built man – like most of the Scots I’ve met. I own several different kilts, my family tartan included. A kilt when worn correctly – across the navel – really accents a man’s shoulders and there is nothing sexier to me than broad shoulders.

  54. Eric

    Hot, especially if it is the new Utilikilt made in Seattle. Traditional is still hot but the Utilikilt more practical and macho

  55. Seth

    The author clearly needs to be replaced with an actual blogger who can bring up and a topic and know what they are speaking about. For you to even bring up skirts when on the subject of kilts shows how ignorant you are to not only culture but also history.

    It is so petty to judge someone based off what they are wearing just because it is unusual to you. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that there’s a clothing commandment with what you can and cannot wear based off your gender.

  56. Chero753

    I think kilts are just HOT! I have about, (thinking), at least 5 different kilts and I love them. When I saw Samuel L. Jackson wear a kilt in the movie, Formula 51, and Darryl Stephens of Noah’s Arc wear a kilt in one the episode’s, I thought I had to get me a kilt. I wear them on SPECIAL occasions. :o)

  57. jamie

    I hate to inform you, but the guy with the “kilt” is not wearing a genuine one–ah, kilts do not have belts loops and they are completely tailored to the individual man. While the due in the pic is no doubt “hot,” he isn’t wearing the genuine thing, so, to me, it IS a skirt. Also, what’s the constant need to show the ass crack–kilts are hotter when worn properly–I think I can use my imagination undressing the guy. I would probably pull the kilt up and grab the package and ass from behind…easier access and way hotter. Yeah, and the tattoo thing is getting real old. Not into body defacement and mutilation, but that’s just an aside

  58. Steve

    As a man of Celtic heritage,and a fan of the Scottish games I got to say that to question a mans masculinity based on what he wears is ridiculous. IT is how he wears it that matters. The pic above looks like a skirt because the cut is wrong, and it looks like it is made of some stretchy material. In fact, the guy in the pic is very good looking but upon further review that is a fricking skirt! That is not a Kilt. Before you pass judgement take a look at some pics of the Scottish games, or watch a few minutes of brave heart. I find a kilt very freeing, I typically don’t wear it out in public because I hate people always asking why? Or are you Scottish. I am Irish and wear the approved Celtic pride tartan. Most men I have seen wear a kilt, are very masculine, strong, and look like they crush my skull into a diamond. MY VOTE(albeit biased) FU**IN’ HOT!!!!

  59. Thom_p

    Generally speaking, not so much for me. The caveat being: clothes as a general rule don’t make someone look better or hot, personally. That being said, the guys whom I’ve seen wearing kilts, are not the types that I’m attracted to; ergo kilts, and guys in kilts, don’t do anything for me.

  60. Keith

    Well I think men in kilts are hot. I have some Scotts ancestry so I don’t find a kilt in any way feminine. The tone of this whole article is kind of offensive and shows a lack of respect for Scottish culture and people in my opinion.

  61. RodM

    It’s been said already, but I’ll say it again. A kilt is NOT a skirt, from its construction and function to its history. Having said that, a hot dude in a kilt turns me on even more. I’m getting my own kilt!

  62. roger

    oh man for sure, to see a hot straight guy or guys dam right love to see them and just love to see what would be under that kilt for sure, even better if they are not wearing a dam thing or a jock strap for sure

  63. moosekitty

    Unfair! With a stud like that in a kilt? Why don’t you use the same guy, draped differently, and ask how we feel about men who wear couch covers? With an ass like that, who cares what he’s wearing at the moment?

  64. redfish7

    Remember , pants on a man is a fairly new concept, it wasn’t that long ago that most men wore robes , I mean look at the Arabs, no pants there, I see them a lot in Scotland, and just like a speedo, not everyone should wear them, LOL

  65. Ewan

    Meh, this is a difficult question for me because I was raised in a very Scottish family (I grew up speaking Gaelic for shit’s sake!!!). Kilts are just something I was raised with so it’s like asking if you think that it’s hot when a guy wears pants and a shirt….depends on the pants and shirt, I guess. lol

  66. MascHairySoBe

    After reading all the comments, i can’t believe how ignorant people can be, A KILT is NOT a SKIRT// KILT= NOT SKIRT
    GET IT ?
    KILT IS NOT A SKIRT … look it up

  67. Robert

    And not one person seems to have noticed that the man in the picture is wearing a woman’s “kilt style” skirt and not an actual kilt…. It doesn’t help that he’s posing in a womanly way either, because he’s probably a gay porn actor (nothing wrong with that, just saying). Oh and another thing, a kilt IS a skirt, it’s just that it upsets some “men” because they have a delicate ego.

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