Gay Stuff : Meet Or Beat Off?

Let’s say you are on A4A looking for a hookup. You are cruising along when you get an email from this cutie. You start chatting, you unlock your pics, he unlocks his and you both like each other. He goes on to say how hot it would be to have sex and suck you off and kiss you and become very suggestive… Is he just beating off or he wants to meet?

Then he becomes slower to answer and talks about meeting another day….

This situation happened few times to me.  What else could it be when you start chatting with someone, the conversation gets sexual and after a few lines, the conversation goes cold or ends? Are guys more excited by the possibility of hooking up than actually hooking up?

Thoughts?  Comments?

g skorich AKA eastvalley 

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  1. Ilovethatmonster

    A lot of guys in my area seem to just want to beat off or have the excitement of meeting up, but don’t actually do it, there are a few who do but idk what it is, i think it’s the thrill

  2. steve

    i’ve made some good friends on a4a and had some great sex with guys i’ve met on here but, for the most part, it seems most guys are all talk and no action. once i say “let’s make this happen” they seem to fall off the face of the planet.

  3. vafratboy

    I think ALOT of guys are more interested in beating than meeting. That’s why I usually avoid heavy sexual TALK. Want to know what I’m going to do to you? Show up and find out.

    I’m not talking about basic information like oral or anal, top or bottom, but graphic depictions of sex? I’d rather do it than talk about it. If you want to talk about it, I have to assume it’s because you’re not interested in doing it.

  4. nneedofmalelove

    I’m guilty of it. Usually I’m jerking off and start talking dirty. Occasionally I edge and take the leap and actually go for the thrill and hook-up. But many times I get caught up talking dirty and one jerk too much and I blow my load and the conversation is dead. I feel guilty, but have also had it done to me many times I’m sure. On any adult site, I think it can be expected.

  5. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    they most likely found someone more interesting – that’s a given with online sex sites: It’s basically online speed-dating and you are competing with 100s of guys for someone’s attention.

  6. cmeatthegymgmail

    Sometimes, you start to “hear” something that you didn’t detect at first…maybe you are looking for a masculine guy, but something tells you this guy isn’t what he put out there. Or, another possibility is that he knows he isn’t what he put out there so he can’t meet you.

    Either way, while much of it is cold feet…sometimes you just get a gut vibe about someone that causes you to back off from someone you thought you might be into.

  7. fwf666

    Not always a bad thing IMO. Keeps the population safe and disease free. Remember some guys are pretty visual and use the head instead of going for the actual sex act. Off course you can’t always control your sexual desire and might want the real in person hook up but I think it’s pretty healthy not going for a fuck everytime you get horny…

  8. dof007

    If I chat with someone I am interested in meeting, I am serious. The problem arises over time available, driving distances and where to meet. Many guys want to meet “right now” but I often just can’t walk out the door. Then I suspect they think I am just a cock tease no-show.

  9. Dynasty0595

    I have found out guys never want to meet! I can chat, give guy location to place and then nothing. I am off on Mondays, and look EVERY Monday, nothing EVER!!! 🙁

  10. PHD_in_Rimming

    It could be a lot of factors. They could have found someone more their “type” or closer, plans have suddenly changed (gf/wife got off work early, roomie has returned and they no longer have a place to host, relatives have stopped by unannounced, etc.)try not to take it too personal, shit does happen sometimes. But yes, overall I would agree that 90% of the guys here on A4A are nothing but talk and very little action…pisses me off really. But then again, I don’t want to be wasting my time with the “too-scared-to-hookup” type anyway.

  11. John

    If the two involved like the same thing, the suggestive and sexy talk, you’re both likely to beat off and call it a night…

  12. Soft & Fluffy (sort of)

    Who knows what the reason is , but it’s happened to me more than once with members who actually instigated the convo in the first place. You wait and wait and then say fckit and log off , last message unopened.Come back on the next day and the message is still unopened.
    It’s extremely rude and uncouth to suddenly go quiet on a conversation that YOU started !
    I simply assume that the rude SOB found something else they like the sound of better .
    Good thing is , it’s not my loss .

  13. tom

    I believe where I am more are excited about the possibility of meeting than the actual meeting. I don’t mind going over the basics, but i really hate to get into cyber sex. It doesn’t do a thing or me and just how many times can one type oooh and ahhh. Give me the real meet every time.

  14. cmoore1957

    Yes to both sometime get off on the psychic sex just vibe i do both bur some times its frustrating . cyber aex is cool just say it

  15. Hunter0500

    I’ve learned over time that if a new guy gets to sex right away in chatting that’s generally a sign connecting repeatedly for long term fun isn’t going to happen. There’s an inverse relationship between a guy with no pic or a pic of his ass or cock that’s all about getting together NOW and good times being had by all in the future. This becomes evident pretty quickly during that first chat. I’ll be a gentleman and will chat, but generally will cool things down. It doesn’t take long for that “oh so hot and horny” guy to stop chatting.

  16. stickitin247

    I WANT to meet the people I chat with about it, but they mostly either stop talking or bail so I then jerk off. I don’t get it.

  17. John...

    Most often if they get to being too sexually graphic in their conversation they are only using you and your reactions to get their rocks off.

    Some of them may be latent homosexuals who have never had a gay sexual experience before and are too afraid to actually meet up, so at least getting to talk to someone gay about their fantasy is enough to satisfy them for the time being.

    Then there are others who are completely hooked on phone sex and don’t want any physical contact. Text on a message board serves them the same purpose as talking on the phone.

    Others may just get messages from someone else they find even more attractive than you and get too busy with that.

    I myself have lost interest when what they are talking about and or how they talk about it doesn’t fit what they have in their profile. Funny how advertised masculine tops are suddenly converted into feminine bottoms once they get to typing 🙂

    I’m sure there are more reasons. I usually give up on guys who start being too sexually explicit because they most often tend to be all talk and no action. There is plenty of time for talking about what we might want to do to one another after we meet.

  18. darkiori

    In my area all I get are huge flakes. I don’t find the point in chatting someone up if you aren’t going to go through with it. If you are just looking for dirty talk, then state that in your profile so people can just move on. I hate my time being wasted, imo anyway

  19. thom_p

    Given that this is “on a4a” and there’s no evidence that he’s a hooker, he’s beating off. No one meets here, they just play mind games. This is my personal experience, and yes, for the record, I’m old, fat, bald, and ugly.

  20. bizzybee

    Not only are they beating off, they probably don’t care whether or not you cum, in my experience. Instant messagers are the worst. You can mess with them sometimes by proposing something weird or distasteful, spoil the mood.

  21. goldenloverinmym

    i’d rather kee it short if we r interested in meeting will xchange # n keep it short n wait till I can have the real thing.have met a few guy from here but way 2 many no-shows.iv’e never stood anybody up DDDD

  22. Oralnewbie

    Haha i do that to , but I’m always serious and want to meet if i say i want to meet. But everybody on this site is so full shit it is staggering how full of shit people are on this site. Honestly , i truly believe its their losses. But anyways if somebody sent me a message like that I would be stoked so I don’t get it, why do these people have a profile at all .

  23. Brad

    I guess it depends. Like someone else said, I don’t get into sex talk, I’m all about the real thing and anyone else about the real thing will also keep it on point. I also think that people who have good intuitions also have really good BS detectors. It’s easy for people to personify an image of which they really aren’t, and IMO most often when someone backs off, it’s because he knows he really can’t meet up. I take being “real” very seriously. I would have NO problem sending someone on his way who showed up in some form other than how he portrayed himself. I remind myself that most often, that’s what’s going on when someone seems to become flaky. For his sake, it’s a good thing he did back off.

  24. Ed

    Sadly, while a boon to us looking for sex, the internet allows folks to forget common courtesy and be rude inconsiderate s.o.b.’s. There has been several times that I got cold feet (or limp dick) after chatting up someone for a bit. This is usually because after further investigation I find that neither of us will probably have much fun. A lot of bottoms claim vers etc. but when questioned reveal that they can’t stay hard if they try to top. I always tell someone the truth about hooking up rather than just ignore them and hope they never see me on the street. Recently I had a man contact me, hit on me, we set up a time,place etc. and SURPRISE, he didn’t show. Nor did he bother to be a man about it and contact me and to add further insult ignore my email. Then the bozo hit me up again the other day without bothering to explain what happened previously. Were that queers missing from school the day that courtesy and manners were taught? What is so difficult about saying,”Thanks anyhow but I’m not interested” “Sorry, but on reflection, I don’t think we are a match” or ” Today isn’t going to work out for me, let me get back to you.” There are times that we in the gay community live up to the negative stereotypes that are tossed around by the straight folks. We should leave being inconsiderate and rude to them and treat our gay brothers with the respect that we would like to recieve.

  25. Bigblackbear

    Sorry to say its guys who are afraid of the real them. Profiles that are not truthful, pictures not current or just not them. In the old days (before Internet) you saw a person and made your decision yes or no, conversation was not how well they where going to screw you and how well they would suck your dick. Online once you get pass the small talk its either sh*t or get off the pot! Like a previous writer wrote you wanna know how good the sex is going to be come over. I too have experience once you try to get them too commit you never hear from them.

  26. MY_MO

    To be real, most guys just want to jack-off and not FUCK. The reason is…you are more safe to take your hand and get off, then get off with fucking or getting fucked. There is no nice way to say it or spell it out.

  27. bmerrr24

    1. he probably came while he was jerking and talking to you.
    2. he fell asleep
    3. he found someone another stud to meet up with

    that last one sucks :/

  28. BreakMyKnees

    I loathe just beating off. Young + in heat = I need to be consistently laid.

    I’ve chatted with guys who seem to want very thorough answers to their sexual inquiries but I’m inclined to be as general as possible. I’ve no intentions of telling you in detail what I like and don’t like. Few bullets, lets meet, and go from there.

    Also, and this may be digression on my part, it seems many guys bait their accounts (logging in but not actively messaging other guys or even responding); I think the idea is what fascinates many but ideas are for children. Acting is what I desire.

    Then again, I’ve more times than not recieved the “I don’t know if you’re a real person” treament; maybe people are more content with using their imaginations.

  29. flipitout

    If they are 40+ they are not going to meet or so it seems. On the other hand the young college guys who just want a nsa bj are quick to take it from hello to ‘can you host’. They know older guys are more discrete and drama free and over they come.

  30. New2redlands

    I have always said that the hunt is better than the kill. I guess I am not alone in that. Sometimes you just want the boost to your ego to know you still can attract a hottie.

  31. redboy78

    Truth is social apps like this one make it easy to connect with such a large group of people, but harder to make a connection. Meaning while they beating off with you, chances are they’re beating off with at least several other guys at the same chances are you being Mr right now becomes even slimmer.

  32. E

    I agree with fwf666. sometimes it is just healthier to visualise a one night stand then to actually follow through. 99% of this site is full of liars when it comes to STDs and HIV status honesty. I have also met quite a few that I thought looked one way, but found out that the pic they posted was 5 years old and they have gained 100 pounds or they are no longer 32. So it is just easier and healthier to take care of my own business with the help of some online fun

  33. Hotniqqa

    Well it depends some people like hot chat lol so who knows…But when it gets slower and slower I tend to believe they chatting with someone else.

  34. ConflictedCock aka DeZionKaos69

    Brutal honesty is always ideal but not always well recieved Generally, I keep a4a on the background while I am captivated by eye candy doing the naughty, thanks Tim. I have made some good friends on adam and a few teeth chattering encounters but never disappointed only skeptical. Although, in a rural area one is encounter can be one too many. A sex toy can be the best investment ever.

  35. Carolina71

    so many are just full of bs or beating off….and yes it is nice to jerk off while chatting on line, but I enjoy meeting with other guys and that is why I’m here to meet and get to know others and have some great sex.

  36. Hung8

    I’ve hooked up with scores of hot guys on a4a but it does take work and perisistence. Lots of times, guys are chatting with several hotties just waiting for the right moment to make a move. If you’re not the one at the right time, you lose out. Tenacity is the key to getting laid on a4a!

  37. Erics

    This is something I am guilty of. I can’t speak for everyone else but for myself, I enjoy the thought of having meaningless sex. After a hot conversion, somewhere along the line I’m ready to pop one off, and so I do. Then after having so, the need for company is no longer. To add, in the back of my mind, I don’t even want meaningless sex, I want something more….We all do. I think we try and fill that void, one night stands seems to be a becoming thing. To be able to act out our fantasies without judgment. Never having to worry, because its your choice if you see him again. Maybe we are trying to find ourselves, things we like to do and all that.

  38. Rayray2x

    I’ve had the “beat off” thing happen to me(well, 95% sure, anyway)so now I keep answers short and sweet. If the guy wants to know what’s gonna happen, let’s meet up and find out 🙂

  39. Amory Tacos

    I’ve never had much luck at an online chat leading to an actual meetup (much less a hookup).

    That’s one reason why I try to always post a face pic on my online profiles. Hopefully someone will recognize me when I’m out and about in the real world, strike up a conversation, and in the process, maybe, one thing will lead to another.

    (Hasn’t worked yet. But hope is what makes the world go round. 🙂

  40. Logolucky4u

    Thanks for using this issue as a topic for discussion and I’ll share my thoughts. I mostly would agree that most guys are here to just beat off. It takes some extra time and patience to weed out the bad ones to find some real gems or real hook ups. I will have to make a very valid comment that when I travel outside of my home area to other cities I have much better luck. Philly in general is really the attitude capital of gay men hooking up anyways but I’ve enjoyed my experiences when I visit my family and friends in Southern Florida and use A4A.

    I would suggest maybe bring back the live local chat rooms feature that a lot of used to use on AOL before A4A existed or became more popular. I had much better luck and good times using a source like that! Anyone else agree?

    JP (logolucky4u)

  41. localstud

    Those that wanted to beat off told me so andit was fun.if I wasnt horny I stillhumored them until they came. Now true, many on a4a are no shows. I found that communication ignorance is common. What I mean is I give them directions and tell them to text me or call me if lost. Or if I go to their place veryvague directions. I have found that I have better luck if I just state my basic likes and dislikes but I do what comes naturally. That way no one “expects” the other to “do ” this or that. So when they ask me do you do this or that, I say depends on chemistry. If they are confident in themselves they will hookup and find out! What I object to is those video chats that become teasers. Damn it its good for a while to watch the dude stroke it but damn shoot off or something, not all of us have 30 minutes to watch one person!!!I don’t see how they do it! I can only tease myself for 5 minutes and the it goes!!1 Thanks for reading my rambling!

  42. John...

    @ BreakMyKnees

    “…it seems many guys bait their accounts (logging in but not actively messaging other guys or even responding)…”

    I don’t know if anyone does that on purpose for any good reason or not.

    I often forget to log-out on my computer when I leave home for work etc., and I do stay logged-in on my phone, but can’t always check or reply to a message in real time. By the time I do check it’s been so long and often they are no longer online. I do send a return message, but I’m guessing more often than not they are mad at me for not answering their message as quickly as the expected me to.

    Luckily I have never had a problem where someone has turned out to be older or weighs more than their profile says they are, but then I don’t just hookup based on the first message either.

    I always meet them in a public place first, near my home or theirs and then go from there. If I don’t care for them in the public place then I politely tell them that I don’t think we are the match I thought we were online. If they are civil they will understand and if not then it’s even more obvious that it wasn’t meant to be. Surprisingly I have made a number of good friends this way.

  43. Anthony

    Yes, a lot of guys are chicken shits and pussies who only have courage from behind a keyboard, this has happened countless times to me, they always have some weak excuse. Time for them to grow a pair or stop wasting guys time.

  44. Stds

    … Hard to explain ….
    For me . Sexual is very hard to control .
    When I met people online . It’s excited moment . And when I am decided it to met, in moments later and I look all over think about of STDs . Then made me scare .
    That why I took my words back and decided beat off …

  45. Darryl

    Judging from the long list of Men who have experienced this very situation. I have had a few guys go into some serious sexual chat. And i have gotten both the meet, and the beat happen. Depending on what the other guy is in the mood for will determine if he actually wants to meet up, or just have a beat with no meat lol. I prefer having a conversation with someone, then if things click have some fun. That shouldn’t be sooooooo hard, should it?

  46. John

    I believe they jacked off. I do that myself and I have no intentions on jerking the guy around as I start feeling guilty. In some cases, I have closed my A4A account for a few months. I have even gotten fucked by guys on A4A and stop contacting them after I got a nut. I wanted to start my own blog to see if I am the only one, but could not figure out how. Please start if you know how and have same issue. I crave dick al the time because of guilt, I can go without for a year in some cases, but I do for the past 5 years, I got fucked at least once. Can anyone tell me what that is?

  47. kbear58

    I am into only real time meetings not cyber sex so if the talk starts getting explicit I pretty much figure the guy just wants to get his rocks off online. I usually end the conversation with “nice chat, if you ever want to hook up, get in touch with me”.

  48. Subboy

    I am Semi guilty of this but usually not purposefully I like most I think keep A4A up in the background or another tab so if I get a message I can respond quickly so a lot of times if im jerking it and someone starts to message me the sex talk is always hot and heavy but I never suggest or state I want to meet, a lot of guys do but I usually give them a pandering sometime I never commit to that day that hr that minute as a lot of guys seem to demand I don’t commit bc I only usually jerk off at one time of night and that’s pre bedtime bc ive given up on getting off any other way that day and honestly a lot of the encounters ive had with tops and bottoms are so boring that id end up jerking off anyways

  49. Tomzuk

    I hate when I decide to hook up with a guy and I don’t get what I want out if it. Even though I am clear. Male out. Oral. He puts on a condom and I get topped. Either they don’t want to put in a condom or they don’t want to top. Sighs.

  50. vafratboy

    While the honesty is commendable, I’m surprised to see so many people openly admitting to doing this. I think it’s fine if you just want to beat off, but do us a favor and SAY SO. That way if we’re looking for something more, we don’t waste our time. Clearly there are plenty of guys just out to have cyber sex (just look at all the comments above). No need to waste the time of people who are looking for something else.

  51. davidK

    We have become a society of texters and message senders rather than meeting and talking face to face! We ALL hide behind this screen we call our computer and hope no one we know will find out who we are. That way we can be who we wish to be, or what we wish to be. Sex starts in our brains and in this cyber society we create who we are and hope some one reading our self description will like us and make contact. When they do, reality sets in and we have to present live and in person the online personality we have created. Thus, we run and hide in our closets again and complain no one really cares about us! I say, we all need to grow-up and act like adults. Remember, growing old is mandatory but, growing up is optional!!

  52. John...

    @ vafratboy, I think part of the excitement of doing it is that the person on the other end doesn’t know you’re doing it. It’s kind of like a prank phone call except they’re just using you to jack off to, not to play a joke on you.

    @ davidK, Not all of gay society does this. Many people are very successful using this site for person to person hookups etc. Perhaps some people on here just look like easy marks based on what they put in their profiles or their photos. No reason to take it out on the rest of us or accuse us all of being the same way.

    I like this site, it works great for me. I’ve made many new (in person) friends and have experienced some great sex because of it as well.

  53. marcocelli

    I am always a bit scarred of meeting up. I go with my gut instinct. I have the fear of catching an std in the back of my mind constantly. I have had some great hookups and a lot more of not so great ones. I am not usually looking for a one time hookup. I’d like to find a little more than that. You see, it takes a lot of effort to plan a hookup. Many times by the time I find one, my window of opportunity for the day is gone. It would be nice to have some regular fun. But no one it seems wants to get to know you well enough for that.

  54. Dexx

    Sometimes it starts out great and then they want to know every detail about what you like and ask 100 questions(Big turnoff for me). If my stats are not enough,then move on.

  55. Rudee

    Did he have a pic of you…if he did…chances are he was jacking it… it was the fantasy rather than anything else… the thought of having a cock for the first second or third times sends ppl in a fantasy mode.. i know it did me before i came out.. as long as i had a cock pic i was fine and got off too well just thinking what id like to do with that dick…

  56. adam_rising

    He is definitely beating off. The power of the Internet is the anonymous connection. Fantasy if possibly meeting up is overwhelming. The idea of suggesting that a man might want another man is very stimulating and it is enough to trigger every erotic function of the body. I know this to be true because I love it.

  57. AJ

    Most guys online are game players. It’s not just A4A. The problem is that we have gotten to this point where if we look at someone’s profile and they have a picture, there’s an immediate value judgement — is he cute, is he fat, is he showing his cock/ass — and we forget that there’s a shit-ton of other factors about a guy.

    Maybe the not-quite-great facepic is hiding a guy who has a ton in common with you. Or maybe in a wild twist of fate, the guy with no primary picture is the guy you’ve been totally lusting after on campus/at work/etc. Or the guy with the goofy expression has an 10″ cock…and you’re a power bottom.

    We’ve become a community of shallow people, senses dulled by porn and barraged by the media with photos of ultra-buff underwear models/go-go boys and the “guy next door” who may not be the most photogenic, but who’d go to the ends of the Earth to be “your guy” because he’s just THAT romantic…he gets passed over.

    I think most guys look for perfection and when they can’t find it, they try to build up the fantasy to get off and that’s it. It’s fucking SAD.

  58. uchariymale

    hey men let me see if i hav the facts this is a website where gay male can meet for sexual connection naked and with full erection rushing into each other 2 quench the need for honoring gay men naked right next 2 each other with the rare intimate pleasure of blending w a man who needs u as u need him the mystery of first meeting the blushing joy of knowing u both are on the same tack that sexual smile of unspoken male bonding we all need; the acknowledgement that u are good 2 go hell think of the heights if
    of masculine sensuality is yours both for the taking getting so full of anither man that u have 2 turn away because u r so saited ur laughing from ur haiy belly for joy thats what i have been given from this site thank u so much fin

  59. inmydreams99

    I think this happens for a variety of reasons, but a few strike me as standing out.

    1 the guy has lied about who he is, age, body type, etc…and meeting in person would obviously be revealing that he has lied. Dont forget guys, people can be anyone they want to online. Some guys live in a fantasy world where they are all porn stars…lol
    2. they are married, dl, not out and scared to death to actually meet someone for fear of being “outed”. This one was my personal fear for a long time. Eventually, I had to overcome it.
    3. A therapist told me a long time ago that in fantasies, you can do anything you want, but that doesnt mean that you’d actually do it in real life. The “taboo” part is very sexually stimulating. Unfortunately, it is often very frustrating for those of us are are getting stood up. In short they are straight men having gay fantasies.
    4. Inhibitions…I want to so bad but its wrong to do this, so I feel ashamed after I jerk off….lol.
    5. Its an ego thing..can I get this hunkie guy to actually be interested in me?

    I recently had an experience with a young guy that I was chatting with for a couple of hours. I asked him for a face pic and he sent one via text…not bad. I have a face pic on adam…but he never asked to see it. He wanted to hook up and was actually staying in a hotel room not far from my home. Perfect right? Wrong. I told him I’d be there in 20 minutes and asked what room he was in. He responded that he would give me to room number when I got to the hotel. I arrived in the parking lot and texted him for the room number. NOW he wants to see a face pic. As a rule, I do not text or email my face. You wanna see my face, ask when we’re still on Adam. I told him to come down to the lot and meet me…he refused. I finally got angry enough to leave the lot. On my way out, he accuses me of not actually being in the lot at all, says he was in the office the whole time (which btw was where I had parked my car). There was no one in the office.

    OK, this is a game for him. Where was he? Really at the hotel or in the next state? It is actually kind of creepy when stuff like this happens. He wanted to continue the argument, insisting that I text him a face pic. NADA. I finally told him to stop texting me which, fortunately he did.

  60. John...

    One other reason I just discovered in another blog is that you might have just bored the person away with what you had to say to them.

    They may be too polite to tell you or don’t know how to do it without feeling like they might offend you, so they take the easiest way out and just quit messaging you. It’s not like they really owe you anything substantial since they don’t even know you.

    Besides always trying to figure out what is wrong with someone else on here; perhaps some self reflection is in order.

  61. Latin4LatinOrBlk

    I’m sure it’s probably happened to me, but being dat I don’t or should I say rarely get into sexual conversations it won’t happen. Anutha thin I hate is wen dey ask question of info dat is already n ya profile. I kno most don’t read dat, but dayum, u gotta c sumtin bsides da pics to initiate a conversation. Granted, my primary pic is of my dick, but my profile states I’m lookin fo friends. Anutha thin is while I am very sexual, I’m not very verbal. N I actually hate it wen a person tries to make me talk. So, talkn or should I say txtn is not sumtin I’m into. I’ve done it, but it was a benefit more fo da otha person den it was fo me. While da otha person might b gettn off on da convo, I’m n turn watchn tv and/or n a nutha convo suit sum1 else. But, hey, if I do go to dat type of convo n I set sumtin up, den I’m real bout settn sum thin up. Btw, has n e one set up a meet n den da otha person went silent once u got to da persons place? Not only a wasted convo, but wasted gas too.

  62. Longbeachstr8

    I like to showoff to guys…but most the guys on Adam want to have anal or oral or both. I’m not comfortable with them touching me when we meet for the 1st time. So most of the time they don’t want to meet.

  63. tanandhorny

    I find that most guys on here are full of crap. They have NO intentions of hooking up. Some even post prefer meeting at “My Place” then when you get to talking about hooking up all of a sudden they cannot host. Then there are the ones that want paid to let you suck them. It is hard to sort thru all the BS here.

  64. Spunky_Daddy

    Most are so full of BS that it drives me crazy! And the area where I live is the CAPITAL of BS. But there have been the few that I’ve met that have made my time worth meeting.

    But if a guy just wants to talk and see my pics, I really have to think twice about him. Look…if you want to meet, dammit let’s just do it! Don’t jerk my chain and beat your meat so that you can get off at my expense. If you’d rather fantasize about m2m, do it with someone else!

    My time is at a premium and I’m looking for that one man who is serious about getting down and dirty, not for the one who has nothing better to do with his time than play mind games.

    If you’re on this site for sympathy, please just delete your account and go somewhere else. Leave REAL m2m to those of us who really do want to do it. ‘Nuff said…

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