Bears Still 1

Watch This : Bears Are What You Like?

Bears Still 1

Gay singer-songwriter Tom Goss likes bears. He even wrote a song called “Bears” and made a music video in which you can see all types of bears.

“Some people think they got it right, they tell me just what I will like, a tight waist, a smooth face , daily exfoliates, but they dont know me….

Bears got the best of me, bears are my fantasy, bears are what I like…”

The video is full of humor and very refreshing, check it out after the jump if you are into burly and hairy guys!



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  1. Nonodck

    I love hairy guys, bears, cubs, otters and chasers. No into smooth, “exfoliated” bros! Bears into front of the line…

  2. David

    this is a sexy video, on a scale of 1-10 I rate this an eight only because of the fat women without her I would give it a ten

  3. vampirelycan

    Personally, I’m not into gay labels.. So some guy calling himself a bear is really a turn off.. What ever happen to simply calling yourself a gay male? Is it really that important that you have to label yoyrself by a gay label to get a guy’s attention? Gees my bf (godofchaosseth on here) hates being called a twink. Lets just drop the labels and just be men…

  4. charles

    Where are the bears? All I see is a bunch of overweight (sorry, no other word for it unless I use morbidly obese) hairless men. Am I missing something?

  5. Chris

    Well, as a cub myself, I enjoy bears. But trust me, bears can be pretty discriminatory themselves.
    Every type can be though.
    But it’s always fun hanging with bears, especially if you’re into food. Cuz if you hang with a bear, guaranteed you’re gonna get fed…and it’s gonna be delicious.
    The sex is also pretty damn great.

  6. John...

    I’ve see the video it’s been around for awhile and was already promoted on another site like this.

    It’s nothing new or original, just the same old tired, stereotypical gay shtick that’s been around and overdone since the 1950s or earlier.

  7. Jay

    Bears have got to be the worst gay stereotype out there.

    1. They have this strange, overused vocabulary that frankly I’m getting tired of listening to–woofda, woofburger, furball, woofster, husbear, grrr, etc. Enough of that already.
    2, They talk of buying a home in Bear, Delaware, and painting it with Baer paints.
    3. They use Bear Wash in the shower.
    4. They put that bear gay sticker on their cars.
    5. They have bear claw/bear paw tattoos (jeez, you haven’t seen enough of that, huh?).

    I work with a guy here in FL who drives a Nissan Versa. He has 2 bear stickers on the back of his car, a bear-in-the-wild themed front vanity plate, and he has a small plastic bear hanging from a chain, hanging from his rear view mirror. OK, dude, we get it. Sheesh.

    Most bears are hypocritical, too. They wouldn’t dream of shaving a single hair off their body, but will, for some reason, make an exception for their scalp.

    So, bears, please take my word for it. The more pseudo-butch you try to appear, the more obviously gay you are. I can spot you a mile away.

  8. Jay

    Bears are high maintenance, too–constantly shaving their heads or visiting the barber weekly to maintain those high-and-tights.

  9. TrizzyTroy

    He is CUTE n so is his video. I’ve dated a few Teddy Bears n actually my ex husband went from a size 30 waist to a 40 during our 5 yr marriage. And while he was self conscious abt the gain, All I saw was strength n protection. As long as a bear ain’t kept like a hog I’m all in. Big n sexxy is fine but no1 likes a big slob. I recently saw my ex n he is a lil more fit for health reasons. But he could still get IT!! If I didn’t know he has a selfish sneaky side!! Lol carry on my.big sexy brothers GRRRRR!

  10. rubirosa

    I Love this video!! It makes me smile. Although I don’t have a “type” that I’m especially attracted to, some of those bears are really quite hot!!

  11. Selfish_Virtue

    Tom Goss is wonderful! I met him personally when he came to my university to talk about marriage equality. This music video is delightful ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. eysofblue1972

    I like bears and I cannot lie!! Muscle bears and otters is what I like. I’m an otter myself and I LOVE hairy men!! cuddling with a hot hairy guy turns me on big time!! But naturally smooth guys are also sexy to me, is that weird?

  13. jace

    I have to agree with no bears for me bears be long in the woods that or a zoo, that I have to agree with and bbguy1970 this is panfull to lisen to

  14. Rocco

    Some of you guys make a valid point – stop with the labels already. We continue, as one community, decide to separate ourselves into smaller segregated communities. These smaller communities keep to themselves which makes it difficult for guys that like a certain type, to be part of it. If you are really into men and not a specific type, you can find sexy in any aspect of the person. Get to know someone and see where it goes instead of what they portray on the outside. Fellow lover’s of men, stop discriminating against each other.

  15. Hunter0500

    Bears are pretty much everything those who hold firmly onto the gay “brand” loathe. They’re not urban, usually, or thin or young or shaved (obviously) or trendy when it comes to fashion. They’re generally, but far from always, quiet. You rarely see them in clubs. They live on your street. You see them in the hardware stores and driving motorcycles and trucks. For sure, they’re plentiful. At the end of the day, however, they’re just men. Just men who happen to have some attributes in common.

  16. theAntiTwink

    Nice…I love bears too but I am not one…i fit the pretty boy stereo type unfortunately…I wish bears in my area were willing to date non bears…they all seem to be into other bears ๐Ÿ™

  17. John...

    Yeah I didn’t like the video, I’m too progressive a person I guess, but some of you guys accusing Bears of discriminating are actually the ones who are doing the discriminating simply because it’s something new that you sheep are unable to mimic.

    It’s about time that gay guys began breaking out of their arrested development, clone mode. It’s the best way to fight the stereotype gays hate, but have no one else to blame for it because they’ve created it themselves. The Juvenile, group-think, cult like mentality has gone on way too long and being sheep is finally beginning to go out of fashion.

    I salute those who consider themselves Bears for finally having the nerve to make a new mold for gay men, no matter what other old school gays, who falsely believe they set the standard for being gay think. Hopefully there will be more brave guys who have the same nerve and come up with other molds for gay men. It’s about time we evolve as gay men and become truly as diversified as we have falsely been claiming to be for years.

    Now to work on, update, upgrade and more widely diversify our choices of entertainment too.


  18. Huner0500

    The bears I know are happy to play with younger guys. Most younger guys give them the “no go” however. A couple of younger guys I know are into older guys, bears inclued. Both say bears (and older guys in general) are more fun to play with. Not in a rush to “ger ‘er done!”, they know how to make a guy howl, and look for repeat play. One said he “hit the god damn jackpot!” when he started playing with older guys. He started because he got tired of too many of the guys his age being of the “slam bam thank you ma’am” variety.

  19. Matt

    I’ve been described as a bear, except here’s where I take issue:
    * I am not hairy at all. You MIGHT see some hair on my chest if it’s wetted down from the shower, otherwise it’s so sparse and faint as to be invisitble
    * I may be a bigger guy, but I’m disproportionate — I have great legs, a decent butt, but a belly and the start of sagging pecs (why lie).
    * I don’t shave my head — I look terrible w/ short hair in the first place, why compound the insult by shaving my head?
    * I despise facial hair. I can’t grow a mustache, beard or goatee to save my fucking life. There was a reason I was called “Patches” in college — and it wasn’t the state of my clothes.
    * I don’t own; indeed, I refuse to own, any bear stuff. No pawprints, no flags, no BEAR Magazine, no nothing.
    *I’m not an otter. My hair isn’t silver or white, so no polar bear. I’m neither a bear nor a twink or a clone or a club kid, Goth. Just a guy in the middle.

    So you tell me, if I have to have a label, what the fuck would it be?

  20. eyesofblue1972

    TheAntiTwink… yeah I’m a bear/otter whatever and I like hairy guys but I’m not one of those guys that limits himself to one group I think that’s stupid. I see beauty in all kinds of men if a guy is naturally smooth I find that very sexy and the smooth baby face look can be very hot!! I would date non-bears for sure !

  21. edgar_Truth

    the song was meh but i like the message behind it. I get so much flack from my friends because i like older men and bears. there is something insanely sexy about a masculine hairy guy that just does it for me. plus bears are fun to hang out with. Also, not a dig at any overweight guys but i fucking love bears because they fucking love to eat and aren’t carb/ calorie counting like their buff brethren.

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