Speak Out : Truth Is The Hardest Thing To See

Once in a while, we will post things that you guys send us. Whether it is a poem, a song, a story, a painting, a video etc. Feel free to submit to blog at Below is a poem written by our friend Frank, member of A4A!


I got this feeling, burning deep inside of me,

Just wishin’ some people would just let me be.

It’s driving me crazy, it’s getting so hard to see,

Fact from fiction and what is true reality.

Ya work so hard, trying to do what’s right in life,

Then they’ll pat you on the back, turn around and they plunge their knife.

Got everyone else thinking that their way is always right,

But what they’re lacking is the true insight.

The sight to see what’s right there, in front of their face,

The truth sometimes is the hardest thing to embrace.

Sometimes the truth is an easy thing to misplace,

Just know that the past is something you can’t ever replace.

So that scar on my back is just something else that makes me strong,

Scream all you want, how you’re right and how I am wrong.

Run all over town, singin’ your same sad song,

The truth always comes to surface and usually won’t be long.

Most can’t even see what’s right there, in front of their face,

The words can be changed, but actions can never be replaced,

Sometimes the truth is an easy thing to misplace,

Just know that the future is something that I don’t want to waste.

Time to get off your high horse and join us here on the ground,

For this is the only place that the truth can be found.

There’s no longer a need to spread the untrue around,

Cuz all of the lies have long been drowned.

(Written by Frank, member of A4A)


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  1. Punkinpunkin

    Wow. this is really profound and can relate to many things. Personally i relate it to a relationship that i was in for 4 years. It was always my fault no matter what was said and done but the thing is he lied for so long and everything he did in the shadows came to the light. It was so hard because i was really in love and I knew then the truth and that he wasn’t. This makes me feel better seeing this and reading it.

  2. seth

    If more men were truthful with themselves maybe they could be more truthful and honest with other gays.. You have all these men being DL, “BI” & what not. If they simply just be honest with themselves, then they can accept and be honest with others.. Just that simple and yes I know we all have fears and concerns but life would be boring without them. As Michael Jacjson ” I’M ASKING THE MAN IN THE MIRROR”.. It all starts with you!!!

  3. Nate Smith

    I am so proud of who wrote this poem it is so sad that so many do not realize the truth is so much easier and so much better in the long run I have always been HONEST and truthful and it has probably cost me many possible relationships and I hate being alone but I still believe honesty is the only way to be Frank I dont know you but THANKS

  4. John...

    Good poem on here for a change. Cheers! to Frank.

    Sad to say, but a lot of people don’t like honest people either. Besides facing truths about them selves via themselves they don’t want to hear much truth from someone else regarding that someone else, but instead prefer to live in a fantasy world where they believe that everything will just work itself out all by itself. No matter; I am always completely honest and by being that way it has helped me to weed out a lot of people who have no appreciation for honesty from others or themselves and who I don’t want involved in my life.

  5. John...

    “You have all these men being DL, “BI” & what not.”

    What’s so wrong and dishonest about those guys? Is it that old gay fallacy which claims that any guy who has sex with a gay guy has to be gay too? I think the belief in that nonsense originates and still comes from gays who are ashamed of themselves and just want to bring others down with them.

    Lots of guys in prison have sex with other guys out of necessity and when they get out go back to their straight life and love of women alone. They are not gay.

    In these modern times a lot of straight guys are willing to have sex with a gay guy, mainly for the sake of getting their rocks off in a way their woman might not enjoy providing for them, but they still enjoy sex with their women too, so not gay.

    I myself have straight guy friends who I have sex with now and then. It’s just a thing shared between some good buddies once in awhile is all and they’re not out looking for other guys to have sex with, so it does not make them gay. When we are together we are just two guys masturbating with the help of a good friend is all. Their main sex interests remain women which they chase a lot of.

    It’s time to face the truth and realize that it’s not the sex act that’s gay. It’s the person who’s gay.

  6. tentpole30

    This one got me in the gut and in the head. For me, it speaks to coming out of the closet, first to yourself, which I have, long ago reaching an understanding about who and what I am as a bi man, and then to others, which I have never been able to do. So, for me, “the truth” is still hiding somewhere, “burning deep inside” “driving me crazy” and waiting to be revealed. Perhaps someday it will see the light…

  7. Joel

    On this days ,is hard to find someone truthful..that would be there on ur life on bad and good situations……(love this poem ,is outspoken I related cause I went thru a something similar…)

  8. mike

    they say the truth will set you free ,, and i Know it will set me free but will hurt other people in my life. So i hide and search for friend in the same place I am in to fill the places in my life that can’t be filled with the truth.

  9. Rick-Chicago

    this was an inspiring poem, it seemed to relate well to the problem of marriage equality in same sex couples, if those who are making those laws would come down off their high horses and see the truth as it really is instead of the rose colored world they want to keep seeing things would change for the better for ALL people.

  10. EZEfromBE

    Wow, what Punkinpunkin wrote…it sounds like I’m sharing the same experience myself right now & I had thought the same thing you did after reading the poem. Thank you & the author for articulating it so well.

  11. Hunter0500

    The writer has defined a moment in time, one he seems to be locked into with no hope of escape, no hope for change.

    In the defintion, there’s an expectation that everyone must accept an individual for who they are … unconditinally. Is it reasonable that everyone finds someone attractive, funny, intelligent, personable, someone that want as a friend, etc.? Is it reasonabale to expect that an individual will please everyone they come in contact with? While biggotry is never acceptable, an individual expecting that whatever effort they expend to try to please everyone will result in glowing praise and addoration isn’t a sound expectation.

    “Just know that the past is something you can’t ever replace.” The past is just that, a time gone by. It only defines an individual if they let that time live an active life of its own. Sometimes the effect of the past is postive. Letting that live on is wise. But when it’s negative, what keeps it from affecting today? The individual. Someone can always learn from a negative event in the past, but they can also choose to remain a slave to the event or to walk away from it.

    “Just know that the future is something that I don’t want to waste.” An individual has control of their own future. They can choose to mold it themselves or turn it over to others to mold. The second option will most likely yield unsatisfactory results.

  12. Brad

    Uh Mr. Seth, Michael Jackson’s lyrics, to be precise, are “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” Now about this poem….seems to me the same ole story just set to rhyme. I guess psychologists would say this is a good way to “express” one’s grief or loss…or whatever. What’s healthier, to me, is to realize that people will disappoint you throughout life, realize it and be prepared when you approach a situation. I’ve had my share of disappointments, too. But I don’t dwell on them, nor turn my past into some animated soap opera. He went his way, I went mine. Forgotten, moved on. No poetry or opera here. Why stare at the guy behind you instead of staring at those in front of you? Suck it up, chuck it up….move on.

  13. David B

    Truth is very hard to define. One man’s truth is another man’s lie and vice versa. The real quality of a persons character is if they can live their truth and not feel so righteous as to prevent or molest another person living out a different truth. Most all spiritual teachings promote us to love our enemy as ourself. Which is a rather simple conundrum if you think about it. Meaning there really are no enemies for us to fear, just unique folks living their truth as they see fit. Thanks Frank for inspiring us to reflect on this topic.

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