Pornstars : Could You Date A Pornstar?



Porn. Who doesn’t love it? I do. I enjoy it and I’ll admit I have made a few of my own, home videos over the years. I know it’s not for everyone and some don’t like it. But I have a question.

Could you date a porn star?

I am not sure if I could or not. It would be like giving your partner permission to cheat on you with everyone watching it on a screen. Could you handle knowing that hundreds of thousands of people were watching your partner in all their glory, doing whatever the direct wanted them in that scene?

Not to mention the restrictions that they would have. Having to save up their “mojo” for the shoots means less sex for you. Traveling all the time means they would never be home and I know at some events they are performing live and that means that more people than their scene partner could be touching them or performing with them as well.

And there is always the risk of contracting an STD, no matter how safe they are, there will always be that chance. Granted, there is always a chance of that in real life if you are sexually active with multiple partners, it would still be an increase of chance and not at your doing.

And lastly, assuming you’re not a porn star as well, would you be expected to be monogamous? Would that be fair that they could have sex with other guys, even if it was their line of work? I would think that it was at least fair that you could have sex with others.

So, what do you think? Could you date a porn star?


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  1. Dezu

    If I was dating him because we had a real connection I think he’d eventually want to quit 😉 but on the off-chance that he was just a fling I don’t think any of those reasons stated above would matter. Because it’s just a fling.

  2. Kevin

    I think I could do it. I don’t think I’d mind the sex part, like them having it with multiple ppl and others getting to watch it. As far as I’m concerned its his job, his scene partners get to be with him physically and the audience gets to watch but he comes home to me. He would have that emotional connection with only me. And again I see it as a job, it’s what he does to make a living, I wouldn’t just let my bf sleep with other guys just cuz we have an emotional connection. The traveling would suck but I think I could be ok with it. Having less sex would probably be the hardest.. I mean I’m dating a pornstar right? By definition he would just ooze sensuality and sexiness.. But relationships aren’t all about sex. Lastly if I’m in a relationship I’m committed. I wouldn’t ask to sleep with other ppl just because I’m not getting any from him. If it becomes a problem then we’ll split up but I’m not an open relationship kind of person.

  3. thicknhusky

    Yes I would. A man or a woman in porn is an actor or actress. The names likes the show are only as real as they person in the performance wants it to be.
    Sex is both mental and physical but only truly significant when emotional. You can see and feel your partner connect with you and cherish you. The world sees what your partner does you see and know who your partner is.
    As long as the wall they erect is down when they come home to you and you kiss them as if the only air you will breathe in that day is lingers on their lips you are good.
    If you want to and they are cool you can try doing porn or have emotionless sex those are options but in the end what it comes down to is appreciation of soul and character and if they just have to sex as one of their primary resources for an income and you knew that when you started dating it’s all good.

  4. vafratboy

    I’d have a tougher time with telling my family what my porn star SO did for a living than I would dealing with it myself.

    Risk of contracting an STD is fairly low since porn stars have a significantly lower incidence of STDs than does the population at large (due to frequent and mandatory testing).

    Sex is sex, and love is love. As long as we’re open and honest with each other, I’m not a jealous guy. So yes, I could date a porn star.

  5. cumguzlr

    I could date a porn star, as long as he brought his work home with him for me to help him rehearse once in a while.
    Seriously though its the same as regular acting but naked and fucking. If they are good actors they can leave all emotion out of it and just focus on the job at hand (or mouth or ass respectively). Think about women who do make out and sex scenes in non adult rated movies, they get paid to act not get involved emotionally.

  6. JOEY


  7. Zion

    Well i think anyone willing to date a pornstar understands its the job. Being a stripper and gogo dancer myself anyone i get with understands this

  8. Michael

    I think if the communication is there and you both understand what you are looking for and wanting out of a relationship, dating a porn star could work. Besides, going into even dating, you would know or find out what they do for work. Keep an open mind! As for myself, yes I could date a porn star! I trust and respect my partner enough to know, if that was what they do for work, so be it. Who am I to judge what they decided to do for work. And who knows, maybe down the lines in life, they can pursue other means of a career. Look at Colton Ford. Well known porn star who now is involved in the music industry. People need to get to know the person on the inside, and not just the outside or what they do for a career. Everyone has different tastes, views, and careers. We are the ones to decide whether to accept that and get close to someone, or we don’t. So if any single top and hung porn star reads this and is interested in getting to know me, let me know! 😉

  9. Doug

    I would if he loved me and I loved him, sex is just sex but it means something much more if you love the person. It’s just a job, there are straight guys that do gay porn and run home to there wife and kids, so what does it really matter!

  10. Kiejah Dionne

    This one is a really tough question. I think about Bobby Blake , now retired from the industry, and what his thought process is now. I’m sure that with his relationship with now ex Flex-Deon was mainly because they were both in the industry at the time.

    And I would also like to point out that it would probably be very difficult to date a pornstar simply because a pornstar is still tagged with that very strong image which was a fantasy and good acting on his part, and for whatever reason, when you become a star under any capacity, whether it be for music, movies, or adult entertainment, you are all of a sudden not a person or human being, you somehow become the unspoken “Property of the public”, whether you want to or not, due to the nature of your profession.

    It’s no wonder that most ex-porn stars , they seem to move away to a small quiet town.

    But I think that with stars like Jenna Jameson, and Ron Jeremy, porn is slowly becoming the norm.

    So, if I really loved the guy, then I think I could date a pornstar.

  11. KN914

    I think at first everyone would say yes, I mean a hot guy, hot body, hot sex. Porn is fantasy, even as some porn tries to get as real as it can, in the end they are all actors. It is about feeling, and as sappy as this sounds we are taking about dating which includes more then sex. Its outside the bedroom, doing things together, having a connection. If there is enough understanding between the couples, why not. But, communication is the key and everything has to be open.

  12. Andrew

    I would never do such a thing! This is not only disrespecting myself but this is being incredibly disrespectful to my partner. Last time I checked, when you date someone there is only two people involve. Boom bam boom.

  13. Rich

    Yes I could. That would settle the fear of cheating since sex would be their full time job and meanwhile (if he is in the mood) sex would be more personal and less “professional.” I dream of dating Antonio Biaggi on a daily basis lol

  14. Lucas

    Interesting question, considering I’ve met two porn stars thanks to Adam. The first one, was already in an open relationship when I met him. He told me after the fact and I felt kind of dirty about it. I couldn’t imagine how his bf must’ve felt, especially since he was in China… Anyways, I wouldn’t do it.

    The other pornstar I met is actually one of the gentlemen on the picture in this entry. lmao. I wouldn’t date him either, though the sex was hot.

  15. Rich

    Yes I could. That would settle the fear of cheating since sex would be their full time job and meanwhile (if he is in the mood) sex would be more personal and less “professional.” I dream of dating Antonio Biaggi on a daily basis lol

  16. Raymondo Aguilar

    Yes I could. That would settle the fear of cheating since sex would be their full time job and meanwhile (if he is in the mood) sex would be more personal and less “professional.” I dream of dating Antonio Biaggi on a daily basis lol

  17. Rizzle

    I could date a porn star as long as they were just doing the fucking on camera with other actors and not with street hoes. And maybe a 3some with a co star would be hot lol

  18. alan hamilton

    hell yes
    besides if they date me I have done 3 videos so not a BIG star but still the same I have done porn

  19. Xeion M.

    Me personally YES, because the person that I am currently in a 4year relationship with is in the porn industry. When I first met him I was like IDK how this is going to work because I personally don’t like to “share”. But once my partner invited onto the set to watch a recording I then was like “Okayy I trust him” then that’s when he asked me how I felt and I replied I don’t mind just I would like to be there for any further recordings. So we spoke with the company’s head director and I signed a contract to be his partner on the set to watch. After all of the watching I then auditioned and now me and my partner of 4 years are porn stars. So as far as dating a porn star yes and I am a porn star.

  20. why not

    Hell yeah I could date a porn star….at least I know who he is with…all my ex cheated and I don’t who they where with.

  21. Cace Cummings

    Being a new model in the gay porn industry i am happy to see people would indeed date a adult film star…Just because we get paid to have sex does not discredit our thoughts and beliefs of relationships and love…:-)

  22. Mike

    If it is Steven P. I would give him a chance. I think I could date him just as long as we don’t talk about it. And I get my share when he is home :-).

  23. kirt28202

    Could you date someone that hangs out on a sex site? It kind of falls along the same lines of can you trust them? I would rather date a porn star or stripper rather than someone that hooks up with people on a sex site.

  24. JC

    Hi I don’t know if I will date a pornstart,but I don’t think I will be happy because it has happened to me. It is hard to be part of having your partner doing sex with others, however it is good when you know and accept the relationships without any boundaries. for myself it is unforgivable when your partner don’t tell you and when you find out it is very hard to go away that feelings. I will do it if I know my status with my partner, but I wont if he is doing it without knowing that. that’s my reason I left my ex after many years of relationship, I was in deep in love with him, but he had two lives with me. I can understand it in the side part as friends, but he wasn’t honest with me on our relationship. everyone has they own fantasies but we all have to talk about it as a partner and be confident of each other. good luck guys.

  25. jay

    I could as long as he was upfront about his job before hand, though there are some scenes he would have to refuse to do. No bareback, no water sports, and I do not want to hear about or meet his co-stars

  26. No Sex Workers Thanks

    No way. And that applies to all “sex workers.” This topic seems like deja vu. had a similar discussion topic months ago.
    BTW, it was recently estimated that 60% of gay porn stars are POZ, in case that is of interest to would-be porn star dates.

  27. Leo

    I do not think I could. When I’m with a guy, I’m totally with him, and I expect the same. At first it could be enticing, and exciting and sensual, but I don’t know if I could stand it for long. If he’s been working all day and can’t come home to me and give me a little lovin’, it wouldn’t last. I would probably get frustrated and give him up, don’t care if it is his career. There’s a limit and I think that would be it for me.

    On a related note, I’ve actually been mistaken for a porn star on a few occasions! LOL

  28. Dave

    I’d definitely date a porn star but I am sure it would take a lot of getting use to on my part. Sure, porn is hot, but when it’s your boyfriend going at it, it’s bound to make things a little awkward and I’m sure I’d be a little jealous. But as long as our personal relationship was strong and our own sex life was spicy, I’d have no problem with their job.

  29. Domtopcock

    Dated a former porn star for Titan. He was a hot sexy black man with a big cock n luved to bottom. We even watched some of his porn vids as I fucked his tite fuck hole. Bother? Hell no. Luved it. If he was a current porn star n we dated (do gays really date? ) would I care. Don’t think so.

  30. blue_iz

    Porn Stars usually dig the attention they get from others. If he’s authentic and determined, I could probably be a friend. I sure as hell wouldn’t worship him.

  31. jockn2cbt

    I guess I don’t get the question. I’m supposed to be enraged with him fucking other guys? I’d want to date him because there is something about him that makes him desireable to the public at large. I’ve always maintained monogamy is an invention by women for women to get the kids raised, admirable that my straight buddies have to endure such shit, but I ain’t raising a family so what do I care. Sex with the same person over and over again, same tired moves, same tired attitudes, to me that is hell. Aren’t bartenders, strippers and pornstars our celebrities anyway?

  32. Damibe

    “It would be like cheating”? I’m not polyamorous, but are you kidding me?

    Cheating is when someone violates the rules of the relationship. If you are both being open and honest about what you are doing, it isn’t cheating. Frankly, I might find it easier knowing my boyfriend is porn star sex (i.e., for pay and without necessarily any emotional interest in his partner) than knowing he was sleeping with guys just for fun.

  33. Jay

    No I couldn’t unless that person was getting out of the business & anyone that thinks oh well he’s just having sex with them but he makes love to me or that there on another emotional level is just fooling themselves it’s pure bullshit.

  34. seferino

    while all of you make valid points. the concern for me would be for “us” becoming a job. with human emotions as they are, how would we truly separate the two. sex is “supposed” to be intimate and private. my angst would be can he really keep the two apart. therein would be a major trust issue. is it fair to either?
    as far as would/could I? I honestly can’t answer, either way. all I can say is that i’d need a lot of convincing from him as to his heart being mine alone. and if I did, I’d never watch porn again.

  35. FreeRangeRadical

    MMMMMM Hell yeah. I’d let ’em dump loads in my mouth, ass, on my face, and anywhere else they chose. 😛

  36. Dexter Magee

    I love porn but I don’t think I can date a porn star I tried it and it wasn’t for me, you worry about is he really working or fucking around on you and now a days it’s so much out that such as STD that who wants to date a porn star I think they need to date each other so they won’t have nothing to worry about .

  37. John

    Date one? sure, but not exclusively. Just for a cheap thrill is all.

    Marry one? more than likely no. Nothing to do with them having sex as a job, but because these guys don’t really make that much money and the job lasts only as long as their looks do and then they’re washed up.

    Also; most aren’t very intelligent, which is obvious by their career choice. Just pretty when they’re young, no future when they’re old.

  38. Mike S.

    I could date a porn star…they’re real people who need love too…not solely objects on the screen to wank it to. Not to mention we as gay men help to show the fact that sex doesn’t always equate to intimacy.

  39. MiamiQBanGuy

    Ah………NO. I have a rule in dating that I will never break again, I don’t date BARTENDERS,ESCORTS (male prostitutes), STRIPPERS, or PORN “STARS”

    I know many guys fantasize about dating a porn star but its only fun in bed, after the nut, there is nothing left. Besides if a guy has to do porn for a living chances are that is the only thing they can do. The turnover of gay porn people ( they are not really actors or stars) is very high. There is always someone with a larger penis or ass, or more muscles.

    Besides if you are a professional that last thing you want is a colleague to recognize your boyfriend that you brought to a work event,from a cheap porn flick. So my answer is still NO. Now would I have sex with a porn person? yes, in fact I have had sex with several. Has it been any better than sex with any other guys? No, not really. Sadly enough the life of gay guys in porn is less than glamorous.The vast majority make very little money, do a lot of drugs, are exposed to soooooo many STDs. Unfortunately the porn industry targets young gay men especially minorities (Hispanics and African Americans)and make them believe that they are going to be part of glamorous lifestyle of fame and fortune and in the the end they film a couple of sleezy sex scenes and they are done.

    Please do not get wrong, I am in no way putting down anyone or saying I am better in any way than those that work in that industry but the fact is that we have to be realistic.

    good luck to all. Looking forward to reading some more posts,

  40. TaoistLad

    I would. He may have sex with lots of different guys and do a lot of traveling, but it’s a job. I would insist though that he only sleep with me. If I cannot be the only guy he has sex with, I at least want to be the only one he cuddles with (and yes I am a huge cuddle monster). It’s the emotional connection that makes or breaks the relationship, not the monogomy or lack of same.

  41. Forrest

    I could. In a relationship, I don’t need much sex. It’s more about being affectionate and loving with my partner. I would have to be his personal fluffer though.

  42. e

    NO!! I am the jealous type, also I am a traditionalist, anyone using the argument of “sex is just sex” is a sure statement that they would cheat on me in a second. sex isn’t just sex, it is the ultimate bonding in a relationship, not something to just give away

  43. Greg

    yeppers I could do it and I currently do. my boyfriend is Mike King ( not his real name just his stage name) and we have been dating for almost 2 years now. He has no connection with the models he performs with and says its only sex, no emotions. I am cool with it

  44. Cristofur

    Absolutely NOT. Call me a prude but when I’m in a relationship I don’t share so that means all aspects of him are MINE… including his soul. muahahahaaa

    Seriously though, you might as well be in an open relationship if you’re going to date a pornstar. People keep saying sex is sex and love is love, so what’s the difference? No thanks. I would consider dating an ex-pornstar but I would probably question how much value he places intimacy.

  45. RedBoiAtl

    It’s starting to become clear why there are so many unhappy relationships out there; people don’t really seem to understand all of the things that comprise a good relationship. One of those things for me is called intimacy and by definition, a porn star can’t be intimate with just one person without quitting his/her job. Many of you state that it’s all about an emotional connection but the truth of the matter is that a great number of people create emotional and mental connections with people that they have sex with, regardless of the association between the two (or more) people involved.
    While it is a fair assessment to say that some porn stars do desire to be in relationships, it’s somewhat disrespectful to ask another person to put up with such a thing. (What self-respecting person would be OK with that?) The notion that it’s just a job is completely ridiculous. Some of you should move to ATL where anyone can be a porn star. This pretty much gives your mate the potential to have sex with just about anyone, claiming it’s just a job. If you meet the person of your dreams and he/she says “Oh, by the way, I kill people for a living.”, is this OK simply because it’s a job? (not talking about military)
    The key here is to clearly define what it is that you are looking to get out of a relationship, as well as what you are going to put into it. If you are ok with losing a portion of intimacy to be shared with other people on screen then more power to you.

  46. einathens

    depends on tthe pornstar.

    i find the question to be based on presupposition, stereotype and myth, and dripping with condescension.

  47. Mitch

    I’d love it. Yea there is always the problem of then thinking you just want then for the sex but at the same time all thoughs times a jacked off watching porn is all the sudden in front if me. Of course don’t have to date a porn star I have a couple of buddies that could so porn if they chose.

    So if it is just about hooking up with sexy guys with pulp tight round asses there are easier options. But if it is about the idea if sex with a guy that every other guy want go for it.

    For me it wouldn’t bother me I’m a self proclaim man-whore so I have a very sluty view point.

  48. AlphaMu

    Porn is my favorite thing to watch. I would love to be in a relationship where sex can be sex and love can be love, and the more I hear about polyamory, it sounds intriguing as well. But, I had a great partner for 18 years; we stopped having sex. Now that I am out of that relationship, and my heart is broken, my dick is “alive”… and getting laid more than ever. But, I miss the companionship of my ex-partner. In the porn/relationship scenario, it would only personally work for me if we were BOTH pornstars. Or, if one worked in front and the other worked behind the scenes. Either way, if I can’t do the vocation I have been doing for 20 years, I would rather be in the sex entertainment industry. Just don’t know how the family would cope with that…

  49. TrizzyTroy

    Would I “date” yes. Could I b in a committed monogamous loving relationship with sum1 who chooses to use their body instead of their brain. HELLZ NO! I’ve dated porn dudes, strippers etc. First of all understand every guy/girl fucking on film isn’t a STAR!! The majority of them r low level cyber/ internet whores. The amount of $ they make vs the amount of $ they make these film Co is insulting. Long after they’re burnt out n used up the business is cashing in on the body they USE TO have. Then factor in the widespread drug use in the industry along with the detachment btwn camera sex n love. Recipe for disaster, addiction is always selfish n never knows love, sex w/o emotional attachment is cold n boring. So all you thirsty dreamers ask yourself this. Could u date a prostitute??? They get paid for sex as well. You think you’re special cause they’ll fuck u for free??!! Lolol trust me you’re paying with something that should be priceless. Your self-respect. Not that porn workers dnt deserve love to. But love starts from within, holla at me when you’re done fuckin and r ready for real love. IF you’re not gutted n spent.

  50. mdana

    Yes because one the is connection of love the other is just sex and there is huge difference. If there isn’t then there’s something wrong with your relationship…

  51. Brad

    No self respecting man would want that which anyone can have (or worse…what everyone has had). I don’t think it’s quite right to refer to porn as a “line of work.” Porn is a novelty and although it serves purpose, it is hardly a line of work.

  52. sven

    Homophobia rears its ugly head on “Big Brother,” the USA cuts HIV/AIDS funding in Africa, bullying continues to take gay and straight teenage lives daily — and the question is whether we would date a porn star. No wonder so many people hate us.

  53. Kayne

    In a heartbeat. Why? Regardless of whom he FUCKS and why…
    Regardless of the eyes on him, wanting him, losing their boi-juice over him…

    Said porn Star is Choosing me…
    Loving Me…
    Coming home to/ with me

    I’m not the jealous type. As long as he is good to me, I am happy.

    there is more to a relationship than sex… Sex and love are different and even a porn star… can feel love.

  54. Matt

    “Cheating” is a female heteronormative constraint born of a woman’s need–ages ago–to benefit from the economic benefits of her husband. If he went with another woman, the wife potentially lost her economic stability. Thus, the accusation of cheating was invented by women to keep men in line. Psychologically speaking, men are “multi-sexual” and that has been true in the gay world most decidedly. Now we have revisionist, heteronormative gays who are saying that monogamy is the true male paradigm and research categorically say the opposite. THUS, if your partner is a porn star, he is NOT cheating on you. Men who accept that they are multi-sexual and that their partner is also multi-sexual TEND to have long-lasting relationships. Gay men who demand monogamy often have their relationships go kaboom. Moreover, the research into porn stars indicates that because they have many partners on screen and usually have to fake interest, they appreciate the true connection of a partner back home. If one partner is not in the industry, a porn star tends to be in very healthy long-term relationships.

  55. John

    It looks like some of the guys here read the titles of these blogs the same way they read profiles. The title asks: “Could You Date A Pornstar?”, not could you be in a committed relationship with a pornstar.

    They sure could have use a better photo at the top though. I wouldn’t do anything with any of those three seedy looking guys out of sympathy lol!

  56. Hunter0500

    Wouldn’t care if a bud did porn for a living. Wouldn’t want to try a long term relationship, however. How could sex be special in any way if it’s what he did routinely on the job? If he was a good, clean, respectful dude, no problem having him as a playb bud.

    Porn in general, I don’t get the ongoing, regular attraction it is for some guys. Once you’ve seen a dozen or so money shots, it is what it is. Is is just sexual satisfaction for guys who can’t arrange to have regular relations with live guys? Like reading a novel on an iPad vs. holding it and reading it in thick hardbound form?

  57. john

    Well I suppose porn is good for guys who don’t get much one on one or more action. It also lets some guys fantasize about the type of guys who are out of their league and wouldn’t give them the time of day if they met in person.

    Porn might be better if there were good, original plots that were about more than sex alone and real actors too. Otherwise one porn movie is as good as the next.

  58. Darryl

    I’am on the fence about dating a Porn Star. I’ve met many guys who did porn, and found that they are pretty much normal people who just have sex for a living. The issue i would have with it is the fact that they are not with me most of the time since they would have to be where the work is. And in the back of my mind i would always think that one day they will come home to tell me that they’ve found someone else and then poof they’re gone. It really depends on the person really, it could be a very interesting relationship. See i told you i was on the fence.

  59. SupermanBanana

    Nope, I wouldn’t date a porn star. If you choose that career, more power to you; I, however, disagree with it thoroughly. I wouldn’t allow myself to have sex with a pstar either. For every pornstar, there are like 20+ nonpornstars that are much better as far as their professional and personal lives are concerned and are significantly more appropriate for the long haul.

    The sex industry is a shallow one; occupied by glass men, unfortunately. (In my opinion, of course).

  60. nolan

    Been there, done that. It’s less of a big deal than some folks want to make.

    Also, consider this: what with xtube, etc., there are a LOT of amateurs that have done the exact same things that “porn stars” have done. Do you really draw the line over whether someone gets a check for doing it or if they put it online for free?

  61. Sea Anemone

    No I couldn’t. Not because of the sex thing but mainly because I don’t think men need more incentives to be polyamorous. Everyone needs love, and in this case, birds of a feather should flock together. A porn star should date another porn star, but I think a porn star dating an average Joe is a good idea. But to each his own

  62. Steven

    When I lived in San Diego I was dating someone who told me he had to tell me something. He told me that he had done several gay porn movies a couple years before. I was cool with it and we dated for a while longer. It ended but not because of his past. It just wasn’t meant to be and our relationship had run it’s course. He was one hot man and made some VERY HOT movies… both professional and some in my bedroom!

  63. junior

    No Sir I couldn’t start anything serious with a porn star thats just me. If he was one in the past than thats coo but im not down with the job if we being real! I like porn dont get me wrong but i aint trying to marry into that life…

  64. collegekid212

    I dated a guy for 8 months who was in porn. I found out he was in porn before we even started dating. My friends didn’t think it would be a good idea but I still pursued him. Our relationship was full of good times and our sex life was even more amazing. We talked about who he would be shooting with and all I would ask would be to see a picture of them. Other than that I was never worried. These guys would have two or three hours with him, I had everything else. Even though we’re not dating anymore, we’re still on great terms.

  65. Sean

    I dated someone who did porn before we met. He never told me, though, I had to find out on my own a few months into the relationship. It was hard when I found out, accidentally coming across videos of someone you love having sex with other people.

    After dating for about a year, he cheated on me and we broke up. Turned out he had an exhibitionist sex addiction or something, or that’s what he told me. Staying with him for as long as I did was the biggest mistake of my life.

  66. latinlust69

    Frankly I prefer open relationships anyway. I had 2 long term relationships which were open and the rule was tell the dirty details. With dating a pornstar one can even watch! Or reenact. Many actually gay pornstars are seemingly friends, so one might get a chance to get it on with the other guy, with or without the bf.


    WELL TO ME YES . BUT i WANT a top.I WIsh Someone WITH a HUGE COCK . I DONT care ABOUT his past . Even i WANT TO be IN a porno MOVIE WITH him .

  68. Domtoppapi

    I have …a cute black sexy man that did Titan porn at one time…big cock n tite smooth ass…a great bottom fucker…muscle lean bod of a dancer, which he was at one time…ahh, but it didn’t last…he and I moved on…

  69. Cum_bustion

    I actually dated a pornstar and it was one of my longest relationships. Yes, he was always away on shoots, fucking other dudes and that’s always in the back of my mind. Yes, there were times when he didn’t want sex because he just spent the past several hours pounding away in some hotties’ bubble butt.

    However, I saw a side of him that the camera never saw. He was kind, intelligent, and romantic. He especially liked the fact that we could have sex sans condoms, not being ordered to use weird positions then cum on command, and take our time totally enjoying the experience. His favorite thing to do was stay in bed naked all day, no agendas, no crew hanging around. He just wanted to have sex at his own pace under his own design, all day and night.

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