Music : Cher And Deborah Cox At NYC Pride


This weekend was NYC Pride and as you must already know, a highlight was Cher performing at the Pier Dance.

The 67 years old Diva looked amazing, she hasn’t aged (lol) and she seemed to be in tip top shape, dancing right along with her dancers.

Cher sang her new track “Woman’s World” as well as some of her classics like “Believe” and “Strong Enough”. It was very nice to hear everybody as they were singing along, even with her latest single that just came out. Whether you like her or not, she does have a large gay following and for many, she is a legend.

Deborah Cox performed a few songs before Cher. She also sang some of her biggest hits from the 90s and early 2000s like “Absolutely Not” and “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”. The crowd was very pleased to see her as well!

Check out snippets of both singers performance below!

Let us know if you were there and if you enjoyed it?



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  1. djhill05

    #pierdance was AWESOME. The dj’s were poppin’! Great music, tons of eye candy, drinks flowing right and left. Deborah Cox was amazing, even if she did fall once during her performance. I was right up in front of the crowd. I could feel her sweat. She has got an amazing talent and she knows how to work the crowd. She even pointed at me and smiled, according to my boyfriend. Cher….Cher….Cher! Even if she only performed 3 songs, total of 15 minutes, she was the HIGHLIGHT of the night. I’m 25yrs old and have been a huge fan of hers since I was 13. She looked marvelous. She said she was having voice problems, but I couldn’t tell. I was completely awe-struck. I absolutely love her. So glad I made the trek from St. Louis, Mo just to see her and experience NYC Pride.

  2. Jack

    Pride is the epitome of what homosexualism at its worst is… Makes all gays look like societal deviants and undeserving bunch. Its ok to be gay but not like that.. Its no wonder mainstream will never accept us. Good grief.

  3. Julien

    Cher was Cher and Deborah Cox was awesome. She did fall but she got up, threw her shoes off and picked right up where she left off. Diva!

  4. Domtopcock

    Concerning Jack’s comments. Pride has been n will always be who we are. It reflects are unique personalities n place in the world. I am proud being gay. Do away with Pride? Fuck no. I attend Pride n will always attend. No more Pride? Ok. Christians can no longer meet on Sundays n revel in their uniqueness. Or worship a dead jewish carpenter. Talk about weird.

  5. Edgar

    Wow!! I wish I could of been there!?!? I am going to have to make it a point to attend more pride events in or near my area and possibly even go out to not so near areas to enjoy these events!!! I am also going to have to make it a point to travel wherever Cher is performing and enjoy one of her concerts in person!! Thanks for bringing us a little bit of her performance and experience some of the New York Pride event from afar!?!?

  6. Hunter0500

    What is it about female music artists (especially those that look like top shelf cross dressers or transvestites [and there’s nothing wrong with someone being either of those] that causes some gay men to become just like frenzied 12-year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert?

  7. Cristofur

    You never said anything about Whoopi Goldberg being in the video! I love her more than Deborah and Cher… combined lol.

  8. John

    Being born a homosexual is no major accomplishment, therefore nothing to be prideful of. The whole concept of gay pride is just silly and more of a marketing scheme for the clones in our gay community who will buy into anything that has the word “gay” stamped on it.

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