Hot Or Not : Men Wearing A Suit


Have you ever fantasized about sex with a man wearing a suit? Is this something that turns you on? Ever experienced it?

I work downtown and I see suited men all day long and I have to admit that i find it extremely sexy. A suit is a symbol of hotness in my book!

What about you? Do you like it?

Check out hot pics of suited men after the jump!


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  1. Bob

    Have no preference. I have played with nice cock with men wearing suits, shorts or casual weare. All these guys appear to have hot cocks and would do any of them.


  2. wantamannow

    Hell,, yes, if the guys looked like this,, I would be nuts if I wasnt attracted to him or them…I am usually a guy that likes a guy looking rough, jeans, boots, with some facial hair like a cowboy, construction worker, or laborer, dressed like a real working man,,, love boots and jeans. but these guys are damn hot too… love to be involved with either or all of them…

  3. muzyqman

    I notice that you haven’t showed any short men with bellies wearing a suit. So I assume it’s not the suit, it’s the man wearing it. These guys would all be hot in jeans, shorts, or whatever else they wore. But if you’re saying the suit makes the man hot, then show some men who might not be hot if they were wearing something else. Otherwise, this is just an excuse to post pictures of the same kinds of stereotypically hot men we always see.

  4. Joe

    A little disappointed in this post. Can’t we appreciate good-looking guys in suits, and talk about whether we like the look or not, and why, without all of them having their cocks out too?
    I mean, I like to look at a hot cock as much as anyone else, but the topic is “Men wearing a suit”. Why the need to turn it into something else?

  5. Forrest

    I personally have a suit fetish. I would love to blow a nicely built, decently hung man while he’s wearing a suit and tie.

  6. Daniel

    I’ve looked at suited men and if it were a chance to get a job within the company, I would get fucked to obtain the job.

  7. joey

    I personally find men in suits and uniform hot, some mystery to what a man is packing and his hot body underneat the clothing is erotic to me, something unfortunatly is missing from the cyber world today, now adays people show it all before you have a chance to say “hello”

  8. icy

    I’ve expierenced it. Very hot! Men In suits are sexy as fuck to me anyway. Having a guy in a tailored suit whip out his cock and telling me to suck it.. beyond hot!

  9. wjumpjack55

    Super hot I love the power a suit holds and when you suck off a guy in a suit you take a bit of that power with you . Give an a handsome man in a suit any day

  10. Josh

    Huge turn on when a guy is wearing a suit that fits just right! Hugs in all the right places and add a little scruff to make it perfect, not too much tho.

  11. Steve

    Love a hard cock outside a suit. Gives the idea of a quick wank or bj at the office which I’ve been known to do often

  12. charles

    yea a suit do some thing for a man I to are in to men in suits an ties It just make my tung hard to the touch especial silver head clean cut men blk or white man a suit an tie just do me real good

  13. David

    I honestly have no preference. but if a guy is wearing a suit I prefer the shirt to be tight fitting plus a suit leaves some to the imagination which can be nice sometimes

  14. jl06813

    Guys in suits in various states of undress is an absolute turn on. A gentleman nude from the waist down with just a suit coat on (no shirt or tie) is one of my favorite fantasies.

  15. TrizzyTroy

    A man in a well tailored suit is like a gift wrapped by Macy’s or Nordstrom. It just makes u want what’s inside even more. My ex-husband worked in NY financial district for years, He never understood why I wld try to undress him on the way out the door. Until I became a Limo driver n picked up a few black suits by AX, YSL n Dior. Then he became a frequent back seat client lol. Sumthin abt the soft thin fabric hugging a sweet ass n firm crotch that sweetly tortures the imagination. Knowing u might b able to corrupt the symbolic conservative symbol that a suit represents is intoxicating. Much like a man in uniform. P.S.- When u put a piece like this together, Plz represent ALL ETHNICITIES. Because we do exist in ALL areas of the work place.

  16. outdoorman

    Men in suits are hot as fuck to me ! I sometimes go to an Adult Video Arcade and the guys who come in from work in their suits and ties are the hottest ones there to me. And the way that get swept up and taken in a booth for sex, it appears that others agree with me here.

  17. Osei

    Suits are expensive uniforms. Years ago I had to wear them on a daily basis and it was a relief when I got to the point where the only time I need to wear a suit is to a funeral. So I find men wearing suits boring and fussy…. it somewhat reminds me of an overdress woman, therefore it is a definite turn off.

  18. suited men

    Attractive men in suits are definitely hot especially when tailored to fit their body. Personally it adds to the allure to see whats underneath it all. I have fucked with a guy who was wearing a suit and it was pretty damn hot but in the real world getting lube and cum stains on suits is not an acceptable thing to do.

  19. Steve

    I agree with muzyqman. You have all good looking men with big cocks on line. Why don’t you show someone average looking with big belly and small cock?

    guess the only guys who should wear suits are hot with big cocks. Are they on this blog to show there cock or the suit???

  20. vershotti

    A suit is very hot, but not a must. A hot body on the nude beach is too. I’ve Always appreciated men with style. Find a good dry cleaner incase you have a Monica Lewinski experience.

  21. Kirt28202

    If they have a nice body and smell good, then a suit is hot. I think they are just as hot without wearing the jacket though. Even better if they have a nice car to go with it. I just don’t understand why they wear the suit jacket while driving and it’s summertime.

  22. Dejure

    I notice all of the pics display men who are of a hue other than brown and black or even red or yellowish. Haven you noticed that the 2013 work force in suits, in any of the civilzed countries is more than whats respesentated in your choice of skin color. Just saying…

  23. EccoDiPluto

    A suit is a symbol of elegance and/or class. A shiny, fitted, sleek, black suit gets me going. Especially with a silky, colorful tie, and a striped button up. Ow! 😉

  24. terry

    I love the visual. I think it would be hot to be the guy in a suit, sqatting in a bathroom stall, servicing cock after cock.

  25. Don

    Suits can definitely be hot, and don’t need to be too expensive (think outlets and thrift stores!) Fresh cum on dark dress pants is definitely HOT, and any good dry cleaner should be able to get out just about any play stain – just don’t go to Monica Lewinski’s dry cleaner LOL

  26. JR

    I like a man in a suit. My favorite guy that I played with showed up at my home at 10 one morning and he was dressed in a sharp black suit and was to speak at a funeral that afternoon and said he needed me to help him relax. I enjoyed helping him undress and watch how he looked in his well made suit. He took it all off before we had sex, but I have had sex with several guys in the work place and even sat on a guy and fucked myself on his cock while he was still in a total suit and tie. Very hot scene.

  27. As long as he's got a jock strap and black athletic socks underneath

    The more I deal with some guys who wear suits, especially lawyers and politicians, I associate suits with white-collar theft and fraud. Of course there are exceptions, men of character and integrity who wear suits. A guy in athletic gear is hotter to me, right down to jock strap and athletic socks.

  28. psychophant

    muzyqman has a very good point. i for one may pass on a man in khakis or even jeans that i may not pass on in a suit. yes the tie is archaic and without functional design. an ornament from the tree of conformity. but damn. a man just has a sexual bite in a suit. he didn’t have to wear the suit. but he did. its also about the way a man wishes to present himself. the choices he makes are statements about the man. …oh something in a pin stripe please…

  29. G90814

    Men in Suits, or Hot Men wearing Suits with their cocks out, who would look good wearing anything (or nothing)?

    Sure, some guys look great in suits, but it’s just clothing. It’s the man wearing it that makes something hot, not the other way around.

    I guess I don’t have any clothing fetishes.

  30. Eric Swanson

    I fantasize about guys in suits occasionally, just like I drew about cowboys, firefighters, cops, UPS guys and jocks. But the suit, just like the uniform or the cowboy gear, is only part of the package. A hot guy is a hot guy, regardless of what they’re wearing.

  31. hnsmhry1

    I’ve always had a fantasy of being under a desk, squeezing a hard dick thru his pants…then giving a hairy, hot CEO the best deep thoat of his life. I chatted a while with a hot guy who came to work in a suit. Just hearing his deep voice made me pre-cum majorly. I chickened out everytime he called me to meat him. Maybe he was just into phone sex.

  32. Jeffrey87108

    Dear blog,
    Yes this is a hook up site and yes I am here to find as much ass as I can fuck. However, suits or jeans doesnt matter with the pics you posted. Its not about the suit but the big cock inside them. Your title should be big cock or not.

    I agree with Joe.

  33. Hunter0500

    Some guys belong in suits, look good in suits and are somehow just suited for suits.

    Over the years I’ve met far too many overdressed men who were arrogant asses with no character. There’s almost an inverse relationship between how much excess money is spent on clothes and how little substance the guy has. The suit for them was nothing more than a mask hiding who they really were.

    But for those who are naturally suited for them, good stuff.

  34. detmi72

    A man in a suit is a turn-on for me perhaps because men in suits tend to be wearing dress socks, for which I have a fetish.

  35. Rick-Chicago

    I have personally played with guys who were wearing a suit same as me, one guy I played with at his hotel wanted to fuck me while wearing his suit, he dropped his pants in front of a tri-view mirror and fucked the hell out of me and seeing that from 3 different views was erotic as hell.

  36. cravenmoorhead

    Suit up. Dave your Hilarious. I am a short and t shirt kind of guy. some would say a beachbum, but I’m Hot and think that this is the Best Blog in cyber land. You and your Crew are Amazing and Yes this is a Hook up Site and you have to admit this Adam4Adam has Everything to offer and great for entertaining. Keep Showing Cock and Ass! and Keep Entertaining me with this Great Blog. I have Read it every day and I am a better person because of it. Thanks Dave for keeping it Real.

  37. KnowledgIsPower

    Not to be that jerk that makes everything a racial issue, but why are all the guys in suits here white, yet in the Hot or Not: Construction worker post, all the construction workers were black. Are there no black guys with jobs worthy of suits? Do black guys only work jobs which don’t require a degree?

  38. Charlie

    I am a jeans and tee shirt guy. I see a man in jeans I can see his bulge and ass. Suits have never done anything for me.

  39. Darryl

    Yes Men in a Suit and Tie can be very sexy. I’ve seen a few hot guys who had that straight laced, conservative look. Those tight fitting slacks that show off their hot asses, which always let’s you know that they do more then just sit at their desks. Nothing better then a sweat soaked shirt, clinging to their chests, pointed nipples begging to be tweaked. So in short, Men in Suits and Ties can be just as hot as a regular working Man.

  40. Eric Swanson

    I’ve fantasized about men in suits, just as I’ve dreamed about cops, cowboys, UPS men, firefighters and jocks. Ultimately, though, the wrapping matters less than the contents. A hot guy is a hot guy, no matter what he’s wearing.

  41. gary

    suited up dudes are the best hang out down town just to blow them when i can like commando guys in suits especially when i can see the vpl

  42. Jeff

    Yes I’ve had a man in a suit yes there hot.It was James he was 59yEars young I was 31.He had a very nice uncut cock

  43. jonn

    LOVE a man in a suit such a turn on for me like a previous post I am a limo driver and see hot men in suits all the I get hard when I open the for them and watch them enter the limo

  44. jim

    I like seeing men wearing suits it make stand out more and it show me that down to earth business
    I know too that are some me that wear suits to show of their man hood but who cares

  45. jR.25


  46. Thckazz4u

    How i would love to have a sexi man standing over me with a NYCE piece of wood. Yet to experience. South FL men in suits where you at?

  47. Deepinside69

    Yes!!! It turns me the fuck on when I see a man in a fitted suit. It’s like the old saying…”a gentlemen in the streets, but a freak in the sheets” makes me wanna be a bad boy when I see a guy in a fitted suit. It’s shows power

  48. timhry69dude

    yes I love guys in suits especially when I was working downtown dallas you would see guys cruise one of the infamous hotel restrooms but above all, it was the best when I was in college and I would go study at the library and sometimes go to the restroom and run into some of the professors or even the residence life director on his lunch break or in between meetings.. one time he had a couple hours to kill and we went down to the basement of the traffic office .. oh what fun that was ..we took turns sucking each other and he ate my ass then he told me he was going to bend over and let me fuck him .. what a treat !!!

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