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Bald eagle or full bush? That is the question. A lot of guys are taking manscaping a little too far lately. What happened to having some hair right above your shaft and not in the shape of a heart? 

I am noticing more pictures on profiles where there is no pubic hair. It’s like they naired everything off. Some guys have little soul patches where their bush use to be. Now on the other hand, some guys take this natural thing a little too far.

If the hair in your crotch is longer than your flaccid dick, or a hard dick in some cases, you need to trim that shit back. Too much of something is not a good thing. If you can’t see your balls through the forest you might want to give them some air while you are at it. 

Not to say there aren’t people out there that don’t love this stuff, plenty of guys into the natural man but you can’t expect every guy you hook up with to like it.

For other hairy parts of your body, use at your own discretion.  For me, I trim my chest hair only because it grows straight. Weirdest thing, not a curl too it. Ass crack hair is up for debate. I think hair on an ass is the hottest thing and even hotter when they have a hairy crack but then again, too much is a distraction. Get one of the manscapers on A4A a shout, they can help you out.

Thoughts?  Comments?

g skorich AKA eastvalleyoral

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  1. plb_99

    I too have straight chest hair and I hate it so I trim it up as well. For me I like a man with ass and crotch hair. Trim up the bush if you want but I don’t want anything shaved!

  2. joey

    Sound like people have way to much time to worry about what other people like. We all have our differences, why knock one another for who we each are, otherwise we’d all look like clones, and who in the hell wants that! lol

  3. pt

    I like a trim bush and balls, I like a little ass hair and chest hair I find really hot on a guy when it is trim and not long but not completely gone, but I also love a guy with no chest hair if they have muscles but it all depends on the guy…. Living here in Utah unless you are a out gay guy most other straight guys don’t usually trim or keep it cut back for when they play, I know that with my Wife if I do any major trim she wonders why do I just do a little trimming each time so its not such a big surprise and that when I do play with a guy I’m trim enough, and by doing a little each time she never knows why it really is being done don’t get me wrong I have fun with her but there is something that a guy just satisfies.. But weather your straight or gay or bi or whatever you should trim but not bald that is one turn off I like to know I’m with a man and not a child(gross) and that a little hair is just hot.

  4. Mark

    I love a naturally hairy man. I want to lick every inch of it,,, no matter where its at. But I know some times there is “too much” and it does need trimmed back a little.

  5. John

    I for one live full bush thick and coarse YUM!!! best is on a younger guy whos smooth on his chest and back but really hairy legs ass pits and bush. That’s perfection!!

  6. Charlie

    Leave it the way it grows. I never had a problem with a hairy bush. I thought that shaved cock was hot until I met a couple of them and decided that au natural is the way to go. Much hotter to have some hair rather than all shaved and hair on the head is much better than all the bald eagles out there.

  7. Rocco

    hair on a man’s body is sexy. in my opinion, trimming is good, shaving, not so much. athletes tend to shave certain parts of their body prior to event for easy cleanup in the event of a little accident or to make them more aerodynamic in the case of swimming. guys – keep the hair, well groomed, and leave the underarm hair

  8. Raleigh jeff

    I really like a man with alot of hair. A hairy man is a automatic hard on for me. I love the hairy friction on my ass when im being fucked. Also when he is hairy, it feels good rubbing up on his body. Guys who are completely shave, are a turn off because, it reminds me of a teenage little boy. To me men with hair are really manly and masculine.

  9. BooBoo

    I would really have to agree with this comment about manscaping or trim in places. Come on guys? What’s up with shaving your pubes and your pits clean. I mean I can understand cleaning the nuts and stuff but the rest no. Guys are suppose to have hair in these places.

    This topic has come up before in my recent past. I’ve asked my straight friends that shave everything clean what’s up with that. They say the girlfriends or wives like it. I tell them that its always nice to have a nice bush to tickle your nose in when your going down on someone. Pit hair same thing. Like a nice set of hairy pits to play with while your admiring their muscled guns.

    Yes the chest hair is up for debate. The one thing I can say is NO BACK OR SHOULDER HAIR. If I wanted to date an ape I would leave a box of bananas at my front door.

  10. Steve

    A LITTLE trimming is okay — possibly even necessary, especially the balls — but completely shaved is disgusting; I’m not interested in having sex with a child or woman and that’s what it looks like. And the reasoning — supposedly makes your junk look larger — is idiotic: I don’t think a hairless cock looks bigger and, in fact, tends to accentuate fat folds, strangely angled dicks, etc.

  11. Pubic Stylist

    I am surprised that I have not seen a Pubic Stylist Specialist listed in services for men. It would probably be a lucrative business.

    I love pit hair…I love to feel hair on the ass cheeks of someone.

    I tend to punk out my pubes when it comes to scaling back the forest.

    And while speaking of hair (on the head)…when a dude has a nice short recently shaved head…with just enough stubble…my barber use to label this type of cut….Ball Tickling Cut!!!

  12. puftwaffe

    Unless one is clearly a hairy bear or a twink that looks 15 years old, neither “look” is going to be particularly attractive to the average person that’s going to be interested in you. Of the two, hairless is probably the least unacceptable to most other people (both men and women) since some measure of grooming is pretty well expected these days. Again, I’m only talking about average guys that are neither bears nor twinks and the average individuals they’d date or hook up with that aren’t specifically looking for fur or baby-smoothness. When in doubt, less hair is preferable to more.

  13. John...

    I like a man to look like a man and I like hairy guys, but trimming things up is a nice gesture on their part. The only part I do like shaved clean is their balls.

    I don’t care for shaved chests. The manufactured plastic Ken doll or prepubescent look does nothing at all for me. Some guys may do it to show off their gym muscles and think of themselves as masculine because they have muscles, but every one of these guys I’ve met so far were all feminine mannered to some degree, even though many of them believe they are totally butch.

    I don’t care about ass cracks, because I don’t really want to sit and stare at it anyway, plus I’m not into the disgusting practice of rimming, so hair in that area is no problem for me.

  14. Rayray2x

    I floss everyday, I don’t need to when I’m “down there”. That being said, some hair on a guy is hot–but if there’s a rug on his chest/back, that just doesn’t do it for me…

    As you said, some love it, some don’t!!

  15. Rob

    Frankly I LOVE pubic and butt crack hair, ESPECIALLY on black men. I’m a white guy just in case you were wondering. Nothing like a the feel of bushy pubes tickling my nose when I go down on a guy or bury my face in his butt crack. But unfortunately so many guys just shave all that shit off. Trim it, yes, but leave something there damn it!

  16. Rich

    I love no pubic hair on his cock balls and ass, I hate to floss and eat a hot body. Some fuzz on the ass feels great but not his hole or crack I think it taste better and feels way better when I fuck him, a few times a guy I fucked had alot of hair around his hole and some got ripped out when I entered him

  17. Ryan

    I love natural guys with a big thick untrimmed bush and a hairy ass and pits.Why does a grown man want to look like an 11 yr old boy.:) Ry I dig a man who smells like a guy too.

  18. Jeff

    Ok everyone has their preferences. Some guys are naturally smooth so they are what they are. But I think naturally smooth is rarer then most think. Men have hair. Even the smooth guys have arm pits and pubic hair.

    Like what is on top of your head (if you have it) hair needs to be groomed and there is such a thing as overgrooming too. If you are the type that only grows a dozen folicles around your nipple you might be better off shaving.

    But bald or overgroomed crotches just don’t do it. Some guys like to shave their balls and i don’t have a problem with that. A hairy ass crack can also be hot as long as I don’t have to hunt for what’s in the middle of it.

    My preference has always been for men with hair, just please don’t be an ape. And I like facial hair too if it’s groomed. Like nipple hair, if you can’t grow facial hair you’d be better off shaved.

    Hair says you are a man not a boy.

  19. trvlntop4now

    a few guys have offered to trim my bush – I politely decline since there are more out there that like it full….plus, who has time to do all that manscaping….

  20. 2011mytyme

    ohhhh… so natural!!!! i’m not trying to lick a bald ass; bald asses (on some people) looks like, bologna (ewww)

    • ventroaq

      I’ve turned down a guy I thought was extremely hot but when he pulled down his pants I saw he had no pubic hair.

  21. vafratboy

    To each his own and all, but I have the “soul patch” thing the writer describes going on.

    I’m not picky on pubic hair as long as it’s not a giant afro of a bush. Anything from shaved to neatly trimmed is just fine with me. I can tolerate LIGHT chest and ass hair, but for the most part it’s a turn off.

    Maybe it’s where I live but I see way more natural to moderately trimmed around here than I do shaved.

  22. Sly Evans

    Hey!..a little trimming and grooming doesn’t hurt…I’ve had my share of loose pubs in the mouth during oral….shave that shit! Or keep the wookie trimmed at least!

  23. NextChapter

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I do like a man with some hair on their body. However hair in some places are very unattractive. Hairy backs and shoulders I do find to be a turnoff. I agree with others in saying that sometimes pubes need to be trimmed. I don’t need hair caught in my teeth while going down on him. Though equally unattractive to have him shaven so bare that his penis looks that much smaller. So in the end keep it neat trimmed accordingly and lose the hair on the back and shoulders.

  24. Hairylikeamanshouldbe

    What about a happy medium? Shaved no but some hair is best. Im trimmed medium above my lovecicle. No heart, natural shape. I do shave my balls just because they get very thick hair too quick. My thighs are pretty hairy. My ass has light fur but gets darker n thicker to the crack and inside. My chest has thick brown hair as well as my stomach. I have a prominant happy trail, fur trail……whatever you coin it. I like it and it turns heads when my shirt is off, both men and women. Yes, im bi but lean more to being straight. Bottom line i love a light to moderate hairy guy.

  25. Ben G.

    Au natural.. Live hair in a man especially hair where it should be.. Pits, dick and ass… Love the taste, feel and smell of the washed yet untrimmed men… A grown man with no pubes looks like a prepubescent boy and that’s just not hot at all

  26. Chris2008w

    im normally shaven but in the mean time as it comes in i keep it trimmed. my bf normally does mine. we love shaving other ppl so if you are in the area and need it done contact me and ask if we can do it.

  27. Joe

    shaving down there is so unattractive to me. There should be hair there, that is what I expect and when it is not there it is a big time turn off.

  28. TrizzyTroy

    I dnt mind moderate to hairy. BUT NO BACK OR SHOULDER HAIR PLZ!! No1 wants to sleep with a rug!! Or lick a fuckin carpet. No matter how much or how little keep it neat. I have a Latino fb & he is hairy. I eat him alive every time we play. But he does trim his chest hair every so often. His hairy manhole intoxicates me, so fresh n so clean. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made sweet sheet music to some pretty baby smooth dudes as well. But usually they’ve been naturally smooth which is amazing. Smooth nipples sculpted pecks n smooth round caramel chocolate or vanilla puddin cakes. YUMM!!

  29. Al

    I don’t like it shaved, but I don’t like it all natural either. Manscaped is what I like. Think of it this way, if you’re going to keep the hair on your head neatly trimmed, why wouldn’t you do it to the hair down below? For guys with really short hair, it looks kind of funny when the hair down there is longer than the hair on your head.

  30. John...


    “Has anyone ever turned down a guy because he wasn’t trimmed up to his liking?”

    Not trimmed guys, but completely bald, soul patched or heart shaped guys YES.

  31. JD

    “manscaping” is not a real word so let’s not use it. Woman don’t say “womanscaping” now do they? Ridiculous.

  32. Darryl

    I have no problem with a Man with a smooth, or hairy ass. it’s all about how each Man feels about hair. So if a furry face feels good when it’s buried in your hole, then take a deep breath and enjoy. Hair doesn’t taste good I get that, this really shouldn’t be deal breaker. Personal preference rules.

  33. G90814

    Natural is best, whether you’re hairy or smooth… stubble sucks (and not in a good way). A little trimming here and there if it’s out of control but that’s it.

    Do what YOU like, not what you think other guys will like.

  34. Guy

    Trimmed is ok, but shaved pubes is not pretty. Looks like a preteen. I like men. Shaved balks ok but it’s work
    I love armpit hair. Very sexy. Foreskin is hot too!

  35. Tom

    Hair on a man’s junk is natural. The comment made by the OP about trimming to “air it out” is nonsense. It airs out whether there is hair or not! The bush is there for a reason…for one thing, it’s a barrier to catch skin viruses like herpes or HPV before they get on your crotch skin. Secondly, the hair is there to keep your balls and crotch warm so that you can produce good, healthy sperm. Nothing wrong with trimming it now and then but shaving it completely off goes against nature!

  36. Dave

    To each his own. I am 19 and only have fuzz on my chest, As for pubes and ass crack, I use a Gillette Super glide razor, and keep my pubes, balls and ass crack totally smooth. I do this once a week. No I don’t use nair at all. My legs are hairy though. The partners I match up with seem to like it a lot. Some of you hairy guys look really good to me, but I wouldn;t go to bed with you. No offense intended.

  37. Liento

    When a guy shaves it all off, it looks like he has a turkey leg between his thighs! Not what I want to eat when I am naked with another guy.

  38. goldenloverinmym

    my lover is naturally smooth chest trimed cock n balls n ass,i naturally hairy he likes my cock n ball n hole smooth n now I like it 2 at 1st it freaked me out,but love the smooth feeling now,and provides me a better view when he is riding my cock,as far a other guys I like trimmed,dont really care 2 wade through the forest2 get 2 the treasure.DDDD

  39. Hunter0500

    Men come from the factory with hair. Men should be hairy. There’s nothing wrong with some trimming for parts that are more unruly than others. There’s also nothing wrong with a man who is hairy from head to foot. And if a guy wants to be smooth, that’s his choice. There are guys that like each. No one is necessarily “hotter’ than the other.

    But for me personally, I want a man to look and feel like a man, not a boy or woman. I want hair in all the places it should be.

    And if I get a hair stuck in my teeth, yee haa! I’ve got a man in my paws and we’re having some fun.

    Men give you hair. They also sweat, can smell, fart and belch. All of that is part of the equation. If you can’t handle the heat of hair, sweat, smell, farting, and/or belching, forget men. Get yourself a blow up doll.

  40. Michael

    I don’t shave my junk to make it look bigger you idiot. Lol i shave it because it feels better I can feel every lick every nibble better that’s why I shave and I really don’t care what anyone else likes when I lick or suck I want to feel skin not hair. my opinion

  41. reemofthecrop

    Damn the guy in the photo is hot. Fur lover here. I will take his ass any day over smooth. My fuzzy ass tingles when it is brushed by a dude. Instant bone on.

  42. Locksley

    Manscape, please, not a total shave, that’s going too far. Tired of the bald head, the shaven chest as handsome as I find it to be, now, the bald dick, too? No, grown-mature men were’nt meant to be hairless babies.

  43. Täíä

    I notice a lot of tops like their bottoms shaved. I only shave my posterior and trim my pubic hair. I mean no need to shave all of it off right?

  44. Mack

    I like my men the way God made them hairy in all the right places… balls crouch ass cheeks ass crack chest legs facial hair not really a fanof long hair on the head that looks too fem…

  45. E

    I trim personally, however I hate underarm hair on myself, and the back hair has got to go…everything else can be hairy

  46. Dan

    Full bush. Hairy is way better. No bush, looks like a child and who the hell wants a kid. Unless you’re a perv. Hairy bush, hairy nuts and hair on the shaft is a huge turn on. So boner inducing.

  47. dee

    I like the fur also, but trimmed. and shave the sack and shaft. the ass and crack are negotiable, depends on what you are into.
    lay off the deodorant. nothing wrong with a natural smelling man. a hint of cologne is ok as long as it doesn’t mask the manly muskiness.

  48. Mike

    I keep everything trimmed and so do most guys I fuck with, except one who is totally bald-but cute. BUT the hottest guy I know right now has a hairy chest, crotch, and ass and I fucking love it all! Best ever when he grinds his hairy crotch into me. And when fucks really hard, and sweat drips from his chest, I will do anything for him.

  49. Jay

    I love hair on men. Chest hair is a huge turn on for me. I do like it when guys trim (not shave) their pubic hair but leave the rest as is. Ill admit i live a bit vicariously when it comes to body hair but keep a full beard because i like the way it frames my face.

  50. TwistedFate

    I have a thick hairy chest and I shave that off in june and it comes in nicely in September and thicker in November lol
    never got into the shaving pubes id maybe trim it every once in awhile if it was a prob but all my longer hair is on my chest

  51. TwistedFate

    I have a thick hairy chest and I shave that off in june and it comes in nicely in September and thicker in November lol
    never got into the shaving pubes id maybe trim it every once in awhile if it was a prob but all my longer hair is on my chest

  52. Scotty

    I keep mine bare and it seems to work for those I am with.Personally I dont mind a little hair down there but Carter aint in the White House no more so ditch the crotch fro and keep it managed. And as for back hair…I prefer a guy whose back does not look like Chewbacca’s a$$

  53. Greg

    I have a hairless ass naturally and I wax my ass crack, and underneath my balls.I wax parts of the pubes on my crotch and I leave a nice little strip from belly button to the base of my dick. As an esthetician, I am always waxing lots of men who don’t want their body hair.

  54. tom

    I’m a naturally smooth redhead. I do shave my cock and balls and most that i talk with don’t mind that at all. i do prefer my partners to be shaved or with average hair. Not really into bears. Just don’t like guys who look like they have a sweater on when their naked. Again. Just a preference.

  55. Iwantmarriedcock

    I’m 25 and since I was 12/14yrs old, I was always staring at all the dads out in the streets hairy legs. I can’t get enough of a man w hairy legs in shorts. Which is why I have a facination w UPS truck drivers :p natural all the way. Some guys bald looks better, some all natural, and some in between. All I’ll say is, IF U HAVE HAIR THAT GROWS ON UR ACTUAL DICK SHAFT GOING HALF WAY UP, SHAVE THAT!

  56. HulkLincoln

    I prefer the fuzzzzzzzzzzz – i want a man who looks like a man. I don’t want a “chick with a dick” and i’m sorry but that is EXACTLY what alot of guys look like when they come over to see me for a total massage/rubbdown!!

    Again, I am an OLD MAN and this is just MY preference.

  57. gw

    men are supposed to be hairy,they are not supposed to look like a cunt. shaving below the neck is totally gross. who wants to feel subble when they have a cock in their mouth? not me I love it all hair from heat to toe. bush, pubes. chest, legs, arms, ass and yes I love back hair, real torn on. bring on the hairy guys because you wont catch me with a shaved anything.

  58. Samm

    I prefer my man hairy. The hairier the better. If I have to dig through pubes to get to the prize, all the better. I also like the smell of sweat in that area generated by all that hair! I have one fella that has more hair on his back than I do on my chest (actually he has more hair on his back than I do on my chest, stomach, arms, legs, crotch … My whole friggin body). And I love it! After sex I can lie there for hours with him in my arms, me stroking his back.

    Because I have this fetish, I have always left myself au natural… Thinking that I looked sexier that way. But then after I had 2 different guys say something negative about it, I decided that it wasn’t what I thought was sexy on me, but rather what my partner liked. After all he is the one that I want to turn on.

    Since then, I trim (not shave, I thint that looks just gross!) My crotch and chest hair. And if I ever find a partner that prefers the natural look, I will grow it for him.

  59. vafratboy

    Figures that this post would attract alot of offensive comments about what’s “supposed” to be on a man. There are guys who are naturally smooth. That doesn’t make them “boys/women,” it makes them MEN who don’t have alot of excess hair.

    From an evolutionary standpoint, the reason we’re all (as humans) still not covered in hair head to toe is because those with less hair were more attractive mates on the basis that they were less likely to carry parasites such as lice. Therefore, full body-covering hair was gradually bred out of the species (though let’s face it, some guys still get pretty close!).

    Some guys are hairy, some guys are smooth, some hairy guys prefer to make themselves smooth, and all to varying degrees. All of that is fine. If you like lots of body hair, that’s fine, but it’s offensive and ignorant when you start claiming that anybody who isn’t your ideal man is “not a man” or “looks like a boy/woman.” Men aren’t SUPPOSED to have body hair; men are SUPPOSED to be exactly who they are.

  60. vafratboy


    You could try a foil shaver. Less irritating and safer than razor shaving and painless, unlike waxing.

  61. eastvalleyoral

    @Joey – i was with a guy getting busy and i had to stop there was too much hair. i convinced him to let me cut it back.

    great comments, sounds like its evenly divided.

  62. SkinDeep

    As I total Top…I love my guys trimmed to completely smooth-I like to taste them,not thier fuzz…ESPECIALLY back there,squeaky clean…as for me, I’m pretty trimmed up for looks and smooth where it counts-(where the mouth goes)

  63. jake

    I like the youthful look and clean workspace of a bald eagle. Yeah. I also well groomed bush . I like the workspace trimmed clean I want mouthful of cock. Not being able to floss my teeth while I giving a blowjob and vice versa.

  64. coloradostud4u

    me well i,m smooth from neck down to my waist,,very short trimmed pubes,,smooth balls,crack,ass,and my love hole,,,i been fucked and with hair on my ass it fucking hurts,,my balls are smooth i had guys suck on my balls and the hair got in the crack of there teeth FUCK OUCH,,,off went the hair it hurts,,i do have hairy pits and i think it looks hot 😉 now my FB they love me when i,m smooth they told me they would rather feel skin then have hair in there face,,,,now the guys i been with are totally smooth i think it,s hot,,,one thing that is a big turn off is guys with hairy asses or thick bush it sweats and just smells bad that i won,t even go there just turns me off,,,now hairy legs love trail to a nice short trimmed pubes and smooth balls hell yeah i fine that sexy even with a smooth chest with hairy pits fucking big turn on,,,so i would have to say i prefer a smooth guy then a hairy guy any day,,,don,t have to worry about coughing up a hair ball

  65. Kayne

    Dude… I would literally KILL to have any chest hair to speak of instead of some dinky patch between my pecs. I fucking wish my legs and ass and crack were hairy, I’d do anything for my bush to be fuller and my nuts to had more fuzziness to them. I understand it can over heat some guys… but Fuck it makes a man look like a man to be furry. Ironically i don’t thing back hair is an attractive thing

    go fig.

  66. Rexxarino

    i am so tired of this “argument.”

    just Do You, and be respectful (i.e., keep yer denigrations to yourself) of others who don’t happen to enjoy what you enjoy.


  67. martin

    obviously everyone should do their own thing, but I’m into throughtful grooming/trimming, not a fan of hairless. pubes are part of the package, get over it if you can’t like someone ’cause they have pubic hair.

  68. hot_gay23

    I just think that bottoms should be smooth and tops should be hairy :-). I am a bottom and smooth and I am only interested in hairy tops 🙂

  69. cum2U4Cum

    Hair is sexy everywhere but the back and toes. Armpits, asses, legs, arms, chest should all have it and especially the genital area. Not only is it decorative, but how else are you going to get that intoxicating, natural, masculine musk of a man?

  70. JuicyFur

    Love hairy ass! Check out mine! Young hairy guys , big wild bush and hairy ass are what I like, it’s what I’m obsessed with! I live in Las Vegas near the strip, ask me to unlock pics let’s connect!

  71. BiM2MRomp

    To each his own, I guess…For me, depending on a man’s shape, size, and build, I prefer my men to be very trimmed to completely smooth…I want men’s genitals, ass, and ass crack to be smooth, clean, and bare. I want to taste skin, feel skin on skin.
    In my opinion, sexually, a hairy ass and a hairy cock is a turn off.

    As for myself, I enjoy being smooth and naked…I find it very arousing and sexy. I love it when another man is completely smooth and naked, and is ready for intercourse…I think it’s a turn on. After all, aren’t we made to fuck?…
    I think the essence of male pleasure is being uninhibited, getting naked, having sex…and more sex.

  72. ventroaq

    Full bush makes me hot. And when I say full, I mean not even a hint of trimming. I couldn’t care less about pubic hairs in my mouth.

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