Fantasy : Car Sex


Have you ever had car sex?

The first time I ever had sex in my life, was in a car. The second and third time, was also in a car!  I’m from a small town so when I was a teen and living at my parent’s house, the only easy way to have sex with guys was to take our car, and drive away from the city, have sex in the car on a small road. So car sex is something very hot for me.

There’s a feeling of “will we get caught?” or  “we can’t hold it anymore!” that I definitely like! Suck cock then look around to see if anyone is watching, then suck cock again, then kiss, then look around again…. I always have a smile on my face when I think about car sex, never had a bad experience in a car, always pure sex with hot guys!

At 31, I don’t know if I would still be into the car sex thing…I have my condo which is way more comfortable! But let’s say I’m on vacation and on the road, I would definitely consider car sex for a quickie, that’s for sure!

What about you? Ever had car sex? Care to share your best story?


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  1. vafratboy

    For awhile there, and road trips that ran after dark with my boyfriend included road head as a matter of course. It’s kinda a fun thing every once in awhile, but I’m mostly good with a comfortable bed nowadays. Guess I’m getting old.

  2. fwb27360

    Ive sucked off a few guys in their car and mine. Sometimes its hard to find a place to park that you dont get caught. But i enjoy doing it since i cant host

  3. Luis

    Its exciting ive done many times. I did everything from kissing sucking fucking giving and receiving. And yes its dangerous

  4. Daniel

    I’ve had car sex in an empty and abandoned parking lot. My bud and I started to suck each other, then he wanted to ride my cock, so I pulled my sweatpants off and so did he. Put on a condom and lubed my cock, then he straddled me and rode my cock. He cum on my chest and made me fill the condom up. It was awesome and just feeling of “will we get caught” made it more exciting.

  5. John...

    Oh yeah. I remember car sex from my younger days, when I was first discovering my homosexuality, too young for bars and knew where there were other cruising sites. I have no specific story to share on the subject that would be any more different or interesting than most.

    Now that I am more mature and have the money to get a room I wouldn’t consider car sex no matter how horny I was or whatever other excuse I thought I could convince myself was reasonable.

  6. Jstbrsn

    I like car sex. I like it when a guy leans over to the driver side and unzips my pants and fondles my cock and then goes down on me

  7. Christopher (A$A supporter)

    When I was a teen, my folks gave me a VW bus:

    I converted it to a “bed on wheels” and it got a LOT of use!

    I really don’t think these days would be fun, too many “security cameras” ALL over the place! Big Brother IS watching so you have to keep that in mind.

    Can you imagine having to stand in a courtroom and WATCH the video played to the ENTIRE courtroom? GEEZ

  8. BiIsI

    First time I ever had car sex it was not actually IN the car and sorry but it was with a girl. Took her down by the docks on the river and fucked her on the hood of my car. That was pretty fuckin awesome.

    First time with a dude in the car was in under ground parking lot of a hotel we were both staying at. We were both with other groups of friends and was the only place we could go. Hopped in the back seat, I folded down the front passenger seat, bent him over the seat and fucked his tight little ass like there was no tomorrow (safe of course).

    Only got caught one time (sort of). Made the mistake of trying to get some head while it was still daylight. Parked under and over pass in a park and cops came along said there was no parking under there. So the guy I was with just stayed down as we drove away and we weren’t really seen. Orgasm while driving I don’t recommend.

  9. Ben

    I agree car sex is awesome!! I’m also from a small town and certainly can relate to the experience. My last experience was only a few months ago. While visiting a friend in the hospital, the elevator ride get me an introduction to a young 23 yo with deep blue eyes. He talked a bit and ended up following my out to my truck. It was evening and the lights dim and I possible had one of the best (atleast top 6) blowjobs of my life. After the deed was done…he slipped out into the night air.
    Needless to say I visited my friend daily until his release but never ran into the guy! Never know what waits around the corner (or elevator door)!

  10. Xav

    I’ve had car sex a couple times. It was hot the first time so I wanted to do it again. I’ve had it again a couple times since but it’s kind of a hassle since I’m 6’5″.

  11. Rob

    I was driving home from work on the freeway and noticed a cute guy passing me. He pulled over in front of me so I passed him back and smiled. I drove past my exit so he could pass me again he did then he slowed down so I could get in front of him again. The freeway ended so we had to get off at that exit. He followed me to a strip shopping center where we pulled around back. We got in the back of the mini van (dark tinted windows) we exchanged oral then he fucked me while I was laying on the back seat. We have played a few times since then at his place but it has never been as hot as the back of my van.

  12. Jay

    Car sex is awesome. When I was younger it was the only place available. I love giving head in the front seat and being fucked in the backseat.

  13. theotherboy

    I’ve had my fair share of car sex(bj’s), although it is risky, the thought of “what if we get caught” lends to the thrill of the moment. It can be very stimulating to get a bj in the front seat of the car while the world around you is totally oblivious as to what you and your partner are doing. However, I prefer the intimacy of being behind closed doors for various reasons…but sometimes that’s not an option for me. My advice would be to tread lightly, don’t make it a habit, and be certain that you could get away with the deed w/o being caught.

  14. mdana

    I have car sex a few times as a young man then I got caught.
    Long story short guy was cruising the gay bar after it closed and we ended up in a parking lot he stripped off everything nice body lots of hair I went down on him great cock and soon we were surrounded by cops we were let go be not before take out names and information. Guy I was with panicked and tried to drive away with me sucking his cock. We were caught and 6 cruisers and a paddy wagon surrounded us. At the time it wasn’t illegal for 2 consenting adults to have sex so they ridiculed us for while making sucking sounds on their pa systems. I didn’t have sex in car for a long time after that.

  15. muzyqman

    I had car sex on the grounds of the Texas School for the Blind, with one of the teachers. I was very nervous, but he said, “Relax. No one can see us!” That made me laugh, and I relaxed and we had great sex. I also had a great blowjob in a car on US183 between Dallas and Fort Worth. To this day, when I get on this roadway, I get hard.

  16. Ale1693 (Alejandro)

    I always have a regular bud that I hook up with, he’s older than me. Puerto Rican, best fuck I always get. I was at the laundromat when he hit me up, I told him to come over and park at the back of the laundromat. He did, texted me he was there. Went to the back and got inside his jeep, luckily with tinted windows. As soon as I got in the back he was already sitting there with his legs open, still clothes on. As soon as I noticed his 8′ uncut cock I went and grabbed it and put my face in it. Unbuckled his pants, and took them down a bit, just enough to get his cock and balls out and started sucking at it, getting up a few times to check no one was watching us. After more sucking, he told me to sit and put my legs up, I had shorts so it was easy to get to my ass. He just put the condom on and some lub and went for it. The fact that it was in a public place made it extremely hot. We both came quick since we were afraid that we were gonna get caught,ind that it was the middle of the day. He always knows how to satisfy me, never fails! We’ve only done it in the car once unfortunately, but in bed he’s even better

  17. god of chaos seth

    I done it plenty of times in a car.. My size (5’3 tall & 110 lbs) makes me the perfect size to mess around in a car.. Matter of fact, I just did with my man in his car.. I kinda wanna try the whole office sex thing.. I think it would be hot, hot, hot!!! So what, I’m a freak and my man loves it.. Better than going to a bath house or adult bookstore for a disappointing hook up.. 🙂

  18. DDM

    I am not crazy about it. I think the novelty isn’t enough to justify the impracticality. I did it when I was younger and didn’t have a place to go, and in that situation it makes sense, but I’d have to really want to fuck and not let an opportunity pass me by. I’m of the mind that if I’m going to have sex I should have a private place to do it (or the other person should). Even as a sixteen year-old I only did it when I had no other options.

  19. T

    Never have car sex in MY car but no problem in the other person’s 🙂 use to suck this muscled uncut cock on a reg basis till i moved. He loved to throat fuck me in his car and i loved taking it all the way down to his sack. But one memorable experience was when i met up with this fresh outta high school 18 yr old jock in a parking lot by the lake. Got into his truck and he was super nervous. He told me its his first time doing anything with a guy. I told him we could take it slow n go at a comfortable pace for him. As soon as i finished my sentence we started making out. He whipped out my cock n took it all the way down his throat like a pro. I was pleasantly surprised how well he sucked cock. After a bit i pushed him back on his seat and returned the favor till he shot a load in my mouth. Right after i opened the door n spit, he begged me to cum in his mouth. I couldnt turn down the offer. The persistant lil fucker worked me over till i unloaded him a mouthful.

  20. Slut

    Got caught one time, will never try it again. Moved to a new city, and found a guy on a4a. He had roommates and I was staying with a family friend before I rented my own place, so we drove.

    I told him to find us a safe spot to park and trusted him. As I was sitting on his dick in the passenger seat, we saw flashing lights and the cops waited for us to dress before walking up.

    They asked for identification, neither of us had a record. Luckily, they told us we both had places and we should go to one of them. Then we drove away. Thank god I’m not a sexual offender now. haha

  21. Chaz

    Man some of the best sex was in public places doin it in a car. Getn fucked in the front seat of a vw was tough but definately worth it!

  22. Tristan Grendel

    My first time with a guy (had been married almost 10 years at that point) was in the front seat of his pick-up truck … not sure if that qualifies as “car sex” LOL. Anyway, we didn’t do much, but it was a cold January night, and we steamed up the windows, giving us a lot of privacy 😉 It was amazing: David was such a hottie that he could have picked up anyone he wanted (he was parked outside a mixed gay/str8 bar), but we just somehow caught each others eye that night. If only I had had the courage to meet up with him again … he’s a beautiful man! But I was so traumatized by being with a man that I didn’t touch another guy for almost 10 years. My loss!

  23. Pat

    My first time with car sex, Was at a Rest Area with a hot college guy.Was dark outside.But the rest area was busy.The thought of getting caught was a Big turn on.So we both came fast.Later I found out.That rest area was big for hook ups.The worst storey I have heared of.Was a couple of guys getting it on close to the back gate of the Governors Mansion.Day light and Guess what their were Cameras.Yea they got arrested naked.

  24. Steve

    First time I had sex was in a car. It is a fond memory for sure. I love getting sucked off or sucking off in a car. VERY HOT!! Though actual sex in a car is not very comfortable anymore.

  25. Darryl

    I own a pretty big car along time ago, and there were times when a buddy and i would drive around till we found a good place to park. Then we got into the back seat, pushed the fronts all the way forward, then had plenty of room to suck and fuck. We had many fun times in that Car. I’ve also caught people having sex in their Cars a few times too. So i’am not the only freak of the week lol.

  26. Mitch

    I still have sex in a vehicle to this day. I tried car sex a few times but can ever get a good rhythm going the roof is always in the way. I use a mini van know when I get the chance and neither of us can host. I still prefer a room though the floor if the minivan is hard and for some reason the the mounting brackets for the seats are always where I want to put my knees and dig in painfully so I’m always trying to reposition so my knees don’t hurt.

    First time in car was with a 19yo college track boy who was home for winter break. 6’1 145lbs 7″ cut toll very tight hole. It was hot

  27. Matthew

    I enjoy sex anywhere and any which way but the best car sex I had was with an ex. I really loved him so everytime we where together I couldn’t control my self. It was when I was 18 he was 22 blond and adorable clean cut guy. Well we where on our way home from the bar. “Bounce” in Cleveland Ohio well it was a chilly January night and he was drinking and I was sober heading home and he was nibbleing on my neck and I couldn’t focus so I just pulled over on the side of interstate 71 south and went at it. Now we where all over the place then finally he opened the door through me up on the side of the car and plowed me. Right there at 1 am on the passanger side just fucked me and burried his load deep in me. It was hot!!!

  28. thom

    my boyfriend and I were driving around looking at Christmas lights. We were kissing at the red light/stop signs and as he drove. I started fondling him in his sweats and he was grabbing my ass as we “teased” in the car. We hit a dark stretch of road and I decided to blow him. It didn’t take much convincing once I started tugging his sweats down. I was working him in deep, giving him awesome head,or maybe he was moaning from the excitement of driving through the subdivisions getting sucked. At one point he puts his right hand on the wheel (he had been fingering me with it) and starts going don’t get up, don’t get up ..which of course I did…JUST as we drove through a large intersection me with my face obviously up from his lap as a row of car lights hit the drivers side as we passed through. We busted out laughing and i went back to blowing him, had to start over since he was deflating at this point, not that I complained…and well..when we got to his house i was never fucked so well and so thoroughly in the garage. Damn that was a fun night.

  29. NoSpooge

    While driving on a Jersey Interstate I was blown while driving.

    I love driving stick shifts…so that tends to get in the way.

    And if somebody is getting hot with me in my vehicle….No Spooge Please.

  30. AllReadynWet

    Who the hellllll cares if you get caught, just explain it’s more than they are gettin. HA. Car’s private, quit lookin’ for stuff you don’t want to see!

  31. slimbutnottrim

    uncomfortable and scary but yet somewhat exciting…would consider it as a last resort…best if in an automobile with tinted windows and as macabre as it sounds, in a cemetery…btw, I don’t know why my recent post regarding oral sex was removed last week, I suppose a little innocuous humor is not allowed

  32. Jon

    I’m bi. There’s this one guy I see on the regular. The first time we fucked each other raw was in the back seat of his car. It may have not been the most comfortable, but its a hot memory. His warm cum oozing out of my hole and then getting to return the favor.

  33. A-Rod

    I have had sex in a car as well…on more than one occassion. My first car was a Geo Tracker and the back seats folded all the way down to make a pretty decent sized bed. I was on a road trip and stopped late at night at a rest area. It was pretty desolate so I decided to park near the back and was going to pleasure myself to relieve the stress of driving all day. As I was giving my dick a good beating there was a knock on my window. Scared as hell I put my cocm away and looked out. A young guy (perhaps 17 or 18) was looking in…then asked if he could join. I folded the seats down and we hopped in back. I gave him some head until he blew his load in my mouth. Then before he knew what was going on I flipped him over, held him down while I skinned up and then started my assault on his tight, young ass. He was bery reluctant at first, but the whimpers soon turned to moans of pleasure. When I told him I was going to cum he insisted I lay back and let him finish me off. It was so hot that I blew the biggest load ever right down his throat, with him not missng a drop. He gave me his number and said he was looking forward to my call on the way back through. The second time was not in the car, but just as hot. I can’t drive past that rest area when traveling without remembering what happened…and that was 20 years ago. Good times. Now I am married and would never risk getting caught in the car with anyone.

  34. chi9forU

    I just had car sex last month… and I’m 48. I went to dinner with a former bf and we had a couple of drinks and ended up in the back seat of SUV (tinted windows)… fucked in the parking lot of a Home Depot on the north side of Chicago… sometimes spontaneous is HOT

  35. CJB

    Here’s an interesting twist.. Before I became bi, My girlfriend and I drove my truck up to a small hidden lake and went skinny dipping.. When were finished messing around in the water, we went back to my truck and got busy in the bed of the truck.. sucking, licking, fucking.. while in the middle of fucking, this state trooper’s vehicle came out of nowhere and drove into the lot. We were young and a little scared of what might happen. The officer got out and I swear the words that came out of his mouth were: “Maam? Are you a willing participant in tonight’s activities?”.. and without missing a beat, she said “absolutely!!”.. He told us to finish up and get the hell out of there… We never laughed so hard!!

  36. Ethan

    Me, my best friend, and guy we knew on our football team would all pile in my Suburban on the way homeafter and just screw each other until we couldnt cum anymore after highschool, workingout, or practice. Open lunch period was sometime oral or quicky period in my Surbanan. Driveins with a girl was my must recent. I am 20 now.

  37. Freddy James

    When I was in the ARMY I had sex in the car a lot. One of my most memorable was a kid that I met in Kansas, right outside of Fort Riley. I had a ’66 Bonneville Station Wagon (White, with Red Leather seats.) In the back, you could put the seats down and fuck like a champ. This kids was 2 inches taller then me but was a total bottom. We got done and he started crying. I asked him what the problem was. He told me that his parents found out that he was gay and was sending him to a Christian College that specialized in young gay men. I told him that he was going to get laid even more then he was getting it in an ARMY town. I gave him my address and we sent letters back and forth and met every holiday when he came back in town. Always in my hot car.

  38. hot times

    After a new years eve party a few years ago, my bf at the time had a limo for us. His family is wealthy and it was a car service they used regularly. We were both pretty tanked and started messing around in the back. Started off with a blow job and wound up full out fucking in the back. After we were finished and mostly redressed the driver opened the back door. I hasn’t even realized we had stopped driving. The driver smiled, teased about having to clean the back really well and said he hoped we had fun. When i asked him he said we had been sitting in front of home about 10 minutes and he decided to just let is finish. Probably a I’ve in a life time thing but was hot.

  39. Jim

    The police came and shined bright with their light as someone reported my car as they thought we were smoking pot. We were “just kissing and sucking, without clothes”.

  40. RHCS

    I once gave a guy a bj at 3am in his car while it was parked just a few houses down from mine. I was pretty darn nervous, seeing as how we were parked right by my neighbor’s front door (and he’s a friend of mine). Fortunately the guy came quickly and I was outta there in a flash. Now I can say I’ve done it — don’t never need to do it again.

  41. car lovin' chulo

    I’m 23, and I’ve done stuff in a car several times, especially with dudes my own age and younger. I’d rather do it in a room for sure (Mustang and accent were particularly tough…but especially my old mustang; that car was SMALL inside!), but sometimes when the moment hits and there’s nowhere else…it works lol. Now with my new car I try to avoid anything more than cuddling or making out; doing more too many times makes the car smell, and it can be tough to freshen.

  42. Melvin

    I had car sex many times because i was in small town. I never got caught. Now with all the cameras around I think twice before having car sex.

  43. Scott

    I have done it in a van,pick ups and even a sportscar. Me being 6ft5 makes it nearly impossible to but try as I did It was always mission accomplished despite my whole body being sore from all the contorting into different positions 3 days later.ahh memories.

  44. BooBoo

    Yes Dave I have. I use to live in jersey close to Rutgers and have on night I can tell you about. Again this was in the hey day like yourself. If all of us remember a Suburu Brat that had the seats in the bed then you’ll get this… In one of those old time chat rooms and got this guy chatting with me from Rutgers that was on the football team. Him and a bud of his where there, very horny and trashed out of there minds. I decided to meet up with them cause they wanted to see if a guy could give better head then their girlfriends. They where only 15 minutes away from me so I decided to go over and get them. It was like 2-3 in the morning so it was easy on the drive. Picked up both of them and threw them in the back on the seats. One of them mentioned a field they used for practice that was not fenced or had any security cams. So I drove over there and went right into the middle of the field with the car. Lets just say it didn’t take long to get them out of their cloths. I sucked both of them off while they where in the chairs. They where so horned up it didn’t take long for them the cum down my throat. I drove them back to their dorm and dumped them off still drunk. never heard from them again but it was fun. Surprised I never got caught doing that one.

  45. Chris

    My best car sex story was with a guy about a few years ago. We was in a small 97 lexus sc500 two door. He had 9″ of hard pipe. I was laying in the backseat with my legs all the way to my head. Thinking to myself thank god I’m flexible lol. Once he put that dick in me the size of the car never mattered anymore. Good thing the windows was tinted and it was night time. But as soon as he came inside me and pulled that long dick out inch by inch we started laughing. We was shocked that we had sex that good in a car so small. With me being 5′ 11″ and him being 6′. good memories are hard to make but I would never forget that year in that small car ever. Lol just thinking about it.

  46. Hunter0500

    Teenage heteros and teenage gays have been have car sex for decades. The only difference is the heteros generally grow out of it. Many gays “love” (inset smiley face) the risky “carefree” nature of car sex and even look forward to being discovered, regaardless of how that could result in a police record which would later negatively impact their credit rating or employment. Hey, if it’s your lifestyle and gets you off, fine. Personally, I prefer a good solid workbench on which to get the job done.

  47. Michael

    My most memorable car related experience was in a Georgia cornfield with a guy I met on a phone line. I was like 19 and I drove for an hour to meet a guy. The only place we could find was out in a cornfield. I sucked him off and finally he made me get out of the car and bend over the hood. He fucked me hard right there in the field.
    As an interesting aside he dropped his wallet in my car. I found out he was a visiting minister at a local revival. I mailed him the wallet with his pics of kids and wife and thanked him for the good time. Hope his wife got the mail!

  48. Mack

    there was one time with a bud and myself in my chevy chevette… just a step bigger than the clown car in the circus. I was 5’9 he was 6’1. bucket seats and a gear shift between us. We were both horny and he was a bottom I was a top and we both wanted to fuck. we drove out in the country on a dark moon lit night and parked by a corn field next to a railroad track it was about 1AM.. we both got naked and started to fuck in the hack back but due to his size…. big muscles long legs bulbus ass…. and hell it was hot to say the least sexually and heat wise too….. sowe both get out ofthe car bucknaked walk around to the front of the car and he gets on the hood and I continue to fuck him under the stars and the moon by the railroad track next to the corn field….. Just as we where really getting into it the train crossing sign started to go off but we did not hear or see atrain…. so we continued to fuck….then next thing we knew we heard the horn beeping …he gotnervous and wanted to stop…. I said why they won’t see us its night time and if they do see us what can they do??? you can’t stop a train on a dime…. so we continued to fuck and as the train got nearer we saw the bright head light because we were in the beam of light my blk ass his pink ass and legs in the air and just asthe train wisked past us there was a rust of windand it pushed us and the clown car as were fucking and all at the same time I shot the biggest load deep in his ass. wowwhat a night what a memory…. would I do it again????? Hell yeah 🙂

  49. rabidbilly

    I never expected to have so much car sex, and I’ve been damned surprised by the variety of good sex that can be had in a pretty cramped car. How about a 3-way in the back seat of a Corolla? And I’m 6′ and 210 #. Good thing I like little guys.

  50. lou

    I have fucked and gotten fucked so many times ina car its not funny. Then of course I was a teenage. Now a bed is more comfy =)

  51. edgar_Truth

    i love car sex!!! I love giving road head and a friend of mine borrows his straight brothers mini-van and plows the fuck out of me in the back seats amidst car seats and kiddie toys, makes me feel like i’m getting fucked by a married straight dude with kids (which I don’t think i could actually do because even though i try not to, i still have scrupples).

  52. ranger83

    My first sex an many times afterwards was car sex ( which was actualy a pick up truck ) when i was in school like many others i couldnt bring boys home with me so we would meet up an head to the river or woods grandma had given me some of her old blankets she didnt want any more so i would use then in the bed of my truck if weather was good an we would get back there an get it on i had a removable topper/ shell for it so if it rained we didnt get wet an could ward off buggs an mosquitos but winter time was hell it was to cold in the back of the truck LOL

  53. goldenloverinmym

    oh hell yesssss,started when I was young living at home then was with girls was always vey hot,but now with guys its still very hotmost of the times just bj’s but have fucked a guy cpl times now in his minivan since he’s married.DDDD

  54. Skinsfan09

    When my ex and I were together, a good majority of our sexual encounters were in a car. Preferably my truck because we would fold the seats down.

  55. Kyle

    i’v had a lot of hot car sex at roadside rest areas and parking garages. I love to get totally naked in my car with a guy just like I do in a public mens room. I love the thrill of getting naked in public and the risk of getting caught.When I got my drivers license at age of 16, my two friends were 14 and 15 and we parked on a dead end street to party one night and all three ended up naked and fucked and sucked each other. They were so hot and young. And a week later I was at a mall and this hairy business man was in the mens room and i followed him to his car where I sucked his cock and he stripped me down and fucked me in the parking garage. He was marrien and I was a smooth twink.

  56. fatheadlooker

    I sucked twococks one sitting in a van and the other standing right outside the door in a park at night swallowed both loads

  57. Robj2019

    I love having sex in a car or truck. For me, its a great turn on, to be doing it outside, and going crazy. I love giving head in the car, but, the ultimate, is to turn on my side and have the guy slide his cock deep in me. Ive gone home many time with the cum leaking out of me. Its really hot

  58. Longbeachstr8

    I consider myself 99% str8. But if a gay guy wants to suck me in his or my car who am I to tell me no. I love to feel wanted…

  59. btmbear4u2fist

    when stationed in anchorage ak. I was 12 and a orderly airman asked if i wanted to get the company mail with him. i was good looking and towheaded with fair skin.

    he drove us out the back gate and pulled into some brush filled area. he started rubbing his pants front and i was stupid as to what he was doing. he finally reached over and started rubbing my front and unzipped me. he pulled out my dick and started jacking on me . i was excited and still stupid. then he reached into his pants and pulled a massive brown cock with foreskin like mine. he pulled my head down on the head and used my head like a piston . after a lot of gagging he wrapped his hand around mine and made me jack him off. when he came all over me i almost threw up. he was my first man. he was my first and only indian and i have had had the hots for native american cock eversince. any amer indians out there with a need to have a white man take care of him ? please get in touch. all races ok .
    north of minn. no holes barred .

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