Entertainment : Glee’s Cory Monteith Died



The 31-year-old actor was found dead on Saturday at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, a luxurious hotel in downtown Vancouver. The young man was known for his role of Finn Hudson in the hit Fox musical comedy series but also for his substance abuse. Monteith checked in to the hotel on July 6 but missed his noon checkout time on Saturday. The hotel staff discovered his body in his room on the 21st floor a bit later in the afternoon. No foul play is suspected, and no cause of death has been given. An autopsy on Monteith’s body is scheduled today.

The Fox Broadcasting Company, 20th Century Fox Television and the executive producers of Glee said in a statement: “We are deeply saddened by this tragic news. Cory was an exceptional talent and an even more exceptional person. He was a true joy to work with and we will all miss him tremendously. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.”


(photo : fox)

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  1. Cravenmoorhead

    I’m just going to say it. I think he was a Closeted Gay who was Straight for pay and Committed Suicide During Gay Pride for he was not Proud. Why Canada??? Why Alone??? Where was his Cherry Fairy? (Fag Hag)??? I’m talking about his Girlfriend. I just know I never am alone and Help everyone around me and Vice Versa. So Sad I thought he was a Neat Man. Makes me Realize that I’m a Very Lucky Man to take the time and be kind and Surround myself with people that love me. I wish I was his friend I just know I would of clicked with that guy. Very Likable and Lickible. Butt what can you do? Everyone needs to get life alert. Everyone needs to find a best friend. 31??? Everyone is saying Drugs. Learn how to do your Drugs!!!!! They are fun and addictive and can even numb the pain butt the key to life is basically everything in moderation and being out if your gay. Stress Kills. That poor kid was Stressed to the Max! These are just my Random Thoughts. Too Many People have Died Recently. Makes me think that the Rich actually get to go on special Ships and get to leave this world behind. I just know he will be Missed, Where Was his Support Group??? He was in Recovery,Who cares if he fell off the Band Wagon Support Groups are suppose to be their to catch you. Let’s face it. he was just to Beautiful for this world. I always Cry for help if things are going astray and you should too. Just Remember their is nothing normal in this world it just always ends up making sence. I’ll Be bummed if it was a drug overdose or Suicide. What’s the real reason people stay in hotels? I’m Sure he Could own a Very nice house. Nothing is adding up to why he is dead I just can not get it out of my head and wish that he was not dead. Amen.

  2. Cravenmoorhead

    What a Stupid Picture of him that you put up on the Blog. I’m just saying I know it Say’s GLEE and that show is just over the Top. and to take a Picture of someone that is making an L from their hands on their head in the end is just dumb. Everyone knows that that means I’m a Looser. I Hate it. I hope he did not do it just for a buck.

  3. Matt

    It is very sad indeed. I have had clients in the past with substance abuse problems and addiction is a terrible demon to wrestle with. People will assume because of his stints in rehab that he died under the influence, but that does not make it any less tragic. Additionally, even when people recover from substance abuse, sometimes damage has been done to the body that causes a person to die of “natural” causes. In our lives, we should support and encourage our family and friends who have admitted they have a problem. Yes, Monteith was a celebrity and yes we will hear more because of his star status, but he is very similar to the average Joe Nobodies wrestling with the same issues

  4. Chicago tim

    Wow, what a rant. I know it’s hard to imagine, but not everyone is gay. Not even all the metrosexuals. And many many straight people don’t have the Pride weekends app in their smartphones.

  5. JD

    The people at The Fox Broadcasting Company, 20th Century Fox Television and the executive producers of Glee pray? I highly doubt that.

  6. Brad

    I don’t mean to be crass, but I hope it doesn’t turn out that he died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. The thought crossed my mind. Let’s hope it wasn’t that. I really enjoyed his character back in the first season. I stopped watching it after that. R.I.P. Cory…

  7. Jake

    I think Cory and his girlfriend Lea Michelle BROKE UP. Notice, Lea was in Mexico when Cory died while he was in Vancouver. I think something was going on the relationship which lead Cory to go back to drugs. I just watched entertainment tonight they say he was clean for a long time but only recently relapsed. I also think Cory needed to be in Rehab LONGER than just one month. A serious drug addict like Cory Monteith needed more than just 30 days to get clean. I also blame FOX the network for not taking Cory’s drug addiction seriously he needed REAL consequences. The network didn’t take it seriously. Not saying Glee producers and Fox the reason for his death, but come on one month off for Rehab is a joke!

  8. Don't get it

    There aren’t enough natural wonders in life so substance abuse is the answer? Having celebrity status is not enough? These ideas will never be part of my belief system, though I don’t claim to be a happy fulfilled person.

  9. StillBoredinPA

    Dave, shame on you for allowing some of these posts. You seem to pick and choose which comments are allowed on anything you post, yet you leave these. Why? And I agree, a horrible choice of pictures to include in a “death notice” article. There are hundreds of available pictures to choose and you chose that one?

    • blog

      Guys, CNN, CBC and many more news channel used this picture to announce Cory’s death. I dont know what is wrong with it, it is just to show how humoristic Cory was.
      Now if ever you feel like telling us what to post or what to write or what photo to use, feel free to start your own blog.
      If you have constructive comments feel free to submit, but hate comments will automatically be deleted and users will be banned.
      This blog is not for haters…

  10. sjohnson

    sad to see a young one die…at his own hands most likely. no matter who intervenes if you want to do away with yourself, nothing helps

  11. vampyre927

    Craven, you are right!!! That is a stupid picture to have lead into the story.And my 2 sisters and brothers-in-law all said the same thing,that he died during Gay Pride,fucking around “DL STYLE” with other men while up in Vancouver doing drugs.

  12. Cory fan

    I found Cory to be very hot and an amazing singer/actor i loved seeing him in glee and loved his voice when i watched the episode for him it made me cry i will miss seeing him on the show he always brought a smile to my face

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