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We have very talented people on A4A! Once in a while, we will post things that you guys send us. Whether it is a poem, a song, a story, a painting, a video etc. We want to showcase your work and give you some exposure because you all deserve it.

Today I would like to introduce you to Ruben Ruiz, username Lovebirds on A4A. He is a very talented artist from Staten Island, NY. He sent me his painting few days ago on facebook and I immediately wanted to feature him on the blog because I was very impressed by his work. As you can see above, he likes to paint nice creatures… 🙂

Leave your comments here if you like his work or if you wish to congratulate him directly,  msg him on A4A!

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  1. Locksley

    I’ts beautiful, for the most part; I’m a mature man after all, been around. I’m checkin’ out that hand, the one on the bed, he’s capable of betta’ than that, he got lazy! The hip muscle ain’t happenin’ either. I can’t draw worth shit, but I do have awesome vision, as someone who is very visual/sexually, ect., I notice shit most folks don’t even botha’ to see. I’m always in a NY state of mind, even livin’ in lovely FT Laud, yo, Discipline git mo’ of it, you got it goin’ on after all!

  2. Photographer In NY

    beautifully inspired work. . .reminds me much of the classic pieces Venus of Urbino and Venus At Her Mirror. The inspired distorted/elongated torso in the classic pieces which symbolize beauty – you distorted the arms, chest, legs, and buttocks to celebrate “gay vanity.”** It is an artistic way to celebrate the male body.

    ** “Gay vanity” (if done within reason – and we all have different measures of such) is a good thing to have and enjoy. If we look good, then we feel good. Perhaps this is why we are called “gay.” Gay men, generally, stand-out from crowds because we present ourselves in an above-average manner yielding for us to feel better about ourselves. What Mr. Ruiz has done is celebrated that “gay vanity” that we all enjoy and set us apart from the rest of the population.

  3. Quixotiq

    I wholeheartedly echo the sentiments of “Photographer in NY.”
    I feel like this work is ALMOST along the artistic styling of Marc Debauch and Michael Breyette, two very talented painters who also have managed to capture the essence of “Gay Vanity” that Photographer in NY so eloquently mentioned.
    I’m feelin’ it.
    I do also feel that Mr Ruiz has put a lot of time and attention into the juxtaposition of light and shadow with the folds of the bedsheet.. something that is definitely not as simple as it looks. If this same attention to detail were given to the subject, we’d have a completely breathtaking work.

  4. Ryan

    Hey guys this is Ryan.Ruben Ruiz is my fiancee.I would like to thank you for your kind words.Yes Ruben’s work is awesome.Actually this is one of the first paintings of this genre Ruben has done but with the huge response on Adam maybe he should paint a lot more hot nude men lol! Hope your enjoying your summer boys!Ryan

  5. Ruben Ruiz

    Thank you to the guys that left a great comment for me , I also make portraits and pop art, feel free to contact me on a4a, my name is lovebirds on there and especial thanks to Dave for his always great jobs on the site and posting my artwork 🙂 love Ruben Ruiz

  6. John...

    I have to agree with Locksley.

    I am an artist and although this is very good for the most part; I have to wonder if the artist just got bored with the project or doesn’t know how to do hips and legs. It almost looks as if the guy is being consumed by a flesh colored dolphin.

  7. Ryan

    To the haters with the nasty comments Go fuck yourself and then take your box of crayolas and see what you can do.Geez the jealousy and nastiness is pathetic.Ryan 🙂

  8. John...

    To those playing the “haters” card; go fuck your own self. You wouldn’t even use the term “hater” had you not heard someone else use it. Get an original thought of your own and quit being a sheep. Critiquing something has nothing at all to do with hate, it’s merely a subjective opinion. I’m sure there are lots of things that you yourself do not like or feel is done incorrectly and that does not make you a hater either. Calling people haters just because they share an opinion makes you and others who do this bigots.

  9. Papi

    Mike, John and Locksley are bitter bitches that can’t get any sex with a descent man or else that’s why they need to put negative comments ,Ruben is very talented and also hot so bitches if you don’t have nothing nice to say do touch that keyboard and go to play bingo with the rest of the ugly people lol

  10. Papi

    Only ugly people that cant get any sex make negative coments, if you cant say anything nice say nothing and go play bingo with the rest of the ugly people

  11. Fairprince

    Very well done piece of art I think you should continue with the nude body of men it’s excellent I am an artist and art is not to be in my books and many others to be all defined and end up as a photo you did well not to do this very good it’s art. I may submit one of my works however my art is landscapes and seascapes all in watercolors

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